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Bed in a box mattresses are the most popular type of mattresses in Canada, with more and more options on the market than ever before. With the convenience of buying a mattress online and having it show up right at your door, it’s easier than ever for Canadians to find the perfect mattress without the time and hassle of traditional shopping.

We know how important it is to find the best mattress in a box that is easy to set up, caters to your sleep preferences and habits, and works for your budget. With Canadian brands that have been around for years, like Douglas and Silk & Snow, as well as newcomers to the market, like Octave and Simba, you can find a mattress with a good reputation and innovative features.

Tested bed in a box mattresses in Canada

Best Overall Bed in a Box Mattress for 2024

Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

A photo of the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress in the Made in CA sleep room

Who Is the Silk & Snow Hybrid Best For?

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Evaluating the Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress for our bed in a box roundup

  • Great Edge Support. Edge support foam around the perimeter of the mattress holds up, even if you sit or sleep on the edge.
  • Ideal for All Positions. No matter how you sleep, you’ll find comfort on this medium-firm mattress. Our testers gave it great scores for comfort across the board.
  • Motion Isolation for Couples. This mattress performed well in our isolation tests. You aren’t likely to feel anything when your pattern moves around on the other side of the bed.
  • Responsive Surface. The responsive surface of the Silk & Snow Hybrid make it easy to move around on. WE loved how simple it felt to change position.

I loved how the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress felt. It performed well in all of our tests, and it wasn't easy to find something to critique about it. This mattress is a great choice for most Canadians.

Sinkage of the Silk & Snow Hybrid with basketball

We observed 6.2 centimetres of sinkage with a 12 pound basketball on the Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress. It gives just the right amount of bounce without the feeling of being stuck, a great middle ground for most people.

Silk & Snow Hybrid Material Layers

The Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress has 4 layers and a height of 12 inches. The mattress’s primary focus is on its double tempered pocketed spring coils to minimize motion.

  • 1.0″ Quilted Cooling Gel Foam
  • 2.0″ Gel Memory Foam
  • 8.0″ Pocketed Spring Coils
  • 1.0″ Foam Encased Perimeter

The Silk & Snow Mattress can be ideal for all sleeping positions. The way it is constructed makes it almost universal. However, the firmness and sinkage results make this mattress a little better for side sleepers than back and stomach sleepers.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress offers a responsive surface. It has great bounce and you won’t feel stuck, so you can move around easily without extra effort. Our testing revealed an average amount of sinkage.

If you’re a light sleeper or a heavy stomach sleeper, then the Silk & Snow hybrid won’t be best suited for you. With a medium firm rating of 6.5, this mattress is perfect for average weight individuals and will offer enough sinkage for both shoulder and hip pressure relief. This mattress also provides the right level of supportive balance and cushioning for back sleepers of all weight groups.

We found the off-gassing odour of the Silk & Snow hybrid lasted for approximately 16 hours. That was after the unboxing and inflation (around 5 minutes) of the mattress to the dissipation of the smell.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid should be rotated every 60 days, or at the latest 90 days. Any longer would create indentations in the hybrid mattress which will affect the overall quality of the bed in a box mattress. 

Since this is the hybrid variation of the mattress it is able to support up to 500 pounds per individual. Thanks to the steel pocketed coils it’s able to absorb more motion and provide a greater weight limit to sleepers.

No, the Silk & Snow Hybrid cover is not removable or machine washable. This is due to the fact that the antimicrobial cover is tufted to the layers of the mattress. If you’d like to clean the cover you can spot clean. 

After measuring the initial temperature of the Silk & Snow Hybrid, and again after laying on it for 10 minutes we saw an increase of 12% in heat on the mattress. Usually anything more than 25% is poor in cooling capabilities, so the Silk & Snow Hybrid performed well in this test.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid also has a plush and cooling quilted cover which is soft to the feel. And 2 inches of cooling gel infused memory foam which many mattresses don’t include.

The Silk & Snow hybrid mattress is made in Canada. They source materials from several Toronto, Ontario based manufacturers and are proud to be both Canadian owned and manufactured. 

The Silk & Snow hybrid features several more features than the Silk & Snow mattress. The hybrid features of 1,200 pocketed steel coils to give the mattress a more responsive and bouncy feel. There is also 2-inches more of high-density memory foam and a coil base which allows for more airflow.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress is shipped for free to customers across Canada. After receiving the order Silk & Snow processes shipping within 24 hours and orders are usually received within 1-3 business days.

Here’s an general guideline of the transit times: 

Ontario: 1-3 business days

Manitoba, Quebec: 2-4 business days

British Columbia: 5-6 business days

Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island: 4-6 business days

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador: 5-6 business days

The Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress has a 100-night sleep trial period. If you find that within the 100 nights you no longer want to keep the mattress, you can request to have it picked up and returned for a full refund. Remember, you can only request after the mandatory 30-night break in period to ensure you’ve adequately had enough time to test the mattress. 

The Silk & Snow Hybrid features a 15-year limited warranty from the day you receive the mattress. The warranty specifically covers defects in workmanship or materials.

Since its release in late 2020, the Silk & Snow hybrid has not seen any major design changes. It continues to be Silk & Snow’s top selling mattress with over 3,500 reviews.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is our top pick for the best mattress in a box in Canada. This mattress provides excellent cooling as well as deep pressure relief. It also features supportive coils that ensure long-term durability. With so much to offer, we were pleasantly surprised at its reasonable price tag.

When we initially sat on the Silk & Snow Hybrid, we felt it was not overly plush or soft. While there was some slight bounce to the mattress, you don’t need to worry about sinking into the surface or feeling stuck. Changing positions was easy, and our testers thought the mattress bounce-back time was quick while still allowing you to settle into comfort.

Those who sleep hot will love the cooling gel foam layer that sits just under the quilted cover. While it isn’t a thick layer, we thought it did a great job keeping us nice and cool, even in warmer months. Combined with a layer of pressure relief memory foam, our testers with aching joints and side sleepers experienced soothing and cooling sleep. We wished the cover was removable and washable, but know that it is a hard-to-find feature in a hybrid mattress. The antimicrobial quilted top, though, gave us a bit more peace of mind that the mattress would stay bacteria and germ-free.

The base of the mattress is made up of steel pocket coils, which we found to be quiet and squeak-free. The mattress seemed light and airy despite the coils and was easy to move in place after unboxing. Our testers who co-slept thought the motion isolation of this mattress was excellent and were able to sleep without getting woken up by their partner’s movements. We especially liked the extra firm edge support, which held up remarkably over time. While other mattresses might start to sink along the edges, we found that the perimeter stayed just as firm as the rest of the bed.

Silk & Snow Hybrid sitting on the bed frame in the Made in CA sleep room

Best Bed in a Box Mattress for Couples

The Logan & Cove Choice Mattress

A photo of the Logan & Cove Choice Mattress in the Made in CA sleep room

Who Is the Logan & Cove Choice Best For?

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Assessing the Logan & Cove Choice mattress for our guide to bed in a box mattresses

  • Moderate Temperature Control. Our testers loved the unique and airy quilted gel foam cover. Those of us who sleep hot experienced comfortable, sweat-free sleep. 
  • Extremely Durable. The high-quality materials and hybrid design of this mattress make it extremely durable, so you can count on it to last a long time. 
  • Great for Couples. With a combination of foam and steel pocket coils, this mattress has excellent motion isolation that all co-sleepers will appreciate. 
  • Extreme Pressure Relief. Whether you have chronic pain or aching joints, you’ll love the Elastex foam in this mattress. This layer instantly cradled and supported all sleeping positions, so we woke up pain-free.

The Logan & Cove Choice provides great temperature control, unexpected motion isolation, and better pressure relief than some of the other mattresses we tested. we loved how this mattress performed, as well as its luxury materials.

Sinkage of the Logan & Cove Choice with basketball

The Logan & Cove Choice Mattress had about 6.4 centimetres of sinkage during our 12-pound basketball tests. It’s responsive without feeling like you’re stuck in the mattress, something many Canadians can appreciate. 

Logan & Cove Choice Material Layers

The Logan & Cove Choice Mattresses uses proprietary materials throughout its layers. The Elastex foam in the middle of the mattress mimics the properties of natural latex.

  • 0.5″ Quilted Top Cover
  • 1.0″ ecoLuxe Cooling Gel Foam
  • 1.5″ Premium Elastex Foam
  • 9.0″ Individually Wrapped Coils

This mattress has a slightly plush feel at the surface. The coils offer stronger support, which makes this mattress medium-firm when it comes to overall support and feel.

The Logan & Cove Choice has a weight limit of about 500 lbs (226.8 kg). This weight limit includes all of your bedding as well as your partner, pets, and anything else on the mattress.

The Logan & Cove Choice has 1,044 individual pocket coils in the Queen-sized option. The largest option, the California King, has 1,200 coils in its coil layer.

Logan & Cove mattresses are made in Canada! No matter which Logan & Cove mattress you choose, you can rest assured that all of them are made domestically.

Most locations in Canada can receive the Logan & Cove Choice without paying any shipping costs within 1-3 business days. Some rural locations throughout Canada (Yukon, Northern Territories, Nunavut) may require a shipping fee and face extended shipping times.

This mattress provides better motion isolation than we expected. The foam layers dampen movement across the mattress, and the steel pocket coils compress individually to reduce motion as well. You’re unlikely to feel anything from the other side of the mattress.

The cover of the Logan & Cove Choice doesn’t come off of the mattress. It isn’t removable or washable, but it can be spot-cleaned as needed.

The Logan & Cove Choice does not have a pillow top section. However, the Logan & Cove Frontier mattress offers a Euro-top section that is plush and comfortable, which might be a better alternative if you want a pillow-top mattress.

The Logan & Cove Choice mattress has a 15-year warranty that protects against defects in materials and workmanship. It also covers unusually deep indents that occur during normal use with a supportive foundation.

Throughout our testing, we noted that the Logan & Cove Choice was about average when it came to sinkage. The surface was responsive and it was easy to move around, but the mattress may lack bounce.

Logan & Cove is a top mattress company in Canada, with excellent products that continue to live up to their good reputation. The Logan & Cove Choice is no exception. We picked this mattress as the best option for couples and co-sleepers in Canada. We loved its luxury feel and appreciated the moderate price tag, which will work with many Canadian budgets.

The top of the Logan & Cove Choice was slightly plush and had a quilted cover sewn with cooling threads. Filled with hollow fibre fill and cooling gel foam, sleeping on it didn’t feel stuffy or warm. This mattress tested well when it came to temperature control. It has an additional layer of ecoLight gel foam to further reduce body heat.

Changing positions throughout the night was not a struggle, and the layer of Elastex foam did a good job cradling joints and pressure points. Even our testers who slept on their sides could move around without feeling stuck. We liked that the mattress bounced back quickly to its original shape after sitting and laying but had a slow enough response time to allow our users to shift without extra effort. This was true even for the heavier side sleepers on our team of testers.

The highlight of this mattress was definitely the motion isolation capabilities it offered, and our sleep experts who co-slept thought this performed better than any other option we tried. The Logan & Cove Choice did great with ball drop testing, as well as user testing over a long period of time. We repeatedly heard how much this mattress kept motion isolated. Our testers who usually woke up when their partners were restless were finally able to get a good night’s sleep. The only downside to this mattress is the combined weight limit of 500 lbs, which could be limiting for heavier couples.

We thought the zoned coils at the base of the mattress helped alleviate pressure points and provide overall lumbar support, as they uniquely target different body areas requiring support. The edge of the mattress is made of firmer coils, which we thought helped with overall durability and less breakdown over time on the perimeter.

Logan & Cove Choice sitting on the bed frame in the Made in CA sleep room

Best All-Foam Bed in a Box Mattress

Endy Mattress

A photo of the Endy Mattress in the Made in CA sleep room

Who Is the Endy Best For?

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Reviewing the Endy mattress for our comprehensive mattress in a box guide

  • Industry-Leading Motion Isolation. The Endy Mattress features some of the best motion isolation on the Canadian market. It performed extremely well in all of our motion tests.
  • Lightweight Design. This mattress is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for foundations with lower weight limits. It’s also easy to set up once it arrives on your doorstep.
  • Budget-Friendly. The low cost of this mattress does not indicate its quality. For Canadians on a budget, this is an excellent option.
  • Moderate Cooling. While this mattress doesn’t have added cooling features, the airy open-cell construction does a great job at reducing heat build-up.

The Endy mattress is our go-to choice for all-foam mattresses in Canada. Better motion isolation and temperature-neutral foam made us appreciate this mattress even more than some of the other options we looked at.

Sinkage of the Endy with basketball

When we tested the Endy mattress with a 12 pound basketball, we measured sinkage of 3.7 centimetres. This increases the firmness of the mattress without leaving much room for bounce.

The Endy mattress is only 10 inches high, with three layers of mostly proprietary materials. The top layers are made with an open-cell construction, which gives them a unique feel.

  • 2.0″ Endy Comfort Foam
  • 3.0″ Transition Foam
  • 5.0″ Support Foam

The Endy mattress is medium when it comes to firmness, but it offers minimal sinkage. This means it feels firmer while still cradling your body. Those with back pain may find that their discomfort is improved when sleeping on this mattress.

The Endy mattress is compatible with box spring foundations and slatted frames with gaps of no more than 3” between slats. You can also use your Endy mattress with adjustable beds, but use with platform beds is not recommended.

The Endy mattress is constructed in a very specific way. You shouldn’t flip it, but you can rotate it every 3 to 6 months to prevent indents from occurring.

The Endy mattress is technically a medium mattress (5.5/10). Our testers found that it felt a little firmer than they expected, so keep this in mind before you purchase.

The Endy mattress has a 15-year limited warranty that protects against materials, zipper flaws, large indentations, and workmanship issues.

The Endy mattress has a weight limit of 500 lbs or 226 kg. This is a combined weight limit, meaning that everything on top of the mattress (including your partner, if you share a bed) should weigh less than 500 pounds combined.

The Endy mattress is ideal for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. A softer top with minimal sinkage makes it ideal for those who need strong support with a plush top.

After delivery, the mattress can take a few days to reach its intended size. However, Endy states that you can use the mattress right away. We would recommend waiting at least 24 hours, if possible.

The Endy mattress uses breathable foam layers. Airflow is key to keeping this mattress cool. It does not use any active cooling features for those with night sweats.

Returning the Endy mattress is a simple process once you get in touch with the company via live chat or phone. Local donation partners will come to remove the mattress, and you should be home when they arrive.

The Endy mattress is 10 inches high. This includes 5” of supportive foam,  3” of transition foam, and 2” of Endy comfort foam at the top. It’s a little thin when compared to other mattresses in Canada, but it’s a well priced all-foam mattress.

As one of the original bed in a box options in Canada, the Endy Mattress is our top pick for an all-foam mattress in a box. While it has a slightly softer feel compared to other mattresses that we tried, we think this lightweight option is great for those with a lower budget who are seeking a no-frills mattress with great benefits.

Our testers with allergies and cleanliness concerns appreciated the easily removable cover, which seamlessly zips off along the edges of the mattress’s top. This cover, with its plush and soft texture, exhibited resilience against pilling or wear even after machine-washing alongside our other bedding.

For Canadians prone to sleeping hot, the Endy Mattress lacks extreme cooling features. However, its lightweight construction and airy foam prevented major heat build-up. Even testers accustomed to night sweats reported comfort and coolness throughout the night. Crafted from temperature-neutral foam, this mattress maintains its shape and firmness consistently across seasons.

While the mattress is slightly softer, we thought that the open-cell foam layers were cushioning, yet our testers of varying weights never felt trapped or restricted in movement. The responsive nature of this mattress kept our sleep experts close to the top of the mattress and allowed for ease of movement and changing positions.

Couples, especially those dealing with restless partners, will find the Endy Mattress an excellent choice due to its exceptional motion isolation. In both real-world testing with co-sleeping participants and traditional ball drop tests, this mattress performed surprisingly well.

The Endy sitting on the bed frame in the Made in CA sleep room

Best Budget-Friendly Bed in a Box Mattress

Douglas Mattress

A photo of the Douglas Original Mattress in the Made in CA sleep room

Who Is the Douglas Best For?

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Analyzing the Douglas mattress for our ultimate mattress in a box guide

  • Made for All Sleeping Positions. From side sleepers to stomach sleepers and all option in between, this mattress performed well for our testers no matter how they slept.
  • Reasonable Price Point. The Douglas Mattress is a great option for anyone who wants a low-cost mattress. This option may lack a few features that luxury models offer, but it is great for guest rooms or who want to try a bed in a box mattress for the first time.
  • Cooling Features. The removable cooling cover and layer of ecoLight gel foam help those ehwo sleep warm stay sweat-free throughout the night.
  • Removable, Washable Cover. We put the cover of the Douglas mattress through multiple wash and dry cycles. It didn’t shrink, pill, or lose its cooling properties.

The Douglas Mattress is the perfect optionf or those who can't spend a lot on a new mattress. It's extremely reasonable. While it lacks a few luxury features, it has everything that most Canadians need to feel comfortable.

Sinkage of the Douglas Original with a basketball

The Douglas Mattress sank about 4.6 centimetres during our tests with a 12 pound basketball. This depth makes for some light bounce and responsiveness, and you are less likely to feel stuck in the mattress as you sleep.

Douglas Original Material Layers

The layers inside the Douglas mattress are unique, with faux latex and cooling gel foam made with less carbon input than standard memory foam. It’s only 10 inches in height.

  • 2.0″ ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam
  • 2.0″ Premium Elastex Foam
  • 6.0″ Support Foam

All mattresses have some off-gassing, and the Douglas is no different. It takes about 4 days to completely off-gas, but we found that the strong smell went away after the first 24 to 30 hours of unboxing.

The Douglas mattress has a weight limit of about 250 pounds per person (113 kg) or 500 pounds combined (226 kg).

The Douglas mattress fights hard to reduce temperatures and avoids retaining heat. Those who experience occasional night sweats will remain comfortable on this mattress.

The Douglas mattress is a medium-firm option when it comes to feel. It offers less sinkage than some of the other options on our list, providing some responsiveness and a light bounce.

We found that the Douglas mattress reduced motion well, though there was some transfer from the other side of the mattress. It’s best for sleepers who don’t have extremely restless partners.

The cover of the Douglas mattress is removable and washable. It is simple to zip the cover off and wash it from home, without the need for special care instructions.

The surface of the Douglas mattress offers minimal give, while the layers contour to your body to reduce strain. It may help you feel more comfortable if you usually suffer from back pain.

The Douglas mattress has been around since 2009 when its parent company ( became one of the first independent online mattress companies.

The Douglas mattress is made in Canada. It uses Canadian materials throughout, so none of its layers are made from imported materials.

The Douglas mattress uses eco-conscious materials, including memory foam that uses 40% less carbon to make than traditional memory foam.

The Douglas Mattress is a highly-rated Canadian mattress that we chose as our favourite mattress in a box for those on a budget. With excellent features, this all-foam mattress is a good choice for those wanting to spend less money than other bed in a box options but still receive a high-quality product.

Our testers who slept warm thought that the cover of the Douglas Mattress was ideal, as it seemed to easily wick away moisture and heat. It stayed cool to the touch throughout the night. The top layer of cooling gel foam is both eco-friendly and responsive. While laying on the mattress, we found that we could change positions without feeling stuck or limited in movement.

We appreciated the removable cover, as it allowed us to easily clean the mattress. Zipping it off from the lower part of the cover was easy and didn’t require any lifting or wrestling of the fabric. We found it convenient to machine wash. It didn’t require any unique instructions, and we liked that it could be tumble-dried. Over time, the cover stayed effective in its temperature control and didn’t shrink or pill.

Our team of testers found the combination of the Elastex and motion isolation foam to create a great and solid foundation while helping to aid in better sleep. We thought that this was a good option for couples, as motion transfer was mostly limited, though those who had extra restless partners still were occasionally woken up by their partners at night.

Unboxing the Douglas Mattress was easy, and its lightweight design made moving it onto the frame effortless. At only 10” high, though, this mattress isn’t the thickest, which could be a deal break for those wanting a taller mattress. Overall, this mattress had enough to offer that impressed us, and its low cost will appeal to the majority of Canadians.

Douglas Original sitting on the bed frame in the Made in CA sleep room

Best Eco-Conscious Bed in a Box Mattress

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress

A photo of the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress in the Made in CA sleep room

Who Is the Silk & Snow Organic Best For?

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Putting the Silk & Snow Organic mattress to the test for our bed in a box guide

  • Eco-Conscious Layers. We love how environmentally conscious this mattress is. It’s made from organic and natural materials that are sustainably sourced.
  • GOTS and GOLS Certified Materials. All of the materials used in this mattress are certified, with cotton certified by the GOTS and latex certified by the GOLS. it doesn’t get more authentic than that.
  • Extreme Pressure Relief. A thick layer of organic latex offers some of the best pressure relief of any mattress we tested. No matter which option you choose for firmness, this mattress is good at relieving pressure.
  • Medium Firm Feel. The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is a medium-firm option that offers universal appeal regardless of sleeping position. It may feel a little firmer than our other options. 

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress was the best option we found when it came to eco-conscious mattresses. We loved the natural materials used to create this mattress.

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress sinkage with basketball

The Silk & Snow Organic mattress had more sinkage than any other mattress on our list at 6.7 centimetres. We used the same 12 pound basketball in all of our tests. You can expect less bounce from this mattress.

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Layers

At 12 inches deep, the Silk & Snow Organic mattress is on the thicker side. A layer of natural wool acts as a fire barrier, which reduces the chemicals used throughout the rest of hte mattress.

  • 1.0″ Wool Quilt
  • 0.75″ Organic Dunlop Latex
  • 1.75″ Organic Dunlop Latex
  • 8.5″ Pocketed Spring Coils

The weight of the Silk & Snow Organic mattress varies depending on the size you choose. At its heaviest, this mattress can weigh up to 115 pounds (52 kg). At its lightest, it is about 55 pounds (25 kg).

The Silk & Snow Organic mattress does not have a weight limit. They use natural latex that helps support even the heaviest sleepers.

The Silk & Snow Organic uses up to 1,258 pocket coils for a supportive experience. The Queen size uses 999 pocket coils, while California King size uses 1,258.

Silk & Snow recommends using a box spring, slatted frame, or platform bed. This mattress may be used with adjustable beds, but use at your discretion.

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is 12″ tall. This is a perfect middle ground when it comes to height, allowing the mattress to fit most fitted sheets. 

The Silk & Snow Organic mattress is medium-firm. It offers a plush top and firm support, making it a good choice for all sleeping positions. Side sleepers may be especially comfortable on this mattress. 

This mattress isolates some motion. We tested it via our basketball drop test and found that you could feel some vibration on the other side of the bed. You’re likely to feel larger movements from your partner.

The Silk & Snow Organic mattress carries GOTS certifications for its organic cotton and wool, as well as a GOLS certification for the latex used inside the mattress. It is also has OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Eco-Institute certification.

The Silk & Snow organic doesn’t use active cooling technologies. It relies on the natural wool to wick away heat and moisture, as well as layers of latex that don’t retain heat. As a result, this mattress should sleep cooler than memory foam but may not be adequate for hotter sleepers.

The Silk & Snow Organic mattress is made in Canada. Select units that are sold in the US are made there, but all Canadian units are made in Toronto. The materials come from India and Sri Lanka as well as Canada.

Another great Silk & Snow mattress on our list, the Silk & Snow Organic, is our favourite bed in a box for any eco-conscious Canadian. While this option is a bit more expensive than some of the others on the list, we found it to offer extreme comfort and superior support that makes it worth the cost.

Unboxing this mattress was straightforward, but we do recommend having an extra hand to help as it was a bit heavier than a typical mattress in a box. The materials used in the Silk & Snow Organic are weightier (especially the natural latex), but we think this denser mattress feels luxurious. Keep in mind that this mattress is a bit heavier than some of the other options on our list, so you may need help when moving and unboxing the larger sizes. 

The organic cotton cover is breathable, and we didn’t experience extra heat buildup or stuffy air when sleeping on it. While there are no added temperature control measures in place, those who sleep neutral to slightly warm will do best with this mattress. Our hot-sleeping testers thought this mattress just didn’t have enough cooling properties to keep them comfortable.

You’ll find organic wool, organic latex, and organic cotton in the composition of this mattress. At its core is a hybrid layer with firm, supportive pocket coils. We found that the great edge support from this mattress was perfect for our testers who sat or slept near the edge of the bed. Those with back pain will appreciate the alignment features and extra firmness from this mattress. 

The Silk & Snow Organic uses steel pocket coils with zoned support, as well as firmer coils around the edges of the mattress. We loved the support foam below the coil layer, as it helped the mattress keep its shape for longer than hybrid options without it.

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress sitting on the bed frame in the Made in CA sleep room

Best Hybrid Bed in a Box Mattress

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress

A photo of the Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress in the Made in CA sleep room

Who Is the Emma Hybrid Comfort Best For?

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Examining the Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress for our curated mattress in a box guide

  • Outstanding Support. Using a combination of HRX performance foam and a 7-zone coil base, our testers found more restorative sleep, soothing aching joints and providing lumbar support.
  • Moderate Temperature Control. Featuring a breathable cover and two different layers of cooling gel foam, this mattress is great for anyone who has night sweats.
  • Motion Isolation for Couples. This mattress has great motion isolation, providing deep and undisturbed sleep for those with restless partners.
  • Great for All Sleeping Positions. The Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress has a true medium firm feel, which helps all sleeping positions feel a little more rested in the morning.

The Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress tested extremely well in most areas. It offers the best of a foam and coil mattress combined, and it has so much to offer all Canadians.

The Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress’s 12 pound basketball test was surprising. We noted 3.5 centimetres of sinkage, which means it will feel fairly firm for most Canadians. You can move around easier, though.

When it comes to construction, the Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress prides itself on support. It’s a full 13 inches deep, with plenty of cooling and support features.

  • 0.75″ Airgocell Foam
  • 0.75″ Cooling Gel Foam
  • 1.0″ HRX Foam
  • 8.0″ 7-Zone Pocketed Coil System
  • 2.5″ Stabilization Support Foam

The Emma Hybrid Comfort is a medium-firm mattress. We found that it was a bit firmer than we expected, but it was comfortable and supportive regardless.

The cover of this mattress is washable and removable. There are some special care instructions to follow when washing, but it is easy to remove and replace.

The Emma Hybrid Comfort doesn’t offer as many comfort materials as other mattresses. It performs well in pressure relief testing, but it isn’t the best.

We found that the Emma Hybrid Comfort smelled better after about 48 hours. However, it took around a week for the off-gassing odour to completely dissipate.

The Emma Hybrid Comfort has a 10-year warranty that covers materials and factory defects, including workmanship.

You can use the Emma Hybrid comfort with slatted bed frames (with slats 3” apart or closer), platform bed frames, and box springs. It’s great for adjustable beds, too.

The Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress is 13” tall, making it one of the taller options on the Canadian market. It’s ideal for most fitted sheets.

The Emma Hybrid Comfort may be ideal for those who sleep hot. It doesn’t retain much heat, and the airflow through he coils and the comfort layer help move heat away from you.

Reduced sinkage and a firmer feel overall makes the bounce on this mattress minimal at best. Canadians who prefer more bounce might want to seek other options.

The Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress has an ideal combination of foam layers and a coil support system. It is our pick for the best hybrid bed in a box mattress you can get in Canada. At 13” tall and with separate layers, we loved how well-constructed and durable this mattress was. Its price point was a little higher than most other mattresses on our list today, but it tested extremely well with every single one of our experts, and we think its higher cost is worth it.

Canadians who sleep hot will find this mattress a great pick, as it has ideal temperature control. The moisture-wicking cover helped to keep the mattress breathable, while the two layers of cooling foam reduced heat and lowered body temperatures. Our team tried this mattress in warmer climates and with users who naturally sleep hot, and we were happy with the level of cooling the Emma Hybrid Comfort offered.

We liked the firmness level of this mattress and didn’t find it to be overly bouncy when laying on it. Changing positions was easy, and the HRX performance foam within the mattress seemed to cater to all movement without us feeling stuck or trapped. The motion isolation of the mattress was great, and it performed great in all motion transfer testing that we put it through.

Rounding out the mattress is an ultra-thick layer of pocket coils that sits on top of another layer of stability foam. These pocket coils claim to provide great lumbar support and pressure relief, and we put it to the test with our testers, who tend to wake up uncomfortable in the morning. We thought it did a great job in soothing joints and pressure points, and those on our team who sleep on the side found this mattress to be extremely comfortable. In general, we all agreed this mattress gave us more restorative sleep than most others we tried.

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress sitting on the bed frame in the Made in CA sleep room

Best Bed in a Box Mattress for Edge Sleepers

Simba 2500 Mattress

A photo of the Simba 2500 Mattress in the Made in CA sleep room

Who Is the Simba 2500 Best For?

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Investigating the Simba 2500 mattress for our detailed bed-in-a-box guide

  • Edge Lift Support System. The unique Edge Lift system in this mattress bolsters the edges, providing extremely firm edge support for those who sit or sleep here.
  • Motion Isolation. If your restless partner keeps you up at night, the Simba 2500 might be able to help. It performed well in all of our motion isolation tests.
  • Graphite-Infused Foams. Graphite-infused foam layers help disperse body heat, leading to better sleep for those who often experience night sweats.
  • Luxury Materials. All of the materials used in the Simba 2500 Mattress are of a higher quality, from pillowy-soft foams to supportive coils. It’s flexible enough to be used with most bed frames, too.

The Simba 2500 Mattress has a lot of great features, but its edge support stood out to us. Over time and in all of our trials, this mattress performed consistently well when it came to motion isolation.

The Simba 2500 mattress had a surprising 4.9 centimetres of sinkage during our tests with a 12 pound basketball. This makes for moderate sinking but a firmer feel, so you shouldn’t feel suck in the mattress.

Simba uses a lot of unique, high-quality materials in the Simba 2500 mattress. Dual layers of foam are the most notable feature within the mattress, offering better support and contouring.

  • 1.0″ Graphite Infused Simbatex
  • 1.0″ Spring-Comfort Layer
  • 3.5″ Poly Foam
  • 6.5″ Support Foam

No, the cover of the Simba 2500 cannot be removed or washed. You can spot-clean any stains or spills, but we recommend using a mattress protector.

The Simba 2500 is best for side and stomach sleepers, though some back sleepers may find it comfortable as well. The medium-firm feel was a hit with our testers.

The Simba 2500 uses 2,500 pocket coils at the largest size. The number of coils is related to the size of the mattress, with larger sizes using more coils.

As with most modern bed in a box mattresses, the Simba 2500 cannot be flipped. The way it is layered provides comfort and support from only one side of the mattress. You can rotate it on your foundation once a month to prevent indentations and maintain comfort levels.

The Simba 2500 does not retain a lot of heat. Our temperature control tests showed better performance than most memory foam mattresses.

When we unboxed the Simba 2500, we noted that the odour from the foam was strong, but no stronger than average. It took about 5 days for the smell to completely go away, but it smelled better after the first 24 hours.

The Simba 2500 is compatible with adjustable beds. The coils are more flexible than standard pocket coils, so you can expect it to perform better on an adjustable base.

The Simba 2500 performed well when it came to motion isolation. Our testers could feel very little movement from the other side of the bed, placing it in a better position to isolate motion than some of the other mattresses we looked at.

The 10-year guarantee offered with the Simba 2500 mattress covers manufacturing flaws, including damage to the cover during normal use.

Simba says the mattress arrives within 5 business days, so shipping is fast. You should receive it without a long wait, as the mattresses are ready to ship.

The Simba 2500 is made in Canada. Simba is based in London, but manages all of its production in Toronto. This means your mattress is still locally made.

As an innovative and popular bed in a box mattress, the Simba 2500 has some of the best mattress features you can find. We love it for its superior edge support system. While many mattresses have firmer, reinforced edges, the Simba 2500 has unique Edge Lift technology, which provides consistent firmness on every inch of the sleeping surface.

Our testers found the cover of the Simba 2500 to be soft and hypoallergenic, but we wished it were removable so we could wash it more easily. We thought unboxing was easy, and even though the mattress was thicker, it was easy to move around and surprisingly lightweight. When we first laid on the mattress, it felt slightly bouncy but was definitely more on the firmer side.

Canadians who sleep hot will benefit from the layer of graphite-infused foam that’s at the top of the mattress. Our experts found that even in the summer, this mattress stayed nice and cool and did a great job keeping warm air away from the surface.

We tested the Simba 2500 mattress for motion isolation with the ball weight drop test and help from our review team. The mattress performed well, and we found that motion was almost completely minimized due to the 2500 micro coils within the mattress. These coils are quieter, smaller and balance body weight and impact better than traditional coils.

What we think is the best feature of the Simba 2500, though, is definitely the layer of ultra-thick foam and perimeter support that uses their Edge Lift Technology. We put this to the test, sitting and sleeping on the edge of the bed over time, and were pleased and surprised at how well this mattress did. We never experienced sinking or slipping, and the mattress stayed consistently firm. While this mattress has a higher cost, we think edge sleepers should highly consider this option.

The Simba 2500 sitting on the bed frame in the Made in CA sleep room

Best Cooling Bed in a Box Mattress

Octave Vista Mattress

A photo of the Octave Vista Mattress in the Made in CA sleep room

Who Is the Octave Vista Best For?

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Trying out the Octave Vista mattress for our definitive mattress-in-a-box guide

  • Reasonable Price. The Octave Vista has a lower-than-average price point and is ideal for anyone on a budget looking for a high-quality cooling mattress.
  • Outstanding Cooling Features. With a superior cooling cover and graphite-infused foam, this mattress kept even our hottest reviews nice and cool.
  • Ideal in All Sleeping Positions. The medium firm feel, ideal pressure relief, and great cooling features make this mattress a good option for most Canadians regardless of sleeping position.
  • Notable Pressure Relief. A layer of responsive Elastex foam mimics the properties of latex, adapting to changing positions and soothing pressure points.

The Octave Vista is outstanding for a budget option. It provides a host of great features and performed well in most of our test areas. I especially loved the cooling features, as it felt cool to the touch even after laying there for a while.

Our sinkage testers observed 4.1 centimetres of sinkage with our 12 pound basketball. It feels comfortable enough without being too firm, while a light level of sinkage allows for better ease of movement.

Octave Vista Material Layers

Copper-infused gel memory foam is the headliner for the Octave Vista mattress, which helps it sleep cool and comfortably. This mattress is a full 12 inches high and includes a thick layer of support foam.

  • 2.0″ CopperGel Memory Foam
  • 2.0″ Premium Elastex Foam
  • 8.0″ Support Foam

The Octave Vista is far less expensive than the average memory foam mattress. It offers a host of features that mattresses in its price point usually wouldn’t.

The Octave Vista is a mattress. Like other companies under the umbrella, all of Octave’s mattresses are made in Canada.

The Octave Vista actually has great edge support. The edges of the mattress sank less than we normally see, allowing for better support for our testers sitting on the edge.

The Octave Vista didn’t perform the best in motion isolation tests. Motion transferred to the other side of the bed quicker than we expected, so restless partners might be a problem.

The Octave Vista is 12” tall. This is a good height for most foundations and should fit all standard fitted sheets as well.

A 15-year warranty protects the Octave Vista from defects in materials, manufacturing, and workmanship. It also protects against deep indents that occur during normal use.

The Octave Vista mattress is ready for sleep 24 to 48 hours after unboxing. We found that the off-gassing odours took a week to dissipate, which is longer than average.

The Octave Vista doesn’t have much bounce. It offers only a bit of sinkage but is comfortable without feeling too firm.

The cover of the Octave Vista is removable and washable at home. The care instructions are not difficult to follow.

The Octave Vista is compatible with box foundations, platform beds, adjustable beds, and slatted frames. The slats on a slatted frame must be 2” or wider and no more than 3” apart.

The Octave Vista Mattress stands out as an excellent bed in a box option that we think is the best in Canada for those who sleep hot. From its cooling cover to layers of unique heat-reducing foam, this mattress proved itself to be worth considering in testing and user reviews. We love the reasonable price tag, which makes this mattress accessible to more Canadians.

This mattress was extremely easy to unbox and set up, and as an all-foam option, it was lightweight and maneuverable. Upon sitting on the mattress, we thought there was a slight spring to the mattress, but it wasn’t overly soft. Our testers thought this was a good mattress for all sleeping positions, especially side sleepers needing joint support.

The Octave Vista’s cover is infused with CryoFusion cooling threads closest to the body, effectively reducing and regulating our testers’ temperatures. Our testers were impressed with the cooling properties, especially as an all-foam option, as we tried this mattress in all climates and found that the cover still stayed icy cool to the touch.

Under the cover, a layer of copper-infused gel foam worked to eliminate night sweats and heat buildup, while the base has built-in air channels to funnel heat away and out the sides of the mattress. Even our reviewers who tend to have night sweats were dry and cool, night after night.

This mattress did average with motion isolation testing, and our experts found that some motion could still be felt when their partner was moving around or getting in and out of bed. We thought the pressure relief measures were good, though, and the layer of faux latex kept the mattress slightly bouncy and responsive. At a low price point, this mattress is definitely a good pick for budget-friendly Canadians who want to stay cool and comfortable.

Octave Vista Mattress sitting on the bed frame in the Made in CA sleep room

What Type of Bed in a Box Mattress is Best for You?

The Canadian mattress brands on our list were evaluated in our Made in CA sleep test room and by a team of dedicated home testers. As we received feedback, we identified areas where these mattresses stood out above the others. We observed several areas:

  • Price and value to see if the layers within the mattress are worth the extra cost
  • Cooling test analyzing the mattress materials
  • With a 12 pound basketball we tested
    • Motion Transfer test between partners
    • Bounce test to observe responsiveness
    • Sinkage allows us to measure pressure points
  • Edge support to measure the sturdiness of the mattress perimeter

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is our top pick for the best bed in a box mattress in Canada. Comforting hybrid coils and a host of comfortable features help this mattress stand out. It performed remarkably well in all of our tests.

Logan & Cove offers the best bed in a box mattress for couples in Canada. The Logan & Cove Choice Mattress provides a soft surface, excellent motion isolation, and great support. This mattress has it all, especially if you often wake up to a restless partner.

The Endy Mattress is the perfect mattress for co-sleepers, but it’s also one of the best all-foam options in Canada. This bed in a box mattress is lightweight, comfortable, and features temperature-neutral foams.

The Douglas Mattress is the best option on the Canadian market for those on a budget. Despite its luxurious and proprietary materials, this mattress comes at an extremely reasonable price point. 

Canadians who are concerned about the environmental impact of bed in a box mattresses will love the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress. All materials are natural and organic, with certifications from the GOTS and GOLS. You’ll find natural wool and supportive pocket coils here, too. 

All Canadians can find a better night’s sleep with the Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress. Despite its higher price point, this mattress provides great comfort and quality of life features to improve your sleep night after night. It’s our pick for the best hybrid mattress in Canada. 

The Simba 2500 Mattress is a luxury option that features outstanding edge support. In all of our trials, this mattress performed far better when it came to edge support than most of the other options on this list. 

Octave’s Vista Mattress provides better cooling features that most options on the Canadian market. Multiple cooling layers, including graphite-infused foam, wick away heat and moisture to keep even the hottest sleepers cool.