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While some Canadians can’t stand a firm mattress, others prefer firm mattresses over any other type. Why is that? We evaluated hundreds of firm mattresses from the Canadian market, with careful consideration from our testers and our experts. The best firm mattresses in Canada on the list below are the ones that made the cut.

When we looked at these mattresses, we compared our detailed performance notes and found certain similarities in our sleeping experiences. These details allowed us to create a list of recommendations that are perfect for those wanting a firmer mattress.

Best Firm Mattresses for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Firm Mattresses in Canada?

Each of the mattresses we recommend goes through rigorous tests, including sleep trials conducted by our team of testers. As we compared these evaluations, we found that some of the mattresses excelled in certain areas. For these reasons, we recommend them to you.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is the best firm mattress in Canada. This mattress uses firm, double-tempered steel coils combined with firmer lumbar support and edge support zones. If you need extra support and alignment, this mattress can help.

The Logan & Cove Mattress was our best hybrid mattress overall. The combination of zoned support coils with a soft, pillow-like surface makes it the perfect choice for those who need support but don’t want to sacrifice comfort.

On the other hand, the Novosbed Mattress features a ton of firmness options to keep you comfortable. If you prefer a firmer mattress, the firm version of this mattress is great. You can pair it with a Comfort+ topper to make it even firmer.

Much like the original Endy Mattress, the Endy Hybrid Mattress features active motion isolation. If you are a light sleeper or often wake up when your partner gets out of bed, the Endy Hybrid might help you sleep through the night.

Eco-conscious sleepers will love the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress. This is the best option for a firm organic mattress in Canada. Layers of coils and natural, organic latex and cotton create a comfortable surface that offers optimal support.

The best all-foam mattress on our list is the Douglas Mattress. This medium-firm option uses every tool at its disposal to create a performance mattress with a firmer feel.

The Silk & Snow Mattress offers the best temperature control on our list. This mattress features an open-cell memory foam design that traps heat and moves it away from you as you sleep. The result is less time spent overheating and better sleep overall.

Stomach sleepers need a unique type of mattress. The Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress is one of the best firm options for heavier stomach sleepers. A plush pillow top gives ways to firm support, perfect for those who need both features.

The Brunswick Mattress is a hybrid, but it features a comforting pillow-top section. This is how Brunswick stands out. In addition to zoned support, edge support, and layers of pressure-relieving foam, this mattress provides a soft sleep surface.

The Casper Original Mattress offers the best balance on our list. The support foam and zoned foam layers help spread your body weight, ensuring that you’ve got the perfect amount of support without creating uncomfortable pressure points.

The Noa Mattress is the best ultra-firm option on our list. If you prefer a firm mattress, nothing beats the Noa. It uses memory foam, latex, and zoned support coils to provide an unbeatable firm mattress experience.

Best Overall

Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is one of the best options on the Canadian market for a mattress with firm support, comforting layers, and cooling features. This mattress uses a host of materials to provide the best possible support but doesn’t skim on the other features you want from your mattress. 

This mattress uses up to 1200 double-tempered Canadian steel coils to provide support. Each coil is forged and assembled in Canada specifically for this mattress. It also offers support zones, meaning firmer coils throughout the centre of the mattress for better lumbar support. The coils around your shoulders are softer to provide great pressure relief. A perimeter of firm edge support foam keeps the edges from sinking or sliding when you sit or sleep near the edges. 

On top of this amazing firm support, you’ll find two layers of softer foam for comfort and pressure relief. The middle layer offers great motion isolation and relief from your deepest pressure points. This is ideal for those who need comfort along with their support. This layer also keeps motion from transferring, so you won’t be disturbed when your partner gets out of bed. 

The top layer is a quilted foam, which helps promote breathability. This layer has just enough plushness to be comfortable for most sleepers but also removes heat so you don’t wake up sweating. 

Finally, the cover is completely antimicrobial, which helps eliminate the growth of bacteria. This means that your bed is fresh and odourless for longer, so you can sleep a little more comfortably. 

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress features a layer of Canadian steel coils to help provide support and durability. This layer offers lumbar support coils in the form of a zoned support section, which uses a firmer middle zone to help keep your spine aligned and comfortable. The antimicrobial cover helps prevent the growth of bacteria, keeping your sleeping surface fresh and clean for longer. A top layer of quilted foam also reduces heat build-up, ensuring that you sleep more comfortably.

  • Canadian steel coils provide excellent support and durability
  • Lumbar support coils help keep your spine aligned through the middle of the mattress
  • An antimicrobial cover prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Quilted foam provides a cool sleep surface with great pressure relief

From the Test Lab

“This hybrid was supportive and comfortable, providing enough firm support for heavier sleepers and those who need spinal alignment.”

Best Hybrid Mattress

Logan & Cove Mattress​

The Logan and Cove Mattress


It's Great For:

Logan & Cove’s Luxury Pillow-top mattress comes in two different firmness options. The ‘Medium Plush’ firmness works well for most, but the ‘Luxury Firm’ version is best for those who prefer a firmer mattress. This option is a European-style mattress made with higher-density foams than its softer counterpart. It offers maximum edge support, as well as strong enough zoned support for back sleepers to feel comfortable throughout the night.

This firm mattress starts with a layer of silk-blend fill. The pillow-top section is separate from the mattress, which means that it creates a cushion and elevates you without sacrificing support. Below the pillow-top fill are two layers of high-density cooling gel, so you don’t have to worry about overheating and waking up throughout the night. A layer of high-density biofoam separates the pillow-top from the rest of the mattress, elevating you out of the coils and providing perfect spinal alignment.

The coils are zoned and pocketed. Firmer coils under your back and hips compress slower, meaning that you get the support you need right where you need it. Those who need extra lumbar support benefit from a hybrid with zoned coils. Around the coils is a layer of perimeter encasement foam, meaning that even the edges of the mattress offer great support.

The Highlights

The Logan & Cove mattress is a hybrid with firm zoned support, which gives you a lot of extra support for your hips and lower back. There are two firmness options, including a medium or medium-firm option. This gives you the freedom to choose the one that works best for your sleeping situation. Both feature a soft pillow-top section with exceptional pressure relief. Even the sustainably-sourced Tencel cover is hand-tufted, with luxury details often overlooked in mass-produced mattresses.

  • Firm support for your back and hips due to zoned coils
  • Two firmness options that might work for you
  • Soft pillow-top section for pressure relief
  • Tencel cover with hand-tufted details

From the Test Lab

“The Medium-Firm version of this mattress is perfect for those that prefer a firmer sleeping surface. Our testers loved the way this mattress felt, especially the zoned support.”

Best Firmness Options

The Novosbed Mattress​

Novosbed Mattress


It's Great For:

The Novosbed mattress features one of the most unique systems on the Canadian market. This bed pioneered the sleep trial, but it also created the patented Comfort+ firmness adjustment system. If you prefer a firmer mattress, you can use this topper to create the mattress of your dreams. Just choose from one of three original firmness options, then choose a topper to make the mattress softer or firmer.

Every foam layer used in this mattress is high-density fifth-generation foam. This foam continues to spring back for longer than other memory foams, creating a long-lasting mattress. Each of the materials used to make this mattress is made to last, meaning this luxury mattress isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

The softcover can be zipped off when it’s time to wash your bedding. This mattress uses eco-conscious Tencel, which helps to draw away moisture and keep you from overheating. Underneath is another cover – this one works to keep your foam together even when the first layer is removed. Three layers of foam make up the interior of the mattress: the comfort zone, which helps keep you cool with open-cell air circulation. The transition zone is the middle layer. Here, you’ll find motion isolation foam that relieves pressure and keeps you balanced. The support zoned below reliably gives you the support you need, especially when it comes to a firmer mattress.

The Highlights

The Novosbed has three original firmness levels to choose from when you order your mattress. If those options don’t end up working for you, you can add a Comfort+ topper. The Comfort+ system softens or firms the feel of your mattress, making it ideal for customizing your firmness. The high-density foam core of the mattress is supportive, while additional foam layers create outstanding pressure relief. Because of the three firmness options, this mattress is great for most sleeping positions.

  • 3 original firmness levels to start
  • Comfort+ Topper system customizes firmness levels
  • Supportive, high-density foam core
  • Great pressure relief for sleepers in any position

From the Test Lab

“Because the Novosbed is extremely customizable, you can choose the firmness that works best for you. Canadians who prefer a firmer mattress will have a lot of luck finding one that works for them with this system.”

Best Motion Isolation

The Endy Hybrid Mattress

The Endy Hybrid Mattress


It's Great For:

The Endy Hybrid Mattress offers some of the best motion isolation for a firm mattress. While firm mattresses can sometimes transfer motion a little easier than softer mattresses, the Endy Hybrid uses breathable coils and motion-isolation foam to stop motion as it happens. If you have a restless partner or wake up easily, this mattress is a great option.

In addition to the motion isolation features, this mattress features layers of supportive foam and coils. The coils are made from durable high-carbon steel, which reduces noise. The coils are zoned for extra lumbar support. A perimeter of firmer coils helps support the edges and prevent sagging, while an ultra-firm lumbar support band keeps your spine aligned and elevated out of the mattress.

While some mattresses feature a coil layer as the final bottom layer for the mattress, the Endy Hybrid is different. There’s another layer of foam beneath the coils. This high-density foam prevents sagging and promotes mattress durability, so it stays comfortable for years to come.

There are two layers of comfortable foam above the coil layer. The first is Endy Comfort Foam, an extremely responsive, medium-firm foam that uses open-cell technology to keep you cool as you sleep. This layer is extremely breathable and helps you move around a little better than more traditional memory foam. A middle layer of transition foam cushions the coils so you won’t feel them. Meanwhile, they promote deep pressure relief and optimal support you need from your mattress.

You can use the Endy Hybrid mattress with just about any foundation, including options you already have (as long as they are the same size as your new mattress). Of course, this mattress works great with any Endy bed frame, but it also works with adjustable frames.

The Highlights

Endy’s Hybrid mattress uses the same temperature-neutral technology as the original Endy model. The foam retains its feel regardless of ambient temperature. The edge support coils around the coil layer help keep the mattress from sagging around the edges, great for those who sit on the edge of the mattress. In the centre of the mattress is a zoned coil section, with a firmer steel coil that keeps you aligned and supported. It offers great motion isolation for couples, especially those with restless partners.

  • Temperature-neutral foam doesn’t feel different based on ambient temperature
  • Edge support coils prevent sagging around the edges of the mattress
  • The zoned support layer features firm steel coils
  • Great motion isolation for couples, particularly those with restless partners

From the Test Lab

“Our testers loved the way this mattress felt! Couples who often woke each other up on their regular mattress reported smoother sleep overall.”

Best Organic Mattress

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress

Silk and Snow Organic Mattress


It's Great For:

Worried about the environmental impact of your mattress? The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress can provide firm, hybrid-based support without chemicals and synthetic materials. This mattress uses natural latex, cotton, and wool to create a sleep surface that goes above and beyond for your comfort. 

This mattress is made with transparently sourced materials. The coils in the hybrid layer are made with tempered Canadian steel, created to support and align your body as you sleep. There are a few layers of certified organic materials on top of these coils, though. 

First, the GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover helps keep you cool and comfortable. This soft cover is great for those with sensitive skin and provides enough breathability that you won’t wake up sweating. Underneath is a layer of natural wool, quilted for comfort and temperature control. Wool is natural moisture-wicking and heat-wicking, but it also acts as a natural fire-retardant material. The rest of the mattress doesn’t have to use fire-retardant chemicals as a result. 

The middle layer is made with Dunlop latex. This layer is GOLS Certified Organic and is made without any of the chemicals that go into synthetic latex. If you usually have allergies triggered by latex, this mattress will be a great solution for you. The sleep surface is responsive and comfortable without irritating your skin. 

Finally, the pocket coil base offers up to 1200 tempered coils with zoned support. Softer foam around your shoulders promotes better pressure relief, while firmer coils in the middle of the mattress and around the edges give you support where other mattresses might fall short. 

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is made with natural, organic cotton and latex layers to create a comfortable, natural surface that even those with allergies can enjoy. A layer of natural wool helps control temperature but also reduces the need for fire-retardant chemicals. This creates a gentler mattress overall. You can track the sources and certifications for each material, as Silk & Snow remains very transparent. The organic latex used in this mattress is made without synthetic chemicals, making it non-allergenic for most with latex allergies.

  • Made with organic cotton and latex layers
  • The natural wool layer helps control temperature and reduce the need for fire-retardant chemicals
  • Traceable sources and certifications for all materials used
  • Gentler organic latex

From the Test Lab

“This organic mattress offers some of the best firm support on our list. Plus, it does it with a gentle, eco-conscious construction. Our testers loved how it felt.”

Best All Foam Mattress

The Douglas Mattress​

The Douglas Mattress


It's Great For:

The Douglas is the quintessential all-foam mattress for Canadians. This mattress outperforms nearly every other foam mattress in every category we looked at, so, naturally, it made it to the top of our list. This mattress has great temperature control, superior motion isolation, and a supportive medium-firm feel.

The Douglas mattress features a CoolSense cover, which uses Infinitex fibres from sustainable sources. This cover can be zipped off and washed when you need it. It also works to wick away moisture as you sleep, so you don’t wake up overheated and sweaty.

The first layer of foam is ecoLight cooling gel. This layer is made with 40% less carbon than standard memory foam, but it feels just like you’d expect. The cooling gel helps keep you cool because it doesn’t retain heat like traditional foam. Underneath is a layer of non-allergenic Elastex foam. This latex alternative provides a responsive surface but doesn’t cause an allergic reaction like natural latex would.

Finally, the supportive core is a thick layer of motion isolation foam. This foam works to keep your spine aligned, balancing your weight. It also works to keep motion from moving to the other side of the bed. The medium-firm feel is great for those who prefer a firmer mattress. In every regard, these mattress meets and exceeds all of our expectations!

The Highlights

The Douglas mattress is an exclusively Canadian mattress made with Canadians in mind. Every material used in the mattress is domestically sourced, even the eco-conscious foam layers. The middle layer is a non-allergenic latex alternative, which means those with latex allergies won’t be affected by it. The top layer is made of a material that uses less carbon input than standard memory foam but still feels the same. Cooling gel layers and breathable foam creates a cooler sleeping experience than other all-foam mattresses.

  • Non-allergenic latex alternative layer
  • Made in Canada using Canadian materials
  • Cooling foam layers to reduce overheating
  • Eco-conscious foam materials

From the Test Lab

“If you want a firm mattress with a long list of performance features, look no further than the Douglas mattress. It excels in every performance category, including support and pressure relief.”

Best Temperature Control

Silk & Snow Mattress

Silk and Snow Mattress


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Mattress features firm support and great temperature control. These features are extremely beneficial to most sleepers. Those who sleep hot will be particularly happy with the way this mattress feels, as it’s constructed with open-cell memory foam to move heat away from you as you sleep. This foam is also infused with gel to help reduce temperature, so you’ll have a perfectly cool bed without sweating or discomfort.

The cover surrounding the foam core is antimicrobial and easy to wash. By preventing the growth of bacteria, this cover helps keep your bed fresh and clean for longer. While you can unzip the cover and throw it into the wash, you won’t need to wash it nearly as often due to the nature of the cover. The top layer is made with high-density pressure relief foam, which is infused with gel and has an open-cell construction for better temperature control.

The middle layer is a transition performance foam. This layer helps isolate motion and cushion your deepest pressure points. If you’re worried about sinking too deeply into the mattress, this layer can help. It also prevents motion transfer across the mattress. If your restless partner is keeping you up all night, the motion isolation from this mattress can help you stay asleep.

The durable foundation layer provides the support you need, especially if you prefer a firmer mattress. This layer works to balance your body and align your spine, reducing strain and discomfort throughout your body. If you like a firm mattress that isn’t stiff and uncomfortable, the Silk & Snow Mattress might be the perfect option for you.

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Mattress offers balanced support from the foundation layer, which is great for those who prefer a firm mattress. Despite the firm support, the plush pressure relief from the top layers helps you stay comfortable without putting strain on your body. The antimicrobial cover on this mattress prevents the growth of bacteria, which can reduce odours between washes. The open-cell high-density foam construction helps remove heat from your sleeping area, ensuring that you won’t overheat during the night.

  • Balanced support from the foundation layer helps keep you comfortable
  • Plush pressure relief on the top layers maintains comfort
  • The antimicrobial cover prevents bacteria, which reduces odours between washes
  • Open-cell high-density memory foam isolates heat, moving it away from you as you sleep

From the Test Lab

“This mattress was softer than we expected, but the firm support made up for it. We didn’t wake up hot, either, which was a great bonus.”

Best for Heavy Stomach Sleepers

The Hush Artic Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress


It's Great For:

The Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress is one of the best firm mattresses in Canada, particularly for stomach sleepers with a heavier body type. This type of sleeper is often left out of the conversation, as finding a supportive mattress that offers the level of pressure relief required is nearly impossible. However, this Hush mattress manages to find the perfect balance of pressure relief and firm support, perfect for people with heavier body types who prefer to sleep on their stomachs.

The first part of this winning formula is the soft pillow-top section. This separate section features layers of comforting, cooling materials to reduce heat build-up as you sleep. This includes phase-changing materials that reduce heat once the bed reaches a certain temperature. Other layers include gel memory foam to disperse heat and graphite to help remove it from the core of the mattress. The result is a more comfortable surface that won’t heat up throughout the night.

The second ingredient that makes this mattress stand out is the firm support from the coil layer. Zoned coils create better lumbar support throughout. Stronger coils in the centre reduce strain and improve alignment, even if you sleep on your stomach. If you need better support but prefer a softer initial feel for your mattress, this is the right option for you.

This bed is also great for couples, as the strong coils help reduce motion transfer. This means that your restless partner won’t wake you up throughout the night, even when they are tossing and turning. The foam layers and separated coils make it hard for moti0on to transfer across to you, so you can sleep more comfortably without waking up when your partner is restless.

The Highlights

The Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress features three different layers of cooling materials in the pillow top section, including phase-changing materials, gel memory foam, and graphite. It also offers superior lumbar support for better comfort and spinal alignment, especially for heavier sleepers. The pressure relief from the pillow top section helps reduce pressure points and promote more comfortable sleep overall, even for those who like a firmer support profile.

  • Three layers of cooling materials for those who sleep hot
  • Superior lumbar support for spinal alignment and comfort
  • Pressure relief from the pillow top helps reduce pressure points
  • Great for those who want a softer-feeling mattress with a firm support profile

From the Test Lab

“The motion isolation on this mattress was one of its most surprising features. It’s also extremely cool and supportive, so it stood out on the Canadian market.”

Best Pillow-top Mattress

The Brunswick Mattress​

Brunswick Mattress


It's Great For:

The Brunswick mattress is a hybrid that cools, cushions, and supports you all through the night. This medium-firm mattress offers zoned support in the coil layer, meaning that you’ll get more support across your hips and back. Most sleepers who prefer firm mattresses need extra support in these areas.

The Brunswick also features a soft, plush cover, which is breathable for better temperature control. It has a pillow-top section, meaning you’ll get superior pressure relief with your firmer support. It’s the best of both worlds, and perfect for those that prefer a medium-firm feel.

The pillow-top is made with euro-top fill, breathable and plush. Underneath is a layer of cooling gel foam, which won’t retain heat. It transfers any heat you generate away from you. You won’t wake up sweating! The next layer is a high-density transition foam made with soy, which helps isolate motion and promote spine alignment.

This transition layer also helps keep you comfortable above the coil layer. These reinforced steel springs are individually zoned and pocketed, which helps reduce motion transfer and gives you the right amount of support right where you need it. Finally, the coil layer is wrapped in edge support foam, making it more comfortable to sit or sleep near the edge of the bed.

The Highlights

The Brunswick mattress is a hybrid pillow-top, which means it has a fill layer in addition to foam and coils. This layer is breathable and works with temperature control foams below to create a cooler sleeping experience. These foam layers present the perfect opportunities for pressure relief, as well as helping to keep your spine aligned. The zoned support coils work to give you firmer support right where you need it.

  • A breathable fill layer helps reduce heat build-up
  • Zoned lumbar support coils
  • Optimal spinal alignment for side sleepers
  • Pressure-relieving foam and fill help reduce discomfort

From the Test Lab

“Brunswick has it all! This mattress is firm and supportive enough for those who like it, but it also reduces pressure points and keeps your body balanced.”

Best Balance

Casper Original Mattress​

Casper Original Mattress


It's Great For:

Casper’s Original mattress is a medium all-foam option that uses the best of Casper’s materials. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive mattress compared to their other offerings, but it’s still a solid choice for those who prefer a firm mattress.

Under the cover, you’ll find three layers of firm. The first is perforated AirScape foam, which helps drive heat away from your body, circulating it to keep you cool. This cooling layer is a unique choice for a foam mattress, which uses cooling gel foam so often.

The second layer is a Zoned Support foam. It includes 3 ergonomic zones, including a softer layer under your shoulders and a firmer feel around your waist and hips. This helps give your lower back the support it needs to keep you sleeping comfortably.

Finally, a durable base supports your body and balances your weight so you don’t wake up too uncomfortable. This mattress promotes spinal alignment for better sleep, which is great for most sleepers.

The Highlights

The Casper Original mattress uses perforated foam layers to keep the heat moving away from you, pushing air up to your body to promote airflow. The zoned support foam layer helps support your lumbar, while the foam layers on top work to relieve all of your pressure points and balance your weight. These layers, combined with the great transition and support layers, offer some of the best spine alignment for side sleepers on our list.

  • Perforated foams keep air flowing and heat moving away from you
  • Zoned support foam gives you better lumbar support
  • Great pressure relief for most sleepers
  • Perfect spinal alignment for side sleepers

From the Test Lab

“The Casper Original is a unique all-foam mattress. You can feel the difference with the zoned foam, too!”

Best Ultra-firm Mattress

The Noa Mattress​

The Noa Mattress


It's Great For:

The Noa mattress is our best ultra-firm option because of how the mattress feels. Though it’s rated as a medium-firm, it offers deep support that can benefit those who prefer a firmer mattress. It’s also one of the best mattresses on our list for heavier sleepers for this reason.

Every layer of foam is certified. Most are REACH certified – REACH is the European equivalent to CertiPUR-US certifications, meaning that it’s made at the highest possible quality level. Additionally, each foam layer is bound to the next with a cooling water-based adhesive. This helps to make your mattress less capable of retaining heat, so you can stay cool no matter what.

The Noa mattress is made of all possible mattress materials, all rolled together. You’ll get the benefits of each! It starts with the hand-tufted, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial cover. It’s made of Tencel, so it will also wick moisture and heat away from you.

The next layer is a thin, hypoallergenic latex. This layer makes the bed more responsive, but also provides more support for the places you need. Meanwhile, cooling gel foam produces pressure relief, cushioning you where you need it without sacrificing comfort. A transition layer isolates motion better than most. Finally, the coil layer is comprised of thick-gauge steel springs, which are extremely durable and bouncy. The coils are wrapped in edge encasement foam. No matter where you sleep on the Noa mattress, you’ll be supported perfectly.

The Highlights

The Noa mattress is a luxury hybrid that uses the most available mattress materials to create a unique feel compared to other options. It offers a layer of zoned and pocketed coils, which provide better hip and lumbar support for those who need it most. The mattress is on the firmer side of medium-firm, so those who prefer an ultra-firm mattress will appreciate the way this mattress feels. Each layer of foam used is certified in some way, so you know they are of the highest quality.

  • Uses most available mattress materials to create a unique feel
  • Zoned, pocketed coils provide great hip and lumbar support
  • On the firmer side of medium-firm
  • Uses certified foam layers

From the Test Lab

“The Noa mattress is the perfect option for those who prefer the firmest options available. Our testers loved how this mattress felt overall, especially heavier sleepers.”

Why Trust Us?

When we created our list, we didn’t pick mattresses at random. We looked at the entire Canadian firm mattress market and tried mattress after mattress to arrive at our recommendations. Years of experience in the mattress industry allowed us to evaluate each one critically. Here are some of the parameters we chose to use to evaluate and rank firm mattresses in Canada.

  • Temperature Control. A lot of Canadians sleep hot, meaning that they sleep poorly and wake up overheated. As a result, many memory foam mattresses offer temperature control features. We assessed these features as we looked at every other aspect of our recommended mattresses.
  • Motion Isolation. Motion isolation is important for those who co-sleep, share the bed with a partner, or have pets or kids sleeping with them. Motion can sometimes transfer easily from one side of the mattress to the other, which can wake up lighter sleepers. We looked for mattresses that offered motion isolation so you stay asleep no matter what’s happening on the other side of the bed.
  • Firmness. Of course, we looked for firm mattresses for our evaluation. However, each mattress measures firmness a little differently. We went for mattresses of all firmnesses and found some that were just as supportive as our firm choices, even if they identified as medium or medium-firm. So we didn’t just look at firm mattresses – we evaluated these mattresses on how they felt independently of how they identified.
  • Pressure Relief. Firm mattresses can create a more supportive experience, but they often relieve pressure less effectively than other firmness options. When we evaluated the mattresses on our list, we chose options that relieved pressure as well as provide the firm feel you need.

How to Choose a Firm Mattress for Canadians

Even with our recommendations, choosing a firm mattress can be a daunting task. Here are some of the things you should look for when shopping for the best firm mattress in Canada.

Type of Mattress

There are two types of mattresses represented on our list:

  • All-foam mattresses use layers of foam to create a soft, supportive surface. These layers can be made of memory foam or latex. While both cradles your body, memory foam gives you more of a ‘hug’ as it forms to your body. Meanwhile, latex creates a responsive surface without the feeling of being sucked into the mattress when you lay down.
  • Hybrid mattresses still use layers of foam, but these are layered on top of a layer of pocketed springs. Each spring is individual, reducing motion transfer. Hybrids offer the comfort of memory foam alongside the support that only springs can offer.


Everyone needs a different type of support. The support you need can depend on your sleeping position, body type, or where you sleep on the mattress. Choosing a supportive mattress can make your days easier, but you will need to find the option that appeals to you most. Look for hybrid mattresses for the best support, but zoned foam and standard, firmer memory foam can help as well. Most mattresses offer good support, but finding your ideal support level is essential for better sleep.


You may think that firmness is important, especially considering that most of the mattresses on this list are medium-firm. Medium-firm is the step below firm. It’s a little plush, but not so much that it gives out entirely.

Check the mattress you want to order, but also look at user reviews. If many people have the same issue with how the mattress feels, you can tell what it might feel like before your order. Firmness is usually measured on a scale, with higher measurements being the firmer options.

Sleep Trial

A sleep trial helps you ensure that you’re buying the bed in a box mattress you want. Most mattress companies in Canada offer between 60 and 120 days to help you see if you like their mattress. When a return is made during this time frame, you’ll get a full refund of your purchase price to use toward your next mattress.


A warranty is a guarantee that the mattress continues to work for many years. Some mattresses include a 10-year warranty, while others include up to 20 years. The longer the warranty, the better! If your mattress breaks down during normal use within this period, the company might replace the mattress. They might even reimburse you for a few mattresses if you’ve already purchased a new one.

Performance Areas for Firm Mattresses

When we evaluated our mattresses, we looked at a host of performance areas when deciding what we should recommend to you. Here are some of the things we looked at.

Temperature Control

Most Canadians sleep warm or wake up in the night feeling overheated, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Memory foam mattresses can make this problem worse, as most memory foam retains heat. While traditional memory foam can allow heat to build up, there are a lot of features that can help you reduce overheating.

Options like perforated foam, gel memory foam, and breathable coils help. Covers made with Tencel naturally repel heat and moisture, too.

Edge Support

The edge of the bed sees more action than you might think. You may sit on the edge of the bed to put on your shoes. Couples may lay near the edge of the bed, too. Unfortunately, some mattresses with poorer edge support can’t handle this. You’ll often feel like you’re sliding off the side of the mattress, and you won’t get the right support across the entire surface.

Firmer foam support layers and foam encasement for coil layers help create better edge support. If you want to choose a mattress that will help you keep your bedside routine, consider getting one that offers edge support specifically.

Pressure Relief

Laying in one place for a long time (like you do when you sleep) can lead to pressure points, which form along your body in the places where you are pressed into the mattress the most. Foam is one of the most pressure-relieving materials available. Make sure to look for a foam mattress if you want pressure relief, and certainly if you want your memory foam mattress to react to your body heat, giving you a comfortable and uniquely supportive surface to sleep on.

Motion Control

If you share a bed, sleep with a partner, or sometimes have the kids crawl into bed with you in the middle of the night, you know how important motion control is. Essentially, motion control features keep the whole mattress from shaking if someone is moving on the other side of the bed. There are many ways that mattresses can reduce motion. The most common are soft foam transition layers and high-density foams, each of which can be used to reduce how much you feel your partner tossing and turning.

If you often wake up to movement or sound, a motion-isolating mattress might be the right option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

While anyone can use a firm mattress, they are best for Canadians who sleep on their backs. Heavier sleepers will also find that firmer mattresses provide a more comfortable sleep.

While some studies have shown that firm mattresses make a difference when it comes to back pain, new research has revealed that medium-firm options are better.

Everyone has preferences, and some might not appreciate a firm mattress. A mattress that’s too firm for you can cause pressure points and discomfort, leading to poor sleep.