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Need a new mattress on a budget? While some new mattresses can be expensive, some of the best mattresses in Canada are very affordable! These online options can help you save a little money and get your best night of sleep in years.

To bring you these recommendations for the best cheap mattresses in Canada, we tested each of these mattresses extensively. We put them through their paces with lab tests and evaluations. In addition, we placed these mattresses with our diverse team of testers for a few weeks. Each tester provided extensive feedback. We arrived at our list by considering both our tests and tester feedback.

Best Cheap Mattresses for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Cheap Mattresses in Canada?

As we evaluated the mattresses on our list, they started to stand out to us in unique ways. When a mattress showcased the best properties of any given category, it stood out to us. This was important for the mattresses on our list! Here’s why we recommended each of our mattresses.

The Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress is the best cheap mattress in Canada overall. It offers amazing hybrid support and plush pressure relief without a hefty price tag. You can wake feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day without breaking the bank with this mattress.

Your affordable all-foam options don’t get much better than the Douglas Mattress. This all-foam option helps you sleep cool and comfortably with layers of temperature-control foam and supportive, pressure-relieving materials.

If you share a bed, you might enjoy the Endy Mattress. This mattress uses open-cell memory foam to create active motion isolation. That means that your partner can toss and turn all night long, and you’ll still be sleeping peacefully.

The Silk & Snow Mattress offers the best pressure relief on our list. This mattress uses layers of memory foam to reduce uncomfortable pressure, ensuring that you wake up comfortable instead of stiff. 

The Brunswick Mattress is the best affordable pillow-top option we found. This mattress uses a layer of silk fill backed by temperature-control memory foam to create a plush, cloud-like surface. The coil layer makes it supportive as well.

The Recore Mattress is the best latex option we tested. Recore’s responsive, restorative latex helps relieve pressure and regulate temperature extremely well. This mattress also works to help you fall and stay asleep so you’re rested for your day.

The Noa Mattress, on the other hand, is the best hybrid mattress we found. This mattress uses layers of pocketed coils, memory foam, and latex foam to create a comfortable sleeping surface with superior support.

The Casper Original Mattress features a layer of zoned support foam, which was unique on our list. This foam is firmer in the centre, which helps it support your hips and backs that much easier. The softer foam around your shoulders relieves pressure points, too.

Finally, the Juno Mattress stands apart even on our list of affordable mattresses. This option has everything you could need at an extremely affordable price, so it’s great for those on a very tight budget.

Best Overall

Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is the best option for Canadians on a budget. This mattress offers superior hybrid support for an affordable price. Meanwhile, layers of high-density memory foam help reduce pressure and keep you comfortable throughout the night. This combination makes it one of the best options for those on a budget, as it appeals to many different types of sleepers.

The first layer uses an antimicrobial cover to prevent bacterial growth. This ensures that your mattress lasts longer, as it won’t develop any odours. Underneath is a layer of plush, quilted foam. This foam helps reduce the temperature by moving heat along the quilted lines. This means more breathability and better pressure relief overall. Meanwhile, the middle layer of high-density foam provides deep pressure point relief, allowing you to wake up rested.

The coil layer is where the magic happens. Up to 1200 double-tempered pocket springs made with Canadian steel help support you, with firmer coils in the middle of the mattress for additional lumbar and hip support. You’ll be balanced across the mattress, reducing strain and discomfort throughout. Finally, a perimeter of edge support foam helps reduce flattening at the edges, so you can sit or sleep here without sliding off or losing the support you need.

Altogether, this mattress provides amazing pressure relief, motion isolation, and cooling features. If you need a high-quality mattress that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress.

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress uses up to 1200 double-tempered pocket springs in the support base. These coils help provide support and keep you aligned, so you can sleep more comfortably no matter how you sleep. Firmer edge support helps you feel secure at the edges of the bed, so you can put your slippers on without sliding off the mattress. The zoned lumbar support throughout the coil layer supports your hips and lower back. Meanwhile, deep pressure point relief layers help you sleep more comfortably without waking up sore or tired.

  • Up to 1200 double-tempered pocket springs in the support base provide comfort and alignment
  • Firmer edge support helps you feel more secure when sitting or sleeping near the edge of the mattress
  • Zoned lumbar support gives your hips and lower back the support they need
  • Deep pressure point relief allows you to sleep comfortably without waking up tired or sore

From the Test Lab

“This hybrid mattress offered luxury and comfort at a great price. The price was also as surprising as the feel of this mattress.”

Best All Foam Mattress

The Douglas Mattress​

The Douglas Mattress


It's Great For:

The Douglas Mattress is designed and produced right here in Canada, with Canadians in mind. Every part of the mattress works to correct an issue that many have with memory foam, whether it’s the heat build-up or the quicksand feeling. Either way, the Douglas mattress may be able to solve all of your mattress blues.

The medium-firm feel of the mattress still allows for a plush feel when you lay down. The firm supportive layer helps support most sleepers. This mattress was designed to be a middle-ground for every sleeper, no matter whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. As a result, this mattress provides balanced support, pressure point relief, and proper alignment for your spine.

There are several cooling features found here, too. The moisture-wicking CoolSense cover helps keep you dry throughout the night. The ecoLight cooling gel foam layer helps move heat away from you, keeping cold air circulating with its breathable design. Together, these layers provide a quick solution to the heat. If you often wake up a little overheated, this mattress might be right for you.

Inside are two layers of foam – ecoLight memory foam, made with 40% less carbon input than standard memory foam, and a latex alternative made without chemicals. Together, they create an eco-conscious sleeping surface that can help you sleep a little easier. The support foam even helps keep the edges from sinking, so you’ll sleep well no matter where you sleep.

The Highlights

The Douglas Mattress features cooling foam features that help reduce temperature, so those who sleep hot can rest more comfortably during hot Canadian summers. While it doesn’t sink in like traditional memory foam, this mattress offers great pressure relief for those who need a little extra help. It also offers superior motion isolation for restless couples and co-sleepers. Two layers of eco-conscious foams help you rest a little easier.

  • Cooling features reduce temperature buildup during those hot Canadian summers
  • Great pressure relief without the sinking feeling of traditional memory foam
  • Great motion isolation
  • Two layers of eco-conscious foams

From the Test Lab

“This mattress was cool and responsive. It made it easy to fall asleep, too! Our testers really appreciated the way this mattress felt when compared with most of the other all-foam options on the market.”

Best Motion Isolation

The Endy Mattress​

The Endy Mattress


It's Great For:

The Endy mattress is a no-nonsense mattress designed by Canadians, for Canadians. Endy prides itself on its no-gimmicks approach to selling mattresses, which works well in its favor. Though they don’t try to sell customers advanced materials or techniques, they still receive some of the best scores when it comes to motion isolation. Out of all the mattresses we tested, this one is definitely the best for couples. Those who sleep light or often toss and turn in the middle of the night will enjoy this mattress’s active motion isolation features.

The open-cell memory foam construction helps keep temperature and motion reduced, so you sleep more comfortably throughout the night. It’s great at relieving pressure points, too – you don’t have to worry about becoming uncomfortable in the middle of the night. The medium firmness is ideal for most sleepers, regardless of sleeping position.

Endy is temperature-neutral, which means that it doesn’t change with the seasons as other memory foam might. While standard memory foam might feel firmer in the winter and softer in the summer, the Endy’s construction has a consistent feel year-round.

The Highlights

The Endy mattress features open-cell foam layers, which help to control temperature and create better pressure relief than standard memory foam. This temperature-neutral foam doesn’t change based on the season – while other foams might get softer in the summer and firmer in the winter, this mattress feels the same year-round. The support layer provides proper spinal alignment for side sleepers especially, while the active motion isolation helps to keep those with restless partners asleep through the night.

  • Open-cell foam boosts temperature control and pressure relief
  • Temperature-neutral foams don’t change based on the season
  • Provides proper spinal alignment for side sleepers
  • Active motion isolation engineering to keep restless couples happy

From the Test Lab

“The Endy mattress got on our of best scores ever for motion isolation. Light sleepers and sleepers with restless partners, this is definitely the mattress for you.”

Best Pressure Relief

Silk & Snow Mattress

Silk and Snow Mattress


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Mattress is one of the best inexpensive mattresses in Canada for pressure relief. While some budget mattresses can be firm or uncomfortable, the Silk & Snow mattress uses comfortable high-density memory foam to create a soothing sleep surface. You’ll find that the layers of memory foam here contour to your body, providing relief and support where you need it. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to handle whatever the day throws at you. 

This mattress has a medium feel, which means it’s ideal for most sleepers. While some back or stomach sleepers might have different preferences, side sleepers can enjoy the way this mattress feels. The comfort starts with the removable and machine-washable cover. This cover is made with antimicrobial material, which prevents the growth of bacteria. This reduces odours and ensures that your bed stays fresh no matter what. 

 Beneath the cover are three layers of foam. The first is a 4-pound gel memory foam, which helps reduce pressure while it keeps you cool. This layer is made with high-density foam, so it contours your body without sinking or sagging. The middle layer is a transitional performance foam. This layer helps cushion your deepest pressure points and provides better motion isolation than you might expect. This layer absorbs all the motion from the other side of the bed, so your partner isn’t waking you up throughout the night.

Finally, the base layer uses a premium support foam that helps prevent sagging over time. This layer also helps with balance and alignment, ensuring that your body is properly supported throughout the mattress. This mattress provides superior cooling, pressure relief, and motion isolation for its budget price.

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Mattress uses an antimicrobial cover, which helps reduces allergens and prevents bacteria. This means that your bed is fresh and clean for longer. The durable base of this mattress balances your body perfectly. It reduces strain and reduces pressure, but it also reduces wear over time. The cover is removable and washable, too – when it’s time to wash your sheets, you can wash the cover, too. The cooling, high-density feel in the Silk & Snow mattress is not usually found in a budget mattress, making it a great choice for Canadians on a budget.

  • Antimicrobial cover reduces allergens and prevents bacteria durableble base balances your body and reduces strain
  • The cover is removable and washable
  • A cool, high-density feel not usually found in a budget mattress

From the Test Lab

“This cheap mattress has an expensive feel! The plush surface of the mattress keeps you comfortable, with the perfect firmness for many types of sleepers.”

Best Pillow-Top Mattress

The Brunswick Mattress​

Brunswick Mattress


It's Great For:

The Brunswick mattress is a hybrid with a soft, comfortable pillow-top that helps you slowly sink into sleep. The medium-firm feel is great for most sleepers, though it’s ideal for those who sleep on their sides. That’s because the coil layer features zoned and pocketed coils. You’ll find firmer coils in the centre of the mattress, while standard coils create support towards the head and feet of the bed.

If you need a little bit of extra support, the Brunswick mattress is the way to go. It features a durable, sustainably-sourced Tencel cover that’s comfortable to lay on, even under your sheets. Beneath the cover is a layer of breathable fill, followed by layers of cooling gel foam and supportive transition memory foam. Together, these components work with resilient springs to create a mattress that will keep you comfortable all night long.

The quilted cover wicks away moisture while layers of foam and springs help the mattress breathe, moving hot air away from you. This means you won’t overheat as you might with standard memory foam. The targeted lower back support helps keep you comfortable, especially if you need a little extra support. A firm layer of perimeter foam helps keep you comfortable near the edge of the mattress, preventing excessive sinking or sliding from the mattress.

The Highlights

The hybrid Brunswick Mattress features a layer of zoned and pocketed coils, which help provide firm lumbar and hip support for those who need extra support. The plush pillow-top section has layers of comfortable foam and fill to keep it well-cushioned and comfortable when you first lay down. The firm edge support helps those who sit or sleep near the edge of the mattress. The breathable top layers are cool and comfortable, especially for those who sleep hot.

  • Zoned, pocketed coils provide firm lumbar and hip support
  • Plush pillow-top section for a cloud-like sleeping surface
  • Firm edge support
  • Breathable, cool mattress

From the Test Lab

“This mattress felt the same at the edges as it did in the middle. We loved how supportive the design was, right down to the zoned coils!”

Best Latex Mattress

The Recore Mattress​

Recore Mattress


It's Great For:

The Recore Mattress is the perfect option for active Canadians, especially those who recover through rest. This mattress features several layers of supportive latex, including a layer of graphite-infused latex that helps move excess heat away from you throughout the night. The dense support layer helps relieve pressure points and reduce motion transfer. As a result, the mattress is designed to keep you asleep, eliminating as many disturbances as possible.

The SilverCharged cover is threaded with silver-coated, antimicrobial thread that is odour-resistant and fresh. This cover also zips right off, so you can throw it in with the rest of your laundry to keep your sleeping space clean.

The middle layer of this mattress is a cooling gel foam, which helps to remove all of that heat that the graphite-infused latex transfers down. These two layers are great at relieving pressure and balancing your weight, all while providing a responsive surface to help you move around without waking up. Underneath, the high-density base foam helps isolate motion and keeps you comfortable all night long, providing proper alignment so you can rest easier.

If you are active, have an active job, or frequently work out throughout the week, the Recore mattress might be the perfect option to help you wake up refreshed. After a night of uninterrupted sleep, you’ll be ready to take on your day.

The Highlights

The Recore mattress is a restorative latex foam mattress that helps you prepare for your day by helping you sleep easier throughout the night. The SilverCharged cover is threaded with silver, creating an antimicrobial surface that is fresh and comfortable. The graphite-infused latex foam helps prevent overheating, providing a responsive surface that’s cool and helps you move around easier. This mattress works great for athletic Canadians and combination sleepers.

  • Restorative foam layers help get you ready to face the day
  • SilverCharged silver-threaded antimicrobial cover
  • Graphite-infused latex helps to prevent overheating
  • Responsive latex surface helps combination sleepers move around easier

From the Test Lab

“This latex mattress was great for our combination sleepers. Testers reported that it was supportive and easy to move around on and that they woke less often in the night.”

Best Hybrid Mattress

The Noa Mattress​

The Noa Mattress


It's Great For:

Noa’s firm, a hybrid mattress is a great option for heavier sleepers or those who need increased support throughout their mattress. This mattress is made with every available mattress material featured elsewhere on this list. Layers of memory foam, latex foam, and a coil layer help to support you. The foams create the perfect formula for responsive comfort without sacrificing body contouring, so you’ll get the best of both worlds. This truly is the best hybrid mattress on the market, and it’s less expensive than many of the other hybrids we looked at.

The cover is a hand-tufted Tencel, which is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It also helps wick away moisture and moves heat away from you, while the layers of latex and cooling gel foam underneath keep heat from building up. These layers contour to your body, relieving pressure points as they go. A layer of transition foam keeps you from sinking right into the supportive, resilient springs.

The springs are pocketed, meaning each is wrapped individually. Because of the way they compress, they provide customized support to exactly where you need it most. Surrounding the coil layer is a foam perimeter, which helps keeps you supported to the edges of the mattress. Altogether, this mattress is firmer than our other options and great for those who need a little bit of extra support.

The Highlights

The Noa mattress is slightly firmer than the other options on our list. It offers firm support that helps those in most sleeping positions feel more comfortable and well-supported. The pocketed steel coils help to give your lower back and hips much-needed support. Together, the combination of latex, memory foam, and pocketed coils works to help the mattress feel amazing. In addition, the edge-to-edge support helps keep you comfortable no matter where on the mattress you’re sleeping.

  • Firm support helps those in most sleeping positions feel more comfortable
  • Coils offer great lumbar support
  • Uses a combination of latex, memory foam, and pocketed coils for a better feel
  • Great long-lasting support from one edge to the other

From the Test Lab

“The Noa mattress was great for our testers who appreciated a little more firmness. The coils really make the difference in this hybrid mattress.”

Best Budget Mattress

The Juno Mattress​

Juno Mattress


It's Great For:

The Juno mattress is truly affordable. It comes in at a lower initial cost than most of the other mattresses on our list, but it still qualifies as a great, feature-rich mattress that allows you to get more for your money. This medium-firm mattress is great for most sleepers, as it perfectly balances your body weight. The dense support layer is comfortable and helps with spinal alignment.

The top layer of foam is gel memory foam, which works well to reduce heat build-up without sacrificing comfort. This layer contours to your body, eliminating pressure points right where you need it most. Because of this, it’s the perfect choice for budget-conscious side sleepers. The firmness is also great for back and stomach sleepers.

Altogether, this mattress helps keep you cool while supporting you in every way that you need. These layers keep you perfectly aligned for a more comfortable night of sleep, and it does it all without breaking the bank. The full-body contouring reduces strain without allowing you to feel stuck in the mattress, which is also ideal for combination sleepers.

The Highlights

The Juno mattress is medium-firm. The two layers of foam provide a balanced surface that works for most sleepers, regardless of how they sleep. The surface doesn’t feel too much like quicksand, so combination sleepers can move around easily. The cooling memory foam top layer helps channel heat away from you, so it doesn’t build up and lead to overheating. The full-body contouring helps provide great pressure relief, so those who often wake up with pressure points will be comfortable.

  • Balanced firmness that works for sleepers in most positions
  • Responsive surface for combination sleepers
  • Cooling memory foam helps channel heat away from you
  • Full-body contouring for great pressure relief

From the Test Lab

“Most of our testers loved this mattress. We loved how it felt, but we also loved the price – you’ll get more bang for your buck with this mattress!”

Why Trust Us?

We’ve spent years in the sleep industry. All that time, we’ve looked at all the new Canadian-made mattresses on the market and evaluated new market trends. We’ve spent weeks testing mattresses in our test lab and with our dedicated team of testers. As we approached this list of recommendations, we attempted to compare these mattresses based on the following performance areas:

  • Affordability. How much does the mattress cost at full retail price? How much do you get for your money? We compared similar mattresses in different categories to assess what each mattress was really worth and brought you only the best.
  • Quality. The quality of the mattress should be reflected in both the materials and the feel. We made sure that these mattresses were well-made and felt like quality products on all levels, regardless of their cost.
  • Temperature Control. A mattress with great temperature control ensures that you don’t wake up overheated. Since a lot of Canadians struggle with sleeping too hot, this was an important feature to keep in mind.
  • Motion Isolation. Motion isolation is extremely important if you share a bed. If you often wake up due to your partner’s restlessness, a mattress with great motion isolation should be able to help.

How to Choose a Cheap Mattress in Canada

Choosing an affordable mattress in Canada can be difficult. If you’re trying to save money, you might have to make some sacrifices. Below, we’ll outline the types of things you should be aware of. Luckily, there are a ton of affordable mattresses that perform well.

The Basics

Before you can choose a mattress, you have to know what type of mattress you need. Make sure you know what you’re looking for with these basic options.

Type of Mattress

The type of mattress you purchase can determine a lot about how you might like it. There are just a few basic mattress types, but it’s still important to familiarize yourself with them.

  • Memory foam: Memory foam contours to your body, using your body heat to map out where it should sink. Memory foam is comforting and amazing at relieving pressure. However, it can also hold onto heat and cause you to overheat.
  • Latex: Latex foam contours like memory foam, but the surface is more responsive. Latex also doesn’t generate heat quite as memory foam does. However, it’s common to have latex allergies.
  • All foam: All-foam mattresses use alternating layers of latex and memory foam. They often have the best properties of both. The composition of all-foam mattresses can matter, so make sure to keep an eye on how the different foams are layered.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses combine the best foam mattresses and innerspring options. They include a supportive coil layer (usually with pocketed coils rather than connected ones) and layers of foam for comfort. Hybrid mattresses are more supportive than all-foam options, and they also isolate motion better than innerspring mattresses.
  • Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses are the most common and traditional type of mattress. Innerspring mattresses use a layer of interconnected springs to create the support system for the mattress. Innerspring mattresses are typically not available online because they cannot be shipped easily.


The firmness of a mattress determines how it will feel. It can also determine how supportive it is. Firmness is not a measure of comfort, but some might feel more comfortable on a certain type of mattress.

Firmness ratings occur on a kind of scale:

  • Soft: 1-3
  • Medium-Soft: 4
  • Medium: 5
  • Medium-Firm: 6 – 7
  • Firm: 8+

These ratings are somewhat universal among mattress retailers. The number rating associated with each mattress can give you some idea of how firm they will be.

Sleeping Position and Body Type

Your sleeping position and body type can inform what type of mattress you want. Body type and sleeping position have a lot to do with firmness, so those who sleep a certain way are generally more comfortable on some mattresses than others.


Body Type

Sleeping Position


Light (less than 130lbs or 59kg)



Average (130lbs – 230lbs, or 59kg to 104kg)



Heavy (over 230lbs or 104kg)


These are only guidelines. You may prefer a mattress that feels different regardless of how you sleep. Even so, these recommendations can serve as guidance if you aren’t sure which type of mattress you would prefer.


Where will you put your mattress? Foam mattresses, especially, need support to support you. Make sure that you take a look at the different types of foundations that are compatible with each mattress. If you want to avoid spending more money, look for a mattress that is compatible with the foundation you already own.

However, most mattresses will be compatible with multiple different types of foundations. Evaluate your options and choose the one that works well for you, especially if you don’t want to purchase an additional foundation.

Pressure Relief

While most memory foam mattresses provide great pressure relief, some do so much more. A mattress with great pressure relief will prevent pressure points, which can make you uncomfortable and cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. Mattresses with very little pressure relief can make you sleep terribly, too. To avoid this, look for mattresses with more foam layers, soft transition foam layers, and a softer feel in general.

Unboxing and Off-Gassing

When you receive your mattress, it will be rolled up and packaged tightly in plastic. To unbox your mattress, simply move the box into the room where your foundation is set up. Remove the mattress from the box and carefully cut open the plastic.

As soon as you cut the plastic, the mattress will start expanding to its normal size. It will take about 48 hours for the mattress to finish expanding. During this time, you shouldn’t sleep on the mattress. Wait until these first 48 hours have passed.

During this time, the mattress may have an odour. This ‘off-gassing’ is completely natural and harmless, though it may irritate some people. Make sure that you set up a fan and have proper ventilation in the room. Over time, the mattress will lose this odour. 

Sleep Trials

A sleep trial allows you to try the mattress before you decide to keep it. After your purchase, you’ll have a set amount (usually between 60 and 120 days) to see if the mattress is right for you. If it isn’t, you can return it for a full refund of your purchase price. This gives you much more time to try a mattress than you’d get at a physical store.

Make sure to read the sleep trial policies for each mattress company, as they can vary greatly.

Special Features

Now that you know what you should be looking for, it’s time to go over some special features. Keep in mind that mattresses with these features can be a little more expensive, but most of the mattresses on our list have at least some of these features.

Temperature Control

If you often find yourself waking up overheated or uncomfortable, you might need a mattress with better temperature control. Memory foam mattresses are notoriously warm, as the memory foam layers usually hold onto heat more than layers of fills and fabrics do. Because of this, most memory foam mattresses have temperature control features.

Gel memory foams, perforated foams, and breathable layers all contribute to how well a mattress controls temperature. If you usually sleep warm, look for mattresses with some of these features. The more temperature control features a mattress has, the cooler it will be to sleep on! Keep in mind that your sheets and blankets contribute to how warm your mattress feels, too.

Motion Isolation

If your partner is often restless, you know how important it is for a mattress to isolate motion. A mattress with motion isolation features will stop motion as it happens, preventing it from traveling across to the other side of the mattress.  While traditional innerspring mattresses allow motion to transfer fairly easily, foam mattresses are usually much better at isolating motion.

If you are often woken up by your partner turning over in the middle of the night, consider choosing a mattress that features motion isolating properties. You’ll sleep much easier!

Edge Support

Sleeping near the edge of the bed is usually fine for an innerspring mattress, but foam mattresses are a little trickier. Most foam mattresses feel less supportive near the edges, which can be a pain if you regularly sit or sleep near the edge. You might feel as though you’re sliding off the mattress as you get nearer to the edge.

A mattress with firmer edge support will feel the same throughout. Some mattresses might include firm foam perimeters to help support you as you get closer to the edge. It’s important to look for if you’re concerned about that sliding feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a mattress online can be less expensive than buying similar mattresses in a retail store. Because online stores have lower overhead costs than physical locations, the savings are passed on to you.

You shouldn’t have to replace a cheap mattress sooner than more expensive options. Most memory foam mattresses in Canada last 7-10 years on average, regardless of how much you originally paid. Many of the mattresses on our list have warranties that last longer than 10 years, too.

Very few (if any) online mattress retailers require you to pay for shipping. Most offer free shipping and delivery to most of Canada. The only exception may occur if you live in an extremely rural part of the country. Depending on your address, additional fees may apply.