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Silk & Snow is one of Canada’s leading sleep companies. The mattresses they offer – including the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress – are some of the best on the Canadian market. This option is especially well-suited for eco-conscious Canadians and those who want to know where their mattress comes from. Silk & Snow is extremely transparent about their materials and sources. We’ll take a deeper look at this firm, supportive mattress in our Silk & Snow Organic Mattress review.

Should You Buy the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress?

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress offers amazing durability and support. It’s responsive and comfortable, particularly if you like a firm mattress. If you are an eco-conscious sleeper and want to know where your mattress comes from, the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress could be a great option for you. If you aren’t sure, the mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial. This allows you to test the mattress out before you commit to a purchase. 

Here are some of the highlight features that help this mattress stand out. We’ll look at these features in the rest of our Silk & Snow Organic Mattress review.

  • 100% natural and organic materials 
  • Clear and transparent material sources for the entire mattress
  • Free of fire-retardant materials thanks to the organic quilted wool layer
  • Latex core allows for better response and support
  • Zoned support in the pocket coil layer for hip and back support
  • Firmer edge support allows you to find comfort on any part of the mattress
Silk and Snow Organic Mattress
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Silk & Snow’s Organic Mattress is one of the most luxurious options on their roster. This mattress uses natural, organic materials to create a sleep surface that is good for you and the environment. While some mattresses are made with synthetic foams derived from chemical processes, this mattress uses only ingredients found in nature. Better yet, all of the materials used in the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress are transparently sourced. You can find where each layer of your mattress originates if you want to. 

This mattress is medium-firm in feel but offers strong support throughout the coil and latex layers. A layer of quilted wool on top of the mattress provides a pillowy feel that rivals a more traditional pillow-top mattress. A core of latex helps contour to your body to relieve pressure and provide better bounce and ease of movement. Finally, a strong zoned pocket coil layer helps keep you aligned and comfortable throughout the night, especially throughout your hips and back. 

This mattress carries a GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certification, as well as a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. It’s also certified by eco-INSTITUT, meaning it doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals that may harm you or your environment. If you need a mattress with better support, pressure relief, and alignment for side sleepers or back sleepers, this mattress has you covered. In the rest of our Silk & Snow Organic Mattress review, we’ll delve into the core mattress features that make this option unique.

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4/5

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control​
Edge Support​
Ease of Movement​

Mattress Construction​

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Construction

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress uses several layers of natural, organic materials to offer strong support and pressure relief. Each layer uses transparently sourced materials, which Silk & Snow is more than willing to divulge. You’ll always know where your mattress comes from.

  1. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover. The mattress cover is made with organic cotton from a textile company in Toronto, Ontario. This cover is breathable and soft, creating a comfortable introduction to the sleep surface.
  2. Wool Quilt Layer. A layer of quilted wool acts as a natural fire retardant. This wool is straight from New Zealand and helps the mattress avoid using fire-retardant chemicals. It also wicks away heat and moisture.
  3. GOLS Certified Organic Latex Layer. The Dunlop latex used in the organic latex layer comes from a latex manufacturer in Sri Lanka. This layer is exceptionally responsive and allows you to move around easily on the mattress.
  4. Zoned Support. The middle of the pocket coil base layer is firmer than the surrounding coils. This allows for more balanced support throughout the centre of the mattress for your hips and lumbar.
  5. Pocket Coil Base. A layer of supportive pocket coils supports better spinal alignment. Softer coils around your shoulders allow for better pressure relief, while the firmer zoned support offers exactly what you need.
  6. Firm Edge Support. The firm coils around the perimeter of the mattress add additional support, which prevents flattening when you sit on the edge. While some mattresses offer a sliding or sinking feeling, you’ll be better supported with this mattress.


7 on Firmness Scale

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is a medium-firm mattress. It falls at about a 7 on the firmness scale, which means that it is supportive and helps balance your body without allowing you to sink too far into the mattress. The pocket coil layer offers zoned support for your hips and lumbar, which helps keep you aligned as you sleep. The latex top layer contours to your body, relieving pressure exactly where you need it. 

Because of its medium-firm feel, this mattress is well-suited for back sleepers and side sleepers. Canadians with heavier body types will appreciate how supportive this mattress is, as it won’t give you the same ‘quicksand’ feeling as a memory foam mattress might.

Motion Isolation

If you are a lighter sleeper, you probably find yourself waking up often throughout the night. When your partner turns over or gets out of bed, most mattresses transfer motion to the other side of the bed. This means you’re getting jostled around more than you should. Thankfully, the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress helps isolate some of the motion from the other side of the bed. 

The latex core helps stop motion as it happens, while the pocket coils below compress individually instead of as a set. This means that any motion stays within the coils where it started, and won’t transfer across the core of the mattress to disturb you. Most of the time, foam mattresses have the best motion isolation due to the nature of the materials. The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress helps reduce motion, but you might still feel some of the larger motions from the other side of the bed. 

Pressure Relief

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Pressure Relief

Though the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is a firmer option than some of the other mattresses that Silk & Snow offers, it still provides great pressure relief. A layer of quilted foam at the top of the mattress and the comforting, contouring latex underneath help elevate you out of the mattress. You’ll be sleeping comfortably in no time, with adequate support and pressure relief to keep those uncomfortable pressure points at bay.

These layers don’t allow you to sink very far into the mattress. While the latex core does provide contouring, it doesn’t sink like memory foam. If you’d rather experience the feeling of slowly sinking into the mattress, a memory foam option might be best for you. 

Otherwise, this responsive mattress provides the proper protection against pressure points without keeping you trapped in layers of foam. It’s great for pressure relief, particularly for those who want to move around a lot as they sleep.

Temperature Control

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress doesn’t contain any active temperature control features, which means those who sleep hot might not find it comfortable. However, the layers of cotton and wool at the top of the mattress help wick away moisture, reducing sweat throughout the night. The latex core is more breathable than memory foam options and doesn’t retain heat in the same way. 

Finally, the pocket coils create better breathability throughout the mattress. While this option may not be suitable for those who sleep extremely hot, users who find themselves a little too warm on a standard memory foam mattress may feel a difference with these materials.

Edge Support

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Edge Support

If you’ve ever sat at the edge of a memory foam mattress, you might remember feeling as though you were sliding off the edge. Sagging and slipping at the edges of the mattress makes it uncomfortable, particularly if you sleep near the side of the bed. The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress offers a firm perimeter of supportive coils around the edges of the mattress. This means that the edges are reinforced. You can comfortably sit or sleep near the edge of the mattress without sinking or sliding. 

This mattress allows you to feel comfortable no matter where you sleep on the mattress. The edge-to-edge support is superior to many other bed in a box mattresses.

Ease of Movement

Some Canadians find it difficult to move around on foam mattresses. Many types of foam (including memory foam and latex) sink under your weight, contouring to your body to reduce pressure. Because of this, it can be difficult to move around on these mattresses. 

However, the latex core and the quilted wool top layer of the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress provide better responsiveness. The latex still contours to your body, but you won’t feel stuck in the mattress as you might with other mattresses. This means that this mattress is great for those who need extra pressure relief, but also like to move around during the night. Combination sleepers will be especially comfortable on this mattress.


Silk & Snow’s Organic Mattress is one of the company’s most luxurious mattresses. Because of the natural, organic materials used in the mattress, it costs a bit more than the company’s other offerings. With certified organic layers, high-density foams, and supportive pocket coils, you’ll find everything you need in this premium organic mattress. Here are the prices and dimensions of each size for the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress. 

Size Price Dimensions
38" x 75" x 12"
Twin XL
38" x 80" x 12"
54" x 75" x 12"
60" x 80" x 12"
76" x 80" x 12"
California King
72" x 84" x 12"

Silk and Snow Organic Mattress
Silk & Snow Organic Mattress
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Shipping for all of Silk & Snow’s mattresses is free to all Canadian provinces. There is a small nominal shipping fee to Canadian territories, as it usually takes additional couriers to deliver mattresses to these remote locations. The Silk & Snow customer service team can tell you if you are expected to pay a shipping fee using your exact location. If you are unsure, you can contact them. 

It usually takes about 1 to 3 business days to process your order. After your mattress is shipped, it may arrive as soon as 2 business days. Areas with shorter shipping times are Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec. Customers with shipping addresses in Canadian territories can expect to wait up to 9 days for delivery. 

Sleep Trial and Returns

Every Silk & Snow mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial, which allows you to try the mattress before you commit to purchasing it. Purchasing a mattress online doesn’t always allow you to test it properly, but a sleep trial can help you feel a little more comfortable with your mattress. For the first year after your mattress arrives at your door, you’ll be able to return it for a full refund of your purchase price. 

It takes about 30 nights for your body to get used to a new mattress. That’s why Silk & Snow requires that you wait at least 30 nights to return your mattress. If you still don’t like it after those first 30 nights, you can initiate a return. 

You can get the process started at the Silk & Snow website. The customer service team can process your return as long as you are logged into your account and can provide your order number. They will arrange for someone to pick up your used mattress. Used mattresses are donated to local charities or sent to recycling centres, depending on what is available in your area.

Once Silk & Snow receives confirmation that your mattress has been picked up, your refund will be issued within 2 business days. Your refund is refunded to your original purchase method. Usually, the refund is reflected in your financial records in up to 14 business days.


Silk & Snow’s Organic Mattress is protected under the company’s mattress warranty. This 15-year warranty covers material and workmanship defects only. The day your mattress arrives on your doorstep is the first day of the warranty. If you fail to use a proper bed frame with your mattress (including platform beds, adjustable beds, slatted frames, and box springs), your warranty is void.

The warranty covers the following damages:

  • Indents and sinking more than 1″ deep while using a proper foundation
  • Physical flaws caused by poor craftsmanship
  • Defects in the fabric of the mattress cover or zipper

The warranty does not cover:

  • Comfort preferences
  • Improper use, including soiling, spills, or tears
  • Failure to follow proper care instructions or use restrictions

If you believe that damage to your mattress may fall under this warranty, you can begin a warranty claim on the Silk & Snow website. The customer service team will ask for multiple pictures of your mattress, particularly the areas that have issues. Once approved, Silk & Snow will schedule a pick-up for your mattress at no cost to you. 

Silk & Snow may decide to repair your mattress. They may also replace it with a comparable current model, which may not be the same as your original mattress. The warranty period is not renewed when your mattress is repaired or replaced.

Final Thoughts

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is a luxurious and eco-conscious option from Silk & Snow. This mattress uses all-natural and organic materials to create a firm, supportive surface that most Canadians can enjoy. If you need better support or like to know where the parts of your mattress come from, this mattress might be right for you. With layers of high-quality natural wool, latex, and pocket coils, it’s a unique experience on the Canadian sleep market.

Medium Firm (7/10)
Sleep Trial
365 Nights
15 Years
Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control
Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Frequently Asked Questions

A mattress that uses a latex core is more responsive, cooler, and facilitates movement more easily than a memory foam mattress. You’ll get the same contouring feeling without the ‘quicksand’ feeling of other mattresses. Plus, it reduces heat build-ups and keeps you cooler than memory foam.

No, the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress doesn’t use fire-retardant chemicals. The use of organic wool in this mattress creates a fire barrier, so the rest of the mattress doesn’t have to use these chemicals. This can be better for Canadians who often have reactions to this chemicals.

This mattress is certified by the GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and eco-INSTITUT. These certifications ensure that the materials used in the mattress are organic and made at the highest standard of quality. These are the best certifications an organic mattress can achieve.

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial. During this time, you can try the mattress to see if it’s right for you. It takes about 30 nights for your body to get used to a new mattress, so you should keep it for at least this long. After this period, you can return the mattress for a refund of your purchase price.

While the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress doesn’t have any temperature control features, layers of wool and cotton work to reduce sweat throughout the night. Latex is more breathable than memory foam, so heat build-up is reduced. The layer of pocket coils also create better breathability throughout the mattress.