Mattresses: Haven Mattress 🍁

Name: Haven Mattress

Products: Vegan hybrid or foam mattresses

Manufactured In: Moncton, New Brunswick; Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario

Where to buy: Online, two showrooms in BC


Canadian Owned: Yes

Haven offers a variety of styles of mattress (hybrid foam-coil, foam, latex, etc.) at different price points. They source their supplies from Canada, employ unionized workers (thus paying a reasonable wage) and donate 1 mattress to charity for every 10 they sell. They have the standard free shipping, 100 night sleep guarantee and 10 year warranty.

Food/Tea: Barbours 🍁

Name: Barbours

Products: King Cole Tea, Morse’s Tea, Nut Butters, Spices, Extracts, Baking, Popcorn Topping (PopnTop, Serious Kick)

Manufactured In: Sussex, New Brunswick

Where to buy: Various chains, particularly in Atlantic Canada, but also Ontario and Quebec


Canadian Owned: Yes

Reno/Builders: Global Windows & Doors 🍁

Name: Global Windows & Doors

Products: Windows and Doors

Manufactured In: Richibucto, New Brunswick

Where to buy: Dealers in Atlantic Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Global Windows & Doors is an Atlantic Canada based manufacturer of energy efficient residential windows and doors. Started in 1999, they have been providing windows and doors to Atlantic Canada, produced in their 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Richibucto. They currently only provide product in the East.

Accessories: Briggs & Little Woolen Mills 🍁

Name: Briggs & Little Woolen Mills Ltd.

Products: Wool yarns, knitting books, knitting patterns and knitting accessories

Manufactured In: York Mills, New Brunswick

Where to Buy: Outlets throughout Canada where yarns are sold


Canadian Owned: Yes

Started in 1857, Briggs & Little purports to be the oldest wool mill in Canada. It has burned down 4 times over the years (thankfully not since 1994) and the owners continue to rebuild and produce quality products.

All of their premium Canada grade wool knitting yarns are made from 100% domestic wool, and are milled, carded, dyed, and spun at their factory in York Mills, New Brunswick, Canada. It’s the same place it’s been for over 160 years (other than burning down).

Food: Crosby’s Molasses 🍁

Name: Crosby’s

Products: Molasses

Manufactured In: Saint John, New Brunswick

Where to Buy: Grocery stores, Amazon


Canadian Owned: Yes

Crosby’s is a 5th generation family-owned business, making molasses and other foodservice products. Their molasses is made from sugarcane, as fancy molasses must be to legitimately hold that name. However, some competitive manufacturers mix other sweeteners into their products as a form of “food fraud”.

Laundry: Dizolve 🍁

Name: Dizolve

Products: Laundry detergent

Manufactured In: Moncton, NB

Where to Buy: Online only


Canadian Owned: Yes

We’ve added a lot of different products here at MiC, but every now and then there’s one that we come across that is pretty darn cool. One of those is Dizolve, which is a laundry detergent in the form of a strip that is approximately the size of a bookmark.

Traditional laundry detergents, be they liquid, powder or pods, contain a lot of packaging and consume a lot of fuel in shipping them to retailers. Dizolve eliminates most of this packaging waste and reduces the fuel used for shipping by 94%. So not only is this innovative product made in Canada, it is also extremely environmentally-friendly.

Dizolve is also well-reviewed for its efficacy. Here at MiC headquarters, we’re going to be checking it out.


Bread: Fancy Pokket 🍁

Name: Fancy Pokket

Products: Pitas, flatbreads, bagels, tortillas

Manufactured In: Moncton, NB and Lancaster, S.C.

Where to Buy: In Atlantic Canada grocers


Canadian Owned: Yes (see below)

Founded by Lebanese immigrant Mike Timani in 1989, Fancy Pokket is a great Canadian success story. After fleeing the Lebanese civil war in 1976, Timani arrived in Canada and proceeded to build a career with Hilton Hotels, before opening a restaurant and bakery. He soon focused only on the bakery, and now operates a 45,000 square foot facility in Moncton employing around 60 people.

They have recently built a gluten-free bakery in South Carolina, and will be shipping those products to Canada while shipping their traditional gluten products to new US markets.

It’s not 100% clear if Mike obtained his Canadian citizenship, but given the work he’s done over the years (including providing bread to hundreds of Syrian newcomers for 2 months in 2016) I think we can say with confidence that he’s Canadian in spirit, and that’s good enough for us here at MiC.

Food/Breakfast Food/Condiments: Steeves Maples 🍁

Name: Steeves Maples

Products: Maple flavoured products and maple syrup

Manufactured In: Elgin, New Brunswick

Where to Buy: Amazon, grocery stores (?)


Canadian Owned: Yes

Since 1869, Steeves has been producing maple syrup products in New Brunswick. In addition to maple syrup, Steeves now has a line of maple-flavoured products including maple taste syrup which is naturally flavoured but at a fraction of the price of real maple syrup. The company is one of few Canadian companies which manufactures products in the table syrup category.

It appears that they export 99% of their products, so it’s not clear if they’re available in grocery stores.

Mattresses: Springwall Sleep Products 🍁

Name: Springwall Sleep Products

Products: Mattresses

Manufactured In: Mississauga, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; Moncton, New Brunswick

Where to Buy: Various retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Springwall Sleep Products is the largest 100% owned and operated Canadian mattress manufacturer in the country. The same Canadian family has proudly been running the operation since 1949. They specialize in great quality mattresses for an affordable price point.

Reno/Builders: Atlantic Windows 🍁

Name: Atlantic Windows

Products: Windows and doors

Manufactured In: Port Elgin, New Brunswick

Where to Buy: Kent building supplies or other building supply stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Though they acknowledge they don’t compete on price with imports, Atlantic Windows touts German design and Canadian engineering that create lasting quality. They source their materials locally and offer lifetime warranties.