Miscellaneous: Mutual Insurance Companies 🍁

Name: Mutual Insurance Companies

Products: Home, Auto, Farm, Agri-business and Commercial Insurance

Headquartered In: Ottawa, Ontario

Where to Buy: Mutuals located in cities and small towns across Canada

Website: www.camic.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Canada’s Mutual insurance companies were founded by local farmers in their communities in the 1800s and early 1900s to provide members with affordable insurance. When a person purchases an insurance policy, they become a member. Each company is owned by its policyholder members so they are all locally and Canadian owned.

Mutual insurance works on the principle of ‘neighbour helping neighbour’ in times of need. Policyholder members’ needs are each company’s priority. With Mutuals, premiums stay in the community, employing neighbours, supporting the local economy and giving back. Mutuals have been buying local for generations. Members are always treated like a person, not a number. Whenever they have a question or a claim, someone local will be there to help. It’s the Mutuals way.

Mutual Insurance Companies Across Canada
Western Canada
Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of British Columbia, Langley BC – https://mutualfirebc.com/
Mennonite Mutual Ins. Co. (Alb.) Ltd., Calgary AB – http://mmiab.ca/
Germania Mutual Ins. Co., Langenburg SK – http://www.germaniainsurance.ca/
Saskatchewan Mutual Ins. Co., Saskatoon SK – https://www.saskmutual.com/
My Mutual Insurance, Waldheim SK – https://www.mymutualinsurance.ca/
Portage La Prairie Mutual Ins. Co., Portage La Prairie MB – https://www.portagemutual.com/
Red River Mutual Ins. Co., Altona MB – https://www.redrivermutual.com/
Wawanesa Mutual Ins. Co., Winnipeg MB – https://www.wawanesa.com/canada/

Algoma Mutual Ins. Co., Thessalon ON – https://www.amico.ca/
Ayr Farmer’s Mutual Ins. Co., Ayr, ON – https://www.ayrmutual.com/
Bay of Quinte Mutual Ins. Co., Picton ON – http://bayofquintemutual.com/
BCM Insurance, Welland ON – https://bcminsurance.com/
Brant Mutual Ins. Co., Brantford ON – https://brantmutual.com/
Caradoc Townsend Mutual Ins. Co., Waterford ON – http://www.cdmins.com/
Cayuga Mutual Ins. Co., Cayuga ON – https://www.cayugamutual.com/
Co-operators General Insurance Co., Guelph ON – https://www.cooperators.ca/
The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group. Lindsay ON – http://thecommonwell.ca/contact-us/
Dufferin Mutual Ins. Co., Shelburne ON – http://dufferinmutual.com/
Dumfries Mutual Ins. Co., Sheffield ON – https://dumfriesmutual.com/
Edge Mutual Ins. Co., Drayton ON – https://www.edgemutual.com/
Erie Mutual Ins. Co., Dunnville ON – https://www.eriemutual.com/
Farm Mutual Re, Cambridge ON – https://www.farmmutualre.com/
Germania Mutual Ins. Co., Ayton ON – https://www.germaniamutual.com/g/
Gore Mutual Ins. Co., Cambridge ON – https://www.goremutual.ca/
Grenville Mutual Ins. Co., Kemptville ON – https://www.grenvillemutual.com/
Halwell Mutual Ins. Co., Guelph ON – https://www.halwellmutual.com/
Hay Mutual Ins. Co., Zurich ON – https://www.haymutual.on.ca/
Heartland Farm Mutual Inc., Waterloo ON – https://www.heartlandfarmmutual.com/
Howard Mutual Ins. Co., Ridgetown ON – http://howardmutual.com/
Howick Mutual Ins. Co., Wroxeter ON – https://www.howickmutual.com/
HTM Ins. Co., Cobourg ON – https://www.htminsurance.ca/
Kent & Essex Mutual Ins. Co., Chatham ON – https://www.kemutual.com/
L & A Mutual Ins. Co., Napanee ON – http://www.l-amutual.com/
Lambton Mutual Ins. Co., Watford ON – https://www.lambtonmutual.com/
McKillop Mutual Ins. Co., Seaforth ON – http://www.mckillopmutual.com/
Middlesex Mutual Ins. Co., Ilderton ON – http://www.middlesexmutual.on.ca/
Norfolk Mutual Ins. Co., Simcoe ON – https://www.norfolkmutual.com/
North Bleinheim Mutual Ins. Co., Bright ON – https://www.northblenheim.com/
North Kent Mutual Ins. Co., Dresden ON – https://nkminsurance.com/
Ontario Mutual Ins. Association, Cambridge ON – http://www.ontariomutuals.com/
Peel Mutual Ins. Co., Brampton ON – https://www.peelmutual.com/
South Easthope Mutual Ins. Co., Tavistock ON – https://www.southeasthope.com/
Town & Country Mutual Ins. Co., Strathroy ON – https://www.town-country-ins.ca/
Tradition Mutual Ins. Co., Sebringville ON – https://www.traditionmutual.com/
Trillium Mutual Ins. Co., Listowel ON – https://trilliummutual.com/
Usborne & Hibbert Mutual Fire Ins Co., Exeter ON – http://usborneandhibbert.ca/
Wabisa Mutual Ins. Co., Jarvis ON – https://www.wabisamutual.com/
West Elgin Mutual Ins. Co., Dutton ON – https://www.westelgin.com/
Westminster Mutual Ins. Co., Belmont ON – https://www.wmic.ca/
West Wawanosh Mutual Ins. Co., Dungannon ON – http://www.wwmic.com/
Yarmouth Mutual Fire Ins. Co., St. Thomas ON – https://www.yarmouthmutual.com/

Groupe Estrie-Richelieu Compagnie d’assurance, Granby QC – http://www.estrierichelieu.com/
LEDOR Assurances, Sainte-Claire QC – https://www.ledor.ca/fr/
Promutuel Assurance Boréale, Amos QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/boreale
Promutuel Assurance Bagot, Saint-Liboire QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/bagot
Promutuel Assurance Bois-Francs, Victoriaville QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/bois-francs
Promutuel Assurance Centre-Sud, Sherbrooke QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/centresud
Promutuel Assurance Chaudière-Appalaches, Laurier Station QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/chaudiereappalaches
Promutuel Assurance Deux-Montagnes, St-Eustache QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/deux-montagnes
Promutuel Assurance de L’Estuaire, Rimouski QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/estuaire
Promutuel Assurance du Lac au Fleuve, Baie-Saint-Paul QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/promutuel-lac-au-fleuve
Promutuel Assurance Lanaudière, Joliette QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/lanaudiere
Promutuel Assurance Montmagny-L’Islet, Montmagny, QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/montmagnylislet
Promutuel Assurance L’Outaouais , Saint-André-Avellin QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/outaouais
Promutuel Assurance Portneuf-Champlain, Saint-Basile QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/portneufchamplain
Promutuel Réassurance, Québec QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/
Promutuel Assurance Rive-Sud, Saint-Gervais QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/rivesud
Promutuel Assurance Vallée du St-Laurent, La Prairie QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/
Promutuel Assurance Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Les Coteaux QC- https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/vaudreuilsoulanges
Promutuel Assurance Verchères – Les Forges, Baie-Du-Febvre QC – https://www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/vercheresforges

Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual Ins. Co, Antigonish, NS – https://antigonishfarmersmutual.ca/
Clare Mutual Ins. Co, Belliveau Cove, Digby County NS – http://claremutual.com/
Kings Mutual Ins. Co., Berwick NS – http://www.kingsmutual.ns.ca/
Carleton-Fundy Mutual Ins. Co., Sussex NB – https://www.cfmutual.ca/
SouthEastern Mutual Ins. Co., Riverview NB – https://www.semutual.nb.ca/
Stanley Mutual Ins. Co., Stanley NB – http://stanleymutual.com/
United General Insurance Corp., Fredericton NB
P.E.I. Mutual Ins. Co., Summerside PE – http://www.peimutual.com/