Women’s Clothing: Miik 🍁

Name: Miik

Products: Women’s clothing

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online

Website: miik.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Miik was founded by Donna Smith in 2010 when she tried on a bamboo skirt. While she was not impressed of the look of the eco-friendly skirt, she was amazed by how lovely it felt. From there she got the idea to blend style, comfort, and sustainability to create a luxurious line of women’s clothing.

Since its foundation, Miik has been growing a loyal base of customers who keep coming back year after year. Miik designs and manufactures two collections each year. All of the items are made with a focus on durability and sustainabiilty. Miik designs and manufactures all of its clohtes in Canada, which allows the owners to monitor the working conditions and ensure all employees are paid fairly.