Pet Products: Global Pet Foods 🍁

Name: Global Pet Foods

Products: Pet Foods

Manufactured In: Canada

Where to Buy: Global Pet Foods


Canadian Owned: Yes

Global Pet Foods is the largest Canadian-owned pet specialty retailer. They sell a variety of products made in Canada, listed below. It’s not clear if the provinces listed with the products are where they are made or only where they are sold – but you can be comfortable that these are Canadian-made brands:

Dog & Cat Foods & Treats

Nature’s Harvest – Quebec

Go! – Ontario

Now Fresh – Ontario

Wholesome Blend – Ontario

Lifetime (both the Grain Free and Original Lines) – Ontario

FirstMate – British Columbia

Kasida – British Columbia

Valens – British Columbia

PetKind – British Columbia

Acana – Alberta

Orijen – Alberta

Grand Cru – Quebec

Oven Baked Tradition – Quebec

North Paw – Nova Scotia

Nutram – Ontario

Northern Biscuit – Ontario (treats only)

Carna4 – Quebec

Wilder & Harrier – Quebec (treats only)

Canadian Naturals – British Columbia

Nutrience – Quebec

Hurraw – Quebec

Boreal – Alberta

Raw Foods:


Bold Mega Dog