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Whether you are looking for the ultimate luxury when sleeping or have physical needs that warrant more features than a traditional mattress, choosing an adjustable bed can be a big decision. With countless adjustable beds on the market, it can be tricky to figure out what features you may need and what company to buy from. Adjustable beds vary in position availability, massaging capabilities and compatibility with frames. Our team of bed frame experts and testers spent hundreds of hours testing all of the best adjustable bed options in order to help you decide which bed is right for you.

Each adjustable bed in our review today was tested on multiple features, ease of assembly and mattress and frame compatibility. Our testers kept each adjustable bed for extended lengths of time and tested multiple beds in order to get fair evaluations. Only the best adjustable beds made it into our list today. Here are our choices for the best adjustable beds in Canada for 2024.

Best Overall Bed Base

Casper Rise Max​

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  • Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, Split King, California King
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Adjustment Points: 3 (Neck, Head, Foot)
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Leg Height: 3 (5″, 7″, 12″)

Pros of the Casper Rise Max

  • Offers a variety of adjustment options, providing versatility for personalized comfort
  • Includes a unique drop-in framing feature
  • Incorporates an anti-snore feature
  • Equipped with multiple massage zones for added relaxation and comfort

Cons of the Casper Rise Max

  • Higher price point than most adjustable beds
  • Shorter sleep trial (only 30 nights)
  • Does not have a lifetime warranty

Our Expert’s Opinion

“This adjustable base had countless ways to customize positions and tilt points, and all our testers were able to find comfort. Our testers who snored loved the anti-snore feature and found they breathed better through the night.”

Those who are looking for an adjustable bed that will work with existing bed frames will be happy with the Casper Rise Max. This steel bed has a drop-in option, allowing it to be compatible with most bed frames, as well as Casper’s frames, for a polished look. The frame can be aligned to the wall, ensuring a minimal profile and your nightstand at arm’s reach. Those who like to keep their devices close by will appreciate the USB ports that are built into the bed, ensuring easy charging without having to get out of bed.

The Casper Rise Max Adjustable Bed features three different tilt points, more than most adjustable beds on the market. The bed can adjust at the neck, head and foot, allowing for many combinations of comfort. The bed can lie completely flat as well as in zero gravity mode, which helps sore muscles or those in post-surgery recover faster.

Included with the Casper Rise Max is a wireless remote that has preset tilt options like Anti-Snore and Zero Gravity, as well as two programmable memory buttons so you can store your favourite positions with a click of a button. The bed comes with a 4 zone massage option, promoting rest and relaxation. Those who get up in the dark will love the under-the-bed lighting, which helps light a path for you.

The Casper Rise Max Adjustable Bed comes in Twin XL, Queen, Split King and California King. The Split King is ideal for couples or co-sleepers who each want to control their side of the bed. This adjustable bed works great for all foam, latex and hybrid mattresses on the market, and Casper also sells mattresses that will work great with this base. Traditional spring mattresses and box springs are not compatible with the Casper Rise Max. This base comes with a 30-night sleep trial, so you can make sure that this adjustable bed is perfect for you.

Best Tech Features Adjustable Bed

Polysleep Levita

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  • Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Split King
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Adjustment Points: 3 (Neck, Head, Foot)
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Leg Heights: 3 (Adjusts from 8″ to 16″)
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Pros of the Polysleep Levita

  • Features an anti-snore option, beneficial for individuals who snore or have sleep apnea
  • Offers ease of assembly, facilitating a hassle-free setup process without needing tools
  • Available in various sizes including Twin XL, Queen, and Split King, providing options to meet individual needs

Cons of the Polysleep Levita

  • Priced higher compared to some other adjustable beds in the Canadian market
  • Comes with a limited warranty, which offers minimal protections when compared with other options

Our Expert’s Opinion

“Our most tech-savvy testers loved the extensive range of options controlled by the wireless remote, including the massagers and preset positions. The extra features really made this adjustable bed stand out to us.”

Made from durable steel that is covered in a dark charcoal fabric, the Polysleep Levita Adjustable base can fit into most existing bed frames. This adjustable base cannot be attached to a headboard unless it is part of a bed frame. This adjustable base will work with all latex, foam and hybrid mattresses, but Polysleep recommends all-foam for the best flexibility.

Those who like to lounge or watch TV in bed will appreciate the preset options for both positions, in addition to zero-gravity and all-flat. In addition to the preset choices on the remote, you can independently control the head, neck and foot tilt points, allowing for countless different positions to find your perfect comfort level. The anti-snore feature is great for anyone who sleeps loudly, snores or has sleep apnea, as the bed will gently raise to clear your airways while sleeping.

The Polysleep Levita Adjustable Bed Frame has two different massagers, located in the head and foot, which is great for relaxing and soothing sore muscles after a long day. The built-in USB ports on the sides of the bed ensure that you are always able to keep your devices plugged in and close by.

This adjustable bed frame comes in Twin XL, Queen, King and Split King. While couples can easily share the Queen and King sizes, the Split King is the only option where partners can independently control their own sides of the bed. The Polysleep Levita Adjustable Bed Frame can be adjusted to three different heights, ranging from 8” to 16” off the floor; great for those preferring to be low to the ground or those who desire a taller bed in order to gain under the bed storage space. There is no sleep trial or returns for this bed, which can be a deterrent for some buyers. This adjustable bed is a great choice overall and has features that most Canadians are looking for.

Best Adjustability in an Adjustable Bed

The GhostBed

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  • Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, Split King
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Adjustment Points: 2 (Head and Foot)
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Leg Heights: 3 (4″, 8″, 12″)

Pros of the GhostBed Adjustable Bed

  • Easily manage various positions and settings with one-touch controls
  • A limited lifetime warranty ensures the bed’s durability and long-term use
  • Preset options like lay flat and zero-gravity enhance user comfort and customization
  • Soft under-bed LED lighting provides subtle illumination for nighttime convenience

Cons of the GhostBed Adjustable Bed

  • No sleep trial
  • No full-sized option limits the size options available for purchase

Our Expert’s Opinion

“This bed had all of the main features that our testers were looking for in an adjustable base. Our testers liked the extensive range of control options and preset positions, perfect for reading and watching TV. The different tilt points and easy controls made this adjustable bed a premium option for most Canadians.”

The GhostBed Adjustable Bed Frame is tech-heavy, with multiple features to keep you connected and for ease of use. The wireless, backlit remote controls tilt and custom options, as well as preset positions with a click of a button. Those who need some dim lighting to see their way around in the dark will appreciate the under-the-bed LED lighting, which softly glows so you can see your way around. Canadians hoping to stay plugged in can enjoy a total of four USB ports on each side of the bed, so no matter what side you sleep on, you can charge devices easily.

The GhostBed Adjustable comes with two different tilt points located at the head and foot of the bed. No matter what position you want to sleep or lounge in, you can get comfortable with this base. Preset options for this bed include a lay flat and zero-gravity position. Canadians who need relief from aches and pains can enjoy the dual massagers, which each feature three modes and three intensities and include a timer function.

Those who are hoping to use the GhostBed Adjustable Bed Frame with an existing bed frame can do so with any frame that has a clear opening, with all slats and supports removed. Simply drop the GhostBed Adjustable into the middle. A bed frame is not needed to use this bed, though, and the steel frame is covered in a dark grey fabric that looks sleek and modern. For an additional cost, users can purchase a universal headboard bracket in order to attach an existing headboard they may have.

This bed comes in three sizes, Twin XL, Queen and Split King. Co-sleepers who wish to be able to have full control over their side of the bed will want to purchase the Split King, as the other sizes are all one functionality. The GhostBed Adjustable Bed Frame works with all-foam, latex or hybrid mattresses and is not compatible with all-spring mattresses or any type of box spring base. This bed does not come with a sleep trial, which could be a consideration for some Canadians who want to try an adjustable base risk-free.

Best Budget-Conscious Adjustable Bed

The Podium​

  • Best: Budget-Conscious
  • Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Adjustment Points: 2 (Head and Foot)
  • Warranty: 2 Years (Service), 5 Years (Parts), 10 Years (Frame)
  • Leg Heights: 3 (adjusts from 7″ to 13″)

Pros of the Podium Adjustable Bed

  • Assembly is straightforward and quick
  • The design allows for ample storage space underneath the bed
  • Priced affordably, making it suitable for budget-conscious consumers
  • Equipped with a full-body massage function to enhance relaxation and comfort

Cons of the Podium Adjustable Bed

  • Warranty offerings are somewhat limited compared to some other models

Our Expert’s Opinion

“This mattress was great for our testers who wanted all the basic features of an adjustable bed without a higher cost. Our testers enjoyed the built-in USB ports to keep their devices close by when charging. The adjustment features promote better comfort than some of the other options on our list, too.”

This adjustable steel base comes covered in a dark grey fabric, which looks great in most bedrooms. Those wanting to hide the bed, though, have the ability to place it into an existing bed frame if the middle can be opened up by removing the slats or beams. On its own, the Podium Adjustable Bed Frame can not be attached to a headboard. Assembly is super easy and requires no tools and just a few minutes to put it together.

The Podium Adjustable Bed has two tilt options at the head and foot, which can be independently controlled with the included wireless remote. This bed features a zero-gravity position and can also lay completely flat. For the ultimate in relaxation, this bed features an all-body massage that has three different mode options. Canadians who like to be able to charge their phones and tablets close by will appreciate the four different USB ports built into either side of the bed.

This bed frame is adjustable to three different heights, which makes it ideal for users with existing bed frames. You can adjust the height of the frame to suit your existing frame, reducing the hassle with installation. Canadians who need extra storage under the bed will nevertheless enjoy the tallest bed leg setting, which gives plenty of clearance beneath the frame.

The Podium Adjustable Bed Frame comes in Twin XL, Full, Queen, and Split King, which is a larger range than some other adjustable beds on the Canadian market. For couples and co-sleepers, the Split King option will allow for complete control of their own side of the bed. This adjustable bed works best for latex, all-foam or hybrid mattresses. Traditional innerspring coil mattresses and box springs are not compatible with the Podium Bed. There are no sleep trials, refunds or returns permitted on Podium Adjustable Bed Frames unless it arrives damaged.

Best Stylish Adjustable Bed

The Endy

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  • Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
  • Frame Materials: Steel
  • Adjustment Points: Head and Foot
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Leg Height: 5.5

Pros of the Endy Adjustable Bed

  • Comfortable upholstered design looks great in every bedroom
  • Two adjustment points at the head and foot of the bed
  • Endy’s FlexFrame technology allows full customization at the head and foot
  • Zero Gravity setting

Cons of the Endy Adjustable Bed

  • Legs are not adjustable
  • Does not adjust at the neck

Our Expert’s Opinion

“With Zero-G technology and two fully customizable adjustment points, the Endy Adjustable Bed stands out among the competition. The padded, upholstered headboard and frame surround add a classy touch to Canadian bedrooms.”

Some adjustable beds look clinical or mechanical, detracting from the overall look of your bedroom. You can get an upholstered frame, but it might not fit correctly on your adjustable bed. With the Endy Adjustable Bed, you can forgo all those issues. The upholstered headboard is plush and stylish, with buttonless tufting that makes it look timeless. The upholstered surround fits the adjustable bed perfectly, so you don’t have to bother with measurements or fitting.

But style isn’t the only place where this adjustable bed shines. Two adjustment points at the head and foot of the bed can help you find the most comfortable position, especially if you need to relieve common problems like snoring or leg swelling. Endy’s Flex Frame technology allows you to fully customize the head and foot sections of the bed. This means there are no preset adjustment points, and you can freely place these sections wherever you need to.

On the remote, you’ll find the settings to adjust your bed however you need. There’s also a Zero Gravity option present on the remote, which helps with targeted relief in areas with pressure points. Zero Gravity mode can help your back, shoulders, hips, and knees feel better when you wake up in the morning, especially if you need extra help in these areas.

With a 30-night risk-free sleep trial and a 15-year limited warranty, this adjustable bed gives you plenty of time to enjoy it. You can try it first to see if it’s the right option for you, and you’ll get your money back if it isn’t the right fit. You don’t need any tools to assemble the bed. It sets up easier than you would think. Aside from all its great features, the design of this upholstered adjustable bed makes it a truly stylish option.

Best Mattress Compatibility Adjustable Bed

The Puffy​

  • Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Adjustment Points: Head and Foot
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Leg Heights: 3 (6.5″, 9.5″, 11.5″)

Pros of the Puffy Adjustable Base

  • Works with all mattress types
  • Has a large range of sizes available
  • Legs can be adjusted
  • You can use your existing headboard

Cons of the Puffy Adjustable Base

  • Is higher off the ground
  • Dark aesthetic won’t work for all bedrooms

Our Expert’s Opinion

“This adjustable bed was great for our testers who had innerspring mattresses they wanted to use with it. Our testers who had specific bed height requirements loved the different leg options.”

This steel bed frame comes with a universal headboard attachment bracket, allowing those who own an existing headboard to be able to easily attach it. The Puffy Adjustable Bed is not compatible with other bed frames; however, the steel frame is wrapped in a dark grey fabric that looks great with any bedding or decor. Set up of the Puffy Bed is extremely easy and can be done in just a few easy steps.

The Puffy Adjustable bed features two different tilt points at the head and foot of the bed, which is standard for most adjustable beds. This bed can lay completely flat, as well as in a zero gravity position. The wireless remote controls all the tilt positions and the preset options, as well as the dual massage zones. Those who like to have their devices close to hand will appreciate the USB ports built into the side of the Puffy Adjustable Bed.

This bed has three different height capabilities, great for under-the-bed storage or getting the perfect height for ease of getting in and out of bed. For those who get up in the middle of the night or while it’s still dark in the morning, the lighting underneath will make sure you can see where you are going without having to turn on your main bedroom lighting.

The Puffy Adjustable Bed comes in Twin XL, Full, Queen, and Split King. Couples who want to be able to control their side of the bed independently of their partner will want to choose the Split King, which is two of the Twin XL sizes, side by side. This adjustable bed works great for all mattress types on the market but does not use a box spring. Puffy sells mattresses that are compatible with this adjustable base for those in the market for a new model. Those who love the feel of a spring mattress should consider the Puffy Adjustable Bed, as it is the only one in our review that will work with traditional coil mattresses.

Comparing the Best Adjustable Beds for Canadians

CategoryAdjustable BedSizesFrame MaterialAdjustment PointsWarrantyLeg Heights
Best OverallCasper Rise Max Adjustable Bed​Twin XL, Queen, Split King, California KingSteel3 (Neck, Head, Foot)10 Years3 (5″, 7″, 12″)
Best Tech FeaturesPolysleep Levita Adjustable BedTwin XL, Queen, King, Split KingSteel3 (Neck, Head, Foot)2 Years3 (Adjusts from 8″ to 16″)
Best AdjustabilityGhostBed Adjustable BedTwin XL, Queen, Split KingSteel2 (Head and Foot)Lifetime3 (4″, 8″, 12″)
Best Budget ConsciousPodium Adjustable Bed​Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split KingSteel2 (Head and Foot)2 Years (Service), 5 Years (Parts), 10 Years (Frame)3 (adjusts from 7″ to 13″)
Best StylishEndy Adjustable BedTwin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split KingSteel2 (Head and Foot)15 Years1 (5.5″)
Best Mattress CompatibilityPuffy Adjustable Bed​Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split KingSteelHead and FootLifetime3 (6.5″, 9.5″, 11.5″)

How We Tested the Best Adjustable Beds for Canadians

Our team of bed experts carefully researched and tested many different adjustable beds in order to find the best options for our readers. Though they can range from model to model, adjustable beds have many great features that can deeply benefit Canadians, especially those with back or mobility issues.

  • Tilt Controls: All adjustable beds feature different adjustable points for different tilt and recline options. All of the beds we recommend feature at least two if not three or more points of adjustability in order to achieve maximum comfort and relief.
  • Massage Functions: A great benefit to an adjustable bed is built-in massage functions. Typically located at the top of the bed, users can relax aching muscles for a deeper rest with targeted massage points.
  • Mattress Compatibility: Most adjustable beds will work for common all-foam and hybrid mattresses on the market today. This range of compatibility allows most Canadians to use a mattress that they already have and love with an adjustable frame.
  • Tech-Heavy Features: From under-the-bed lighting to built-in USB ports, users will love the tech features of an adjustable bed. From reading in bed, watching TV or needing extra help getting out of bed, adjustable beds have a lot to offer.

How to Choose the Best Adjustable Bed in Canada

With so many different features to choose from with an adjustable bed, the best options will come down to personal preference. Whether you need deep support for back pain or post-surgery recovery or are looking for a nice massage at the end of the day, you will be able to find a wonderful option. We have gathered our favourite recommendations for adjustable beds in Canada to help guide you to what might suit you the best.

Adjustable Points

What makes an adjustable bed adjustable are the unique tilt points that all models feature. These tilt points are what help the mattress to rise and lower at a simple touch of a button. Some beds are louder and slower in their operation, and some are whisper-quiet and have seamless transitions.

All of the adjustable beds in our list today feature at least two adjustable tilt points. These are found at the head and foot of the bed. You can choose to raise one or both of these areas of the bed at a time. Some adjustable beds feature a third tilt point, which is found at the neck. This allows for a more comfortable head position when sleeping or even upright watching TV.

Those wanting an adjustable bed with the most tilt points, as well as other great options, will love the GhostBed Adjustable Bed Frame. This bed has a great price point, has many incredible tech features and will work with most users’ exciting bed frames.

Tech Features

Most adjustable beds in Canada will feature many unique features only found in these types of bed frames. From allowing the mattress to rise and lower, built-in massage functions and under-the-bed lighting, these beds are amazing options for tech-savvy Canadians. Those who are connected to their smart devices or e-readers will love the USB ports that are found in the bed, all at arm’s reach.

Canadians wanting an adjustable bed with all the bells and whistles available may want to consider the Polysleep Levita Adjustable Bed Frame. This bed has multiple tilt options, lighting and more, and is very easy to assemble.

Price Point Considerations

Adjustable beds in Canada range in cost and are often more expensive than a standard bed frame. While it could be tempting to buy a stationary bed, those who seek the great features of an adjustable bed frame will find that it is worth the extra cost.

Adjustable bed frames have many more options than a standard frame, including adjustable tilting, massage functions, LED lighting and easy-to-reach USB ports built into the bed. These features all add to the cost of the bed, which can be a consideration for some.

Those worried about budgeting should consider the Podium Adjustable Bed, which is our favourite bed for budget-conscious Canadians. This lower-cost option still has many of the great perks found in more expensive models.


While all adjustable beds feature some level of adjustability, they do range from bed to bed in what they can offer. The best adjustable beds will have multiple tilt points, typically located at the head and foot, but some have additional ones at the neck as well.

Many adjustable beds also feature adjustable legs, which can be extremely important for Canadians with mobility issues. Being able to easily get in and out of bed is crucial for many users, and having adjustable legs on your bed will help you achieve this.

For those who need a range of adjustability options, we recommend the Casper Rise Max Adjustable Bed. As our pick for the best adjustable options, this bed can be customized to your comfort and height with ease.

Choosing the Right Mattress

While buying an adjustable bed is a great investment, choosing the right mattress to go on it can be just as important. Most adjustable beds will not work with a traditional spring coil mattress, as they are too thick and won’t bend easily when using the tilt controls or massage functions.

Canadians with an adjustable bed should choose an all-foam or hybrid mattress that is not too thick. While it is good advice to choose a thick and dense mattress for a standard bed frame, your goal when buying a mattress for your adjustable bed is to select one with flexibility.

Those who happen to have an all-spring mattress or a slightly thicker foam one will be able to use it with the Puffy Adjustable Bed, which is our pick for the best adjustable bed for mattress compatibility.


Though most adjustable beds can be quickly assembled, they do require more steps to do so than a standard bed frame. With wiring and controls, users should prepare for needing to carefully read the instructions and assembly manual that came with their adjustable bed in order to safely and accurately put it together.

Most adjustable beds can be assembled within 30 minutes with the help of one other person. Note that the shipping boxes of adjustable beds can be quite heavy, as the frames are typically made of steel and quite heavy.

Users with mobility issues who are worried about carrying the boxes, assembling the bed frame and placing the mattress on top should consult with family and friends or even hire a handyman to help with setup.

Sleep Trials

Adjustable beds in Canada often come with sleep trials, which can be a great way to test out the bed for yourself, knowing if you are not happy with it, you can easily return it. Sleep trials sometimes require you to have owned it for a certain period of time in order to get a full experience. Canadians who have never used an adjustable bed before and are worried about liking it should consider getting a bed that includes a longer sleep trial, if possible.

Occasionally, an adjustable bed will not come with a sleep trial, so there is a bit of risk involved when purchasing. Know that regardless of the included sleep trial, if your adjustable bed comes damaged or not functioning, the bed company will help you quickly resolve the problem.

Size of an Adjustable Bed

Picking the correct size of an adjustable bed can be key to getting the best night’s sleep. Many Canadian couples share a queen bed and would automatically choose that option when buying an adjustable bed. It’s important to note the differences between sizes with adjustable beds, though, and consider the benefits of buying a larger option.

Adjustable beds that are made up through a queen size will feature one set of controls. This means that even if you co-sleep, the tilt and massage functions will operate bed-wide. For couples wanting to control their own sides of the bed, you must select a king-size adjustable bed in order to do so.

Noise Level

Comparing the noise levels of an adjustable bed may not be something you initially consider, but it can be a huge deciding factor in which option to buy. All adjustable beds run with a motor and will make some noise when using the adjustable tilt controls or the massage function.

Those who live alone may find that it doesn’t matter what the noise level is, but Canadians who co-sleep will want to look for a quieter bed. Anyone who plans to use the motor in the middle of the night to help change positions or get in and out of bed should look for an adjustable bed with the lowest decibel rating.


A warranty on an adjustable bed is incredibly important due to the electrical components of the bed that can break or have faulty wiring. The adjustable beds in our review today range from 2 years all the way to a lifetime guarantee. While this is a large span, you can easily compare your top choices, the cost of the bed frame and what warranty they offer to make a sound decision.

Warranties on adjustable beds may include things like manufacturer defects and issues with the power cord and motor. Damage caused by the owner, as well as using a mattress on the bed that is not approved, will void the warranty. Like all warranties, make sure to keep your original receipt and register your product as soon as you get it.

What Should I Consider Before Purchasing an Adjustable Bed in Canada?

Adjustable beds have some great benefits and unique features, but there are a few considerations that Canadians may want to consider before purchasing.

  • Most Won’t Work with Spring Mattresses: While there are some exceptions to this, most adjustable beds will not work with spring coil mattresses. For the best results, a thinner all-foam or hybrid mattress is recommended for use with an adjustable bed.
  • Heavy boxes: Those with mobility issues may find that the frame of an adjustable bed can be quite heavy. Usually made of durable steel, it can be hard to move the shipping boxes they come in, as well as assemble.
  • Higher Price Point: Canadians on a budget might notice that adjustable beds are higher cost than a simple bed frame. This higher price point is due to the electrical components and motor that accompany the adjustable bed.

Adjustable Bed FAQs

Will all mattresses work for an adjustable bed?

Most adjustable beds will only work for latex, all-foam and hybrid mattresses. If you are seeking an adjustable bed that will accommodate an innerspring coil mattress, the Puffy Adjustable Bed is a great choice, as all mattress types will work great with it. Keep in mind that innerspring mattresses are not typically compatible with adjustable beds, though.

Will an adjustable bed work for stomach sleepers?

Adjustable beds will work for all sleeping positions, even stomach sleepers. The adjustable base supports your current mattress, so those who are comfortable stomach sleeping on their mattress will be just as comfortable using it with an adjustable bed. There are a variety of positions you can choose that won’t put undue strain on your body, so don’t be afraid to try different adjustable bed positions until you find the perfect option for you.

Are adjustable beds noisy?

It’s a common misconception that adjustable bed frames are noisy, with their motor being disruptive and loud each time a new position is chosen. Nowadays, adjustable beds are made with comfort and peace in mind. They are incredibly quiet, even when you adjust them in the middle of the night.

Are adjustable beds expensive?

An adjustable bed is an investment in your comfort. While there are some options on the lower end of the spectrum, most adjustable beds will cost a lot more than standard bed frames. If you choose an option with tons of features, you can expect to pay more.

Is it difficult to set up an adjustable bed in Canada?

Getting an adjustable bed set up is simple. Most companies make it as easy as possible to set up your adjustable bed frame, because you have to set it up yourself once it arrives. Instruction manuals are simple to use, and you can always contact the customer service department of the company you purchased the foundation from for help.

What should you avoid doing with an adjustable bed?

There are some considerations for purchasing an adjustable bed. You should avoid sitting at the foot of the bed, for instance. Any extra weight on the foot of the bed can put stress on the motor, which can cause the bed to fail. You should also try to lower your adjustable bed back to flat whenever you aren’t using it.
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I am considering buying an adjustable bed but having trouble deciding which one.I am interested in the foot and head adjustments and the massage and anti snor features and concerned about the warranties. Can you give me some advise?

Liam Quin
Liam Quin

Are there any beds with independent controls for two people but Queen size, like a split-queen, for a smaller bedroom?

Sylvan White
Sylvan White

For a twin(single) bed I am interested in the highest tilt angle for moving toward sitting upright. I may have missed it but don’t think I saw anything about that feature in these reviews.

Maurice Dowhaniuk
Maurice Dowhaniuk

I have a Sterns and Foster deep queen innerspring mattress around 125lbs and I weigh 200 lbs. Can the Puffy frame handle this loading?

Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks

I’m intrigued by the Casper Rise Max Adjustable Bed’s unique drop-in framing feature. Can you explain how this works with different types of bed frames? Also, I’m curious about the anti-snore feature – is it effective for light sleepers who are easily disturbed?

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
Reply to  Michael Brooks

The Casper Rise Max Adjustable Bed’s drop-in framing feature allows it to be easily integrated with most standard bed frames. Essentially, it can ‘drop’ into the space of an existing frame, provided the dimensions are compatible. This versatility means you can maintain the aesthetic of your bedroom without needing a special frame. As for the anti-snore feature, it slightly elevates the head area to reduce snoring, which can be particularly beneficial for light sleepers. It’s designed to be subtle yet effective, providing a disturbance-free sleep environment.

Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas

My partner and I have different sleep schedules and preferences. Are there adjustable beds that allow for independent control on each side, and how does this affect the overall functionality and comfort of the bed?

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
Reply to  Brian Thomas

For couples with different sleep schedules and preferences, a Split King size in adjustable beds is ideal. Models like the GhostBed Adjustable Bed offer independent control on each side, allowing each person to adjust their side of the bed to their liking without affecting the other. This feature enhances the bed’s functionality and comfort, as each person can customize their sleeping position, massage settings, and other features independently.

Ethan Moore
Ethan Moore

I’m concerned about assembling the bed myself. Are there services available for setup?

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
Reply to  Ethan Moore

Many Canadian adjustable bed manufacturers understand the concerns regarding assembly and offer setup services. These services can be requested at the point of purchase, ensuring professional assembly and setup of your new bed. While this may involve an additional cost, it offers peace of mind and convenience, particularly for those who may not be comfortable with DIY assembly.

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim

Do these adjustable beds come with any sort of sleep trial? I’m hesitant to commit without trying first.

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
Reply to  Rachel Kim

Sleep trials are becoming increasingly common with adjustable beds. Brands like Casper and Puffy often offer trial periods, allowing you to experience the bed in your home for a set period (usually around 30-100 nights). If the bed doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it within this period. This policy varies between manufacturers, so it’s advisable to check the specific terms and conditions before purchasing.

Lisa Green
Lisa Green

I live in a small apartment. Is assembly of these beds manageable in a tight space?

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
Reply to  Lisa Green

Adjustable beds are designed with user-friendly assembly processes in mind, even for small apartments. While space might be tight, most beds come in compact, manageable pieces for easy maneuvering and setup. It’s always helpful to read the manufacturer’s instructions and perhaps have a helping hand, but generally, the assembly can be managed in smaller spaces.

Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown

Can the leg heights on these beds be adjusted for under-bed storage?

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
Reply to  Thomas Brown

Yes, many adjustable beds on our list for Canadians offer leg height adjustability, which can be a great feature for under-bed storage. This design allows you to customize the height of the bed, providing space underneath for storage bins or other items. It’s a practical solution for maximizing space, especially in smaller bedrooms.

Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez

Is there a significant noise level with these adjustable beds, especially when changing positions at night?

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams

Modern adjustable beds in Canada are designed to operate quietly. Innovations in motor and mechanism design have significantly reduced the noise levels when changing positions. While there will be some sound as the bed adjusts, it is generally minimal and should not be disruptive, even during the night.

Karan Patel
Karan Patel

Looking for a budget-friendly option. Is the Podium Adjustable Bed durable despite its lower price?

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
Reply to  Karan Patel

The Podium Adjustable Bed is a great budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality and durability. Despite its lower price, it offers essential features like adjustable head and foot sections, massage options, and sturdy construction. It’s designed to provide value and longevity, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson

I’m considering the GhostBed Adjustable Bed for its preset options and durability. And can it support heavy foam mattresses, like the Silk & Snow Hybrid?

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams

Great choice, Jessica! The GhostBed Adjustable Bed is indeed known for its durability and wide range of preset options, enhancing user comfort and convenience. Regarding mattress compatibility, it’s designed to support a variety of mattress types, including heavy foam mattresses. The Silk & Snow Hybrid, known for its quality and weight, should work well with the GhostBed Adjustable Bed. Its sturdy frame and robust motor ensure it can handle the weight and adjustability of such mattresses without any issues. So, you can expect a comfortable and supportive sleep experience with this combination.