Instruments: Gayford Carbon Fiber Violins 🍁

Name: Gayford Carbon Fiber Violin

Products: 4 and 5 string violins

Manufactured in: Cambridge, Ontario

Where to buy: Online


Canadian owned: Yes

Gayford is a Canadian violin maker based in Cambridge, Ontario, that makes violins out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber violins can produce tremendous power and are balanced and easy to play. Violins made with carbon fiber are light and strong and can even be played under water as the material is not impacted by temperature or moisture.

All Gayford carbon fiber violins are handmade in Canada and the company has spent several years researching and developing their instruments led by Fred Gayford who has over 36 years of experience in working with composite materials. You can view all of Gayford’s violins on the company’s website and purchase directly from them.