Tools/BBQ: The BBQ Emporium 🍁

Name: The BBQ Emporium

Product: Barbecue scraper

Manufactured in: Deer Lake, Newfoundland

Where to Buy: List of stores here


Canadian Owned: Yes

The Juniper BBQ Scraper is a wooden alternative to bristle barbecue scrapers. The long handle allows you to keep your hands safe while still effectively removing debris. They use locally sourced Canadian juniper wood for their product and are a family-owned company.

The company that makes the scraper was initially known simpy as Juniper BBQ Scraper but is now called The BBQ Emporium. In addition to the scraper, you will find BBQ spices, BBQ sauces, grills, pizza ovens, and BBQ accessories on the company’s website. It also includes a section with delicious BBQ recipes and tips such as how to use the Juniper scraper.