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Endy’s mattress line features high-quality materials and unique options to keep you comfortable. The Endy Hybrid Mattress uses these materials to create better support, with zoned pocket coils and a softer top for optimal comfort. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers are best suited for this mattress, but we’ll break down its most notable feature in the rest of our Endy Hybrid Mattress review.

Should You Buy the Endy Hybrid Mattress?

The Endy Hybrid Mattress offers exceptional support and pressure relief, but it’s also great at reducing motion. If you need extra lumbar support or sleep with a restless partner, this mattress is worth a try. It’s an especially great choice for those who prefer a plush sleeping surface. Stomach sleepers and side sleepers will love this mattress. If you’re unsure if it will work for you, you can try it during Endy’s risk-free 100-night sleep trial.

Here are some of the features we’ll discuss in our Endy Hybrid mattress review. 

  • Soft, pillowy surface features a foam-lined cover
  • Strong support from the zoned pocket coil layer
  • The edge support perimeter keeps the edges from sinking or sliding
  • Motion isolation foams and coils work to reduce motion transfer across the mattress
  • A thin layer of support foam at the bottom of the mattress reduces sagging over time
The Endy Hybrid Mattress
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The Endy Hybrid Mattress is Endy’s premium mattress model. This option features strong support from the pocket coil layer, as well as a plush feel from the foam-lined cover. Together with the pressure-relieving motion isolation foams below, this mattress keeps you comfortable and well-supported. Stomach sleepers and side sleepers will be able to appreciate the way this mattress is constructed. The soft, comforting top layers create a more comfortable feel overall, while stronger support from the bottom layers keeps you aligned and helps you sleep more comfortably. 

All layers of foam used in the Endy Hybrid mattress are open-cell and hypoallergenic. They help trap motion and reduce transfer, keeping you asleep even when your partner tosses and turns. The open cells also help absorb heat and move it away from you, meaning you won’t overheat easily. The lack of active cooling features means that those who sleep extremely hot might want to choose a different mattress. 

Still, the foam construction and the zoned coils below help reduce strain and improve sleep overall. Firmer coils in the centre of the mattress help reduce strain on your hips and lower back, providing better support for those who need it. A perimeter of edge support coils keeps the edges from sinking or sliding. You’ll get the same support no matter where you sleep. If you want to try the mattress to see if it’s right for you, you can take advantage of the 100-night risk-free trial to ensure that it’s perfect.

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control​
Edge Support​
Ease of Movement​

Mattress Construction​

Endy Hybrid Mattress Construction

The Endy Hybrid Mattress takes Endy’s great mattress design a step further, with materials that work together to provide a unique feel.

  • Plush Quilted Cover. Endy’s plush quilted cover is lined and quilted with foam, providing a pillow-top effect. This means the mattress is comfortable and plush, with stronger support from the coil layer below.
  • Endy Comfort Foam. The top layer of Endy comfort foam is medium-firm and offers great pressure relief. It’s more responsive than standard memory foam, with better breathability due to the open-cell foam construction.
  • Transition Foam. A layer of softer transition foam helps eliminate motion transfer, using Endy’s well-tested formula. It also helps support your deepest pressure points and keeps you elevated out of the mattress, so you’ll never feel the coil layer.
  • Zoned Coil Support. The support coil layer features pocket coils made from high-carbon steel. Firmer coils across the middle of the mattress provide better alignment and support for your lumbar and hips. The coils around your shoulders are softer for better pressure relief. Overall, these coils are great at reducing temperature and isolating motion.
  • Support Foam. While some mattresses end at the coil layer, the Endy Hybrid takes mattress construction to another level. A thin layer of high-density foam helps maintain the shape of your mattress, reducing sagging over time as it supports the coils.


7 on Firmness Scale

The Endy Hybrid Mattress is medium-firm and comes in at about a 7 on the firmness scale. This mattress uses Endy’s signature medium-firm comfort foam, but the firm support from the coil layer makes it feel firmer overall. While the strong support helps create a firmer feel, the plush top layer creates a cloud-like surface. 

The result is a mattress that relieves pressure and provides great alignment and support. It’s one of the best examples of a medium-firm mattress because of this, though the top layer might be too soft for some Canadians. 

Motion Isolation

Endy’s mattresses are known for their motion isolation, and the Endy Hybrid Mattress is no different. The open-cell foams through this mattress pair with the pocket coils to deliver greater motion isolation throughout. If your partner is often restless, tossing and turning throughout the night, you’ve probably woken up more than once. Thankfully, the isolation foam used within the Endy Hybrid mattress stops motion in its tracks. 

You’ll hardly feel your partner getting out of bed in the morning, or turning over in the middle of the night. Light sleepers will love the way this mattress traps motion and keeps you asleep even when your partner isn’t.

Pressure Relief

Endy Hybrid Pressure Relief

The Endy Hybrid Mattress is also great at relieving pressure. The foam lining on the cover and the Endy Comfort Foam layer below both relieve pressure, reducing strain on your body and keeping you balanced throughout the night. The transition foam layer below these top layers helps cradle your deepest pressure points, so you can wake up without discomfort. 

From the top of this mattress down to the zoned pocket coils, every part helps reduce pressure and keep you aligned so you stay comfortable. It’s one of the best mattresses in Canada when it comes to pressure relief.

Temperature Control

The Endy Hybrid mattress doesn’t use any active cooling features to keep you cool. The open-cell memory foam layers help move heat away from you, wicking away the higher temperatures so you don’t overheat throughout the night. The pocket coils also keep the core of the mattress cooler. 

However, these features only do so much. While this mattress might be cooler than a memory foam option, it still lacks proper temperature control for those who sleep hot. If you usually wake up a little too warm, it’s fine for you. Those who overheat often and wake up sweaty should avoid a mattress that doesn’t use active cooling.

Edge Support

A perimeter of firmer coils surrounds the pocket coil layer of the Endy Hybrid Mattress. These stronger coils prevent the mattress from sagging at the edges. While some mattresses lose support as you approach the edges of the mattress, this option will keep you bolstered and supported no matter where you lay. 

If you like to sit near the edge of the bed or sleep at the edge, you’ll find that this mattress keeps you comfortable even at the very edge. 

Ease of Movement

Endy Hybrid Mattress Ease of Movement

The Endy Hybrid Mattress is easier to move around on than most of the other mattresses in Canada that use foam layers. The Endy Comfort Foam top layer is more responsive than standard memory foam, and a quilted layer of foam above that helps keep you comfortable without the sinking feeling you usually get from memory foam. 

The strong support from the coil layer also helps reduce the ‘quicksand’ feeling that memory foam usually produces. Together, these features make it easier to move around, even as the mattress relieves pressure.


Due to the hybrid nature of the Endy Hybrid mattress, it’s a bit more expensive than the standard Endy mattress. This higher price point accounts for high-quality materials and better support overall, including the layer of zoned pocket coils. here are the dimensions and prices for each of the six standard mattress sizes that Endy offers.

Size Price Dimensions
75" x 39" x 13"
Twin XL
80" x 39" x 13"
75" x 54" x 13"
80" x 60" x 13"
80" x 76" x 13"
California King
84" x 72" x 13"

The Endy Hybrid Mattress
Endy Hybrid Mattress
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All of Endy’s mattresses (and most of the other products) ship free to all Canadian provinces. There are no shipping fees or delivery fees in these areas, though some exceptions may be required for extremely rural areas. 

Shipping to Canadian territories, on the other hand, requires a flat shipping fee. It costs about $150 to ship the Endy Mattress to Iqaluit, Whitehorse, and Yellowknife. Unfortunately, Endy can only ship the Twin-sized Endy Hybrid mattress to Canadian territories at this time. 

Once your order has been processed, it will usually leave the warehouse on the next business day. Orders are usually delivered within 7 business days, with the shortest shipping times occurring in major metropolitan areas such as Toronto.

Sleep Trial and Returns

The Endy Hybrid Mattress features a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. This allows you to test the mattress before you decide to keep it. During the first 100 nights after the mattress arrives at your door, you can see if it helps you sleep better. It usually takes about 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Endy doesn’t require you to wait until the first 30 days have passed before returning the mattress, but we recommend waiting at least this long to fully test the mattress. 

If it truly doesn’t work for you, you can initiate a return on the Endy website. Your mattress needs to be in good condition to be accepted for a return. It shouldn’t be stained or unsanitary. This is because all used mattresses are donated to charitable organizations where possible. Someone from the organization Endy chooses will contact you to arrange a pick-up. 

Once your mattress is picked up (usually before two weeks have passed), your refund will be processed. Processing sometimes takes up to 5 business days, and it may take another 5 business days for the refund to appear on your financial records.


Endy’s Hybrid Mattress is covered under the 15-Year Endy Mattress Warranty. Like the sleep trial, the warranty begins when you receive your mattress. It protects you against any defective manufacturing or materials and the damage that may result from them. 

This warranty covers some very specific damages and circumstances. These include:

  • Defects in the cover or zipper
  • Physical flaws, including cracks or tears in the top layers of foam, during normal use of the mattress
  • Indents of greater than 1″ in depth during proper use of the mattress

This warranty doesn’t cover damage due to improper use or an incompatible bed frame, softening or colour changes in the materials over time, or comfort preferences. When it comes to frames, the Endy mattress is compatible with box springs, adjustable beds, and slatted frames. 

If your mattress falls under the warranty terms, you can initiate a claim on the Endy website. Claims are excepted at Endy’s discretion and may require multiple detailed pictures of the damage or fault. If accepted, your Endy Hybrid Mattress may be replaced or repaired, whichever Endy thinks is best. Your warranty period will not be renewed or extended, but it will continue with the newly replaced or repaired mattress.

Final Thoughts

The Endy Hybrid Mattress is a great example of a medium-firm hybrid mattress. Strong support from the core of the mattress helps you sleep more comfortably, but the softer top layers provide a cloud-like sleep with better pressure relief. The combination allows most Canadians to find comfort regardless of their sleeping position.

Medium Firm (7/10)
Sleep Trial
100 Nights
15 Years
Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control
Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Frequently Asked Questions

The Endy Hybrid mattress is compatible with adjustable frames, slatted frames, and box springs. You should always choose a compatible frame that matches the size of your mattress. No matter which option you choose, you should always avoid putting your mattress directly on the floor. This can cause damage to the mattress and void your warranty.

Endy recommends using a mattress protector with the Endy mattress. You can spot-clean the surface with mild detergents. Make sure to rotate the mattress every 6 months rather than flipping it to maintain an even surface.

The smallest Endy Hybrid mattress (the Twin-size version) weighs 68 pounds, while the largest (the King or California King versions) weigh 133 pounds. The coils add weight but don’t make the mattress unwieldy. Keep this in mind when using a compatible frame, as frames have weight limits that can affect which option you can use.

The Endy Hybrid Mattress features handles on the sides, which allow for easy movement. These reinforced handles allow you to easily move the mattress onto its foundation and adjusts its position afterwards. Even though these mattresses are heavier, the handles make it simple to move.

The Endy mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, so you can test the mattress to see if it’s right for you. You’ll have to keep it for 30 days before you can return it. After the first 30 days, you can return it for a refund of your purchase price.

The Endy Hybrid has a 15-year mattress warranty, which covers manufacturing defects, physical flaws, and deep body indents. This warranty is void if you fail to use a proper bed frame. Endy may repair or replace your mattress if they find that it falls within the warranty terms.