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Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep faster than a hot, sticky mattress that leaves you tossing and turning. When you need relief from the heat, your mattress may be at fault. Even in Canada, hot sleepers wake up drenched in sweat, feeling groggy from lack of sleep. As temperatures rise, so does the need to find the best cooling mattress to neutralize temperature extremes and help you sleep better all year.

No matter what time of year it is, if you’re a hot sleeper, you know that temperature regulation is one of the most important features of a mattress. We put together a list of the best cooling mattresses to help you choose one that works with all your other sleeping preferences so you can have the restorative sleep you deserve. 

People sleep hot for various reasons, from snuggling too close to their partners to health concerns and hormonal changes. Whatever is causing you to sleep too hot, our top picks of the best cooling mattresses use innovative materials and technologies to help you enjoy a refreshing sleep.

What’s the Best Cooling Mattress in Canada? 

The Douglas Alpine mattress earned the top spot in our list of the best cooling mattresses. It has all the key features Canadians look for in a cooling mattress, like a washable cover and innovative cooling technologies. With 11 inches of height, the Douglas Alpine mattress provides a perfect balance of comfort and support, and at $999 for the Queen size, it’s one of the most budget-friendly options we could find.

The Editors Choice for Douglas Alpine

Cooling Mattress Statistics for Canadians

  • A majority of Canadians sleep hot, driving the need for cooling mattresses.
  • Breathability is the best feature to look for as you shop for a cooling mattress, followed by phase-changing technologies and gel-infused foams.
  • Memory foam mattresses are infamous for retaining heat, so mattresses with other materials are better for cooling mattresses.
  • Cooling mattresses can sometimes cost more than a standard memory foam mattress.
  • Prices for cooling mattresses range from $900 to over $3000.

The Best Cooling Mattresses in Canada for 2024 are:

  • Best Cooling Mattress Overall: Douglas Alpine Mattress: $999,
  • Best Support: Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress: $900,
  • Best Hybrid: Casper Snow Mattress: $2999,
  • Best Budget: Octave Vista Mattress: $899,
  • Best for All Sleepers: Endy Hybrid Mattress: $1250,

Douglas Alpine Mattress

Best Canadian Cooling Mattress Overall

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$999 from Douglas

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The brand offers three models in the Douglas collection–the original, the Alpine, and the Summit. The Alpine is an upgrade from the original Douglas mattress, and with its combination of features, it’s our choice for the best cooling mattress. Each mattress in the Douglas Collection offers three layers of foam, innovative cooling technologies, and an easy-to-clean cover. While we like them all, the Douglas Alpine offers the best bang for your buck.

The double cooling action of the Douglas Alpine comes from its top layers of gel-infused memory foam, which is better at cooling than standard memory foam. A 2 ¼ inch layer of cooling gel foam with Polar® phase-change materials advances the temperature regulation to help you stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

A second 2¼ inch Elastex® foam layer makes the Alpine more responsive than most foam mattresses, making it easier to move around and giving it a little bounce. The motion isolation magic happens in the 6 ½ inch base foam layer. The high-density support foam makes this mattress firm enough for couples and restless sleepers.

While the Douglas original is the brand’s most popular mattress, we think the Alpine’s upgraded double cooling action offers the right amount of temperature combined with better comfort and support. Although products are only available online, the company offers a hassle-free 20-year warranty and a generous 365-day sleep trial. The Alpine’s budget price point is less than half of some of its competitors, cinching its spot as our top pick.

If you need more foam than the Douglas Alpine offers, you can upgrade to the Douglas Summit, the peak performer in the Douglas mattress collection. We recommend upgrading to the Summit if you need more support or a cushion for comfort. The Summit also offers triple-action cooling.

What We Learned

We rank mattresses in important categories like temperature regulation, motion isolation, edge support, and firmness. The Douglas Alpine received great reviews from consumers and our product testers in cooling and motion isolation. Although better than average, Alpine’s score for firmness and edge support are lower, earning a 6.5 out of 10 for firmness and a 6.0 out of 10 for edge support.

We Recommend the Douglas Alpine Mattress for:

  • All sleeping positions. The Douglas Alpine is firmer than many other cooling mattresses. With 4 inches of foam comfort layers, it’s a good choice for all sleeping positions.
  • Combo sleepers. Since the second layer of comfort foam contains latex, it offers excellent ease of movement for combination sleepers.
  • Mattress buyers who need a longer sleep trial. With a full year of sleep trials, this mattress is good for people who aren’t sure what they are looking for and need more time to decide. 
Setting up the Douglas Alpine Mattress
FactorDouglas Alpine Mattress
FirmnessMedium Firm (6.5)
Sleep Trial365 Nights
Warranty20 Years
Response Time0.2 sec.
Shipping1-4 business days
Sleep PositionAll Sleepers

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Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

Best Supportive Cooling Mattress in Canada

Reviewing the Silk & Snow Hybrid for Best Cooling Mattresses in Canada

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$900 from Silk & Snow

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

With a layer of 1200 pocketed coils, hot sleepers will appreciate the innovative cooling features of the Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress. The zoned coil units offer better airflow than an all-foam mattress, combining the comfort of memory foam and the support of a traditional spring mattress while offering exceptional cooling. 

The Silk and Snow hybrid caught our attention because of its great price point. After putting it through our series of performance tests, it ranked higher than many of its competitors in edge support, comfort, and motion isolation. It has a quilted, machine-washable outer shell that is about one inch thick, giving it an extra comfort layer. Beneath that is a 2-inch layer of cooling gel memory foam and an 8-inch layer of zoned coil units. The final layer is ¾ inches of high-density foam, which adds support. 

With the pocketed coils and 12 inches of height, including over three inches of comfort layers,  this mattress does better than most in keeping hot sleepers cool and comfortable. Three zones at the mattress’s head, midsection, and foot are the key to its exceptional cooling and support performance. It also offers lumbar support in the center of the mattress.

We also like that this mattress costs less than other zoned coil unit hybrid mattresses. It is made in Canada using fabrics and foams manufactured in Toronto.

What We Learned

The S&S Hybrid scored well above average in cooling, especially for a budget-friendly hybrid mattress with great support. We gave it a 9.1 out of 10 for cooling, and it scored high in motion isolation and pressure point relief. In spinal alignment tests, this cooling hybrid mattress kept our various-sized sleeper’s spines aligned better than most mattresses due to the zoned coil unit.

We Recommend the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress for:

  • Heavy back sleepers. The coils in the Silk & Snow hybrid mattress makes it ideal for heavier back sleepers and those who suffer with back pain. 
  • All sleepers under 250 pounds. The pocketed coils and layers of comfort foam on this mattress make it a good choice for all average-sized sleepers in any sleeping position. 
  • People who need pressure point relief. If you have hip, back, and shoulder issues, the Silk & Snow Hybrid can help you wake without discomfort.
The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress on a Bed Frame
FactorSilk & Snow Hybrid Mattress
FirmnessMedium (6.0)
Sleep Trial100 Nights
Warranty15 Years
Response Time0.8 sec.
Shipping1-3 business days
Sleep PositionBack and stomach sleepers

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Casper Snow Mattress

Best Hybrid Cooling Mattress in Canada

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$2999 from Casper

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Casper Snow mattress earns its name and a spot in our guide to the best cooling mattresses by delivering top cooling technologies. Using phase changing materials, a CoolTouch cover, and HeatDelete™ bands, the Snow Technology in this Casper hybrid keeps sleepers 5 degrees cooler throughout the night than other foam mattresses. 

The breathable cover on the Casper mattress is designed to move heat away from the body 20% faster than other materials. Although it’s not a machine-washable cover, people with night sweats will appreciate the availability of Casper’s breathable mattress protectors, which ensure their mattress lasts longer and stays clean.

This hybrid mattress combines zoned support flex coils with Casper’s signature foam for superior comfort. With three ergonomic zones, it is a good choice for people who need a mattress that contours to their body, offering pressure point relief while supporting proper spinal alignment.

In addition to its advanced cooling technologies, the Casper Snow hybrid’s ability to transfer motion makes it a top-rated mattress for couples. If either partner is a hot sleeper or prone to night sweats, the Casper Snow is a good solution. Although Casper Snow is priced higher than other cooling mattresses, you are paying for innovative technologies and expensive foam materials. It’s a good investment if you’re a hot sleeper with back pain.

What We Learned

The Casper Snow mattress performed well in all areas, earning a 9.8 out of 10 for its cooling features. It scored higher than average in edge support, which made it feel more comfortable and supportive for couples and people who like to sleep near the edge of the bed. The Casper Snow mattress is a higher-priced hybrid mattress with a lot of memory foam, which is why it scored weak in areas like responsiveness and price.

We Recommend the Casper Snow Mattress for:

  • All sleeping positions and body types. The Casper Snow’s zoned support system makes it good choice for Canadians in all sleeping positions. It can support sleepers up to 300 pounds as well.
  • People who love memory foam. Due to its low responsiveness rate, the Casper Snow mattress doesn’t make it as easy to move as other mattresses. As a result, it’s not the best choice for combo or restless sleepers.
  • Canadians with back, hip, and shoulder pain. The softer layers of cooling foam make this mattress one of the best for those who need better relief from deep pressure points.
Getting the Casper Snow Ready
FactorCasper Snow Mattress
FirmnessMedium (5)
Sleep Trial100 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Response Time2.3 sec.
Shipping1 business day
Sleep PositionSide sleepers

Octave Vista Mattress

Best Budget Cooling Mattress in Canada

Reviewing the Octave Vista for Best Cooling Mattresses in Canada

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$899 from Octave

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

Like the Douglas Alpine, the Octave Vista is a mattress from the brand. There’s a reason that this mattress is the company’s top-selling mattress–and it has everything to do with value for your money. At $899 for a 12” thick queen mattress, this model beats the competition on price while still delivering in important areas like cooling, comfort, motion isolation, and customer service.

Named “Canada’s Most Innovative Mattress,” the Octave Vista delivers cooling comfort with CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres. It has a 2-inch top layer of CopperGel™ foam with PolarMAX® phase-change materials. The second layer is 2 inches of Elastex® foam, giving it better responsiveness. The bottom layer is 8 inches of multi-zonal support foam with air channels. 

With these innovations, the Octave Vista offers important features consumers look for in a mattress. It performs well and still manages to give consumers a budget-friendly option. Marketed as a “specialty foam mattress,” the Octave Vista delivers exceptionally cool sleep performance for its price point.

While the Octave Vista is a budget-friendly mattress and scores high in temperature regulation due to its innovative technologies, it scored low in areas motion isolation and pressure point relief. If those features are important to you and you’re considering the Vista, upgrading to the Mirage or Horizon could be a better choice. The upgrades in this collection offer the same great cooling properties and price points.

What We Learned

The Octave Vista scored high in edge support for a cooling foam mattress, likely due to its thick foam layers. The Elastex layer also helps with edge support and makes this mattress more responsive than many memory foam mattresses. While the temperature regulation score wasn’t the Octave Vista’s highest at 9.3, it offers better than average cooling than other mattresses at the same price point. The Octave Vista scored extremely high in budget-friendliness, responsivity, and environmental consciousness, earning a 10 out of 10 in each category. The trade-off for increased responsivity is that it scored lower in motion isolation (9.1).

We Recommend the Octave Vista Mattress for:

  • All sleeping positions. Because it has plenty of support, the Octave Vista is a good choice for back, side, stomach, and combination sleepers.
  • People who need a budget-friendly mattress. The Octave Vista is a great choice for people on a tight budget, making it an excellent choice for young couples and students.
  • All body types. With adequate support and a compatible base, the Vista is a good option for all weight categories up to 300 pounds.
Testing the Octave Vista for Best Cooling Mattresses in Canada
A Closer Look at the Octave Vista
FactorOctave Vista Mattress
FirmnessMedium Firm (6.0)
Sleep Trial365 Nights
Warranty15 Years
Response Time0.3 sec.
ShippingUp to 7 business days
Sleep PositionAll Sleepers

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Endy Hybrid Mattress

Best Cooling Mattress for All Sleeping Positions in Canada

Reviewing the Endy Hybrid for Best Cooling Mattresses in Canada

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$1250 from Endy

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

With zoned lumbar support and a 13½ inch profile, the Endy Hybrid mattress is the best cooling mattress for back sleepers, side, stomach, and combo sleepers, earning the spot as our top cooling mattress for all sleeping positions. 

The Endy Hybrid mattress is a good choice for couples and hot sleepers, especially since it is suitable for all sleeping positions and can handle up to 300 pounds. While it may be too soft for heavy stomach sleepers, it offers excellent temperature regulation and responsivity, which are features couples often look for in a mattress.

The Endy Hybrid mattress has five layers, from the breathable cover to the thick layer of foam on the bottom, and each one contributes to its cooling comfort. The quilted cover adds extra cushioning to the top layer, made with Endy’s highly responsive proprietary foam. Beneath that, a layer of transition memory foam goes on top of the carbon steel coils, resting on the high-density foam support base.

The Endy company is one of Canada’s most well-known mattress brands, but it offers only a few models. The company competes on price and reliability, and its queen-sized hybrid mattress, priced at $1250, comes with a 100-night sleep trial and 15-year warranty.

What We Learned

With the breathable cover and coil units, the Endy earned a respectable 9.5 out of 10 for cooling, which is much higher than most of the mattresses we reviewed. In our lab tests, the Endy also scored high in responsiveness, earning a 9.8 out of 10. It scored high in pressure relief due to the 3 inch layer of transitional poly foam, and although it has a softer feel due to the proprietary comfort foam, it scored a 10 in edge support. The 8.0 out of 10 for motion isolation was the major factor that lowered the Endy Hybrid’s overall score.

We Recommend the Endy Hybrid Mattress for:

  • Couples who sleep hot. This cooling mattress works well for many different sleeping positions, so it’s perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences.
  • Heavy back sleepers. People who weigh between 250 and 300 pounds will be well-supported by this mattress due to the strong supportive coils. 
  • All sleeping positions and body types. Good support, responsivity, and comfort combine to ensure this hybrid works well for most body weights and sleeping positions.
Motion Isolation on the Endy Hybrid Mattress
FactorEndy Hybrid Mattress
FirmnessMedium (5.5)
Sleep Trial100 Nights
Warranty15 Years
Response Time0.3 sec.
ShippingUp to 7 business days
Sleep PositionAll Sleepers

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Summary of the Top-Rated Cooling Canadian Mattresses

Finding the best cooling mattress can be complicated and overwhelming. People have a wide range of personal preferences, sleeping positions, and body types, and there are many mattress companies and brands to choose from. 

When choosing a mattress, we recommend taking advantage of sleep trials. It’s also important to understand your key preferences in a mattress. While there are many different types of cooling mattresses, knowing what level of firmness you like and what type of sleeper you are will help you find the best mattress for you. If you need special features like cooling technologies or motion isolation to get a good night’s rest, it’s good to know that before you start shopping. 

We like a variety of mattresses for different reasons, and this guide to the best cooling mattresses makes recommendations based on specific considerations. To simplify your search, we encourage you to determine what your priorities are, and then research to find the best mattress to suit your specific needs.

How We Tested the Best Cooling Mattresses in Canada

How We Tested the Best Cooling Mattresses in Canada

We rank mattresses in specific categories that are important to consumers. After conducting a series of tests, we evaluated cooling mattress features like temperature regulation, motion isolation, and edge support. Then we compared them against other similar mattresses to rank them. In this guide, we ranked quality hybrid and all-foam mattresses side by side to help you choose the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

Our ranking process involves conducting lab performance tests to measure features like temperature neutralization and breathability. We also have couples and solitary sleepers couples test these mattresses in their homes for feedback after extended use.

Why Canadians Should Choose a Cooling Mattress

Bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses have become a popular choice for online shoppers. If you or your partner are a hot sleeper, choosing a cooling mattress will help you sleep better and make you feel and perform better during the day.

When comparing cooling mattresses, look for key features like temperature control, breathability, and washable covers.

  • Breathability. Mattress manufacturers use various materials to ensure the breathability of the cover and the foams below, which can make a big difference in transferring heat away from your body while you sleep.
  • Washable Covers. If you’re a hot sleeper and prone to night sweats, you may need to consider a mattress with a washable cover to keep it from getting stained and absorbing odours.
  • Phase-Changing Materials. Mattresses like the Douglas Alpine use innovative materials that can neutralize temperatures, making it easy for you to stay comfortable throughout the seasons.
  • Pocketed Coils. While many of the memory foam mattresses we tested have advanced cooling technologies, the pocketed coils in hybrid mattresses provide increased airflow through the core of the mattress.

Which Performance Features Can You Find in Canadian Cooling Mattresses?

All mattress shoppers look for features like temperature control and motion isolation to enjoy better quality sleep. Here are the primary performance features to look for when shopping for a cooling mattress in Canada.

Temperature Control

Douglas Alpine Layers Explained

All of the products on our list of best cooling mattresses are all-foam or hybrid mattresses that contain memory foam. One of memory foam’s major drawbacks is its inability to transfer heat away from the body. Innovative technologies like cooling gel foam, phase-changing materials, and breathable covers are among the most important factors to consider, especially if you’re a hot sleeper or prone to night sweats.

While all of the mattresses on our list provide temperature regulation for those who sleep hot, the Douglas Alpine was our favourite choice. Multiple layers of cooling technologies and breathable materials create a mattress that won’t allow you to overheat.

Motion Isolation

If you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns, you may need a mattress with better motion isolation. While memory foam isn’t great at transferring heat, it excels in motion isolation compared to other types of mattresses. A mattress’s ability to isolate motion minimizes sleep disturbances caused by partners and makes it easier for restless sleepers or couples to get a good night’s sleep.

The Endy Mattress provides outstanding motion isolation, even among other memory foam mattresses in Canada. The Endy Comfort Foam used in the top layer of the mattress dampens movement well enough that most sleepers won’t feel their partners moving at all.

Edge Support

If you like to sit or sleep on the edge of the bed, you should look for a mattress with good edge support. Innerspring mattresses have built-in edge support, but since the best cooling mattresses on our list are foam or hybrid mattresses, they can be lacking in this area.

The Casper Snow is a hybrid mattress, so it does a better job than all-foam mattresses thanks to the pocketed coils and reinforced foam border. This mattress is constructed to help keep the same level of support from one edge to another.


Your preferred firmness is one of the most critical factors when it comes to choosing a mattress. Knowing what you like, as well as which type of mattress is best for your body type and sleeping position, can help narrow down your choices. Light sleepers will find softer mattresses more supportive than heavier sleepers will, for example. Stomach sleepers need firmer support than back sleepers. Side sleepers need plenty of pressure relief, making medium-firm mattresses ideal.

The Casper Snow is the softest mattress on our list, ranking at a 5 out of 10 on our firmness scale. The Douglas Alpine is the firmest option represented here, and it is medium-firm with a rating of 6.5 out of 10.

Pressure Relief

Endy Mattress Pressure Relief

People with hip, shoulder, and back problems need a mattress with excellent pressure point relief. The best cooling mattresses on our list use memory foam, which contours to your body and allows you to sink deeper where you need more pressure point relief. Since they also use advanced cooling technologies, you get the best of both worlds–cooling and comfort.

Though it is a hybrid mattress, the Silk & Snow Hybrid offers the best pressure relief on our list for many sleeping positions. The coils keep you lifted out of the mattress, reducing pressure returned from the supportive layers of foam.


We look for mattresses with good responsiveness for an all-around comfortable sleep experience. Low responsivity, which is great for comfort and motion isolation, can make it harder to turn in your bed while you’re sleeping. Memory foam is great when you want a mattress you can sink into, but the lack of responsivity can make you feel like you’re stuck in quicksand.

To combat this problem, foam mattresses like the Douglas Alpine use layers of latex foam to increase their responsiveness so you can enjoy better ease of movement. The Endy Hybrid uses layers of proprietary foam to avoid the feeling of sinking too deeply into the mattress, too.

How Much Can Canadians Expect to Pay for a Cooling Mattress?

Cooling memory foam mattresses range in cost from around $800 on the lowest end to over $3000 for luxury options. Cooling bed-in-a-box mattresses like the ones on our list offer comfort and convenience, while the price varies significantly depending on factors like size, brand, and added features.

If budget is a primary concern, consider brands like Silk and Snow, Douglas, and Endy. If you want comfort and quality and are willing to pay more, choose a model like the Octave Vista or the Casper Snow.

Sleep Trials and Warranties for Cooling Mattresses

Most Canadian bed-in-a-box mattress companies offer free deliveries and returns. What started as a competitive edge for newcomer mattress retailers has become a standard in the industry. One thing to watch for is that some mattress companies charge exchange fees when you’re returning a mattress, and they offer in-store credit instead of cash refunds.

The 100-night sleep trial is another industry standard, although brands like Douglas have gone beyond that to offer a 365-night sleep trial. Having a year to test your mattress is simply outstanding. If you’re unhappy with your mattress purchase at any time during the sleep trial, you don’t need a reason to return it.

Mattress warranties work a little differently than sleep trials, and there are often requisites like weight limits and proper mattress care. Many mattress companies specify the depth of sagging required before refunding or replacing your mattress.

Before purchasing a mattress, carefully review the sleep trial and warranty details. If you have questions, contact the company. Reaching out to the company before purchasing is a good way to gauge the level of customer service you can expect if you do need to return a mattress during the warranty or trial period.

Frequently asked questions about cooling mattresses

There is a cooling mattress for every type of sleeper. The key is to find the best one for your personal preferences, weight, body type, and sleeping style. Other factors, like having a sleep partner or pet, can also influence what mattress will work best for you.

The Casper Snow, which is a softer mattress with a thicker profile, may provide better motion isolation than the other options on our list. This mattress uses more comfort foam and allows you to sink deeper, so your partner won’t be able to feel it when you move. 

There’s plenty of science behind the advanced cooling technologies used in mattresses, including phase change materials and air channels built into the layers of foam. Since memory foam is well-known for retaining heat, sleep experts found new ways to absorb and dissipate body heat to keep people cool during the night. Although these technologies are effective, they won’t change the temperature in your bedroom.

The Endy Hybrid uses proprietary comfort foams, which lend it a unique feel. Lighter and average-sized sleepers feel lifted out of the mattress rather than sinking into it. This makes it easier to move, turn over, and get comfortable on the mattress.

Hybrid mattresses offer better edge support than some of the all-foam mattresses on our list. The Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress is one of the best cooling mattresses on our list for edge support, as it offers firmer coils around the edge of the mattress.