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While some Canadians pour hours of research into finding the perfect mattress, many forget that the bed frame that accompanies it is often just as important. Choosing a great bed frame can factor in features like materials used, colour options and under-the-bed storage preference. Our team of bed frame experts and user testers spent hundreds of hours trying all the best bed frames in Canada to help you choose the best fit for you.

All of the bed frames on our list today underwent hundreds of hours of testing. Each of our testers tried the bed frames out for extended lengths of time, and evaluated them on multiple features and benefits, ensuring only the best bed frames made it into our list today. Here are our picks for the best bed frames in Canada in 2024.

11 Best Bed Frames in Canada for 2024

  • Best Overall – Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame
  • Best for Tech-Savvy – Hush Dani Bed Frame with Headboard
  • Best Design – Silk & Snow Upholstered Bed Frame
  • Best Bed Frame with Drawers – Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage
  • Best Platform – Silk & Snow Platform Bed
  • Best Metal Bed Frame – Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation
  • Best No-Frills Bed Frame – Douglas Metal Bed Frame
  • Best Under Bed Storage – Zinus Lorelai Platform Bed
  • Best Headboard – Noa Venice Bed with Headboard
  • Best Adjustable – GhostBed Adjustable Base
  • Best for Easy Assembly – Endy Upholstered Bed

Why Did We Choose These Bed Frames in Canada?

Each bed frame in our review today was carefully chosen after many hours by our professional team and user tester. We looked at important features like compatibility, frame type, sizes, and more to determine which would be best for you. After our selection process, we created a list of the best bed frames in Canada. Here’s why each of our options made the list.

Made of Acacia wood, a natural wood that looks modern and sleek, the Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame is a great option for anyone wanting high-end bedroom decor. This bed frame also offers easy assembly and a matching nightstand, as well as an optional headboard. These features helped this bed frame top our list as our favourite bed frame in Canada.

The Hush Dani Bed Frame With Headboard is a great bed frame for any Canadian looking for a frame that includes some tech features. With built-in USB ports and a sleek, plush design, this is perfect for anyone wanting a bed fame with modern features.

Two different upholstered styles make the Silk & Snow Upholstered Bed Frame the best design on a bed frame in Canada. Whether you prefer a gridded, tufted look or a horizontal channeled design, these neutral options will make your bedroom look great. The sturdy, supportive base is also a great choice for most Canadian mattresses.

The Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage is a plush and modern bed frame that is fully upholstered and includes a headboard. The best feature of this frame, though, is the large, hidden storage drawer located at the end of the bed, perfect for storing clothing or extra bedding.

With upholstered sides, easy assembly and a perfect height, the Silk & Snow Platform Bed offers it all and is our favourite bed frame in Canada. This frame fits most mattress sizes and comes in a modern grey fabric, looking great in all bedrooms.

Those who are looking for a solidly made, all-metal bed frame will appreciate the Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation, which is the best metal bed frame available to buy in Canada. With its sleek black finish and generous under-the-bed storage, this is an excellent bed frame for all bed sizes.

The Douglas Metal Bed Frame is a well-made metal bed frame that is simple and no-frills in design. This bed frame is easy to put together, works with all box springs and mattresses, and you can attach your existing headboard to it.

If you happen to have a small bedroom and need extra storage space, the modern Zinus Lorelai Platform Bed is our favourite for under-the-bed storage. With 13” of clearance, boxes, sliding drawers, and bins can fit easily underneath.

Canadians seeking the ultimate headboard in both comfort and design will love the Noa Venice Bed with Headboard. This bed frame has the largest tufted headboard in our review today and is elegant and plush.

For Canadians who are looking for a luxurious adjustable base, the GhostBed Adjustable Base is the perfect option. This adjustable base works with nearly every mattress and bed frame and has massaging features and customized controls.

Those seeking a soft and modern-looking frame they can put together in minutes should consider the Endy Upholstered Bed Frame. This upscale frame looks great in any bedroom and can be assembled quickly and without tools.

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Best Overall

Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame

Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame Feature
Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame in Bedroom

It's Great For:

Those seeking a sleek and modern bed frame made of dark natural wood will love the Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame, which is our choice for the best bed frame in Canada. This bed frame is a great option for anyone looking for a fantastic aesthetic that will match any bedding and decor.

Made of Acacia wood that is medium-dark in colour, this frame is sturdy and durable. This frame is a platform style, and a mattress can be placed directly on top of the wood slats. The all-wood bed frame is ultra quiet, as the lack of metal parts reduces the chances of squeaking and noise.

Those seeking a cohesive design will appreciate the nightstand that is available from Silk & Snow, which matches this bed frame perfectly. This frame comes in a simple platform style or with a headboard, ensuring that no matter which style you prefer, one of the options of the Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame will work for you.

Assembly of this bed frame is incredibly easy, as it uses the Japanese style of joinery. The sides of the frame fit into each other like a puzzle and ensure long-lasting durability. For those who move rooms or homes often, you won’t need to worry about stripping screws or hardware becoming loose over time with this frame.

The Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame comes in Twin, Full, Queen and King, so the majority of mattresses will work with this frame. Hybrid mattresses are one of the best choices for this classy bed frame. The frame has a low clearance of 8” under the bed, so those wanting to store items underneath will need to choose slim containers or boxes.

Key Features

  • Acacia Wood Frame. This natural wood bed frame is made from Acacia wood and is medium-dark in colour. Those seeking a modern bed frame will like the sleek, upscale design. 
  • Wood Slats. The mattress foundation of the Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame is Acacia wood slats, which is a great base for any mattress with no box spring needed. 
  • Easy Assembly. Using a Japanese Joinery technique, this frame uses no tools for assembly and joins together like a puzzle. It’s simple to put together at home without any additional tools.
  • Optional Headboard. This frame comes in a simple platform style or as a platform with a headboard included, making this a great option no matter which you prefer.

Our Expert’s Take

“This sleek, luxurious bed frame is all wood, which makes it popular with Canadians who enjoy a modern aesthetic. The optional headboard makes it a great choice for a variety of households, too.”

Best for Tech-Savvy

The Hush Dani Bed Frame with Headboard

Hush Dani Bed Frame Featured
Hush Dani Bed Frame In Use

It's Great For:

If you are looking for a bed frame with solid tech features, you’ll love our choice for the best frame for tech-savvy Canadians. The Hush Dani Bed Frame is made with multiple wood types and is designed to last longer than your mattress. With a sleek profile and USB charging ports, this bed frame is a great pick for nearly any Canadian.

The frame of this Hush bed frame is made from birchwood and is upholstered in a soft, heather grey fabric. The legs of this frame are made from durable and solid cherrywood, which is strong and won’t give out over time. The slats on this frame are wide, unlike most platform beds, and can support mattresses without a box spring.

For those who like to keep their devices easily close by, the Hush Dani Bed Frame does a great job of keeping up with tech trends. This bed frame includes USB charging ports that are located close to the head of the bed, ensuring that your phone or tablet charger will always be next to you.

The upholstered fabric of this frame comes in a heather grey colour, which could be a consideration for some who prefer another colour option. This soft fabric wraps around the entirety of the bed frame, including the sleek and smooth headboard, which is perfect for lounging on to read or watch TV.

The Hush Dani Bed Frame With Headboard is extremely easy to assemble and requires zero tools to do so. This frame can be put together in just a few minutes and uses a joinery system, which slides pieces into one another like a puzzle piece. This way of assembly prevents bolts and screws from becoming loose and shaky over time. This is a great bed frame for anyone seeking some tech features without sacrificing quality and design.

Key Features

  • USB Ports. Each bed frame comes with two USB charging ports, making it a breeze to charge your phone or tablet while in bed. These USB ports are located in convenient spaces, too – you won’t need an extra-long cord to reach.
  • Heather Grey Fabric. The Hush Dani Bed Frame is upholstered in a soft, heather grey fabric and looks great in any bedroom. No matter what your bedding or decor looks like, this mattress will fit right in.
  • Easy Assembly. Using no tools or screws, this bed frame comes together easily in minutes and is extremely sturdy. One person can easily put it together.
  • Wood Frame. Made from birchwood and plywood, Hush makes their frames using sustainable wood and never sacrifices quality. It’s a sturdy and beautiful option.

Our Expert’s Take

“This bed frame is modern and sleek, with a plush upholstered headboard. Our testers loved having USB ports built into the headboard to keep their devices easily charged.”

Best Design

Silk & Snow Upholstered Bed Frame

Silk & Snow Upholstered Bed Frame In Bedroom
Silk & Snow Upholstered Bed Frame Side View

It's Great For:

Upholstered bed frames are extremely popular right now, and the Silk & Snow Upholstered Bed Frame is more than enough to satisfy your need for a modern bedroom design. The upholstered headboard and rails come in three different colour options and two different upholstered designs, so you have plenty of choices to match the rest of your bedroom decor. Multiple design options and beautiful, natural colours make the Silk & Snow Upholstered Bed Frame our choice for the best design in Canada.

You can choose the Grid Tufted design, which is the standard tufted-style headboard. This timeless style is very traditional, and it is presented beautifully here. For an additional fee, you can also choose the Horizontal Channeled option. This option doesn’t cost much more than the original Grid Tufted design, but it offers a modern look for your headboard that may work better for you. 

Both headboard types are available in three different colours. Cloud (an off-white option), Stone (light grey), and Slate (dark grey) are all beautifully neutral options. Along with your headboard, your choice of fabric colour will impact the look of the upholstered rails around the sides of the bed frame. 

This frame is a platform, slatted frame, with strong rails and poplar slats forming the supportive base. The slats are only 3” apart, meaning that this frame is compatible with most memory foam mattresses. They are attached to the rails with metal fittings, which means you’ll hear less squeaking and creaking when you move around at night. The bed frame arrives in two small boxes, and it takes only a few moments to assemble the frame once it arrives at your door.

Key Features

  • Three Neutral Colours. At checkout, you can choose from three distinct neutral colours. Cloud is a beautiful off-white, while Stone is a light grey. Slate is a darker grey that will fit well with modern bedrooms.
  • Two Upholstery Styles. You can choose from two different headboard styles. The upholstered Grid Tufted style is more traditional, while the Horizontal Channeled style gives your bedroom a modern look.
  • Easy to Assemble. The Silk & Snow Upholstered Bed Frame ships in two boxes. You can assemble it in just a few moments, without any hassle usually associated with bed frame assembly. 
  • Close-Fitted Slats. The slats on this bedframe are only 3” apart, which is close enough to support your mattress without the need for additional box springs or foundations. Most memory foam mattresses will be compatible with this foundation.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Silk & Snow Upholstered Bed Frame offers great support and a stylish design that will fit almost any bedroom. The two different upholstered headboard designs were especially impressive to us.”

Best Bed Frame with Drawers

Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage

Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage

It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage is a unique upholstered bed frame that is our pick for the best bed frame with drawers in Canada. Unlike many other bed frames with under-the-bed storage, this frame keeps things hidden with a large pull-out drawer that blends in with the bed frame. Those looking for a plush and modern frame will enjoy this Silk & Snow bed.

The bed frame is made from steel-coated iron and manufactured wood covered in an upholstered polyester. The sides of the bed frame go all the way to the floor, meaning you can’t utilize storage from the sides. At the food of his bed frame is a large drawer that pulls out on wheels.

The headboard of the Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage is also upholstered and is simple, with quilting. For those seeking a soft headboard with a minimalist design, this is a great option. The bed frame comes in three colours of upholstery; Pebble (light grey), Oatmeal (Beige) and Granite (grey-black). No matter what colour your bedroom decor is, one of these three frames is sure to match your current aesthetic.

Assembly of this bed frame requires tools and the use of their provided screws and bolts. The Silk & Snow frame slats are made from poplar wood, which is durable and won’t have your mattress sagging over time.

The Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage sits 13” off the floor, and the drawer is 8” deep, providing plenty of space to store extra bedding or clothing in. The headboard measures 42” tall, which is plenty high for anyone who likes to sit up in bed and rest their head on the headboard. This bed frame is a great choice for any Canadian looking for a high-end-looking bed frame that comes with hidden storage.

Key Features

  • Large Storage Drawer. This large drawer at the foot of the bed measures the width of the entire frame and is 18” deep and 8” tall. You can store blankets or other things safely inside this bed frame.
  • Colour Options. With three colours to choose from (Pebble, Oatmeal & Granite), no matter what your existing bedding is like, this frame will match it nicely. 
  • Upholstered Frame. Those seeking a plush and modern bed frame will enjoy that the entire Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage is upholstered for a luxury look.
  • Included Headboard. While other bed frames require a separate purchase for a matching headboard, this option includes one. The upholstered headboard is extremely soft and well-tailored. It measures 42″ tall.

Our Expert’s Take

“Our teasers loved the large, hidden drawer, where they were able to store extra bedding without taking up storage in their home. The modern look and design of this bed frame is another perk that Canadians love.”

Best Platform

Silk & Snow Platform Bed

Silk & Snow Platform Bed Frame Featured
Silk & Snow Platform Bed Frame in Bedroom

It's Great For:

Platform beds are a popular option for most mattresses. The Silk & Snow Platform Bed is our choice for the best platform bed frame in Canada because of its host of features. This modern, soft bed frame is well-made, easy to assemble and low profile- making it a perfect choice for most Canadians.

The frame of the Silk & Snow Platform Bed is made from engineered wood and iron and wrapped in upholstered polyester. This frame is free of all toxic materials and is incredibly durable, and designed to last many years. The platform uses wood slats that velcro to the metal beams to hold your mattress, and box spring is not to be used.

The soft polyester fabric on this bed frame is upholstered along all sides and doesn’t take up space. This frame is an excellent choice for anyone who has a small bedroom and is looking for a minimal design that still looks upscale and high-end. The fabric is a soft grey colour that will complement most existing bedding and decor, though the lack of colour choices might be a consideration for some.

The Silk & Snow Platform bed is incredibly easy to assemble and can be completed in minutes in just six steps. The height of the bed frame is 13” off the floor, making it a great height for most users who don’t want to be too close to the ground. The under bed clearance is 6” high, so those hoping to use this frame for under the bed storage may need to look for slim boxes in order to do so.

Key Features

  • Modern Design. This sleek and simple platform bed is elegantly upholstered and takes up minimal space, which is great for those with small bedrooms. 
  • Poplar Slats. The wood slats of the bed frame are made from strong and sturdy poplar wood. They use velcro to secure into place on the metal beams, ensuring that your mattress won’t be slipping around when you move.
  • Easy Assembly. The Silk & Snow Platform Bed only takes about six minutes to assemble. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, making it simple for most Canadians to get their bed frame set up without any hassle.
  • Grey Colour Options. This bed frame has upholstery that comes in a light heather grey and will look great in most bedrooms with a neutral colour palette. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This bedframe looked and fit great in our tester’s bedrooms. Our testers enjoyed the easy assembly and high-quality materials, including the plush upholstery.”

Best Metal Bed Frame

Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation

ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation / 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / No Box Spring Needed / Sturdy Steel Frame / Underbed Storage, Queen
ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation / 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / No Box Spring Needed / Sturdy Steel Frame / Underbed Storage, Queen

It's Great For:

Those looking to purchase a metal bed frame that is compact and offers excellent under the bed storage solutions should consider the Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation, which is our pick for the best metal bed frame in Canada. This bed frame fits all mattress sizes, including a narrow twin size, which is extremely hard to find in a bed frame. Made of solid and durable materials, this long-lasting bed frame is perfect for small spaces.

The Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation is a platform bed frame that is made of black powder-coated steel. The slim design is perfect for those with smaller bedrooms and is offered in all standard mattress sizes. No box spring is needed when using this bed frame, as the rails are supportive enough to hold your mattress without one.

This bed frame does not include a headboard like some other bed frames on the market. In order to use a headboard with the Zinus SmartBase Foundation, you must separately purchase brackets that can attach to this bed frame. At that point, you can then attach a headboard of your choosing to this frame. This bed frame will require traditional assembly, as it uses tools and bolts to put it together. Despite its all-metal frame, this bed will not squeak.

This bed frame is taller than average and is 13” off the ground, and provides 13” of under-the-bed clearance. This is excellent for anyone who has limited storage space in their home and wants to maximize the space under their bed. This frame works well with all of Zinus’s mattresses, which are also available on Amazon. Those with more limited mobility will appreciate the ease of getting in and out of this higher bed frame.

Key Features

  • All Steel Frame. Made of 100% steel, this bed frame won’t break down or bend over time. As long as you maintain the suggested weight limits, this frame will last a long time.
  • Under Bed Storage. With 13” of under-the-bed clearance, you can store just about anything under this bed. If you need the extra room, you’ll get it with this bed frame.
  • High Frame. If you don’t like sleeping closer to the floor, you’ll love the high profile of this Zinus bed frame. It’s 13″ height gives your mattress and possible box springs a boost.
  • Black Finish. With a black powder-coated finish, this black bed frame will complement any existing bedding or bedroom decor. It’s classic and matches anything you already have going on!

Our Expert’s Take

“This bed frame was well received by our testers, who wanted a metal bed frame that didn’t squeak. Our testers loved the under-the-bed storage space.”

Best No-Frills Bed Frame

Douglas Metal Bed Frame

Douglas Metal Bed Frame Featured

It's Great For:

For Canadians looking for a simple metal bed frame without design, the Douglas Metal Headboard is a great option, and our pick for the best no-frills bed frame in Canada. Available in all six standard bed sizes, this frame can accommodate all Canadian mattresses. This bed frame won’t break the bank, either, so those on a budget will appreciate the simple design.

Made of 100% powder-coated steel, this durable bed frame is sturdy and will last for years to come. This scratch-proof metal frame is designed with glide feet and an overhang design to avoid stubbed toes.

While this bed frame comes in all sizes, it should be noted that a box spring foundation must be used in order to support your mattress. Douglas makes a wooden bed foundation that will work perfectly with this frame, though you can use your own box spring as well. The Douglas Metal Bed Frame has an easy bracket attachment that you can use if you want to attach a headboard.

Assembly of the Douglas Metal Bed Frame takes about 10 minutes, and no tools are required. The rails slide into place into the attached bracket, and no screws or bolts are used. Those seeking extra under-the-bed storage space should choose slim bins or containers, as there is 5.8” of clearance under the bed. Overall, this is a great bed frame for anyone wanting a metal frame with high-quality construction.

Key Features

  • Minimalist Design. This simple, no-frills bed frame is an excellent option for anyone wanting a bed frame that isn’t a focal point in their bedroom. 
  • High-Quality Steel. Made of 100% powder-coated steel, this frame won’t break down over time. It will stay sturdy and quiet for years to come.
  • All Bed Sizes. The Douglas Metal bed Frame comes in all six standard bed sizes, so no matter what size your mattress is, this frame will work for you.
  • Tool-Free Assembly. This bed frame can be assembled in just ten minutes, with no tools, screws or bolts used. All of the pieces snap together effortlessly to create a sturdy frame.

Our Expert’s Take

“This bed frame was popular with our testers seeking a simple bed frame design. Our testers found that it was durable and well made and worked with all their mattress sizes.”

Best Under the Bed Storage

Zinus Lorelai Platform Bed

ZINUS Lorelai 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation with Steel Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Queen
ZINUS Lorelai 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation with Steel Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Queen

It's Great For:

Canadians seeking a bed frame with lots of storage space will love the Zinus Platform Bed, which is our pick for the best bed frame in Canada with under-the-bed storage. This bed frame comes in most sizes and a simple black colour, making it a great option for those who want a sleek and modern design in their bedroom.

The Zinus Platform Bed is made with 100% steel and will not bend or warp over time. With built-in metal rails, this platform bed is meant to be used with a mattress without a box spring. With no bulky headboard or siding, this bed frame is perfect for Canadians who have smaller or narrow bedrooms and are looking for a frame that takes up the least amount of floor space.

This frame is out together with traditional assembly methods and requires the use of tools and the included bolts and screws. It is best to assemble with some help, which could be offputting to some users. Zinus estimates assembly to take less than an hour. A headboard is not included with this bed frame and existing headboards cannot be attached.

The highlight of the Zinus Platform Bed is the generous under-the-bed storage. While most bed frames have minimal storage space, this frame sits 14” off the floor and has a clearance of 13”. Those wanting to store large bins or rolling drawers will find this to be a great choice. For anyone living in a small home, having this extra storage solution can be a huge benefit.

Key Features

  • Storage Space. There is about 13″ of clearance under this bed frame, making it ideal for those who need additional storage. This bed has more under-bed storage space than most of the other frames on our list. 
  • Steel Frame. Made of 100% steel, the Zinus Platform Bed will not bend or warp over time as many manufactured wood frames can.
  • Narrow Design. Without a headboard or upholstered singing, this bed frame is narrow and sleek and great for fitting into even the smallest of bedrooms. 
  • Black Colour Options. With a simple black colour, this frame will complement most modern bedrooms. The simple design and neutral colour provides an understated look.

Our Expert’s Take

“This narrow, minimalistic bed frame was great for our testers with smaller bedrooms. Our testers loved the extra storage space under the bed and found they could fit bins and boxes with eas underneath.”

Best Headboard

Noa Venice Bed with Headboard

Noa Venice Bed with Headboard Featured

It's Great For:

As our top choice for the best bed frame with a headboard in Canada, the Noa Venice Bed Frame with headboard is an elegant and luxurious pick. With the largest and most tufted headboard of any on our list today, this bed frame is great for anyone wanting to elevate their bedroom decor.

The frame of the Noa Venice is made from plywood that is fully wrapped in polyester. The soft fabric surrounds the bed and is available in both Beige and Charcoal (dark grey) colours, which will match most existing bedding and bedroom colour palettes.

The headboard of the Noa Venice Bed Frame slightly wraps around the front of the bed, surrounding sleepers slightly for a night of extra cozy sleep. This Italian-inspired tufted frame adds instant elegance to any room and is 58” tall in total height. Even the tallest Canadian will be able to sit back and relax against this headboard without hitting their head on a wall.

The Noa Venice Bed Frame with Headboard requires moderate assembly and uses traditional tools to put it together. This frame sits 13” off the floor and uses slats as a mattress foundation; no box spring is needed. The legs of this frame are made of steel and will not bend over time.

Key Features

  • Tufted Headboard. This Italian-inspired headboard is large and elegant, and its plush tufted fabric is extremely comfortable to rest on. 
  • Steel Legs. Made of 100% steel, the legs of this bed frame are durable and stable. Unlike less sturdy frames, these legs won’t bend after use.
  • Upholstered Frame. The Noa Venice Bed with Headboard is entirely upholstered, along each side, including the headboard and comes in Beige and Charcoal coloured fabric choices.
  • Tall Profile. Unlike many other bed frames with headboards, this frame is extremely tall, ensuring comfort for the tallest user, as well as adding height to the room for aesthetic purposes. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers thought this headboard instantly made their bedrooms look upscale. They thought the tufted fabric was comfortable and enjoyed the height of the headboard when relaxing in bed.”

Best Adjustable

GhostBed Adjustable Base​

GhostBed Adjustable in Bedroom
The GhostBed Adjustable in Bedroom

It's Great For:

Canadians looking for the most luxurious bed frame will love the GhostBed Adjustable Base, our pick for the best adjustable bed frame in Canada. This adjustable base is high-tech, works for most mattresses and bed frames and is perfect for couples who may want different sleep experiences or positions. 

Made of 100% metal, this adjustable base is wrapped in an anti-skid fabric that ensures your mattress will not slip off the frame. This bed frame can accommodate almost all foam, latex or hybrid mattresses. A box spring is not needed for this base and can be placed in most bed frames. For a perfect fit, GhostBed makes bed frames and headboards that attach perfectly to the GhostBed Adjustable Base. Whether you are seeking a low profile frame or a taller height, the legs of this base have three different adjustable heights you can set it to.

This adjustable base is great for those who need head and foot elevation for sleeping or for lounging activities like watching tv. The GhostBed Adjustable Base features custom elevation options or preset positions like zero gravity with a quick touch of a button. Couples who choose a split king base will appreciate the ability to simultaneously choose different options than their partner. The Twin XL and Queen each come with one wireless remote, while the Split King size comes with two remotes.

For those seeking high-tech features in their adjustable base, the GhostBed Adjustable Base features multiple great tech features. Both the head and foot of the bed have built-in massagers, each with three different modes, intensities and a timer function, which is great for those with sore muscles. Sleepers who get up in the middle of the night or before it is light out will appreciate the under-the-bed lighting, ensuring a clear path out of bed. Each base includes multiple USB ports towards the bed’s head, ensuring quick and easy charging access for all your devices.

The GhostBed Adjustable Frame is great for any Canadian looking for a high-tech adjustable base. Couples will love the Split King option, which allows for separate controls of the bed. For those seeking a luxury bed frame, this adjustable base is a great option.

Key Features

  • Metal Frame. The frame of this adjustable bed is made from 100% metal, ensuring durable and solid construction that will last for years to come.
  • Custom Elevation. In addition to preset elevation controls, you can customize both the head and foot of the bed to get perfect comfort. 
  • Massage Feature. With three modes and intensities, the massaging features in the head and foot of the bed are perfect for those suffering from sore muscles. 
  • Under-the-Bed Lighting. Eliminate stumbling around in the dark with the under-the-bed lighting that comes with the GhostBed Adjustable Base.

Our Expert’s Take

“This adjustable base was perfect for our testers who enjoy reading or watching tv in bed. Our testers who co-slept loved the separate sides and control features. With two mattresses, co-sleepers can enjoy perfectly comfortable settings without compromising the other person’s comfort.”

Best for Easy Assembly

The Endy Upholstered Bed

Endy Upholstered Bed Full
Endy Upholstered Bed Slat Detail

It's Great For:

The Endy Upholstered Bed Frame is a classic, upholstered frame that instantly makes any bedroom look great. This bed frame is our favourite for the easiest assembly of a bed frame in Canada. Not only does this frame come together quickly, but its plush and high-end design also works for nearly every bedroom.

Made of plywood, the Endy bed frame is constructed solidly and won’t start to bend or break on you over the years. The entire frame is upholstered in polyester and comes in two colour options, either light grey or beige, which will complement most bedroom decor.

The Endy Upholstered Bed Frame requires no screws or tools of any kind to assemble. This frame can be put together in under ten minutes and uses German Joinery to effortlessly join the sides and headboard together like puzzle pieces. This ensures over time that your frame will not become loose due to loose or stripped bolts.

For those who enjoy sitting in bed to read or watch tv, the tufted headboard adds instant comfort and design to your bedroom. This headboard measures 42”, so even those who are tall can relax comfortably.

The Endy Upholstered Bed Frame sits 11” off the floor, which is average, and most Canadians will be happy with this height. The frame uses slats as a foundation, and no box spring is required; simply place a mattress right on the slats. There is 5.5” of under-the-bed clearance, which could allow for the storage of some shoes or a slim under-the-bed box.

Key Features

  • Easy Assembly. The Endy Upholstered Bed Frame can be assembled in less than ten minutes, making it one of the fastest on the market.
  • Tufted Headboard. This buttonless, tufted headboard is perfect for lounging against and is upholstered in soft fabric that is plush and comfortable. 
  • Colour Choices. The Endy Upholstered Bed Frame comes in two neutral colours, Heather Grey and Warm Oat and will look great in any bedroom.
  • No Tools Required. With no tools, screws or bolts used, the unique joinery assembly ensures a solid frame year after year with no loose parts. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This bed frame was popular with our testers who wanted a plush and high-end bed frame that would last for multiple years. Our testers were impressed with the quick and easy assembly of the frame; most testers were able to put it together in just a few minutes.”

Comparing the Best Bed Frames for Canadians

CategoryBed FrameTypeColoursHeadboardSizes
Best OverallSilk & Snow WoodenPlatform with Slatted WoodWoodgrainOptionalTwin, Full, Queen, King
Best Tech-SavvyHush DaniPlatform with Large SlatsHeather GreyYesFull/Double, Queen, King
Best DesignSilk & Snow UpholsteredPlatform with SlatsCloud, Slate, StoneYesFull, Queen, King
Best with DrawersSilk & Snow StoragePlatform with SlatsPebble, Oatmeal, GraniteYesFull, Queen, King
Best PlatformSilk & Snow PlatformPlatform with SlatsGreyNoTwin, Full, Queen, King
Best MetalZinus SmartBasePlatform with RailsBlackNoNarrow Twin, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Best No-FrillsDouglas MetalMetal Open FrameMetalNoTwin/Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, Cal King
Best Under the Bed StorageZinus Lorelai PlatformPlatform with BarsBlackNoTwin, Full, Queen, King
Best HeadboardNoa VenicePlatform with SlatsBeige, CharcoalYesQueen, King
Best AdjustableGhostBed AdjustableAdjustableDark Grey SteelNoTwin XL, Queen, Split King
Best for Easy AssemblyThe Endy UpholsteredPlatform with SlatsHeather Grey, Warm OatYesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

How We Tested These Bed Frames in Canada

We’ve spent years in the Canadian sleep industry. We’ve tracked changes, trends, exciting new options, and more. Our staff and our teams of testers have seen it all, and we know what quality looks like. When we started preparing to review bed frames, we spent weeks researching what was available on the market, trying each great option, and formulating our opinions. We compared our notes with our testing teams to arrive at the options on our list.

While we were evaluating each option, we compared them based on the following areas:

  • Frame Materials. Wood frames are sturdy, but metal frames last longer. Whichever you choose, know that we scouted out bed frames made with only the best materials available in Canada.
  • Design. In addition to durability, the design of a bed frame is one of the most important features to look for. We chose bed frames that were minimalistic, stylish or both! We also looked for options that might work with a variety of different bedroom setups, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Support. Bed frames are meant to be supportive, right? Because of this, we’ve chosen bed frames with the most supportive bases. This includes slats that are close together, as well as frames that work with or without a box spring.
  • Trials and Warranties. Not every bed frame in Canada is meant for every bed or even every sleeper. We chose bed frames with the best sleep trials and warranties for this reason. We want to make sure you love your bed frame, and trying it first is the best way to know if it’s the right option for you.
Do You Need a Bed Frame

Do You Need a Bed Frame?

A bed frame can be an expensive investment, especially if you go for some of the more luxurious options. But do you need one? There are several reasons you might benefit from a bed frame.

First, your bed frame gives your mattress the support it needs to support you. If you need extra support, a bed frame can help turn your mattress into the perfect sleeping surface. It also works to circulate air better than placing your mattress on the floor, which can help regulate temperature.

At the same time, a frame can help protect your mattress. If air doesn’t circulate as it should, your mattress can hold in moisture and start to mould. Plus, on a frame, your mattress is less likely to slide around as you sleep.

Whether you need a bed frame is a personal decision, but there are a ton of great benefits to lifting your bed off of the floor.

While all of these benefits make great reasons to purchase a bed frame, you should consider purchasing a bed frame becuase of how it may affect your mattress warranty. 

Each mattress company has different warranty terms, so it’s worth checking out the terms for each mattress. However, most feature a term that voids your warranty if your mattress is not used with a compatible foundation. No matter which type of bed frame you choose, you will have to place it on a foundation. If you’d like to keep your warranty active in case something goes wrong, you absolutely need a bed frame. 

Worried that your bed frame won’t be compatible with your mattress? You can always check with the manufacturer of your mattress to determine which bed frames work best. 

How to Choose a Bed Frame for Canadians

How to Choose a Bed Frame for Canadians

So how do you go about choosing a bed frame? There are a ton of different features and options to look out for. Here are some of the basics you need to know before choosing a bed frame.

Type of Frame

You might think that bed frames are simple, but that isn’t the case! There are a ton of different types of frames to choose from in Canada.

  • Platform. A platform bed provides a series of solid slats for your mattress to rest on. Because there’s little to no space between the slats, it’s one of the most supportive frames for mattresses that need extra support, especially memory foam options.
  • Adjustable. Adjustable frames are more expensive options. Here, you can lower the head or foot of the bed to meet your preferred sleeping position. Adjustable beds often come with a ton of special features, including charging, under-bed lighting, and more.
  • Slatted/Foundation. Slatted and foundation frames are the most popular options. These slats are spaced out just enough to provide more airflow, and may often be wrapped in a cloth cover. Be careful of the slat spacing; some mattresses require slats that are closer together, so make sure you take that into account.


What is the bed frame made of? Usually, frames are made of either wood or metal.

  • Wood frames are the most popular type of bed frames. They can be made from various types of wood and may include customization options. However, they don’t last as long as their metal counterparts.
  • Metal frames are more durable than wood frames, and can often be put together quickly. Metal frames are also better at supporting more weight and therefore have a higher weight limit. They’re also better suited for heavier mattresses.

Most bed frames fall into one of these categories, but others may blend different materials to achieve a unique look or increased stability. Make sure to choose the option that works best for you.

Weight Limit

All bed frames have a weight limit. This limit should be observed to ensure that your frame lasts as long as possible. It’s also imperative to observe this limit for safety reasons.

Keep in mind that your frame’s weight limit includes the mattress, box springs, and the combined weight of any bedding in addition to the people sleeping in the bed. If you’re unsure, you should always choose a frame with a weight limit that far exceeds these factors.

If you don’t observe the weight limit, you might void your warranty. Because going over this limit can cause your frame to malfunction, it’s best to stick to it.


What size mattress are you using with the frame? You’ll want to choose the frame that best fits your mattress size. Most frames offer options in the six core mattress sizes, with some exceptions. Some might only offer King or Queen-sized frames, while others offer Split King options. Split King is essentially two connected Twin XL mattresses. Each partner can have a mattress (and, in the case of adjustable frames, position) that meets their preferences.

If you don’t choose the proper size, your mattress might not be properly supported.


The design of the bed frame can be important. For the most part, you should pay attention to the type of frame, what it’s made of, and the other specifications you need. However, the design of the frame can make a big difference.

A frame with closer slats is better for memory foam mattresses, for instance. These slats can help with additional support for mattresses that are prone to sagging. Mattresses with higher legs allow for more storage under the bed, too.

The way the frame is designed can have an impact on how effective it is, so make sure to figure out which type of frame works best for your mattress and your bedroom setup.

Bed Frame Additional Features

Bed Frame Additional Features

Now that you know what type of bed frame you’re looking for, here are some additional features to look for. These features can enhance your experience with your bed frame, but they may cost a little more.

Headboards and Headboard Attachments

Headboards are a great way to make your bed frame stylish and classy. While some frames aren’t made to fit into headboards, some of the options on our list either include a headboard or offer a headboard attachment.

Headboards that are included with the frame usually match the materials and create a certain desired look. You can easily choose the style that best suits your décor and design. A frame with headboard attachments might be able to accommodate the headboard you already have. Some frames have headboard attachments and footboard attachments, so make sure to look for those if you’re interested.

Adjustable Legs

Some bed frames offer adjustable legs, which can raise or lower the frame based on your preferences. Taller Canadians can use the larger leg options, while shorter users or those with pets or children can opt for the smaller options. Some bed frames include adjustable leg sizes in your purchase, while others offer size options before you add the frame to your cart online. 

Make sure you choose the option that works best for you. Measure your current bed frame if possible. This will give you a good idea of what the sizes on the product page actually represent.

Sleep Trials and Warranties

Sleep trials allow you to try the bed frame before you commit to the purchase. Most frames will have a small trial, usually about 30 days, to see if the frame is for you. While you do have to purchase the frame up-front to try it, these trials allow you to return it for a full refund within 30 days if it doesn’t work for you.

Warranties, on the other hand, allow you to return or replace a frame that fails during normal use. Warranties are in place to protect against manufacturing defects, so you can rest assured that your bed frame is covered. Longer warranties are best, but make sure to read the warranty information before making a choice. Certain use conditions may void the warranty, so read the warranty information carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bed frames are solid frames that hold a mattress and sometimes a box spring as well. An adjustable base can be used alone or paired with a bed frame for aesthetic purposes. Adjustable bases can move via a power cord, elevating the head and foot for those who wish to read, watch tv, or who might be recovering from injuries or surgeries and need certain sleeping positions to be comfortable.

Whether you are shopping for a children’s bedroom, a dorm or a small bedroom, finding a high-quality bed frame that comes in a Twin size can be tricky. In fact, only three mattresses in our review today do not come in a Twin or Twin XL (the Hush Dani, Noa Venice, and Silk & Snow Upholstered do not). All of the other mattresses in our list today are available in Twin or Twin XL.

Many Canadians enjoy being able to use the underneath of their bed for storage, and it is often an important factor when deciding which bed frame to buy. We recommend the Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation, which offers 13″ of under-the-bed storage space. This bed frames have the most storage capacity of any frame in our review today.

Some mattresses are only compatible with specific types of bed frames. In order to ensure that your mattress and bed frame are compatible, you should check the manufacturer website or call the company you purchased the mattress from. All-foam mattresses, for instance, have specific instructions about how far apart the slats on a slatted bed frame should be. Instructions such as these can help you choose an appropriate bed frame for your mattress.

Most memory foam mattresses should be used box springs, adjustable foundations, or slatted frames. If you choose to use your memory foam mattress with a slatted frame, keep in mind that the spacing of the slats matters. To properly support a memory foam mattress, the slats in a slatted foundation should be no more than 3″ apart.

You should always use a foundation with your mattress. Foundations promote proper support, but they also ventilate your mattress so it doesn’t retain moisture. Keeping your mattress up off the floor on a well-ventilated frame can help it last longer, especially if it is made with memory foam.