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Lauren Williams

Lauren understands how important a good night of sleep can be. Years of experience searching for the perfect mattress has inspired her to help others get the best sleep possible. Your mattress, bedding, and pillows can all make a big difference, so Lauren works to find the best options for every Canadian. She hopes her passion for sleep can help those who are struggling to sleep peacefully.
Best Hybrid Mattress in Canada

Best Hybrid Mattress in Canada (2024 Picks)

Hybrid mattresses offer a more comprehensive mattress option than foam or innerspring mattresses alone. They offer strong support, but also soft foam to cradle your body for the best pressure …

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Best Linen Sheets in Canada

Linen sheets may not be for everyone, but the benefits they provide make them worthy

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Best Duvets in Canada

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Many Canadians have difficulty sleeping comfortably due to overheating. Whether your bedding retains heat or you naturally sleep hot, choosing a pillow with excellent temperature control is essential. Our professional

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Best Comforter Sets in Canada

While many people prefer duvets, comforter sets provide a certain charm that can’t be overstated. Comforters can add a touch of style, comfort, and durability to your bedroom. They are

The Best Bamboo Sheets in Canada

Best Bamboo Sheets in Canada

When deciding to buy new sheets, it may seem overwhelming which to decide on with so many choices of materials available. Bamboo sheets are a great choice for Canadians seeking