Laundry: ULAT Dryer Balls 🍁

Name: ULAT Dryer Balls

Products: Wool dryer balls

Manufactured In: Parksville and Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Online and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

The story of ULAT Dryer Balls began with family Christmas gifts in 2011. After working on different prototypes, the founder Jennifer and her husband developed a formula for wool dryer balls, which has since become the only patented wood dryer ball in the world.

ULAT is a collective ecosystem, known as the Social Enterprise for wool dryer balls, where everyone involved benefits and prospers. It is a community that stretches globally and actively contributes to local and environmental matters.

ULAT Dryer Balls is a Canadian company with all of its products made in Canada from design to distribution. 100% off the wool used in the products are ethically sources from Canadian suppliers.