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Name: Kathite Industries Inc

Products: Kathite Chimney Cleaner

Manufactured In: Ontario

Where to Buy: Canadian Tire Stores, Home Hardware, TSC

Website: kathite.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Kathite Chimney Cleaner is a family-run business, based in Toronto, Ontario. The product was first developed in the 1950s for commercial and industrial applications. At the time, coal-fired boilers were regularly used in most industries, and using Kathite Chimney Cleaner decreased the time required to clean the boilers cutting the downtime in half. Over time, the manufacturers of Kathite extended marketing the product to the public sector, too.

Today, Kathite has a loyal customer base of users who have found that the product decreases the build-up of creosote and makes fireplace maintenance easier. Combined with the periodic sweeping of the chimney, Kathite virtually eliminates the risk of costly, and potentially deadly, chimney fires.