Hats & Accessories: Crown Cap 🍁

Name: Crown Cap

Products: Hats, vests, scarves, headbands, earmuffs, workwear, gloves, mittens, bags

Manufactured In: Winnipeg, MB

Where to buy: Online and various retailers

Website: crowncap.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Crown Cap has been manufacturing headwear since 1934, initially making textile headwear for farmers in Western Canada. The company has a large variety of quality hats as well as some other accessories.

When Paul Leinburd acquired Crown Cap in 1987, he noted the absence of finely crafted luxury hats and accessories in Canada’s fashion landscape. Combining old-world skills, high-end leather and fur materials, and innovative designs, he modernised the company and made it what it is today: the largest manufacturer of hats in Canada and one of the leading headwear designers.

Through it all, Crown Cap remains a Canadian-owned and operated company run by the second generation of the Leinburd family.