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Mattresses made in Canada are locally sourced, produced, and assembled. Most are made with all-Canadian materials that come from local manufacturers are farmers. By choosing a mattress that is made in Canada, you can avoid costly import charges and help the country’s economy. If you are interested in keeping your business on the domestic market, consider these Canadian-made mattresses.

To recommend these mattresses, our test labs ran several performance tests. We examined each mattress for its materials, origin, and performance features like temperature control and motion isolation. We compared our results to the feedback from our team of dedicated testers to arrive at these recommendations.

Best Made in Canada Mattresses for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Canadian-Made Mattresses in Canada?

We chose each of the mattresses on our list of recommendations for a reason. As we evaluated each option, they started to stand out to us in unique ways. Here are some of the reasons we decided to recommend these mattresses.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is the best Canadian-made mattress overall. This option features better pressure relief, support, and temperature control than other mattresses, even options that are made in Canada.

The Douglas Mattress is the best Canadian-made mattress for pressure relief. This mattress is created with eco-conscious local materials. It works to eliminate common problems usually experienced with memory foam mattresses, especially when it comes to pressure relief.

The Endy Mattress is the best in Canada for motion isolation. This mattress uses active motion isolation and open-cell foam to stop motion in its tracks.

The Novosbed Mattress is the best all-foam mattress in Canada for a few different reasons. Its revolutionary firmness control system helps it stand out, and its luxury materials are so comfortable to sink into.

The Logan & Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress is the best pillow-top on our list. This hybrid has a separate pillow-top section, full of comforting foam and silk fill that allows you to slowly sink into sleep.

Finally, the Noa Mattress is the best firm mattress on our list. It’s one of the firmest mattresses you can order in Canada, too – it’s comfortable for heavier sleepers or those who want increased support.

When it comes to latex, few mattresses can beat the Recore Mattress. This mattress uses comforting, responsive latex to stop motion and ensure that you stay asleep throughout the night.

Meanwhile, the Brunswick Spring Mattress is the best hybrid option on our list. The coil layer provides firm, zoned support while layers of pillow-top fill and foam help you rest easy.

Best Overall

Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress is the best Canadian-made mattress you’ll find online. This mattress uses layers of eco-conscious foams to create a soft, pressure-relieving experience at first. When you sink into the mattress, you’ll find a strong support core made with zoned pocket coils. This layer helps reduce strain and discomfort throughout your body but is specifically designed to add additional support to your back and hips. 

You’ll find that this mattress offers great cooling features, as well as better pressure relief than most all-foam options. It uses gel memory foam throughout its layers, an infused foam that helps wick away higher temperatures. When you get hot, this mattress moves heat away from you to reduce the temperature. This means you’ll sleep cooler overall, especially if you usually sleep hot.

It also helps isolate motion well. The middle transition layer absorbs motion from the other side of the bed before it can travel across to disturb you. Even when your partner, kids, or pets are moving around, you shouldn’t feel them. This effect is increased by the pocket coils in the core layer. These coils compress individually. Each occupies its own pocket, meaning that motion has a much harder time travelling through the coils than with traditional innerspring mattresses.

The coil layer is where this mattress’s strong support comes from. The coils are zoned. This means a firmer support zone across the middle of the mattress keeps your hips and lower back well-supported, while softer coils that compress easily keep your shoulders comfortable. These zones are intuitively designed to work well for most sleeping positions, though they benefit side sleepers most. A perimeter of edge support foam surrounds the coil layer. This foam is firmer than most mattresses offer, strengthening the edges to prevent sinking, sliding, and collapsing. When you sit at the edge of the bed in the morning, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress uses layers of eco-conscious foams that won’t trigger your allergies. Since the foams are made with seed-based oils, they don’t contain chemicals that will cause new allergies, either. Each layer is made with luxury, high-density foams that help reduce pressure and promote restful sleep, whether it’s your first night or your last sleeping on this mattress. The pocket coil layer uses up to 1200 coils to create a strong, supportive core. This core offers zoned support, so stronger coils throughout the middle of the mattress promote better hip and lumbar support.

  • Eco-conscious foam layers won’t trigger allergies
  • Luxury and high-density foams reduce pressure and promote restful sleep
  • Strong zoned support in the coil layer reduces strain and back pain
  • Uses up to 1200 pocket coils to create a strong core

From the Test Lab

“It’s been a long time since we felt this comfortable on a mattress! We loved the way the Silk & Snow Hybrid felt, and we appreciate that it’s made in Canada.”

Best Pressure Relief

The Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Mattress


It's Great For:

The Douglas Mattress is a supportive answer for every problem you’ve ever had with a memory foam mattress. Every Douglas mattress is sourced and produced right here in Canada, too. As a brand, Douglas is completely Canadian. Even the CoolSense Infinitex cover features a stunning design based on the Canadian Rockies.

Under this cover, two layers of eco-conscious memory foam work to keep you comfortable. The first is a cooling gel ecoLight foam, which is made with 40% less carbon input than standard memory foam. It feels luxurious, soft, and cool. The next layer down is Elastex foam, a non-allergenic latex alternative that helps you move around easier. Finally, a layer of thick motion isolation foam keeps motion transfer down and balances your body.

The medium-firm design works well for most sleepers, regardless of body type or sleeping position. Together, these components create a mattress with the perfect bounce and great temperature control. You can try it for 365 nights after it arrives at your home, just to make sure that it’s the Canadian mattress for you.

The Highlights

The Douglas mattress is designed and made right here in Canada, using Canadian materials. The cover design is inspired by Canada, too – this is a 100% authentic Canadian mattress. The eco-conscious foam layers contour your body, relieving pressure and preventing pressure points without the quicksand feeling. Meanwhile, temperature-reducing foam layers help keep you cool. This is great for those who often wake up overheated and uncomfortable.

  • Designed in Canada, made in Canada, and inspired by Canada
  • Contours like traditional memory foam without the quicksand feeling
  • Eco-conscious foam layers are better for you and the environment
  • Temperature-reducing features help you sleep cooler

From the Test Lab

“Some of our testers were unsure about memory foam mattresses. After trying the Douglas, they’re sold!”

Best Motion Isolation

The Endy Mattress

The Endy Mattress


It's Great For:

Endy’s premier mattress was created with a no-gimmicks, no-games mindset. Endy wanted to create a simple mattress that got the job done. They ended up with one of the best Canadian-made mattresses for motion isolation, making Endy the best mattress for couples and light sleepers.

Endy uses three layers of foam to create a balanced, plush surface. It uses open-cell foam in the top layer, which helps to eliminate motion transfer effectively. Below is a layer of responsive transition foam, which elevates your body and makes it easier to move around. The high-density support layer aligns your spine and keeps you balanced across the bed.

This mattress is one of the only ones on our list that is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means that it’s created with lower levels of chemical emissions than other foam mattresses. It’s also temperature-neutral, which means that the foam won’t feel different depending on the ambient temperature or the season.

The Highlights

The Endy Mattress’s foam layers are all temperature-neutral, which means that they won’t feel differently when the temperature changes. The ambient temperature doesn’t affect the firmness of the foam. Throughout the seasons, this mattress offers balanced support that helps to properly align your spine. The mattress also features active motion isolation, so restless couples and those who wake up often can sleep a little easier. Each layer of foam uses open-cell foam, which helps with pressure relief and temperature control.

  • Foam layers are temperature-neutral, so they feel the same year-round
  • Great balanced support and spinal alignment
  • Active motion isolation for restless couples
  • Layers use open-cell foam, which helps with temperature control and pressure relief

From the Test Lab

“You can tell a difference with the open-cell foam. Our testers noticed that the mattress felt better right away.”

Best All Foam

The Novosbed Mattress

Novosbed Mattress


It's Great For:

Novosbed was a cutting-edge mattress when it was first released. Today, it still does things that no other mattress does. If you don’t know your firmness preference or have trouble finding a mattress that feels good to you, the Novosbed may be the perfect solution. This mattress pioneered both the now-standard sleep trial and the firmness adjustment system. Both features help you get the most out of your mattress.

There are three initial firmness levels to choose from (Soft, Medium, or Firm). You can choose the one that seems closest to what you expect to prefer. If it isn’t to your liking, you can order a Comfort+ topper to make it firmer or softer, depending on your preference. Fine-tuning the firmness level like this presents a unique opportunity. This means that there are 9 different firmness options available, as each one is distinctly different from the last.

Novosbed also uses open-cell memory foam to promote temperature control and motion isolation, which can help you sleep better throughout the night. These dense foams are comfortable, contouring, and help you wake up feeling rested.

After the first 30 days of the 120-night trial, you can order a Comfort+ kit to perform further testing and fine-tune the performance to your liking.

The Highlights

The Novosbed mattress has three basic firmness options, which is more than most other mattresses made in Canada. These firmness levels can be changed and enhanced using the Comfort+ topper system, which allows you to make the mattress firmer or softer. The dense, supportive foam core helps fully align your body, creating better all-over support wherever you need it. The open-cell foam provides great pressure relief and temperature control, too.

  • Comfort+ toppers help change and enhance the feel of the mattress
  • More basic firmness options than other mattresses made in Canada
  • A dense, supportive foam core offers full-body alignment
  • Open-cell pressure relief and temperature control for every sleeper

From the Test Lab

“Novosbed’s unique Comfort+ system was impressive to many of our testers, particularly those who had trouble choosing mattress firmness.”

Best Pillow-Top

Logan & Cove Mattress

The Logan and Cove Mattress


It's Great For:

Logan & Cove’s Luxury Pillow-Top mattress provides enough support for most sleepers. Two different firmness options allow you to choose your preference. The medium (Medium Plush) mattress is comfortable for most that prefer a softer, more pressure-relieving experience. For firm lumbar support and a more responsive surface overall, the medium-firm (Luxury Firm) option is ideal. Choose the one that is closest to your preference to see how you like it!

This mattress features a separated pillow top, allowing it to fit more layers of comforting foam into the mattress as well as the coils. The pillow-top section has four layers, including a layer of silk-blend fill, cooling foam, and high-density foam to isolate motion and align your spine. The bottom section of the mattress contains a thicker layer of protecting foam, which keeps you from sinking through to the pocketed coils. These coils are zoned, so firmer coils in the middle of the mattress work to give you extra support.

A perimeter of edge support foam surrounds the coils, creating a comfortable edge-to-edge support system that most sleepers will love. Want to try it for yourself? The first 120 nights after your purchase allow you to test the mattress.

The Highlights

The Logan & Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress offers two distinct firmness options. You can choose the option that works best for you and your partner. The soft pillow-top section helps with pressure relief and provides a softer surface than most of the foam mattresses on our list. The hand-tufted Tencel cover helps promote temperature control. Combined with the breathable fill layer and open coils, this mattress sleeps cooler than other options. Plus, the zoned pocket coils help support your back and hips.

  • Two distinct firmness options to get the most out of your mattress
  • A soft pillow-top section offers increased pressure relief compared to all-foam mattresses
  • Hand-tufted cover made from Tencel fibres to promote temperature control
  • Zoned pocket coils help support your hips and back

From the Test Lab

“Logan & Cove’s pillow-top mattress provides a cloudlike surface, but with enough firm support for the heaviest sleepers underneath.”

Best Firm

The Noa Mattress

The Noa Mattress


It's Great For:

The Noa Mattress is the firmest option on our list. This medium-firm mattress leans more towards the firm, which helps create the strong support some sleepers need. There is just a little bit of soft, comfortable contouring near the top of the mattress, but this is the mattress to go for if you have a heavier body type or need better mobility and support.

The hand-tufted Tencel pillow-top cover is comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. It has antibacterial properties and creates a soft place to land when you first lay down on the mattress. Underneath is cool latex and cooling memory foam, both of which cradle your body and provide cooling throughout the night.

A layer of firmer transition foam helps isolate motion and protects the thick-gauge pocket coils in the hybrid layer. Here, you’ll find all the support you could need. Surrounding the coils is a layer of edge support foam, which works to keep you from sinking when you sleep near the edge.

This combination of materials works together beautifully to create one of the most supportive mattresses we’ve seen.

The Highlights

The Noa mattresses use a combination of memory foam, latex, and pocket coils – it uses the most common mattress materials to create a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. The pocketed coils provide firmer support through the centre of the mattress and edge support, too. As far as firmness goes, this mattress is firmer than the rest of the mattresses on our list. These certified foam layers help create a luxurious feel for your mattress.

  • Uses a combination of memory foam, latex, and pocket coils to create a supportive, pressure-relieving mattress.
  • Pocketed coils help with firmer support
  • Firmer than most of the other mattresses on our list
  • Certified foams create a luxury feel

From the Test Lab

“Noa is a firm mattress, but our testers loved how responsive and cool it was. Our heavier testers loved it even more!”

Best Latex

The Recore Mattress

Recore Mattress


It's Great For:

The Recore mattress features three layers of pressure-relieving foams that work together to help you sleep through the night. The Recore was designed for athletic Canadians. It uses layers of latex to create a responsive and restorative sleeping surface. If you need a mattress that’s going to make you prepared to face your day, this is the perfect option for you.

Recore helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s designed to isolate motion, reduce temperature, and keep you from experiencing uncomfortable pressure points. This means you get a better quality of sleep, without interruption. No matter how restless your partner is or how warm you usually sleep, this mattress can help.

That’s partially due to the top layer of latex-infused latex. This channelled layer helps move heat away from you quickly, regulating heat more comfortably. Layers of cooling latex and supportive base foams help to reduce motion, too. Recovering overnight has never been easier.

You can try the Recore mattress for yourself for the first 120 nights. This gives you plenty of time to find out if the mattress works for you!

The Highlights

The Recore mattress uses several features that set it apart from other mattresses made in Canada. The SilverCharged cover is silver-threaded and antimicrobial, making it one of the freshest and cleanest covers we’ve seen. The graphite-infused latex layers help reduce temperature and help keep you asleep through multiple disturbances. Combination sleepers especially will find it easy to move around on this responsive latex surface.

  • SilverCharged cover is silver-threaded and antimicrobial
  • Includes graphite-infused latex to reduce the temperature
  • Helps keep you asleep through many different types of disturbances
  • Combination sleepers can move around easier on the responsive surface

From the Test Lab

“Recore was the best mattress for our active testers. We all loved how cool and unique it felt, especially compared with standard memory foam mattresses.”

Best Hybrid

The Brunswick Spring Mattress

Brunswick Mattress


It's Great For:

The Brunswick Spring Mattress is a hybrid that combines some of the best features of both traditional mattresses and memory foam options. This mattress offers a medium-firm feel and unparalleled support, particularly when it comes to your back and hips. Every layer of this mattress works in harmony with the others to create a cool, supportive mattress that feels the same no matter where you sleep.

This Canadian-made mattress is a pillow top as well. This means that the first layers under the quilted cover are made with pillow top fill and foam, creating a comfortable surface for you to rest on. When you first lay down, these layers cradle your body and make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Under the fill are layers of cooling gel foam and soy-infused foam, which is eco-conscious and helps align your spine.

The pocketed coils are zoned, which means they are firmer in the centre. More resilient coils in the middle of the mattress help support you in every way that you need it, keeping you comfortable and well-supported enough to sleep peacefully throughout the night. Finally, a layer of firm edge encasement foam keeps you from sliding off the bed when you’re putting your slippers on in the morning.

The Highlights

The Brunswick Spring mattress offers firmer edge support and prevents the sinking feeling at the edge of the mattress. This hybrid offers breathable foams and layers of comfortable, cloud-like fill. The comfortable pillow-top surface helps you sink into the mattress so you are comfortable when you first lay down. Under the foam and fill is a layer of zoned, pocketed coils that provide better central body support than foam support layers.

  • Firmer edge support to prevent that sinking edge feeling
  • Breathable foams and fill layers
  • Zoned, pocketed coils with better central support
  • Comfortable pillow-top surface to help you sink into the mattress

From the Test Lab

“Our testers were blown away with the support from every part of this mattress. We loved the construction of the mattress, too.”

Why Trust Us?

To recommend the mattresses on our list, we fell back on our years of experience in the sleep industry. Each of these mattresses (and many others that didn’t make the cut) were tested extensively in our test labs. We sent mattresses to our testers, who tried them for months before reporting back to us with their feedback. With these results together, we were able to come up with a solid list of recommendations that will work for most Canadians.

When choosing mattresses for this list, we looked at the following details:

  • Materials and Origin. Of course, all of the mattresses on our list are made in Canada. Most are made with Canadian materials, designed, assembled, and sourced right here in the country. We only chose options produced and assembled in Canada.
  • Temperature Control. If you sleep hot, a mattress with great temperature control can help. We looked at how well each mattress performed for those who sleep hot and used those values to determine which mattresses should make our list.
  • Motion Isolation. Tired of waking up in the middle of the night? A mattress with good motion isolation can help keep you asleep. We tested each mattress with different types of motion and rated them based on how well motion was isolated.
  • Pressure Relief. A comfortable mattress should have good pressure relief. We mapped out areas of highest pressure and compared these charts for each mattress. Those with fewer pressure points made the cut.

Why Choose a Canadian-Made Mattress?

Sometimes, where the mattress is made and sourced can indicate quality. The source of the materials matters. There are a few things to look out for when shopping for a Canadian-made mattress.

Purchasing a mattress made in Canada might be important to you for a few reasons. First, the materials should be locally produced, which means that you’re supporting your country’s economy.

Second, the costs are sometimes lower for domestically-produced mattresses. This is because there is no expensive shipping overheat, import costs, or any other costs associated with bringing mattresses into the country.

Theoretically, a mattress made in Canada and one made in the US are the same. However, a Canadian-made mattress may cost less and bring you a great sense of national pride than purchasing an import.

How to Choose a Canadian-Made Mattress

Before you can choose the mattress that’s best for you, you have to know what to look for. Here are some of the basics to keep in mind as you shop for your Canadian-made mattress.

Type of Mattress

There are a few different mattresses available in Canada. Here are some of the ones you’ll encounter on this list.

  • All Foam. All-foam mattresses are made with a blend of different types of mattress foams. These mattresses are layered differently, but most use memory foam or latex foam to create their comforting surfaces.
    • Memory Foam. Memory foam forms to your body, relieving pressure and making it more comfortable for your particular body map. Memory foam relieves pressure and reduces motion transfer, but it also holds in more heat than other types of foam.
    • Latex. Latex is a responsive material that still contours like memory foam. It doesn’t sink in the same ways, but it doesn’t get as warm as memory foam, either.
  • Hybrid. Hybrid mattresses use layers of foam and coils to produce a supportive, comfortable mattress. The foam layers can be a blend of different types of foam, but the coils in hybrid mattresses are usually individually pocketed. Hybrid mattresses provide better motion isolation than a traditional innerspring, while still providing the contour of a foam mattress.
  • Innerspring. Innerspring mattresses are usually not sold online. These traditional mattresses use layers of connected springs to create a firm, supportive surface. However, they have bad motion transfer and often lead to uncomfortable pressure points.

Mattress Firmness

Firmness is a measure of how the mattress feels and how supportive it is. Some mattresses are more comfortable for certain people. Firmness is a preference, and though there are some guidelines, there are no hard-and-fast rules about who will like each different firmness.

Mattresses range from extremely soft to rock hard. Usually, these are expressed on a scale of 1 to 10, though this scale is only partly universal. Most people couldn’t sleep on the softest or hardest mattress, so you rarely find mattresses that stray too far from the middle of the scale.

Still, your body weight and how you sleep can determine which firmness you’ll prefer. Below are some general recommendations.

Firmness Preference

What firmness you prefer depends on a few factors. First, and most importantly, is your personal preference. Though there are a few suggestions we can offer, firmness is extremely personal. You may not fit into one of the categories we’ll look at below.

However, there are a few different general recommendations we can make.


Where are you putting your mattress? A mattress foundation helps your mattress support you. There are a ton of different types of foundations to choose from. You can go with a traditional box spring for support, or you can choose an expensive but comfortable adjustable frame.

However, you need to keep your mattress in mind. Some mattresses are only compatible with certain foundations, and won’t work as effectively if used with an incompatible frame. Worse, some warranties can be voided if you use a mattress with an improper foundation. To avoid this, make sure to check the mattress to see which foundations are compatible.

Sleep Trials

Buying a mattress online is simpler, but it does leave you less time to try the mattress before you buy it. However, online mattress retailers have created a solution to this problem. Most mattresses that are exclusively available online (including many Canadian-made options) offer sleep trials to help you make an informed decision.

For between 60 and 365 days after your purchase (depending on the company), you’ll be able to return the mattress for a full refund of your purchase price. This allows your body to adjust to the mattress. You can see if you like it, and if you don’t, returns are free.

Mattress Performance and Special Features

The following special features can help take your sleeping experience to the next level. Consider purchasing a mattress with the performance features that work best for your sleeping style.

Temperature Control

Do you often wake up overheated, sweaty, and uncomfortable? You aren’t alone. A lot of Canadians feel the same way, even those who live in colder climates. To avoid overheating, you should consider a mattress with temperature control features. Foam mattresses are notoriously hot, as the foam allows heat to build up.

However, most newer foam mattresses also include temperature control features to help you sleep a little cooler. If this is a problem for you, choose a mattress with aerated foam, cooling gel foam, and other cooling features. Hybrid mattresses with pocket coils also promote airflow, which can help you sleep a little cooler.

Motion Isolation

Canadians who sleep light or those with restless partners may benefit from a mattress with increased motion isolation. Traditional innerspring mattresses transfer a lot of motion because of the way they are made. Newer mattresses do a much better job. Hybrid mattresses isolate motion well, and some foam mattresses don’t allow any motion transfer at all.

Look for supportive foam cores, motion-isolating transition foams, and open-cell foams to truly reduce the amount of motion you’ll feel from the other side of the bed.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is one of the most important things to look for in your new mattress. Pressure relief is especially important for side sleepers, as they are more prone to developing pressure points. Pressure points can cause you to wake up uncomfortably, or wake up in the middle of the night to try and get comfortable. When you choose a mattress with great pressure relief, you’ll sleep more peacefully overall.

Foam mattresses usually have better pressure relief than other types, though the type of mattress and the materials used do make a difference. Keep an eye on these things to choose a more comfortable mattress.

Edge Support

If you sit on the edge of the bed in the mornings or sleep near the edge of the mattress, you might notice that some mattresses sink or sag at the edges. This is particularly true for all-foam options, which tend to offer less support as you approach the edges of the mattress. To avoid this feeling, you need a mattress with better edge support. 

Mattress companies try many different ways to create better edge support. Some mattresses are naturally more supportive than others. Some use firmer edge support perimeters, which add firmer foam under the edges of the mattress. Look for mattresses that offer firmer support overall, but also keep an eye out for mattresses with better edge support features.

Support Zones

Some mattresses offer zoned support, which means that firmer foam or coils support you in different sections of the mattress. Most often, this means that your back and hips are well-supported in the centre of the mattress. Softer foam or coils around your shoulders help provide cushioning and reduce pressure points throughout.

These support zones can help you feel more comfortable, and they are ideal for those who need a little extra support from their mattress. If you need additional support in some areas, consider searching for a mattress with specialized support zones. You are far more likely to be able to find a mattress that offers stronger lumbar support than other types. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The warranty period should give you a good indication of how long a mattress should last. However, you should replace your mattress every 6 to 8 years, or when the mattress starts to become uncomfortable or less supportive.

A new mattress may have an odour when it’s first removed from the packaging. This off-gassing period can last past the first 48 hours, but it will fade over time. The odour isn’t dangerous and can be cleared away in a well-ventilated room.

Buying a mattress online can be more cost-effective, especially with so many new options cropping up on the market all the time. Online, you’ll get a better selection and a better sleep trial. However, you may prefer to shop in person. Either way, there are a ton of great Canadian-made options on the market.