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A latex mattress can solve all of your sleeping woes, particularly if you want the comfort of a memory foam mattress without heat retention. There are a ton of great benefits to latex, including better support and a more responsive sleeping surface.

After months of looking at mattresses that included latex, we finally arrived at our list of recommendations for the best latex mattress in Canada for you. Our test lab and testers synchronized their notes and results to ensure that you’re getting the best options available. Each of the mattresses below excelled in our performance areas, including the type of latex used, the support of each mattress, temperature control features, and more!

Best Latex Mattresses for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Latex Mattresses in Canada?

Each of the mattresses on our list stood out to us in some way. We wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t think they were the best! Each excels in a certain category, which is why we chose them.

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is the best latex mattress in Canada overall. This option uses GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop latex, which works to create a supportive, responsive surface. It’s made without chemicals that might be found in traditional synthetic latex, so it may be better for those who suffer from latex allergies.

The GhostBed Natural Mattress is the best eco-conscious latex mattress in Canada overall. It uses natural latex to create a comfortable surface, with hybrid coils for better support.

The Simba Hybrid Organic Mattress is the best organic latex mattress in Canada. This mattress features GOTS and GOLS-certified materials, meaning it’s made with the best organic materials you’ll find. Cooling latex, a recycled fibre top layer, and two layers of pocket coils create a great support base to sleep soundly throughout the night.

The Obasan Organic Mattress is the best customizable mattress on our list. This mattress offers complete customization for each side of the bed, allowing you to make it perfect for each sleeper.

The Recore Mattress uses a motion isolation support foam to reduce motion transfer across the mattress. Because of how effectively it stops motion as it happens, it’s the best we found for motion isolation.

All-foam options use both latex and memory foam to create a comforting surface. The Douglas Mattress features the best of both of these materials, including better pressure relief and responsiveness.

The Noa Mattress, on the other hand, is the best hybrid latex mattress. It offers firm support with a comforting blend of foams to reduce pressure and control temperature.

Best Overall

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress

Silk and Snow Organic Mattress


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is the best latex mattress in Canada overall. This mattress is made with completely natural materials, from certified organic cotton and latex to a layer of natural wool. Each of the materials is sustainable and transparent. The company allows you to see where each material comes from, so you can make a responsible decision about your mattress.

This is a hybrid mattress as well. The blend of material layers creates a unique feel, but the Canadian-made steel coils help lend stronger support overall. The support is zoned, making this a perfect option for those who need help with lumbar support and alignment.

The cover of the mattress is made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. It’s extremely soft and breathable and uses materials that are safe on sensitive skin or for those with allergies. There are no synthetic fibres throughout, so you can rest a little easier on this eco-conscious surface. Underneath is a thicker layer of natural New Zealand-sourced wool. Wool helps wick away heat and moisture, so it’s great if you sleep hot. It’s also naturally fire-retardant, so the mattress doesn’t have to include any fire-retardant chemicals.

The main layer of the mattress uses GOLS Certified Organic Latex. This Dunlop latex layer doesn’t use any of the chemicals usually found in synthetic latex blends. This means that it might not trigger latex allergies. This layer helps provide balanced support, but it also offers deeper pressure relief and better responsiveness overall. If you move around a lot in the middle of the night, this is the best option for you.

Finally, the coil layer provides zoned support. The middle of the mattress uses more durable coils, while the softer coils around your shoulders help reduce pressure points if you sleep on your side. A perimeter of heavy-duty coils creates edge support, reinforcing the edges and corners of the mattress. If you sleep near the edge, you won’t feel like you are sliding off the mattress. You’ll have the same support from one edge to the other.

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress uses a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton cover, which is breathable for those who sleep hot. It’s also great for sensitive skin. The layer of GOLS Certified Latex provides better responsiveness and greater pressure relief than standard latex foam without synthetic chemicals. The multiple layers of this hybrid mattress give it a unique feel that you won’t find in any other mattress. One of these layers is natural wool, which provides better temperature control. It’s also naturally fire-retardant, so the rest of the mattress doesn’t use fire-retardant chemicals.

  • GOTS Certified Organic cotton cover is breathable for those who sleep hot
  • GOLS Certified Latex layer provides better responsiveness and pressure relief
  • Multiple materials help the mattress feel unique
  • A layer of natural wool provides temperature control and removes the need for fire-retardant chemicals

From the Test Lab

“This organic mattress features some of the best Dunlop latex we found. It feels better than most of the other mattresses we tried in this trial.”

Best Eco-Conscous

GhostBed Natural Mattress​

GhostBed Natural Mattress


It's Great For:

The GhostBed Natural is the best eco-conscious mattress in Canada because of the way that it uses its natural latex materials. There are two types of latex represented here, as well as natural wool, organic cotton, and more. A layer of surprisingly supportive coils helps keeps you balanced and aligned, which is helpful no matter how you sleep. Most sleepers can find a way to comfortably enjoy this mattress, too – the medium firmness and natural materials are ideal for most sleepers. However, natural latex might not be ideal for those with latex allergies.

An organic cotton cover is clean and soft to the touch. It’s free of all chemicals and toxins, so you can rest a little easier on this natural material. Underneath is a layer of natural wool. Wool is sustainable and helps disperse body heat. This layer is made of about 1.8oz of wool, but the weight may vary depending on the mattress size you purchase. If you sleep hot, this durable layer can help you cool down!

The first latex layer is natural Talalay latex. It cradles your body without the quicksand sinking of memory foam, creating a supportive, cool surface. Because it’s made with Talalay latex, it’s extremely bouncy as well. Combination sleepers will love how it feels!

A layer of reinforced coils helps contour your body, offering support where you need it. The coil layer uses pocket coils that are individually wrapped, breathable enough to keep the core of your mattress cool, and strong enough to last. Around the edge are smaller edge support coils, which are part of GhostBed’s Spirited Edge system. These coils make it easy to sit or sleep near the edge of the bed without feeling like you’ll slide right off.

Finally, the last layer is a durable Dunlop latex. This thinner layer helps prevent sagging, meaning your mattress lasts longer. If you have any doubts, the 25-year warranty should put them to rest! Make sure to give this mattress a chance with the 120-night risk-free sleep trial.

The Highlights

The GhostBed Natural Mattress uses layers of comfortable, natural materials. This includes natural wool, which helps reduce temperature overall and reduce heat build-up, so you can rest easier throughout the night. The layer of hybrid coils helps with alignment and support, while edge support coils help accommodate those who sleep near the edge of the mattress. Both coils together help reduce pressure points and increase alignment. This sustainably-produced mattress uses organic and eco-conscious materials to create a comfortable sleep surface for every sleeper.

  • Uses layers of natural wool to reduce heat build-up and maintain temperature
  • Hybrid coils provide great alignment and support
  • Edge support coils to accommodate those who sleep near the edge of the mattress
  • Organic and eco-conscious materials help create a comfortably sustainable mattress

From the Test Lab

“The GhostBed natural was one of the most comfortable natural latex mattresses we tried. The responsive surface and natural temperature control were great for most of our testers.”

Best Organic

The Simba Hybrid Organic Mattress

Simba Hybrid Organic Mattress


It's Great For:

The Simba Hybrid Organic Mattress is the best organic mattress in Canada because of the certified organic materials used in its construction. This mattress features carbon-neutral delivery and is completely recyclable, too. It was made to reduce your carbon footprint while offering you a completely cool and comfortable sleeping experience. The latex used within this mattress is Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified and completely natural, which is a great option for Canadians with latex allergies.

The cover for the mattress features two separate parts. The top is made with breathable GOTS organic cotton. It’s soft and smooth to the touch while remaining breathable for those who sleep hot. The bottom section is made with breathable 3D mesh, a unique take on standard mattress covers. This mesh uses recycled and new fibres to create the best possible airflow throughout the mattress, starting at the bottom. It also helps the mattress retain shape over time, reducing sagging and sliding.

Inside, you’ll find four layers of supportive, comforting materials. The very first layer is a unique layer of fibres that help reduce allergens, discourage dust mites, and keep you comfortable even if you sleep hot. It’s made with up to 75% recycled fibres and is completely anti-allergenic, perfect for those who often suffer from allergy triggers.

The next layer is perforated natural latex. This layer offers better breathability overall, comfortable support, and helps reduce pressure throughout the mattress. This layer can help you sleep more comfortably, but also helps to greatly reduce pressure throughout your body.

Finally, there are two layers of pocket coils. These coils help create better support and balance, though each acts differently. The first layer is a layer of supportive springs. The cone-shaped design and small size allow them to support you without increasing pressure or discomfort. Up to 2,000 cone coils rest in this layer, followed up by 1,000 zoned pocket springs in the layer below. Here, you’ll find 5 zones of targeted support, with stronger support around your hips and a softer feel at your shoulders. Together, these coil layers provide a unique balance and comfort that you won’t find elsewhere.

The Highlights

The Simba Hybrid Organic Mattress features two layers of pocket coils, both of which help with zoned support and full-body balance. This mattress uses layers of certified organic materials, including GOTS-certified cotton and GOLS-certified latex. The latex is perforated for better airflow and increased cooling capabilities. The Simba Renew layer, which creates the top layer of the mattress, uses up to 75% recycled fibres to produce a comforting top section. Overall, the medium-firm support of this mattress is ideal for most sleepers.

  • Two layers of pocket coils for better support and balance
  • Certified organic latex and cotton
  • Up to 75% recycled fibres in the Simba Renew layer
  • Medium firm support is ideal for most sleepers

From the Test Lab

“This mattress feels different from any of the other latex options we’ve tried. The double coil layer really provides the ideal support level throughout the mattress.”

Best Customizable

Obasan Organic Mattress

Obasan Organic Mattress


It's Great For:

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The Obasan Organic Mattress is fully customizable.  It’s made with 100% organic materials of the highest quality, complete with GOLS and GOTS certifications. It uses layers of organic rubber latex, wool, and cotton to create a mattress that feels different for every user. Every material is ethically sourced from natural means and is presented in a transparent, traceable manner.

While other customizable mattress offerings allow you to change or adjust firmness, the Obasan Organic Mattress takes complete comfort to the next level. This mattress features a customizable core, built with three ‘zones’. These zones are separate modules suited to your preferences. If you need firmer back support, you’ll choose a firmer centre module. You’d get a softer module for your shoulder area to relieve pressure or a firm foot section for better elevation as you sleep.

The Queen and King sized versions of this mattress feature two customizable sides of the bed. You and your partner can choose options that fit your specific sleep needs, even if they are different. The perfect comfort level is just a few clicks away with this customization system.

These three zones are made with organic rubber latex from Sri Lanka. This Dunlop latex is bouncy and elastic. It also resists dust and mildew to provide a cool, comfortable sleep that won’t trigger your allergies. Each zone is cased in a 100% organic cotton knit cover, which also uses layers of organic wool to control heat and moisture. The wool is gathered by hand in Patagonia, Argentina, while the organic cotton is sourced from Peru.

The top layer is made with organic rubber latex for increased pressure relief, while the support layer is made of dense organic rubber latex for better balance and overall support. The support layer can be customized to three different firmnesses based on your needs. The support core and its three modules can be changed as needed. If your sleep needs change due to life events, this layer can be adjusted as needed. The result is a mattress that stands the test of time and fits your specific sleep needs.

The Highlights

The Obasan Organic Mattress uses 100% organic materials to create a unique and eco-conscious mattress. Each side of the bed can be customized separately to help couples find their perfect feel and support level. The bed can be reconfigured for new life circumstances, too. If you have an injury or become pregnant, you can re-evaluate the mattress you need and reconstruct it to fit your needs. Constructing your mattress is simple, easy, and doesn’t require more than one person.

  • Uses organic materials to create a unique and eco-conscious mattress
  • Each side of the bed is customizable separately
  • The bed can be reconfigured for new life circumstances, such as injuries or pregnancy
  • Construction is simple and easy

From the Test Lab

“This unique mattress allowed us to customize every aspect to our needs. The result is a mattress that is nearly perfect for us.”

Best Motion Isolation

The Recore Mattress​

Recore Mattress


It's Great For:

The Recore is a unique mattress made with performance and recovery in mind. Every part of this mattress works to keep you asleep longer, eliminating or reducing nighttime disturbances that can sometimes wake you up. Recore uses layers of graphite-infused latex foam, as well as high-density support foam and a cooling cover to keep you asleep, even when your partner is moving around a lot (or if you sleep warm).

This mattress keeps you asleep by reducing the temperature, first of all. The SilverCharged Antimicrobial Cover is woven with silver-coated thread, which makes it antimicrobial and cool. The silver works to move heat away from you, sending it down to the heat-reducing graphite-infused latex layer. This latex helps the core of the mattress maintain a comfortable temperature, so you won’t wake up overheated in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, a layer of cooling foam and a high-density base layer work together to support your deepest pressure points. You’ll be balanced across this mattress, making it perfect for those who need to recover at night without common disturbances. This high-density support core also helps with motion isolation. If you wake up often because your partner is moving around throughout the night, this layer of foam will help. It stops motion in its tracks. Motion doesn’t ripple across the mattress, so you won’t be jostled around when your partner is tossing and turning.

The SilverCharged cover is also great for more than just cooler temperatures. The silver-coated thread is antimicrobial, clean, and odour-resistant. You can unzip it and throw it with the laundry when you need to, making care simple. You’ll feel the benefits of this cover even through your bed sheets.

Unsure if this mattress is right for you? The 120-night sleep trial can help you figure it out. This medium-firmness mattress is ideal for most sleepers, especially as it falls right into the middle of the spectrum.

The Highlights

The Recore Mattress’s cover is washable and odour-resistant, threaded through with antimicrobial silver for better temperature control. The first layer of latex features a graphite infusion, meaning it reduces temperature and removes excess heat as you sleep. This mattress is built specifically to reduce sleep interruptions, so you stay asleep for longer and wake up less often. It also helps promote spinal alignment and reduces pressure points all over your body.

  • Washable, odour-resistant silver-threaded cover
  • Graphite-infused latex foam to reduce temperature and remove excess heat
  • Reduces interruptions so you can stay asleep for longer
  • Promotes spinal alignment and reduces pressure points throughout

From the Test Lab

“This latex mattress was a hit with our active Canadians! The deep restorative properties of this mattress made it great for long, tiring days.”

Best All-Foam

The Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Mattress


It's Great For:

The Douglas mattress is an all-foam model that uses the best of latex and memory foam to create a comfortable, pressure-relieving sleeping surface that meets all of your needs and more. This mattress is engineered to work for all sleepers due to its performance and medium-firm feel. This hypoallergenic mattress uses an eco-conscious latex alternative called Elastex, which mimics natural latex exactly but won’t trigger latex allergies.

Douglas takes into account every uncomfortable issue that some sleepers have with memory foam mattresses. It sleeps cooler than standard memory foam, provides a responsive surface that helps relieve pressure, and helps isolate motion as well. It starts with the CoolSense Infinitex cooling cover, which wicks away moisture and helps you get comfortable when you first lay down.

The first layer is ecoLight, a gel memory foam made with 40% less carbon than standard memory foam. It has the same cradling effects, but doesn’t sink like memory foam and doesn’t retain heat easily. The Elastex makes up the middle layer, followed by a support foam that helps isolate motion and keep the edges firm for all sleepers.

Together, these parts help create a comforting mattress that works for most. The responsiveness from the layers of proprietary foams and the support, motion isolation, and temperature control make it the best all-foam model we could find. You can try it for yourself for 120 nights during the risk-free sleep trial, too.

The Highlights

The Douglas mattress uses eco-conscious foam layers inside, including ecoLight cooling foam. The middle latex layer is Elastex, which is a non-allergenic alternative to natural latex, made without the chemicals that cause allergic reactions. The medium firmness is perfectly engineered for most sleepers, including alignment, balance, and pressure relief so it’s comfortable for all. The balanced support also has a responsive surface, so you can move around a little easier at night.

  • Uses eco-conscious foam layers
  • The latex layer is Elastex, a non-allergenic latex alternative
  • Perfectly engineered for most sleeping positions
  • Balanced support with a responsive surface

From the Test Lab

“Douglas had everything our testers wanted – temperature control, pressure relief, and eco-conscious materials.”

Best Hybrid

The Noa Mattress​

The Noa Mattress


It's Great For:

The Noa mattress is a firm hybrid that offers some of the best overall support on our list. This firm hybrid uses pocket coils, latex, and memory foam to create a unique feel that works well for those who prefer a firm mattress. It uses the best possible materials to keep you comfortable, including natural Tencel and open-cell Latex.

The hand-tufted cover is a pillow-top, with a soft Tencel cover, breathable fill, and antibacterial properties. It also helps with allergies, creating a hypoallergenic surface that immediately reduces pressure when you lay down. Underneath is a layer of latex with an open-cell construction. This hypoallergenic, high-quality latex provides a nice buoyancy level but helps support you while providing a cloud-like feel throughout the mattress.

The next layer is cooling gel memory foam, which provides amazingly deep pressure relief as well as removing heat as you sleep. This gel memory foam feels luxurious for your deepest pressure points, while a layer of adaptive transition foam helps isolate motion and cushion the coil layer below. The coils are firm and supportive, offering support right where you need it.

A perimeter of edge support foam helps keep those who sit or sleep near the edge of the bed from sliding off. Overall, this mattress offers some of the best pressure relief and balanced support, which makes it great for most sleepers (except those that prefer a firmer mattress).

The Highlights

The Noa mattress uses latex, memory foam, and hybrid coils to create a uniquely comfortable sleeping experience. The hand-tufted Tencel cover features a soft pillow-top section that helps you sleep more comfortably. This hybrid mattress features firm springs for additional support, creating a balanced surface. It’s available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King.

  • Uses latex in combination with hybrid coils and comfortable cooling memory foam
  • Hand-tufted Tencel cover with a soft, pillow-top fill
  • Comfortable, firm springs for extra support
  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen, King

From the Test Lab

“The Noa mattress uses several points of comfort to create a firm, supportive mattress that worked for most of our testers.”

Why Trust Us?

We’ve spent years in the sleep space. We’ve evaluated hundreds of mattresses, and we have a team of dedicated, detail-oriented testers who try mattresses and other sleep products right in their homes. We’ve worked to develop a test lab that looks at every area of mattress performance – including the following areas.

  • Type of Latex. We looked specifically at the type of latex used for each mattress. Each type of latex is different! We also looked at the materials used in the mattress to make our decisions.
  • Hypoallergenic Properties. Since many people have latex allergies, we looked at each mattress’s hypoallergenic properties to recommend better mattresses for those with allergies.
  • Temperature Control. Most Canadians sleep hot, so we looked for latex mattresses with great temperature control features to help you sleep comfortably.
  • Support. Latex is naturally supportive, but we looked at the other support systems within the mattress to determine how supportive they were.

The Benefits of Choosing a Latex Mattress

So why should you choose a latex mattress in Canada? There are a few reasons that latex is superior to other common mattress materials.

  • Sleeps cooler than memory foam.
  • More responsive.
  • No quicksand or sinking feeling.
  • Better durability due to stronger materials.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Hypoallergenic (except for those with latex allergies in some cases).

Latex and memory foam often work together to create great mattresses, but choosing a latex-only mattress can give you access to all of these features.

How to Choose the Best Latex Mattress in Canada

Now that you’re convinced, here are just some of the things you should consider before purchasing a latex mattress.

Type of Latex

There are a few different types of latex available in Canada, including latex layers that are used with other materials. Here is a run-down of some of the different types of mattresses on our list, including natural latex, hybrids, and more.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is just what it sounds like! These latex layers are usually certified (more about that later). They are made with natural materials, which may include organic options. The most popular types of natural latex are:

  • Talalay Latex. A softer latex that is more comfortable and allows for better pressure relief.
  • Dunlop Latex. A firm, durable latex that is less expensive. It’s denser latex, too.
  • Havea Latex. A soft latex that features antioxidant properties, and can’t be replicated by synthetic means.

Note that most natural latex options will trigger latex allergies.


Certain certifications help distinguish well-sourced, genuine natural latex from other types. There are two options:

  • GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

Look for mattresses with these certifications if you want an organic mattress. Options that use latex as well as other textiles might carry both certifications.

A mattress might also be OEKO-TEX certified. This certification assures customers that the materials used to create their mattresses are non-toxic and feature reduced VOCs and other chemicals.

Hybrid Options

Sometimes, latex can be combined with springs, creating a hybrid mattress. Hybrids use a layer of pocketed coils for support, with layers of latex and sometimes memory foam on top. A hybrid mattress can be better for balancing and alignment. Those who need a little extra support will enjoy these hybrid features.


The firmness of a mattress is directly tied to how it feels, as well as how much support it offers. Firmness is a personal preference, and each mattress has a set firmness (except in cases where there are multiple firmness options available).

Mattresses range from soft to firm, with your preference determined by a few factors. These general recommendations include preferences based on body type and sleeping position. This helpful list will help you determine where to start looking for your ideal firmness, though these are only suggestions. Always decide based on your personal preferences.

  • Light sleepers (up to 130lbs or 59kg) tend to prefer a softer mattress. Those who sleep on their stomachs might also prefer a softer mattress.
  • Average sleepers (between 130lbs and 230lbs) (59kg – 104kg) might like a medium or medium-firm mattress. This is also an ideal choice for those who sleep on their sides.
  • Heavy sleepers (over 230lbs or 104kg) often prefer firmer mattresses, especially if they sleep on their backs.


The support system within the mattress can determine how comfortable it is. We looked for mattresses that featured strong support bases, including options like better edge support for those who sit or sleep near the edge of the bed.

Hybrid mattresses are especially supportive. The layer of pocket coils really helps boost balance and alignment, providing better support throughout the mattress. Some offer zoned coils, which offer stronger coils throughout the centre of the mattress. This helps boost lumbar support.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is one area where latex excels, so we looked for mattresses that were best at relieving pressure. These mattresses should reduce pressure points and lead to a much more comfortable sleep overall, especially for those who sleep on their sides.

Foam is great at relieving pressure, and both latex and memory foam mattresses are great for those who need a bit of extra pressure relief. Consider a hybrid with a pillow top if you need just a little more soft, sinking relief.

Motion Isolation

Do you often wake up when your partner gets out of bed, turns over, or has a rough night? If you do, you should look into a mattress with better motion isolation. Foam mattresses are naturally better at reducing motion isolation, and this includes latex mattresses. Look for mattresses that include:

  • Pocket springs
  • Motion isolation foam
  • Soft transition layers
  • Active motion isolation features
  • Open-cell designs

Any of these features can help reduce motion transfer, meaning you stay asleep longer.

Temperature Control

Most Canadians sleep hot. Whether you’re sweaty in the morning or wake up at night due to overheating, it’s important to choose a mattress that helps mitigate heat, reduces build-up, and allows you to sleep easier.

Latex is better at controlling temperature than memory foam, but it still retains a bit of heat. Look for mattresses with temperature control features that can make this a little easier to deal with, including:

  • Aerated latex layers
  • Breathable pocket springs
  • Gel memory foam layers
  • Natural wool layers
  • Tencel and other cooling covers
  • Phase-changing materials

All of these materials can help you stay a little cooler at night. If you are prone to overheating, make sure to choose a mattress with many of these features.

Sleep Trials

A sleep trial is one of the ways that Canadian online mattress retailers make it easy to purchase a mattress online. These sleep trials last between 60 and 365 days (depending on the mattress), allowing you to try the mattress for a long period before deciding if it’s the right option for you.

During a risk-free sleep trial, returns are free (no questions asked!) and you will be refunded 100% of your purchase price. It’s a great way to get comfortable about purchasing a mattress without laying on it first.

It’s worth noting that the Douglas mattress offers one of the longest trials on the Canadian market. It is unusual to find a 365-night sleep trial, and most mattresses carry a sleep trial of around 120 nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Latex mattresses are great for side sleepers! The best latex mattresses in Canada offer great support and better alignment overall for those who sleep on their sides.

This depends on what you want. A full latex mattress is often firmer but offers great pressure relief without the sinking feeling that memory foam often has. A mix of materials creates a more unique feel, allowing you to mix the benefits of latex with those of other materials.

Latex mattresses in Canada do sleep a bit cooler than memory foam, but those who often wake up overheated might not be able to sense much of a difference. Look for mattresses with aerated latex, hybrid options, or moisture-wicking layers of other materials near the surface.