Cosmetics: Cake Beauty

Name: Cake Beauty Inc.

Products: Cosmetics

Manufactured In: Canada and the UK

Where to Buy: Online, Shoppers Drug Mart, and other stores


Canadian Owned: No

Cake Beauty is a range of beauty products that are made in Canada. The products are 100% vegan, naturally luxurious, and cruelty-free. The product range includes skincare, body care, and hair care products. They are widely available in stores across Canada as well as online.

Cake Beauty is one of the four growing personal care brands under MAV beauty brands. The other brands are Marc Anthony True Professional, Renpure, and The Mane Choice. Mav Beauty was established by hair stylist Marc Anthony Venere in 1995. In 2023, Mav Beauty was sold to Nexus Capital Management, a Los Angeles-based company founded in 2013 so while Cake Beauty products are made in Canada, it is no longer a Canadian-owned company.