Miscellaneous: Flag Emporium 🍁

Name: Flag Emporium

Products: Flags

Manufactured In: Quebec and Ontario

Where to buy: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia store or online

Website: www.canadaflagshop.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

The Flag Emporium is a Canadian family-owned flagshop in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The company will ship flags across the country so you can purchase from them regardless of where you are located. The shop has been selling flags to Canadians since 1992 and houses one of the largest selections of flags in Canada.

The flag selection sold by Flag Emporium includes all Canadian flags as well as the flags of the world. The shop also sells house and garden flags, pirate flags, sports flags, custom and promotional flags. You will also find flagpoles for both commercial and residential premises in the shop.