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Side sleepers need great pressure relief, hip support, and softer foam cushioning around the shoulders. While it can be difficult to find these features in a single mattress, we’ve tested an exhaustive list of mattresses to bring you the best option for side sleepers.

Our team of testers and reviewers took a deep, critical look at each of the mattresses on our list. We evaluated hundreds of mattresses based on performance areas, how well they work for side sleepers, and how our testers felt about them. Because of these multiple comparison points, we were able to pinpoint the best Canadian mattresses for side sleepers.

Best Side Sleeper Mattresses for Canadians

  • Best Overall: The Douglas Mattress
  • Best Cooling: GhostBed Luxe Mattress
  • Best for Couples: The Endy Mattress
  • Best Hybrid: Logan & Cove Mattress
  • Best Firmness Options: The Novosbed Mattress
  • Best Support: Casper Nova Mattress
  • Best Luxury: GhostBed Flex Mattress

Why Did We Choose These Mattresses for Side Sleepers in Canada?

Each mattress on our list fits into a specific category based on the performance areas where they excel. Here is why each mattress got onto our list.

The Douglas Mattress is the best in Canada for side sleepers. It has better pressure relief than most of the mattresses we tested, and it also excels in most other performance areas as well.

Canadians who often wake up sweaty will appreciate the GhostBed Luxe Mattress. This is one of the best cooling mattresses in Canada for side sleepers, as it offers multiple layers of proprietary cooling materials to make sure you don’t overheat.

The Endy Mattress is best for couples. The all-foam construction offers great motion isolation, and the firmness and support are best for most sleepers. Couples with different preferences can enjoy this mattress.

The Logan & Cove Mattress feels like a luxury hybrid, with sturdy support coils and a soft pillow-top section. Because of these elements, it’s one of the best hybrids we’ve seen.

The Novosbed Mattress, on the other hand, features extremely customizable firmness options. The three initial options can be customized with firming or softening toppers to better match your preferences.

When it comes to support, the Casper Nova Mattress is no slouch. It features seven ergonomic support zones in two layers of zoned support foam, in addition to a layer of resilient coils.

Finally the GhostBed Flex Mattress is a luxury hybrid that’s best for most sleepers, with seven layers of luxurious proprietary foams. It features a coil layer and a thick layer of memory foam for support and longevity.

Best Overall

The Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Mattress


It's Great For:

The Douglas Mattress is perfectly engineered for most sleepers. Most have trouble with some aspect of memory foam mattresses, whether it’s a ‘quicksand’ feeling, heat build-up, or a lack of support. The Douglas Mattress features fixes for all of these issues. The medium-firm firmness is supportive, balanced, and great at relieving pressure. This mattress works well for all sleeping positions. It’s also extremely cool, between layers of cooling gel and the moisture-wicking CoolSense cover. This cover uses infrared to dispel heat and move it away from you as you sleep.

This mattress starts with the CoolSense cover, made of sustainable Tencel fibres. If you often sweat through the night, you’ll find that this mattress helps wick moisture away and keep you cool and dry. This cover even features a beautiful design, inspired by the Western Canadian mountain ranges. Underneath, you’ll find a layer of ecoLight cooling gel foam. This eco-conscious material is created with 40% less carbon input than traditional memory foam. It’s a responsive material that makes the mattress great for combination sleepers and side sleepers alike.

The next layer is an Elastex foam. This synthetic foam is responsive and supportive like natural latex, but it doesn’t contain any of the chemicals that cause latex reactions. It’s a great alternative for those with latex allergies. The final layer of foam is a thick layer of motion isolation support foam, which helps with motion transfer and keeps your spine aligned for proper support.

This mattress provides great support and contouring, cooling foam for side sleepers. By avoiding all of the common flaws of memory foam mattresses, it creates a sleeping surface that most Canadians can enjoy. It comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

The Highlights

The Douglas Mattress is a medium-firm memory foam mattress that is supportive enough for side sleepers. It’s also soft enough to relieve pressure, reducing pressure points that may affect side sleepers. This blend makes it one of the best options for side sleepers. The responsive surface makes it easier to move around, including turning over. Two of the three layers of foam used in his mattress are made with eco-conscious materials, so you can sleep a little easier.

  • Medium-firm is supportive enough for side sleepers
  • Soft pressure relief to reduce pressure points
  • A responsive surface makes it easier to turn over
  • Layers of eco-conscious foam blends

From the Test Lab

“The Douglas mattress gives side sleepers everything they need. The excellent pressure relief kept our side-sleeping testers comfortable throughout the test period.”

Best Cooling

GhostBed Luxe Mattress

GhostBed Luxe Mattress


It's Great For:

The GhostBed Luxe offers seven cooling, supportive layers that combine to make a deep mattress with superior motion isolation and pressure relief. Everything about this mattress is made for comfort, from the phase-changing cover to the responsive layers of foam underneath. Even the hottest sleepers will feel comfortable with the ‘coolest bed in the world’, which actively works to prevent overheating rather than offering passive solutions.

This is a true medium mattress, so it appeals to side sleepers specifically. It contours to your body, providing support right where you need it. It offers a plush feel but also features enough support to keep your spine aligned while relieving pressure points. The cover features phase-changing materials, which react to your body heat. Once the cover reaches a certain temperature, it begins funnelling heat away from you to maintain that temperature.

Below the cover is a layer of gel memory foam, which is woven with cooling fibre. Together, these measures create a top section that actively cools you instead of allowing heat to build up. Directly beneath this section is a layer of Ghost Ice, which works to keep the core of the mattress cool by absorbing and removing heat. The next layer is a thicker gel memory foam, which adds great pressure relief and additional temperature control.

A Ghost Bounce layer provides a soft transition between the rest of the mattress and the high-density support layer. This layer is a proprietary material that offers the supportive responsiveness of latex and the contouring of memory foam. Beneath this is a thick, high-density support layer that keeps the mattress from sagging. Side sleepers will enjoy the wealth of pressure relief options here, as well as the extreme cooling measures. This mattress comes with a 25-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial.

The Highlights

The GhostBed Luxe features an extreme cooling design. It’s often called the ‘coolest bed in the world for its multiple layers of proprietary foam layers and features that help you stay cool all night long. The medium firmness is great for side sleepers, but it also works great for back and combination sleepers. If your partner has different preferences, this is a great option for you. Overall, this mattress offers great all-foam contouring and support, especially for side sleepers.

  • Extremely cooling design
  • Multiple proprietary foam layers and features
  • Medium firmness is great for side sleepers, but also back and combination sleepers
  • Great all-foam contouring and support

From the Test Lab

“Even our testers who usually sweat at night found that this mattress was cool. It also has great lumbar support for our side sleepers.”

Best for Couples

The Endy Mattress

The Endy Mattress


It's Great For:

The Endy Mattress is a Canadian-made mattress designed for most side sleepers. Each layer uses open-cell memory foam to provide temperature control and support, all while offering great pressure relief no matter how you sleep. Side sleepers will love the Comfort Foam layer, which features a breathable ‘hug’, and a more responsive transition foam layer for deeper pressure relief. Each mattress is made in either Ontario or Quebec, so delivery is always fast.

This is one of the best mattresses in Canada for couples because of the way it isolates motion. The open-cell design features larger cells than most, helping to trap and isolate motion as it happens. The deep foam pressure relief paired with very little motion transfer creates a mattress that’s great for side sleepers with restless partners.

The Endy mattress is temperature neutral, too. While some memory foams feel softer in the summer and firmer in the winter (due to the way they react to heat), this mattress has a consistent feel all year round. If you’re tired of your mattress changing with the seasons, Endy is the mattress for you.

The Endy mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. Returns are free and result in a full refund most of the time, but we’re sure that you’ll love this mattress enough to keep it.

The Highlights

The Endy Mattress is made of comforting, breathable foam layers. The open-cell memory foam construction helps with motion isolation but also helps the foam remain breathable for temperature control. While other memory foams might change feel throughout the seasons, this is a temperature-neutral mattress that feels the same year-round. It offers outstanding pressure relief for side sleepers and great motion isolation for couples.

  • Made of comforting, breathable foam
  • Open-cell foam that helps with motion isolation
  • Temperature-neutral throughout the seasons
  • Great pressure relief and motion isolation

From the Test Lab

“This mattress is one of the best we’ve seen for motion isolation. Restless couples rejoice! Our testers loved the deep pressure relief, too.”

Best Hybrid

Logan & Cove Mattress

The Logan and Cove Mattress


It's Great For:

The Logan & Cove Mattress is a luxury pillow-top hybrid that features soft pressure relief and unparalleled support. Every material used in the Logan & Cove mattress feels luxurious, but you won’t be paying a luxury price for this mattress. There are two firmness options: medium-plush, which is almost like a medium, and luxury-firm, which is about a medium-firm. This firmness spread makes this mattress appealing to most sleepers, as it offers an option for various sleeping positions.

This mattress features a cool, comfortable Tencel cover. It’s hand-tufted and designed with quality and temperature regulation in mind. Beneath the cover is a thick layer of silk-blend pillow-top fill. This fill helps the mattress retain its soft feel, creating a great first impression that lasts far beyond your first night on this mattress. The pillow-top section continues with two layers of cooling gel foam and a layer of high-density foam that helps create a transition between the pillow-top and the hybrid coils.

Together, these four layers create a separate pillow-top section that helps elevate you out of the mattress. The lower section of the mattress contains a layer of high-density bio-foam that acts as a transition layer to protect you from the coils. Finally, the coil layer features zoned and pocketed coils. Firmer coils under your hips and lumbar create better support. Overall, these coils create great airflow and help isolate motion, especially because they compress individually. A layer of perimeter foam surrounds the coils, creating a firmer edge for full mattress support.

The Logan & Cove mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

The Highlights

The Logan & Cove Mattress comes in two different firmness options, which help it appeal to most sleepers. These options cover a wide range of firmness preferences. It also features firm perimeter edge support, making it ideal for those who sleep near the edge of the mattress. Overall, the mattress has a luxury feel without the high price tag, a perfect option for those who want to save a little pocket change. The soft, pillow-top section helps elevate you above the coil layer, keeping you well-supported without any uncomfortable pressure points.

  • Two different firmness options appeal to most sleeping positions
  • Firm perimeter edge support
  • Luxury feel without the luxury price tag
  • A soft pillow-top section that elevates you above the coil layer

From the Test Lab

“This mattress was extremely comfortable from the start. The soft pillow-top sinks down into a well-supported contour that our side sleepers loved.”

Best Firmness Options

The Novosbed Mattress

Novosbed Mattress


It's Great For:

The Novosbed Mattress uses next-generation, open-cell memory foams to promote breathability and motion control. However, what sets it apart is its firmness options. There are three firmness options to choose from at purchase. You can choose soft, medium, or firm versions of the mattress. That’s an astounding number of firmness options. It doesn’t stop there, though – Novosbed offers Comfort+ Kits, which allow you to make the mattress softer or firmer. These mattress toppers can be placed right on the foam on the mattress and help fine-tune each firmness option, leading to a total of 9 distinct options.

Each layer of this mattress helps create a cool, comfortable sleeping experience. The soft knit cover is machine washable, though there is a second cover beneath that keeps the foam core of the mattress together. The first layer helps to disperse heat while providing great pressure relief. The middle layer of transition foam helps create motion isolation conditions. It also relieves deeper pressure points and helps with contouring.

Finally, the support layer helps balance your body and provides spinal alignment, which is essential for side sleepers. Altogether, this advanced mattress creates an extremely comfortable surface, which is revolutionized with the addition of multiple topper options. Try it for 120 nights after purchase, or stick around for the 15-year warranty.

The Highlights

Novosbed offers three firmness options to choose from in the beginning. You can order Soft, Medium, or Firm mattresses to begin with. After testing it for a little while, you can order a Comfort+ topper kit. This allows you to fine-tune the firmness levels to your preferences, as each topper can make the mattress firmer or softer. Outside of this, the open-cell foam design provides great motion isolation and cooling features. A dual-cover system protects your mattress, even when you take off the top cover to wash it with your sheets.

  • Three firmness options to choose from
  • Comfort+ topper kits allow you to tune the firmness levels to meet your preferences
  • Open-cell foam promotes cooling features and motion isolation
  • Dual-cover system helps keep your mattress protected longer.

From the Test Lab

“Each Comfort+ Kit added a noticeable firmness difference to the mattress. Our testers were more satisfied with the way the mattress felt because they could tune the firmness.”

Best Support

Casper Nova Mattress

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress


It's Great For:

Casper has always made mattresses with extremely advanced levels of support, and the Nova Hybrid is no different. This mattress combines several of Casper’s signature materials and features to create a mattress that sleeps cool and offers more support than most of the options on the Canadian market. Casper’s patented AirScape 2 foam goes to work here, alongside Zoned Support Pro, a system that separates the mattress into 7 carefully-considered ergonomic support zones.

The great feel of this mattress starts with the cloud-like cover. It’s a plush quilted layer that stretches in four ways. It feels great no matter how you sleep. Under the cover is a top layer of AirScape foam. This foam includes hundreds of small perforations to help move heat away from you as you sleep, ensuring that you don’t wake up sweaty. It has a soft feel that contours and relieves pressure from the very beginning.

The second layer of perforated AirScape foam provides three ergonomic zones. The foam is softer on the shoulders and firmer near your hips and back, providing a perfect surface for side sleepers. It works with the top layer of AirScape to provide better airflow than most foams. A layer of Zoned Support Pro is next. There are seven layers of contoured cuts to help provide additional support. This layer is more supportive under your waist, helping to align your spine. Meanwhile, your shoulders are soft and comfortable. These seven zones help you wake up feeling better than with your old mattress.

Finally, the coil layer features resilient springs with enough lift to keep you comfortable. A perimeter of foam creates great edge support, so you can sit or lay near the edge of the mattress with ease. This mattress offers some of the best support we’ve seen, even among other hybrids. Side sleepers will love the way this mattress feels! It comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial so you can try it for yourself.

The Highlights

The Casper Nova Hybrid mattress uses 7 ergonomic zoned layers of support foam. Together, these layers create next-level support and alignment for your spine. Layers of perforated AirScape foam offers increased airflow and better cooling properties. The cover is a soft, stretchy knit that moves in four different directions to keep you comfortable and cradle your body. The coil layer is surrounded by a dense layer of perimeter foam. Sitting or sleeping near the edge of the bed is comfortable and doesn’t feel like you’ll slide off.

  • 7 ergonomic zoned layers for ideal support and alignment
  • Perforated AirScape foam for cooling
  • Soft, stretchy knit cover
  • A dense layer of perimeter support foam around the coil layer

From the Test Lab

“This mattress felt very unique from the other options we tested. The zoned support is great for side sleepers and those who struggle with sleep in general.”

Best Luxury

GhostBed Flex Mattress

GhostBed Flex Mattress


It's Great For:

The GhostBed Flex comes from a company known for its quality mattresses. This is just one of the super-cooling mattresses they offer, aimed at those who need a cooler night’s sleep. The hybrid design helps provide adequate support, and the unique blend of coil and support foam layers helps create a firmer experience than some of the other mattresses on our list. Still, it helps to contour your body, relieving pressure points as it aligns your spine.

The top layer of Ghost Ice fabric is phase-changing, meaning that it is cool to the touch. It reacts to your body heat, working to stay at a consistent temperature as you get warmer. Once your body temperature exceeds this limit, it works to channel heat down through the mattress and away from you. This cover features cooling burst fibre that helps promote airflow right at the surface level. A thin layer of gel memory foam works with the cover, creating a cool gel embrace as the first layer of the mattress.

The next layer is made of Ghost Bounce – a responsive, latex-like foam with memory foam contouring properties. Below this is another layer of gel memory foam, which acts as a transition and helps with deep pressure point relief. The coil layer is made of a GhostFlex coil unit, which helps elevate you out of the mattress while providing cool, airy support. A layer of Spirited Edge coils around the edge of the mattress helps bulk up the edge support considerably.

Finally, the last layer features 7.5 inches of high-density support foam. Here, you’ll find even more support, motion isolation, and durability for your mattress. Since this mattress uses both coils and a support layer, it’s more likely to last longer. The mattress comes with a 25-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial, so you can see if it’s the right mattress for you.

The Highlights

The GhostBed Flex mattress is one of the only hybrid options that include both a support coil layer and a support foam layer. This helps the mattress stay firm and supportive for longer. The super cool Ghost Ice cover helps most Canadians stay cool, even if they sleep hot. In addition, the Spirited Edge support is great for those who like to sleep near the edge. You won’t get the uncomfortable sliding feeling you might with other mattresses. The hybrid construction features motion isolation for restless couples, too.

  • Dual support layers (coil and foam) help the mattress support you for longer
  • Super cool Ghost Ice cover prevents overheating for most Canadians
  • Spirited Edge support allows you to sit or sleep near the edge of the mattress comfortably
  • Great motion isolation for restless couples

From the Test Lab

“This mattress is cool, comfortable, and supportive. It’s also got surprising motion isolation for a hybrid. The glass of water we used in the test hardly moved.”

Why Trust Us?

Our dedicated team of unbiased testers and mattress reviewers work together to give you the best options for most Canadians. We spend weeks evaluating every aspect of the mattresses available on the Canadian market. We compare notes, categorize them, and figure out which ones are best. Years of experience tell us which mattresses work best for most Canadians, how each one stacks up, and how we should assign testers. Among other features, we looked at these performance features:

  • Pressure Relief: Pressure relief is the most important performance area for side sleepers. We looked at pressure maps and took tester feedback on how each mattress felt after extended use, especially when it came to pressure points.
  • Motion Isolation: Each mattress was rated on how motion transferred from one side to the other. We used a glass of water to gauge how much movement transferred during normal tossing, turning, and getting up and down.
  • Temperature Control: A lot of Canadians generate heat when they sleep. Memory foam mattresses can cause heat to build up under you as you sleep, which can cause you to overheat quickly. We tested how these mattresses controlled temperature, especially when they contained temperature control features like gel foam and perforated foam.
  • Edge Support: Some foam mattresses can sag when you sit near the edge of the bed. You often feel sliding or a lack of support when you rest near the edge. A mattress with great edge support will eliminate this problem, making it feel the same no matter where you sleep.

Features in a Mattress for Side Sleepers

Each sleeping position requires different things from a mattress. As we looked for the best mattress for side sleepers in Canada, we had to take into account what features side sleepers preferred, and which ones helped them sleep most comfortably. From our research and evaluation, we found that side sleepers need the following conditions to sleep well:

Pressure relief: Pressure relief was the biggest need for side sleepers. Hips and shoulders can often become uncomfortable when you sleep on your side, forming painful pressure points that can impact the way you sleep. However, mattresses with better pressure relief such as those for back pain are more comfortable for side sleepers, especially after extended periods.

Spine alignment: Sleeping on your side when a mattress doesn’t offer adequate support can be extremely uncomfortable. The mattress might leave your spine curved or dipping near your tailbone, so you may wake up uncomfortable and stiff. Spinal alignment usually comes with better support, meaning your hips are adequately raised so that your spine creates a straight line from your neck.

Hip and back support: Your hips and back are going to sink into the mattress most, as they are the heaviest parts of any side sleeper. A mattress that works well for side sleepers needs to adequately support these areas for maximum comfort.

Cushioned shoulder support: In addition to hip support, your shoulders need cushioning when you sleep on your side. It can be challenging to find a mattress that’s both supportive around the hips and soft around the shoulders, but it’s the ideal configuration for side sleepers.

How to Choose a Canadian Side Sleeper Mattress

With all of these things in mind, it’s time to examine how you should choose a mattress. While most of the mattresses on our list fit the parameters listed above, there are other factors you should consider when purchasing a mattress.

Type of Mattress

Side sleepers can benefit from just about any type of mattress. These two types are featured on our list:

All-foam mattresses feature layers of memory foam, latex foam, and polyfoam to create a comforting, contouring sleep surface. These mattresses are made of different foam densities and blends to create the best possible mattress.

  • Memory foam reacts to your body heat. It becomes softer with heat, so it will sink to form a unique surface for each person. Memory foam can feel like quicksand, and it can also allow heat to build up. However, personal contouring greatly reduces pressure.
  • Latex also contours your body. It doesn’t sink nearly as much as memory foam. Instead, it provides a responsive surface that still gives your pressure points relief. Organic and latex mattresses are known for their responsiveness.
  • Polyfoam isn’t used in most mattress layers. If the mattress uses polyfoam, it’s usually in the dense support base rather than the active mattress layers.

Hybrid mattresses use a combination of foam layers and springs. Unlike traditional innerspring mattresses, coils in hybrid mattresses are individually pocketed. They allow for better motion isolation and temperature control due to increased airflow. Hybrid mattresses may offer better support than some foam mattresses but sometimes offer decreased pressure relief.


Firmness determines how much support a mattress can offer. Each person has a firmness they prefer, and it’s an extremely personal decision. While most side sleepers prefer a medium mattress, others may prefer a firmer or softer mattress. Aside from your sleeping position, your body type can also determine which firmness you might prefer.

  • Soft mattresses in Canada are best for lighter sleepers (under 130 pounds). Stomach sleepers may prefer softer mattresses.
  • Medium mattresses in Canada are best for regular sleepers (between 130 and 230 pounds). Side sleepers may prefer a medium mattress.
  • Firm mattresses in Canada are best for heavier sleepers (over 230 pounds). Back sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress.

These guidelines can give you a place to start, but your personal preferences should ultimately decide which firmness you choose.


We evaluate each mattress based on the following performance areas. When you are purchasing a mattress, you should look at how each mattress handles the following features.

Temperature Control

During the warmer summer months, some Canadians wake up sweaty and uncomfortable. Mattresses can make this problem worse, and memory foam mattresses are notoriously good at holding on to body heat. A memory foam mattress can make you overheat more often than other types, so it’s important to look for one that has temperature control features.

These features can vary by mattress. Most commonly, you’ll find gel memory foam layers, which help isolate and remove heat as you sleep. Perforated foams, phase-changing materials, open-cell foams, and latex are all great ways to remove the overheating factor. If you sleep very warm, make sure to look for mattresses that stack these features.

Motion Isolation

Innerspring mattresses were notorious for transferring motion. If your partner moved at all during the night, you felt it on your side of the bed. Thankfully, memory foam and hybrid mattresses help reduce motion transfer, isolating motion to the area where it happens. With a foam mattress, you’re unlikely to feel your partner’s every movement. Hybrid mattresses also go a long way toward helping keep your partner’s movement on his or her side of the bed.

Look for foam mattresses with motion isolation support foam and soft transition layers. Individually pocketed coils and multiple foam layers can help stop motion transfer in hybrid mattresses.

Pressure Relief

As we mentioned above, pressure relief is extremely important for side sleepers. Look for mattresses with multiple foam layers and better transitions between the coils and the foam layers. It’s important to check for open-cell foams, denser foams, or more supportive foams. All of these options can affect how much pressure a mattress can relieve. You’ll want the most pressure relief possible, especially for the area around your hips and shoulders.

Edge Support

Edge support isn’t unique to side sleepers. Most sleepers who sit or sleep near the edge of the bed can benefit from edge support. Foam mattresses are notoriously slouchy at the edges, creating a slipping or sinking feeling if you sit on the edge of the bed or scoot over too far at night.

A mattress with good edge support may have firmer edge coils or a layer of edge support foam. If you want great support across all areas of the mattress, look for great edge support options.

Purchasing a Side Sleeper Mattress Online in Canada

Purchasing a bed in a box mattress online in Canada can be more difficult than purchasing one in person, but there are several benefits. Frequent sales, lower overhead costs, and free shipping make it easier and cheaper than ever to shop for a mattress in Canada. You don’t have to worry about transporting your new mattress, either – these mattresses are delivered right to your door. However, there are a few new things to consider when purchasing a mattress online.

Sleep Trials and Warranties

Sleep trials allow you to try the mattress for a certain amount of time before deciding to commit to your purchase. Online mattress retailers allow you up to 120 nights after your receive your mattress to decide if it’s for you. Most companies require you to try the mattress for at least 30 days before deciding to return it, as this is how long it takes for your body to adjust to a new mattress.

If you find that the mattress isn’t for you during this time, you might be able to get free returns and a full refund of your purchase price.

If you decide to keep your mattress, you’ll have access to that mattress’s warranty. Most foam mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years, but some have longer warranties. Each warranty has different terms, so make sure to read the terms of each warranty carefully before you make a purchase.

Unboxing and Off-Gassing

Unboxing a mattress might seem difficult, but it’s simple. Mattresses ordered online arrive at your front door compressed into a deceptively small box. To unbox the mattress, move the box to the bedroom you want the mattress is. Make sure to have the foundation set up and ready to go.

Remove the mattress carefully from the box, rolling out the tightly compressed mattress onto its foundationRemember to place the mattress onto a compatible foundation. Most slatted, platform and adjustable bed frames should be suitable. Use scissors to cut the plastic wrap surrounding the mattress, being careful not to cut the mattress itself.

Once you begin cutting through the plastic, the mattress will start to expand. Remove the plastic and allow the mattress to rise. It will gradually regain its intended shape and size over about 48 hours. During this time, you shouldn’t sleep on the mattress.

The mattress might also off-gas during this time. Off-gassing is the process of releasing chemical fumes from the manufacturing process. These fumes are harmless, but they may be unpleasant for some. Make sure to set up a fan and ventilate the room properly to fully remove the off-gassing odours. By the time the mattress has regained its shape and size, it should be finished off-gassing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Side sleepers should look for mattresses in Canada with great pressure relief. Side sleepers need a balanced experience that cushioned their shoulders and hips but still adds adequate lower back or lumbar support.

Side sleepers are usually most comfortable on mattresses ranging from medium-soft to medium-firm. The exact firmness that’s best for you may vary, but the middle of the firmness scale will be most comfortable for side sleepers in general.

Memory foam can be great for side sleepers. Enhanced pressure relief and body-contouring foam create a unique cushion for everybody. Because side sleepers often struggle with pressure points, a memory foam mattress might be able to help.