Pet Products: NorthFin Premium Fish Food 🍁

Name: NorthFin Premium Fish Food

Products: Preservative-free fish food

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Petland or other local fish stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

NorthFin Inc. is a Canadian company establsihed in 2011 manufacturing fish food. It is the first Canadian company to make premium quality aqautic food for onrnamental fish. NorthFin was founded by Darius Chodocinskas who has over 30 years of experience of acquarium fish and has experiemented with different feeding formulas throughout his career.

Not happy with the use of ingredients such as hormones, fillers, and pigments in fish food, he decided to manufacture fish food that only uses easily-digesitble, high-quality ingredients and is completely free from fillers, artificial hormens, and pigments.

NorthFin fish food is available across Canada and is also sold in the US, Australia, Europe, China, Vietnam, India, Phillippines, and Costa Rica.