Reno/Builders: BOND 🍁

Name: BOND

Products: Facades and feature walls

Manufactured In: Concord, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online or GTA


Canadian Owned: Yes

BOND is a Canadian company specialising in facades and feature walls. The company is based in Vaughan, Ontario, with manufacturing facilities in Concord, Ontario. BOND designs and manufactures unique products for interior and exterior finishes. When ordering from BOND, the service includes a simulation of an existing product built to suit a new prototype of a concept, new fabrication, and new creations.

​BOND can provide shop drawings per designer/architect details, colour samples, and stamped engineering calculations. Furthermore, BOND can assist contractors, designers, and architects with, for example, sample panels, technical support, joint locations, budgetary proposals, and, design feasibility.

BOND facades and feature walls are available to purchase online or in-store in the GTA area.