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Name: Just Suk It Up Limited

Products: Absorbent and spill-containment mats!

Manufactured In: Vaughan, Ontario

Where to Buy: justsukitup.comamazon.cawayfair.ca

Website: justsukitup.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Just Suk It Up Limited is a Canadian company manufacturing absorbent and spill-containment mats from Vaughan, Ontario. The company was founded by a husband and wife team who combined their engineering and marketing skills.

Just Suk It Up.com® absorbent and spill-containment mats are reusable and are made to eliminate mess and potential damage from spills. Using the mats from Just Suk It Up, you can prevent harmful effects and protect your surfaces from, for example, oil, fuel, chemical leaks, or urine stains from your pet. The mats can be used in various locations, including under BBQs, coffee makers, generators, and motorcycles, just to mention a few.