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Heavier sleepers are defined by the mattress industry as sleepers weighing more than 230lbs, or 104kg. Heavier sleepers need different things from their mattress, including heavier support, support zones, and better pressure relief overall. Though it may seem challenging to find a mattress that is suited for heavier sleepers, it can be simple to determine if a mattress will work for you.

We tested dozens of mattresses in Canada to arrive at our list. The best mattresses on this list (and many others) for heavy people in Canada were put through rigorous testing at our test labs. We also put these mattresses in our testers’ homes for the length of the sleep trial. Together, these evaluations helped determine which mattresses would land on our list. We looked at popular and essential performance areas to help make our choices, including support, temperature control, motion isolation, and pressure relief.

Based on our research, these are our recommendations for the best mattresses for heavy people in Canada

We evaluated each mattress on our list as we described above. As we reviewed tests and feedback, these mattresses began to stand out in certain ways. These standout areas became the reason we chose each mattress for our list. Here is why each of the mattresses we recommend is best for you.

The best mattress for heavy sleepers is the Logan & Cove Mattress. A soft, pressure-relieving pillow-top keeps you elevated out of the support layers, which include zoned coils and transition foam with strong motion isolation. It provides everything heavy sleepers need.

The GhostBed Flex Mattress, another hybrid mattress, offers some of the best temperature control on our list. GhostBed’s proprietary foams and fabrics, including the phase-changing Ghost Ice cover, keep all sleepers comfortable throughout the night.

The Endy Mattress, on the other hand, provides the best motion isolation we’ve found. The open-cell foam construction helps stop motion where it happens, reducing and eliminating any motion felt from the other side of the bed.

When it comes to supporting, the Brunswick Spring Mattress is the best choice for heavy sleepers. The zoned coil layer pairs with strong pressure relief and amazing support from the foam layers. Together, these features help provide gentle, strong support for those who need it.

The Douglas Mattress is the best all-foam option for heavier sleepers. This memory foam mattress tackles all of the common issues associated with foam, including temperature control, motion isolation, edge support, and more.

The Noa Mattress wins our vote for the best hybrid. This mattress uses supportive, heavy-gauge springs to create a solid support base, but it’s layers of firm foam that do the real work here.

Logan & Cove Mattress


Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium or Medium Firm (“Medium Plush” or “Luxury Firm”)
Layers: 6
Sleep Trial: 120 nights
Height: 14”

The Logan and Cove Mattress

It’s Great For:

  • Canadians who want to choose their supportive options
  • Those who sleep on their side or back
  • Sleepers who rest near the edge of the bed
  • Those who need better lumbar support

The Logan & Cove mattress is a luxury pillow-top mattress made with premium materials. The coil layer offers some of the best support we could find with its support zones, helpfully positioned under the middle of your body. These areas often need the most support, so the support zones can help you sleep a little easier. The soft pillow-top section allows you to sink in immediately when you lay down, giving you instant pressure relief that some of the other mattresses lack.

Logan & Cove comes in two different firmness options, including Medium Plush (which is a medium firmness) and Luxury Firm (which is medium-firm). The different firmness options allow you to choose the one that works best for you depending on your sleep style and the amount of pressure relief you want. We recommend that heavier sleepers choose the Luxury Firm option. If you aren’t happy with your selection, you can exchange it for the other firmness option during the 120-night risk-free sleep trial.

The separate pillow-top section handles most of this mattress’s cooling capabilities. Layers of cooling gel foam help contour to your pressure points, but also move heat away from you so it doesn’t build up as you sleep. These layers help relieve pressure expertly, and it starts from the moment you lay down.

The support layer features a transition layer of high-density bio-foam, as well as a layer of zoned, pocketed coils. The support zones use firmer coils in the centre of the mattress, while softer foam and coils around your shoulders help further reduce pressure points. A layer of edge support foam surrounds the coils, ensuring that your mattress feels the same no matter where you sleep.

The Highlights

The Logan & Cove Mattress offers hybrid support with a zoned coil layer, meaning your back and hips are better supported. The mattress uses edge support foam to provide support from one edge to the other, so those who rest near the edge of the bed can be comfortable no matter what. The pillow-top section offers great pressure relief, while the two available firmness options allow you to choose the option that suits you best!

  • Hybrid support with zoned support for your back and hips
  • Edge support foam provides edge-to-edge support
  • Great pressure relief thanks to the pillow-top section
  • Two firmness options to choose from

From the Test Lab

“The Logan & Cove was great at relieving pressure for our heaviest testers. They also loved the zoned lumbar support.”

GhostBed Flex Mattress


Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium
Layers: 6
Sleep Trial: 101 nights
Height: 13”

GhostBed Flex Mattress

It’s Great For:

  • Canadians who sleep hot
  • Some back sleepers
  • Side sleepers in need of better pressure relief
  • Those who appreciate a firmer support system

GhostBed Flex is another hybrid option, but this time with better temperature control alongside all of the great hybrid features we’ve talked about. The GhostBed Flex is a full 13” high, with the perfect amount of cushion for those who need better support and pressure relief. The coils provide a medium level of support, with better contouring that reduces pressure points and helps keep you supported and comfortable.

GhostBed Flex features six layers of comfortable foam, supportive coils, and even more support foam! This mattress uses both the strong coil layer and the high-density support layer to help produce better support, motion isolation, and better durability overall. A 25-year warranty is GhostBed’s assurance that this mattress will last, even for the heaviest of sleepers.

The cover is made of Ghost Ice fabric, a phase-changing material that maintains a single temperature throughout the night. The heat that exceeds this temperature is moved down through layers of temperature control foam, which helps to move it away from you and disperse it throughout the night. This cover is reactive to your body heat, which means that it is more effective when you sleep very warm.

The cover is threaded through with cooling fibre, which helps connect this cover to the first thin layer of gel memory foam. Together, these layers work to increase airflow and provide a surface that is cool to the touch. Meanwhile, the layers beneath (including a layer of latex-alternative Ghost Bounce and another layer of memory foam) help contour your body and relieve your deepest pressure points.

The dense coil layer features hundreds of individually pocketed springs, all surrounded by a layer of GhostBed’s Spirited Edge support coils. These firmer coils reinforce the edges of the mattress, providing better relief for those sitting or sleeping near the edge. Under the coil layer is a thicker layer of high-density support foam, which works to ensure better durability and balancing than mattresses with just one support foam layer.

The Highlights

The GhostBed Flex has a host of great features that benefit heavier sleepers. These include superior motion isolation for those with restless partners, as well as a supportive coil layer to help keep your body balanced and aligned. The Spirited Edge foam helps provide more reliable support from edge to edge. When it comes to temperature control, you can trust the phase-changing Ghost Ice cover to help keep the heat moving away from you throughout the night.

  • Superior motion isolation for those with restless partners
  • A firm, supportive coil layer helps keep you balanced and aligned
  • Spirited Edge foam for more reliable edge-to-edge support
  • Phase-changing Ghost Ice cover helps reduce overheating

From the Test Lab

“The GhostBed Flex offered some of the best temperature control and support – especially for heavier couples. Our testers reported better alignment and balance overall.”

Endy Mattress


Type: Memory Foam
Firmness: Medium
Layers: 3
Sleep Trial: 100 nights
Height: 10”

The Endy Mattress

It’s Great For:

  • Canadians with restless partners
  • Those who want a consistent feel year-round
  • Pressure relief for heavier sleepers
  • Side and back sleepers

The Endy mattress is one of the best all-foam mattresses we found and excels when it comes to motion isolation. The open-cell foam design helps reduce the transfer of motion across the mattress, as every movement is trapped in the large cells. Like shock absorbers, these cells disperse motion and stop it right where it starts. If your partner is often restless, this mattress might be able to help you stay asleep while they move around.

Endy’s foam mattress is a simple, effective tool for better sleep. Three layers of comfortable, pressure-relieving foam help to create an impressively comforting sleeping surface without the gimmicks that some mattress companies use to get you interested. Instead, Endy is a wholly Canadian mattress that just wants to help you sleep better.

Every layer of this mattress is made with contouring memory foam or high-density support foam. Together, these layers work to provide better pressure relief, less motion isolation, and even to create a breathable surface for temperature control.

Speaking of temperature, you’ll find that the Endy mattress is completely temperature-neutral. While other foams may change how they feel depending on the ambient temperature, the Endy stays the same throughout the seasons. Usually, memory foam will soften with warm weather and firm up when it gets cold. Endy, however, is completely exempt from this cycle.

No matter what the weather’s like or how your partner sleeps, the Endy mattress ensures that you’ll stay comfortably asleep all night long. You can try the mattress during the 100-night sleep trial when you can return the mattress for a refund if you don’t think it’s right for you.

The Highlights

The Endy mattress uses open-cell memory foam to provide better motion isolation and temperature control overall. It’s great for those who sleep on their sides and backs because they offer excellent pressure relief. The next-generation memory foam helps with this and provides better support for heavier sleepers. Each foam layer is temperature-neutral, which means that it always feels the same no matter the season.

  • Open-cell memory foam provides better motion isolation and temperature control
  • Great for side sleepers and back sleepers due to excellent pressure relief
  • Next-generation memory foam is great for heavier sleepers
  • Temperature-neutral foam layers feel the same regardless of the season

From the Test Lab

“The Endy is one of the best all-foam mattresses on our list. It’s especially great for our testers with restless partners.”

Brunswick Spring Mattress


Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium-firm
Layers: 4
Sleep Trial: 120 nights
Height: 12”

Brunswick Mattress

It’s Great For:

  • Canadians who need better lumbar support
  • Those who co-sleep with kids or a partner
  • Sleepers who need better pressure relief
  • Those who often wake with pressure points

The Brunswick Spring Mattress is one of the most supportive hybrids on our list. This mattress offers firm support zones as well as a comforting, elevating pillow-top to protect you from the hardest foam layers. Together, this mattress works to create a comfortable experience that is well-suited to the heaviest sleepers.

The Brunswick Spring Mattress features layers of comforting foam, culminating in a layer of zoned pocket springs that help all sleepers get a little more comfortable – especially those who need the extra support throughout the night. Brunswick is made of layers of cooling gel foam and soy-infused eco-foam, all of which seem built into the pillow-top design.

The durably-quilted cover is where it starts. This cover is made from sustainably-sourced fibres, all of which are farm-grown and never synthetic. It’s comfortable to the touch and extremely breathable. A layer of euro-top fill blend creates the first official layer. This is a breathable pillow-top alternative that offers immediate pressure relief.

Below are layers of foam, all of which work to disperse heat and keep you cool throughout the night. A layer of soy-infused eco-foam acts as a comfortable transition layer, isolating motion and keeping those deepest pressure points elevated above the coil layer. The coils are zoned, so firmer coils in the middle of the mattress support your back and hips.

Meanwhile, encasement foam helps keep the edges of the mattress well-supported and comfortable for all. If you often struggle with pressure relief or temperature control, this hybrid is the right option for you. During the included 120-night sleep trial, you can see for yourself!

The Highlights

The Brunswick Spring Mattress is a hybrid that features a soft, pillow-top section for better pressure relief overall. The firmer, zoned support offers better support for your hips and lumbar. This mattress uses both pillow-top sections and coils to reduce motion, as well as improve edge support with a perimeter of support foam.

  • Soft pillow-top section for better pressure relief
  • Firm, zoned lumbar support for those who need a little extra help
  • Great motion isolation
  • Edge support via a perimeter of supportive foam around the coil layer

From the Test Lab

“The Brunswick Spring Mattress offered the best support we could find for heavier sleepers. The zoned support model helped where we needed it.”

Douglas Mattress


Type: All Foam
Firmness: Medium-firm
Layers: 3
Sleep Trial: 120 nights
Height: 10”

The Douglas Mattress

It’s Great For:

  • Canadians with allergies
  • Eco-conscious sleepers
  • Canadians who need extra motion isolation
  • Those who are often a bit overheated at night

Where other mattresses have faltered, the Douglas mattress has endured. This Canadian-made mattress uses local materials to create a comfortable all-foam surface that utilizes eco-conscious materials and a solution for every foam problem. The mattress is designed to work well for all sleepers, regardless of sleeping position and even body type.

Douglas uses a variety of materials to help increase pressure relief, temperature control, and that quicksand feeling usually associated with memory foam. The CoolSense cover uses sustainable Tencel fibres, which help wick away moisture and keep you cool throughout the night. Excess heat is channeled down to the ecoLight cooling gel layer, which makes up the first official foam layer in the mattress. EcoLight feels just like memory foam, with a more responsive surface and 40% less carbon than standard memory foam. This eco-conscious material helps keep you cool and reduces pressure points.

The middle layer features premium Elastex foam, which is supportive and easy to move around on. This layer is made without chemicals found in natural latex which often trigger latex allergies. The result is a mattress that even those allergic to latex can enjoy.

Below is a layer of motion isolation support foam, which helps keep Douglas comfortable no matter how much your partner is moving around. This medium-firm mattress offers alignment, balance, and relief and caters to most sleepers. The collection of foams maintains a bounce while also reducing overheating, making this one of the best foam mattresses we found.

The Highlights

The Douglas Mattress is Canadian-made from Canadian materials. This responsive surface offers much better pressure relief than some of the other mattresses we’ve looked at, while still providing the elasticity to move around. The luxury ecoLight foam layer helps reduce heat build-up and keeps you cool throughout the night. The latex layer is non-allergenic and made without the chemicals that cause latex reactions.

  • Canadian-made with Canadian materials
  • Responsive surface offers better pressure relief than some
  • Luxury ecoLight foam layer reduces temperature build-up and prevents overheating
  • Non-allergenic synthetic latex layer

From the Test Lab

“The Douglas Mattress has truly thought of everything. Every part of this mattress improves upon the standard memory foam mattress formula!”

Noa Mattress


Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium-firm
Layers: 4
Sleep Trial: 120 nights
Height: 11”

The Noa Mattress

It’s Great For:

  • Sleepers who often wake up hot
  • Those who change position frequently as they sleep
  • The heaviest sleepers
  • Those who need additional support and outstanding pressure relief

The Noa hybrid mattress is one of the firmest offerings on our list, making it ideal for those with a heavier body type. This mattress uses every available material to create a unique, supportive feel, including latex, cooling gel foam, memory foam, and supportive pocket coils. Together, these materials are arranged to give you the best possible pressure relief, support, and cooling features so that you sleep better overall.

Noa uses a Tencel pillow-top section for immediate relief and breathable comfort. It’s antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so those who struggle with allergies can appreciate this mattress. The hand-tufted top is durable and cool, but the real work is done underneath.

The first layer of foam is a thin, cooling latex. This hypoallergic latex alternative helps increase responsiveness and bounce, making it easier to move around without feeling like you’ll get stuck in the mattress. It helps cradle your body, contouring to the points where you need it most, and providing much-need relief from temperature concerns.

Next is a layer of gel memory foam, which provides even deeper pressure relief, keeping your body well-supported right where you need it. This foam wicks heat away, making sure that you feel cool night after night. Separating you from the coil layer is a soft transition foam. This layer helps isolate motion, ensuring that you stay asleep and that you don’t feel the coils below.

The pocket coil unit features heavy-gauge steel coils to provide excellent support, as well as a layer of edge support foam for those who sleep or sit near the edge. Together, these features provide the ultimate relief from pressure, temperature, and waking up often from motion transfer.

The Highlights

The Noa mattress is a firmer hybrid, which is ideal for those who need a little bit of extra support and relief. The strong coil layer offers some of the best firm support we’ve seen. Layers of materials, including latex, memory foam, and coils create a unique feel that works well for heavier sleepers. As a whole, the mattress is extremely breathable and features several temperature-control foam layers.

  • A firmer option for those who need extra support and relief
  • Strong, pocketed coils for all-over support
  • Layers of latex, memory foam, and coils for a unique feel
  • Extremely breathable, with temperature-control foams

From the Test Lab

“Noa offers firm support, and our testers loved how different it felt from the other options we tried.”

Why Trust Us?

We’ve spent decades in the sleep industry, looking at different sleep products, determining new trends, and trying all of the new and different things that we could. Over this time, we’ve developed a lot of expertise when it comes to sleep-related products. Mattresses are just one of our areas of expertise, and we tend to look at the whole picture when we evaluate a mattress.

Our test lab results and tester feedback is put together to determine if each mattress will make our list. We evaluate based on very specific criteria, including the following performance areas.

  • Support. Support is the single most important issue when it comes to mattresses for heavier sleepers. We looked at mattresses that offered the best support from edge to edge, so even the heaviest sleepers can feel comfortable.
  • Temperature Control. A lot of Canadians wake up sweaty and uncomfortable. Temperature control features can help, so we looked at how each mattress mitigated temperature. Then, we handed each mattress to our sleepers who sleep hottest – their results helped shape our list.
  • Motion Isolation. Motion from the other side of the bed can ruin your sleep cycle, so we looked specifically for mattresses with strong motion isolation. Our tests helped us determine which mattresses did a better job preventing motion transfer.
  • Pressure Relief. Pressure relief is important for all sleepers, but heavier sleepers need a little more help. We looked at pressure maps to determine which mattress offered the best all-over pressure relief and balance, to ensure you sleep without pressure points.

What Makes a Mattress Good for Heavy Sleepers?

Heavier sleepers need mattresses with specific features to sleep comfortably. While heavier sleepers can appreciate most mattresses, a few special considerations can help heavier sleepers improve the way they sleep.

An ideal mattress for heavy sleepers in Canada should have:

  • Medium, medium-firm, or firm firmness
  • A strong support base, either in memory foam or with a layer of coils
  • A higher weight limit than most standard mattresses
  • Great pressure relief without return pressure
  • A thicker height than other mattresses
  • Superior weight balancing
  • Great motion isolation
  • Temperature control features to help reduce heat build-up
  • A responsive surface

All of these features can help heavier sleepers feel a little better when they wake up. If you are a heavier sleeper, look for mattresses with as many of these features as possible.

Who is a heavy sleeper?

It’s important to note who we’re talking about when we mention heavy sleepers. In the mattress and sleep industry, heavy sleepers are defined as those weighing more than 230lbs (104kg). This distinction is determined based on mattress standards, weight distribution, materials, and weight limit. We’ll talk about these options as we talk about what you should go for when choosing a mattress for heavier sleepers.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers in Canada

With the above options in mind, let’s take a look at what you should look for when shopping for a mattress best suited to heavy sleepers in Canada.

Type of Mattress

There are a few types of mattresses available online in Canada, and these types are represented in our list.

  • All-foam mattresses use layers of memory foam and latex to create a comforting, contouring sleeping surface.
    • Memory foam reacts with your body heat, allowing the foam to form around the areas where you need it. This provides a supportive and super comfortable surface that you can relax into. However, memory foam tends to retain heat while you sleep, leading to more overheating overall. The sinking feeling can be uncomfortable for some, too.
    • Latex, on the other hand, is cooler and allows for the same level of contouring, but with a more responsive surface overall. Latex foam is better for those who overheat or sleepers who need to move around a lot at night. If you want to avoid memory foam’s quicksand feeling, a latex foam mattress might be the perfect solution.
  • Hybrid mattresses provide better support on average than foam mattresses. They represent the best of both worlds – the traditional innerspring mattresses of the past and the memory foam mattresses that are fully integrated into our sleeping spaces. Hybrid mattresses use layers of foam on top of a layer of supportive, pocketed coils that compress individually instead of all at once. This means better motion isolation, better breathability, and none of the discomfort associated with innerspring mattresses.

Firmness, Body Type, and Sleeping Position

The firmness that you prefer is determined by several factors. While it’s certainly a personal thing, your preferences are more than likely influenced by your body type and how you sleep.

Heavier sleepers need a firmer mattress in general, though some may prefer a softer mattress for pressure relief. Here is a chart that will help you determine which firmness you should choose based on standard factors. These guidelines can help get you started, but your preferences should ultimately decide which firmness you purchase.

FirmnessBody TypeSleeping Position
SoftUp to 130lbs (59kg)Stomach
Medium130lbs to 230lbs (59kg to 104kg)Side
FirmOver 230lbs (104kg)Back


The amount of support offered by a mattress depends on several things. The firmness is just one of these factors. Other factors include composition, construction, and the support layers at the bottom of the mattress. Heavier sleepers need more support. They need stronger materials than other sleepers, and they need materials that will support them a bit more than standard foams might.

If you need a lot of extra support, consider mattresses of any type that include zoned support. When a mattress includes firmer support ‘zones’, you’ll usually have stronger support under your hips and lower back. Softer foams reduce pressure on your shoulders and other parts of your body while keeping you properly supported right where you need it.

There are plenty of ways that mattresses create better support, but make sure to look out for support zones if you need the extra help.

Mattress Thickness

The thickness, or height, of a mattress, is a great feature to pay attention to for heavier sleepers. A thicker mattress offers more room to balance and support your body. You can sink further into a thick mattress without feeling the coil layer, eliminating any pressure points or related difficulties.

Simply put, a thicker mattress offers the best support for heavy people in Canada. A mattress of at least 10” is ideal for smaller sleepers, but heavier sleepers should go with a mattress of at least 13” to get the most out of the construction and materials. With a thicker mattress, you may experience fewer pressure points and less discomfort as you sleep.

Weight Limit

Each mattress has a weight limit, depending on the materials and the construction of the mattress. Most mattresses have a high weight limit of around 500 pounds for one sleeper or 250 for each sleeper. So long as the combined weight of both sleepers is under 500 pounds, the mattress will last and provide great support.

Some mattresses have a higher weight limit, too. The weight limit of a mattress comes down to the various factors associated with the mattress, including its support base, foam layers, and size.

Though the weight limits may seem arbitrary, you should observe and respect each mattress’s weight limit. That’s because failing to observe this limit can void your warranties. At the very least, it could cause the mattress to perform poorly or not last as long. These limits exist for a reason, so it’s best practice to observe them.

Additional Mattress Features

After you’ve considered the basics, it’s time to look at some of the more advanced mattress features to keep an eye out for. Most mattresses will have one or two of these features, so choose the ones that work best for your needs.

Temperature Controls

A lot of Canadians sleep hot, so if you often wake up overheated, you aren’t alone.  Rising temperatures are only partly to blame. Foam mattresses tend to hold onto the heat, allowing it to build up around your body as you sleep. As a result, you end up warmer than you would otherwise.

To mitigate these issues, many mattress companies use temperature-control foams and fabrics to help reduce heat and move it away from you. If you often sleep hot, you might be interested in a mattress that has more than one of these temperature control features.

Look for mattresses that use cooling gel foam layers, phase-changing covers, breathable springs, or an open-cell design. Keep in mind that latex is naturally cooler than memory foam and that there are many other proprietary methods that mattress companies use to reduce temperature. Find a mattress that uses many of these materials to help you stay the cool night after night.

Motion Isolation

Do you have a restless partner or co-sleep with a child? Do you often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because they are tossing and turning? More traditional innerspring mattresses are notorious for transferring motion across the length of the mattress. This means that you feel everything going on the other side of the mattress, down to the smallest movement.

If you sleep light, these movements can disrupt your sleep and make you tired in the morning. To avoid this, look for a mattress that uses motion isolation features to keep each side of the bed still and comfortable. Foam mattresses are better at isolating motion than innerspring or hybrid options, but hybrid mattresses are still better when compared to innerspring.

Look for mattresses that use motion-isolation support foam, soft transition layers, or open-cell foams. These materials can help stop motion before it reaches you, ensuring that you sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Edge Support

Sitting or sleeping near the edge of a foam mattress can sometimes be an alarming experience. You might feel like you’ll slide right off, or the mattress will collapse under you instead of sinking. That’s because many foam mattresses don’t bother with firmer foam at the edge of the mattress, which can lead to a more uncomfortable experience if you’re close to the edge.

If you need that additional support (or want your mattress to feel the same no matter where you’re laying), a mattress with edge support is the way to go. These mattresses may use a perimeter of support foam or can include firmer, denser foams near the edges to add that little bit of support you need. Look for mattresses with enhanced edge support via these perimeters to help increase support at the edge of your bed.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is one of the most important aspects of a mattress, but your mileage may vary. Pressure relief isn’t for everyone, but those that require a bit more cushioning from pressure points (especially heavier sleepers) will enjoy a mattress with better pressure relief. Thankfully, foam mattresses relieve pressure well. The way that foam contours to your body allow for relief right where you need it.

Mattresses with a pillow-top section can help a lot, especially if you want immediate pressure relief when you crawl into bed. Look for soft, contouring foams, foam layers that help reduce your deepest pressure points, and even pillow-top offerings if you need a little extra relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both spring mattresses and foam mattresses can be great for heavy sleepers. The key is to make sure that the mattress has a firm support base. As long as the mattress has firm support, it’ll be great for heavier sleepers.

Yes, heavier sleepers do need firmer mattresses. Medium-firm and firm mattresses are best for heavy sleepers, though preferences may vary, of course.

Generally, either a box spring or another foundation will be sufficient for heavier sleepers. Always make sure that you check which foundations are compatible with your mattress before purchasing either a mattress or a foundation to go with it.