Laundry: Eucalan 🍁

Name: Eucalan

Products:  Non toxic biodegradable laundry detergent

Manufactured In: Paris, Ontario

Where to Buy: Amazon, retail stores worldwide


Canadian Owned: Yes

Eucalan is a Canadian success story that began in 1989 when the company’s founder Mary Ellen Edgar began producing no-rinse laundry solutions for washing clothes that save water. Mary Ellen first began to sell Eucalan at trade exhibits and to independent yarn shops and as the demand grew, members of her family joined her. Today, the company’s CEO is Mary Ellen’s daughter-in-law, Jennifer Edgar.

Because Eucalan is a no-rinse laundry detergent, it works just as well for hand-washing your clothes as machine washing. It is also great when travelling as it makes it simple to wash your delicates when you are away from home.