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In a world full of products made overseas or in the US, Canadians have few options that don’t require imported materials or products. Purchasing from one of the best mattress brands in Canada allows you to save while supporting domestic business. If you want a mattress that is made in Canada, the options below are for you. 

We’ve spent years narrowing down our list of the best mattress brands in Canada. These companies have great policies, and good ethics, and create amazing mattresses. Each of them has made our list for a great reason. Let’s take a look at some of the best mattress brands in Canada before you start looking for your next mattress purchase.

Why Buy From a Canadian Mattress Company? 

With so many mattress options available online, why should you choose a Canadian mattress company? There are a few reasons why choosing a domestic company is the best choice for most Canadians. First, most Canadian companies make their mattresses in Canada with local materials. 

This helps produce jobs and reduce imports, which saves you money and helps the economy. In addition, shipping is much less when you don’t have to worry about long distances or import costs, so it might benefit you to choose from a Canadian company if you’re on a budget.

You know where your mattresses are coming from when you choose a Canadian mattress company. Free returns and free shipping are just part of the reason you should choose a Canadian-based company. Choosing a ‘proudly Canadian’ company ensures a little more transparency, too!


Endy Logo

What Sets It Apart:

Endy is an all-Canadian brand that heavily focuses on what Canadians need from their mattresses. Endy aims to create mattresses that can be used across the country, specifically designed for the unique needs of every sleeper in Canada. They also want to get it right! They sell their Endy mattress as a ‘no gimmicks, no games’ option that doesn’t try to upsell you. Their mattress is one of the best in Canada because it is simple and effective at getting you a good night of sleep.

Every Endy mattress is made from Canadian foams and textiles. Endy works with industry leaders throughout Canada to produce their mattresses, so you can rest easy knowing that everything about your mattress is purely Canadian. Their mattresses are distributed from one coast to the other, with no shipping cost to most locations.

Endy started here, and they are determined to keep their mattresses produced and sold only in Canada. They don’t have any brick-and-mortar stores, and they say this is because shopping online is simpler and easier. It’s also less expensive, as they can pass important savings on to you. Every mattress is meticulously crafted with quality and details in mind.

You can try the Endy mattress or the Endy Hybrid mattress for 100 nights during your risk-free sleep trial. Returns are free and refunds are assured. Each mattress comes with a 10-year warranty as well, so you know it’s going to last!

Notable Endy Mattresses

  • The Endy Mattress is a comfortable all-foam sleeping surface with temperature-neutral properties. It offers amazing pressure relief, but it is known for reducing motion throughout the mattress. Couples can sleep easier when motion is stopped before it transfers to the other side of the bed.
  • The Endy Hybrid Mattress is a hybrid option that uses all of the best features from the original Endy mattress. It offers the same great motion isolation and pressure relief, but adds stronger support, better edge support, and zoned coils to support your back. It also sleeps just a little cooler than the original Endy, so those that sleep hot may prefer it. 

Silk & Snow

What Sets It Apart:

Silk & Snow is a Canadian company that believes in doing the right thing for the environment. Their line of mattresses and sleep products use eco-friendly manufacturing, using only manufacturers that share their values. They also responsibly source their materials, so you know all of Silk & Snow’s products are made at the highest level of quality. 

On the Silk & Snow website, you’ll find that each product listing has a transparency section. This allows you to track all of the materials used in the mattress, including Canadian materials and those sourced from elsewhere. This section provides a short description of the source of each material, as well as the conditions they were created under.

Most of the materials used in Silk & Snow products are sourced domestically. When it isn’t possible, Silk & Snow makes sure to use processes and sources that align with their belief. As a result, all of Silk & Snow’s mattresses offer antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties. The quality of materials helps you sleep better. 

Currently, Silk & Snow’s mattress line-up contains three distinct models. Each improves the formula in some way. There is an option for every type of sleeper, and you can see if they work for you during the sleep trial. Silk & Snow gives you 100 nights to try their mattresses to see if they work well for you.

Notable Silk & Snow Mattresses

  • The Silk & Snow Mattress is the basic all-foam option, but it uses high-density memory foam and cooling gel foams to provide superior pressure relief and temperature control.
  • The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress uses the same high-quality foam but includes a layer of super supportive zoned pocket coils for better support overall. 
  • The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress contains certified organic natural latex, cotton, and wool to provide a comfortable and eco-conscious sleeping surfacing. It even uses a layer of pocket coils to provide better support. Logo

What Sets It Apart: continues to take the mattress world by storm. This company has a wide range of different mattress models and brands, including some of the best-rated mattresses in Canada. The brands under the umbrella include Douglas, Brunswick, Logan & Cove, Juno, and Cherry. These brands each excel in different areas, giving sleepers a wide range of mattresses to choose from. started the luxury online mattress trend with Novosbed. Novosbed was also the first of the company’s brands (and the first brand in Canada!) to offer a risk-free sleep 100+ night sleep trial with free returns. This mattress was also the first online luxury mattress sold in Canada, as well as the first mattress to offer adjustable firmness. From there, kept growing. It hasn’t stopped, either! The Douglas mattress, one of’s best-selling options, comes with a 365-night trial. This is one of the longest trials on the Canadian market, proving that they continue to innovate within the mattress industry.

When it comes to standards, has some of the best. They aim to be the best mattress company that sells mattresses designed and manufactured in Canada, specifically for Canadians. They want to offer a huge selection of great mattresses at good prices, which you simply can’t find in retail stores. Finally, they were the first company to strive for risk-free trials, which has now become the industry standard. Now, you’ll find risk-free sleep trials in most online mattress retailers.

In addition to all of these great features, is concerned with providing eco-conscious mattresses with a smaller environmental impact than other brands. All returned mattresses are donated, which prevents waste. This includes mattresses returned during the sleep trial, which is standardized across all mattresses. Their mattresses come with at least a15-year warranty, with the Douglas Mattress offering a slightly longer 20-year warranty.

Notable Mattresses


Hush Logo

What Sets It Apart:

When Hush began making bedding and home goods, they were best known for their weighted blankets. Hush still offers an amazing array of weighted blankets. Now, they also make mattresses and bedding to complete your bedroom. Like the weighted blankets that they gained notoriety for, Hush’s mattresses are high-quality options that suit most Canadian sleepers. 

Hush is committed to using the best possible construction methods and materials to bring you a comfortable sleep. No matter what sleep product you are purchasing from them, you can guarantee that it is thoughtfully designed to help you sleep better. 

Hush breaks the mould when it comes to mattress design, too. Their flagship mattress uses a unique design with elements you won’t find elsewhere on the Canadian market. Hush goes above and beyond to keep you comfortable. 

Their mattress features a 100-night sleep trial, so you can see if the mattress is just right for you. You’ll also get a 10-year warranty with your purchase. Hush’s mattress warranty is one of the most comprehensive on the Canadian market, so you are well-protected when you purchase a Hush mattress. 

Notable Hush Mattresses

  • The Hush Graph-Iced Cooling Mattress is a luxury hybrid that blends multiple cooling materials to reduce heat. Proprietary and infused foams work together to keep you cool and well-supported as you sleep. 


GhostBed Logo

What Sets It Apart:

GhostBed is an innovative mattress company with roots in the United States. Though they are a US company at the core, most GhostBeds purchased in Canada are produced right here in the country. The exception to this rule is the GhostBed 3D Matrix mattress, which is made in the US because of the materials used in its proprietary gels.

For 20 years, GhostBed has worked on mattresses that solve problems, especially when it comes to cooling. GhostBed produces some of the coolest mattresses in Canada. They’re also some of the most comfortable, especially when it comes to their super-supportive hybrid models. Every mattress in the GhostBed line-up uses at least one type of proprietary material. As a result, you won’t find the materials used in GhostBed mattresses anywhere else in the world.

These materials extend from special gel memory foam blends to special types of latex, coils, and more. They specifically use phase-changing materials in some of their coolest mattresses, a technology that helps maintain temperature throughout the night to prevent overheating.

Overall, GhostBed aims to create comfortable mattresses that are unlike any other. Due to their proprietary materials and unique construction methods, they succeed at producing unique, quality mattresses. If you overheat during the night, you want to look for a GhostBed mattress.

GhostBed mattresses come with a 101-night sleep trial. If it’s not for you, you can return it for a full refund. Though warranties on their mattresses vary, most GhostBed mattresses come with a 20 to 25-year warranty.

Notable GhostBed Mattresses

  • GhostBed Luxe is the ‘coolest bed in the world’ with multiple layers of cooling memory foam. It’s a great choice for those who sleep hot.
  • GhostBed Flex is a luxury hybrid with great support and GhostBed’s signature cooling capabilities. 
  • GhostBed 3D Matrix is a cooling, pressure-relieving mattress at the cutting edge of mattress innovation.
  • GhostBed Classic is the flagship model with cooling foams and aerated latex, which contributes to a responsive surface.


Casper Logo

What Sets It Apart:

Casper knows that sleep is important. For years, Casper mattresses have provided both Americans and Canadians with great sleep, starting with the Casper Original mattress. This flagship model used zoned support foam and cooling aerated foams to promote proper alignment, support, and breathability.

There are four different mattresses available from Casper, including four different levels of cooling and support. One of Casper’s best features is its zoned support foam. Zoned support uses different levels of firmness for different parts of the mattress, which makes those parts more supportive overall. Casper uses zoned support foam in all of its mattresses. It’s firmer in the middle of the mattress, which helps sleepers who need more support around the hips and back.

As a company, Casper wants to innovate the sleep industry. Their products are created based on what sleepers need, down to the smallest details. This extends from their mattresses to their pillows, frames, foundations, bedding, and other accessories.

Casper is also dedicated to helping communities in need. Gently used mattresses (usually the mattresses returned during sleep trials) are donated to those who need them, with over 70,000 donations so far from Casper.

Your sleep trial with any Casper mattress is 100 nights long. If you find that the mattress isn’t right for you, you can return the mattress for free. You’ll get all of your money back. All mattresses also come with a 10-year limited warranty, which should ensure you that the mattress is going to last a long time.

Notable Casper Mattresses

  • The Casper Original Mattress, which offers three layers of comfortable support and cooling, aerated foams.
  • The Casper Original Hybrid boasts the same great cooling and support with the addition of comfortable pocket springs.
  • The Casper Wave Hybrid is an all-inclusive cooling mattress with layers of zoned support, including gel pods for an extra boost.

Noa Home

Noa Logo

What Sets It Apart:

Noa Home is a proudly Canadian company, named after the son of a co-founder. This company is completely dedicated to providing comfortable, supportive mattresses, with an emphasis on the needs of different sleepers. There are three Noa mattresses available, ranging in price from an affordable option up to a luxury model. In every price range, Noa’s catalogue of mattresses uses premium materials. Each of their mattresses uses pocket coils to deliver a supportive surface for all types of sleepers.

Every one of Noa’s mattresses is made right in Canada, using Canadian materials to provide the best possible products. In addition to these mattresses (which are usually on the firmer side, providing the best options for firmness for most sleepers). Despite the firmer feel, Noa’s mattresses are also extremely comfortable. In most cases, they use a blend of different materials to help you feel comfortable. Their most popular mattress, the Noa mattress, uses a combination of latex, memory foam, and pocket coils to produce a comfortable, responsive mattress. While other mattress companies stick to a few different mattress compositions, Noa plays with different materials and configurations to create the most unique options.

Each mattress also uses an eco-conscious Tencel cover, which helps to keep you cool. There isn’t as much of an emphasis on cooling materials at Noa, but each mattress is designed to be breathable and cool. You can try any of Noa’s premium mattresses for 120 nights before deciding if you want to keep them. Returns are free, and refunds are guaranteed within this 120-night time frame. 

  • The Noa Mattress uses layers of latex, gel foam, and pocket springs for a supportive, comfortable surface. It is responsive and cool, with a firmer feel than some of the other hybrid mattresses on the Canadian market.
  • The Luxe is a re-imagining of the original Noa mattress with an additional layer of comforting micro-coils for extra support, contouring, and breathability.
  • The Lite is a straightforward mattress with cooling memory foam and strong support from pocket springs.


Puffy Logo

What Sets It Apart:

Puffy started as an American mattress company, based in California. However, like many of the other mattress brands on our list, the service quickly spread to Canada. Now, the mattresses you purchase from Puffy in Canada are made right here in Canada and shipped to most locations within the country. This means that each mattress is made with local materials.

Puffy has received national attention for the way its mattresses are constructed. While other mattress companies may use standard mattress materials, Puffy uses proprietary blends to produce a comfortable, cloud-like feel. The soft ‘sleeping on a cloud’ sensation was the motivation for starting the company, after all!

All Puffy mattresses come with a 101-night sleep trial, and this trial applies to some of their accessories as well. Every Puffy mattress is free to ship and return during the trial period, and each comes with a lifetime warranty. Puffy is so assured of the quality of their mattresses that they don’t put a cap on their warranty system.

Puffy’s mattresses have won many awards, including current accolades from the National Post, People, and Healthline. A key feature of their all-foam mattresses is breathability, which helps you sleep more comfortably and with better temperature control throughout the night.

In addition to the mattresses that Puffy offers, you can also find great foundations, including an adjustable base. Their bed frame works beautifully with Puffy mattresses, but it can be used with other mattresses as well. When it comes to bedding, Puffy’s pillows, blankets, sheets, and toppers are luxurious additions to any bedroom setup.

Notable Puffy Mattresses

  • The Puffy Mattress has a medium-firm, cloud-like surface with cooling foam and deep pressure relief.
  • The Puffy Lux is an enhanced version of the Puffy mattress with better contouring, better support, and more cooling foam.

Purchasing a Mattress Online

Now that you have some great options for purchasing your mattress, it’s important to discuss why you should purchase a mattress online. You’ll notice that most of the mattress companies above are only available online, with no retail locations to visit. There’s a reason!

There are significant benefits to choose an online retailer for your mattress purchase. Here are just some of the reasons you should avoid brick-and-mortar locations and purchase a mattress online.

  • Sales and promotions. Online retailers nearly always have sales and promotions throughout the years. If you wait until you find a significant sale, you could get a mattress for much less than you would at a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Time to shop. You can shop around, check out user reviews, and do in-depth research you couldn’t do otherwise. Instead of trying to find information from your phone at the mattress store, you have all the time in the world to research the mattress you want.
  • No more delivery stress. Mattresses you purchase online are delivered to your door. You don’t have to worry about getting your mattress home from the store, which can result in higher fees or more hassle if you have to borrow a truck.
  • No more salespeople. Salespeople mean well, but they can make your decision difficult or stressful. When you shop online, you don’t have to contend with salespeople – unless you want to! You’ll be free to browse at your leisure.
  • Simple unboxing. It’s simple to get your mattress out of the box and ready for a great night of sleep. Unboxing the mattress may seem like a daunting task, but it’s extremely easy to get your mattress set up.
  • Risk-free sleep trials. You can try the mattress for longer, ensuring that you’ll love it. If you don’t, returns and refunds are usually free. Though each mattress company has its own sleep trial terms and conditions, most follow standard protocols that make your sleep trial easier.
  • Returned mattresses are donated. Any mattresses returned during a sleep trial are usually donated to communities in need. When possible, your old mattress will be used for a good cause.
  • Lower costs overall. Because online retailers don’t have to deal with higher overhead costs, your mattresses come at a much lower cost overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the mattresses on our list have high customer satisfaction ratings. If you have your eye on a particular mattress, check out user reviews and see what people thought of the mattresses. Most mattress websites also include a list of awards from various credible sources.

Yes, all of the mattress brands on our list use domestic materials when possible. Most try to use local materials produced in Canada, as well as local facilities to make their mattresses. While some of these companies (notably Casper and Puffy) produce their mattresses in the US as well, the mattresses sold in Canada are made at domestic factories. 

The best mattress for you depends entirely on your personal preference. It may be influenced by your sleeping position, body type, and what type of challenges you encounter with sleep. Many of the brands above have a lot of options that might be great for you!

If you want a larger range of choices for your mattress, consider choosing one of’s options. This umbrella company has several secondary brands, each of which provides at least one mattress to choose from. These secondary brands provide excellent coverage for most Canadians, regardless of your unique sleeping situation.

A good Canadian mattress brand should stand by their products using warranties, guarantees, and other quality-assurance measures. You should choose a mattress brand that offers high-quality materials, has good consumer ratings, and offers the type of mattress that most appeals to you. While shopping for a mattress, looking into the brand’s history and policies is key to choosing a great company to support.