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Memory foam mattresses have gained popularity in recent years, especially as most come delivered right to your doorstep. They provide comfort and the ultimate convenience, significantly reducing your time spent shopping for a new mattress. With newer mattresses like the Octave Mirage competing against tried and true brands like Silk & Snow and Endy, we know that trying to choose a memory foam mattress is personal.

Each mattress that we chose for our top 2024 memory foam mattress list earned its spot from a combination of user reviews and thorough testing. Our team of sleep experts not only tracks all of the current trends in sleep products but also reviews and tests all of the best mattress models that are available at any given time. Whether you need a cooling mattress or one best suited for couples, we are confident there is a mattress on this list that will be perfect for you.

What’s the Best Memory Foam Mattress?

The Douglas Alpine Mattress is our favourite memory foam mattress in Canada, offering an ideal firmness, easy-to-clean cover and superior cooling properties for just $999. This mattress was popular with every single one of our testers and comes in at a budget-friendly price point.

Douglas Alpine Editor's Choice Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Statistics for Canadians

  • Most memory foam mattresses in Canada range between 10” to 13” high.
  • Typically, you can expect to spend about $1,000 for an all-foam mattress in Canada.
  • 83% of Canadians choose a mattress based on comfort and features rather than brand.
  • Over 200,000 Canadians search for a memory foam mattress each year. 
  • Memory foam mattresses are the most popular choice for adjustable bed frames.
  • Queen mattresses are the most popular memory foam mattresses bought in Canada.
  • The average firmness rating for a memory foam mattress is medium firm (or about 6.5 on our firmness scale).

The Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Canada for 2024 are:

  • Best Mattress Overall – Douglas Alpine Mattress: $999,
  • Best Budget-Friendly – Silk & Snow Mattress: $800,
  • Best for Couples – Endy Mattress: $895,
  • Best Cooling – Octave Mirage Mattress: $1,199,
  • Best for Back Support – Emma Mattress: $924,
  • Best for Pressure Relief – Casper Mattress: $1,499,

Our Review

Douglas Alpine Mattress

Best Canadian Memory Foam Mattress Overall

Douglas Alpine Memory Foam Mattress

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$999 from Douglas

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Douglas Alpine Mattress is our pick for the best memory foam mattress in Canada. It offers unique temperature control and superior response and support, feeling like a far more expensive and high-end mattress than its price point would suggest. When testing the mattress, we felt it far exceeded our expectations with comfort and adapted to changing positions throughout the night.

Unlike some other memory foam mattresses, the Douglas Alpine was incredibly responsive due to its faux latex layer, which creates a little bit of bounce without being too soft. If you tend to move around a lot at night, this mattress is a great pick, as the foam springs back gently and cradles joints when shifting positions. Even those on our testing team who slept restlessly found that the top layers of foam adapted easily.

Those who sleep hot will find that the Douglas Alpine has a great temperature control system. We loved that the cover was made of a phase changing material, which kept us cool in hotter seasons and warmer in the winter. We had testers of all types try this mattress, and those on our team who tend to have night sweats found they stayed cool and dry throughout the night. We loved that you could zip off the top of the cover for easy washing.

We thought the motion isolation was a top feature of this mattress, and those who co-sleep will be impressed with it. Our team found that couples can easily share this mattress without getting woken up by the other, even when they are tossing and turning. The mattress barely moved even with someone getting in and out of bed, and it had great edge support along the entire mattress.

What We Learned

The Douglas Alpine Mattress performed at the highest levels in nearly all of our tests. It excelled in motion isolation for couples and temperature control for those who sleep hot. All weights and sizes were supported when moving around on the mattress, and motion transfer was still minimal regardless. The cooling features also worked well for most of our testers.

We Recommend the Douglas Alpine Mattress for:

  • Couples and co-sleepers. The motion isolation in this mattress is top-tier, and it does a great job of helping you achieve deep sleep even if you have a restless partner.
  • Canadians who sleep hot. The Douglas Alpine has excellent cooling features, including a temperature reduction cover and layers of cooling gel foam.
  • All sleeping positions. We found that side, back, and stomach sleepers all found ideal comfort with this mattress thanks to its responsive layers of faux latex and memory foam.
Side Sleeper Testing the Douglas Alpine Mattress
Side Sleeper Testing the Douglas Alpine Mattress
FactorDouglas Alpine Mattress
FirmnessMedium Firm (6.5)
Sleep Trial365 Nights
Warranty25 Years
Response Time0.2 sec.
Shipping1-4 business days
Sleep PositionAll Sleepers

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Silk & Snow Mattress

Best Budget-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress in Canada

Silk & Snow Memory Foam Mattress

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$800 from Silk & Snow

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Silk & Snow Mattress is a great budget-friendly mattress that we found to be fairly no frills but made of solid construction and has appealing features that many Canadians will love. The surface of this all-foam mattress is made from thick gel memory foam, which adapts to your body and cradles you as you sleep. This wasn’t the most responsive mattress that we tested, though, and the feeling of being slightly stuck in your mattress was one of the comments we tended to receive after a night of sleep.

Canadians who tend to move around a lot at night may find this mattress isn’t as comfortable as one with multiple layers of foam made from more airy and elastic materials. A highlight of this mattress, though, was its extreme durability. Made from high-density materials, this mattress is a keeper if you hope to own it for an extended period of time.

We found that the Silk & Snow Mattress didn’t test great when it came to temperature control. Our reviewers, who tend to sleep hot, thought this mattress did an average job of keeping them cool. Without any unique cooling features built into the mattress, this mattress won’t actively reduce heat. However, it also doesn’t cause any additional heat build-up if you happen to sleep warm.

A selling point for the Silk & Snow Mattress is its excellent motion isolation. Our testers who co-slept found they weren’t disrupted by their partner’s movements once they settled into bed. The mattress performed great in the ball drop tests, and it absorbed the motion of even the heaviest of weights without shaking the other side of the bed.

What We Learned

We stand by the Silk & Snow Mattress as a durable and solid choice, coming in at an amazing price point. It tested extremely well with motion isolation, making this a great purchase for couples. While temperature control isn’t its strong suit, it didn’t test horribly, and those who sleep more temperature-neutral will find the Silk & Snow won’t cause them to overheat. All sleeping positions will find this mattress to be comfortable, though our testers who side sleep found the pressure points on their hips and shoulders to be slightly uncomfortable over time.

We Recommend the Silk & Snow Mattress for:

  • Most sleeping positions. We found this to be a good solid mattress for back, stomach and side sleepers, though those who aren’t prone to pressure points will find it the most comfortable.
  • Couples and those with restless partners. This mattress had excellent motion isolation due to its high-density memory foam. If you find yourself waking up from your partner’s movements throughout the night, this mattress is for you.
  • Canadians who sleep temperature neutral. While the active cooling properties aren’t the best, those who sleep naturally cooler or neutral will be comfortable.
Sitting on the Edge of the Silk & Snow Mattress
FactorSilk & Snow Mattress
FirmnessMedium (5.5)
Sleep Trial100 Nights
Warranty15 Years
Response Time0.3 sec.
Shipping1-4 business days
Sleep PositionAll Sleepers

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Endy Mattress

Best Canadian Memory Foam Mattress for Couples

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$895 from Endy

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

A favourite in Canada, the original Endy Mattress is our choice for the best memory foam option for couples. While slightly softer than some other all-foam mattresses on the market, we think the firmness level provides a happy medium for couples, and it tested far better than most in motion isolation.

Our testers loved the removable cover, which was easy to zip off around the edges of the top of the mattress. The cover is soft and plush, and we didn’t find that it pilled or became worn over time when we machine-washed it with our other bedding. Those with allergies or worried about dirt and germ build-up will appreciate the ease of care that comes with the Endy Mattress.

The open-cell foam of this mattress provided a softer sleeping surface, but didn’t feel like quicksand. our testers of all body types felt like they were able to move around freely on the mattress. Rather than sinking into the mattress, we found that the responsive foam kept you more at the surface, which was a pleasant surprise considering the softer firmness level of the Endy.

Canadians who sleep hot won’t find any exceptional cooling features with this mattress, but because of the lightweight feel of the Endy, there wasn’t any heat build-up. Even our testers, who often experience night sweats, were comfortable and cool throughout the night. Made of temperature-neutral foam, this mattress won’t get firmer or softer from season to season, keeping its shape and firmness year-round.

Couples, especially those with restless partners, will find the Endy Mattress to be a great choice due to its motion isolation. Compared to other mattresses that we tested, this mattress performed far better in both real experience testing with our co-sleeping testers, as well as traditional ball drop tests. Because of its open-cell transition foam layer, we found that even sleepers who tended to toss and turn and even get in and out of bed at night did not wake up their sleeping partner. We highly recommend the Endy Mattress for anyone seeking more peaceful rest due to their restless partners.

What We Learned

The Endy Mattress is a well-known Canadian mattress brand and is often praised for its superior motion isolation. After extensive testing with real-life couples, as well as weight testing- we stand by this mattress as a great pick for couples. While the temperature control wasn’t amazing, we also didn’t find that this mattress contributed to additional heat build-up. Surprisingly, though a softer mattress, our testers never found themselves being stuck in the mattress or limited in movement, which kept sleepers comfortable and cool.

We Recommend the Endy Mattress for:

  • Couples and restless sleepers. The Endy Mattress tested better than other mattresses for motion isolation, making this a top choice for couples.
  • Those wanting easy care. With an easy-to-remove, machine-washable cover that holds up after repeated cleaning, we love how easy it is to care for the Endy.
  • Users who sleep temperature neutral. With limited cooling properties, those who sleep moderately cool or neutral will be the most comfortable with this mattress.
Curling Stone on an Endy Mattress
FactorEndy Mattress
FirmnessMedium (5.5)
Sleep Trial100 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Response Time0.2 sec.
Shipping1-3 business days
Sleep PositionAll Sleepers

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Octave Mirage Mattress

Best Canadian Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

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$1,199 from Octave Sleep

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Octave Mirage Mattress is an exceptional memory foam mattress that is ideal for any Canadian who sleeps hot. With its unique layers of memory foam and latex, we found this mattress to offer more than many other options that we tested. It should be noted, though, that it does come in at a slightly higher cost than many no-frills foam mattresses. We believe the added cost is worth the upgrade.

Our testers who need deeper support and pressure relief found that this mattress had just the right firmness. The layers of aerated latex and memory foam helped to support them without feeling like they were trapped in the mattress. The surface had decent responsiveness and a slight spring, which helped in overall comfort and ease of movement- ideal for those who tend to switch positions at night.

Closest to the body, the cover of the Octave Mirage is infused with cooling threads, which definitely reduced and regulated the temperatures of our testers. We appreciated that night sweats didn’t happen with this mattress. The surface seemed to stay cool to the touch, no matter how warm the ambient temperature in the room was. With a layer of copper-infused gel foam at the top of the mattress, even our testers who sleep ultra-hot stayed comfortably cool, making this a top choice for warm sleepers.

The motion isolation of this mattress was decent and performed about average in testing. Couples with restless partners may find that they can still feel their co-sleeper moving around at night and may want to choose a mattress that stops motion transfer better. We did like the edge support of this mattress, though, which was firmer and more supportive than some others that we tested. We liked that you didn’t feel like slipping off the edge of the bed when sitting or even sleeping on the perimeter of the mattress, which is hard to say about most memory foam mattresses.

What We Learned

The Octave Mirage performed better than many other all-foam mattresses on the Canadian market, especially in temperature control. Those who sleep hot will be hard-pressed to find another mattress that keeps you as cool and comfortable as this one. The mattress tested average with motion isolation, as some movement could still be felt throughout. We think this is mainly due to so many airy layers of foam and latex throughout the mattress. Despite the mattress having built-in air channels, the firmness level is exceptional for sleepers of all positions without being too soft or too firm. With a slightly higher price tag, this mattress isn’t for everyone, but hot sleepers should highly consider this mattress for year-round comfort.

We Recommend the Octave Mirage Mattress for:

  • Those who sleep hot. With a cooling cover and layers of airy gel foam that wicks away heat, this mattress is ideal for any Canadian who sleeps hot.
  • All sleeping positions. With an ideal firmness level and great pressure relief properties, the Octave Mirage is great for all sleeping positions.
  • Edge sleepers. The edge support in the Octave Mirage is higher than average, a feature that is hard to find in most all-foam mattresses on the market.
Couple Testing the Octave Mirage Mattress
Couple Testing the Octave Mirage Mattress
FactorOctave Mirage Mattress
FirmnessMedium Firm (6.5)
Sleep Trial365 Nights
Warranty15 Years
Response Time0.3 sec.
Shipping1-3 business days
Sleep PositionSide and Back Sleepers

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The Emma Mattress

Best Canadian Memory Foam Mattress for Back Support

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$924 from Emma Sleep

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Emma Mattress is our top pick for any Canadian seeking a mattress that offers excellent back and spinal support. This option is made from more durable and supportive foam when compared to other all-foam mattress. These foams include a layer of HRX foam that targets perfect back support and alignment throughout. While slightly softer to the touch than some other mattresses we reviewed, we were wary of its claims of restorative and pain-free sleep. After testing, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the Emma Mattress lived up to its promises.

At the top of the mattress is a removable, machine-washable cover. We found it easy to zip off from the bottom part of the cover, which stays wrapped on the lower layers of the mattress. Over time, the cover got softer in the wash and was always easy to zip back on when cleaning was done. We loved the built-in handles on the lower part of the cover, making the mattress especially easy to move when needed.

Our testers thought the first layer of the mattress, which is made up of their proprietary Airgocell foam, did a good job of reducing heat. We liked that we didn’t wake up feeling hot and stuffy, and night sweats didn’t occur with the Emma Mattress. This layer seemed to be responsive without having too much of a bounce. Side sleepers will find that their pressure points are supported, and stomach sleepers will love that the mattress isn’t too firm to be comfortable.

We thought that the back support was the best thing about this mattress. Our testers who tend to suffer from not feeling supported at night were more comfortable on the Emma Mattress than others they tested out. With a combination of Halo Memory Foam and HRX adaptive foam, those needing perfect spinal alignment and recovery from injury or chronic back issues will find more restorative sleep.

Couples may find that the motion isolation of the Emma Mattress is decent but not exceptional. Anyone who sleeps with a restless partner who keeps them up at night may want to choose a mattress that has more to offer in this area. With an ultra-low price point, we were surprised by how comfortable and supportive the Emma Mattress was.

What We Learned

The Emma Mattress is a good choice for all sleeping positions, and its middle-of-the-road firmness will appeal to most. This mattress tested above average for temperature control, eliminating night sweats and heat build-up with our testers who sleep hot. Motion isolation wasn’t this mattress’ strong suit, and it tested just okay, with moderate motion being felt during real sleep tests as well as drop ball testing. For those with back issues needing spinal support and alignment help, the Emma Mattress was off the charts. It offered unique foam that specifically catered to reducing pressure and keeping the body comfortable throughout the night. Best of all, this mattress is incredibly budget-friendly, making it a good overall choice for most Canadians.

We Recommend the Emma Mattress for:

  • All sleeping positions. The ideal firmness and support offered with the Emma Mattress make it a great choice for any sleeping position.
  • Canadians who need back support. With a unique HRX foam that caters to back support and spinal alignment, this mattress had more to offer for restorative sleep than most memory foam mattresses.
  • Those who sleep warm. With a breathable layer of cooling gel foam at the top of the mattress, even hot sleepers will find that they stay temperature-neutral throughout the night.
Waking up on the Emma Original Mattress
Waking up on the Emma Original Mattress
FactorEmma Original Mattress
FirmnessMedium (5)
Sleep Trial365 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Response Time0.2 sec.
Shipping1-5 business days
Sleep PositionStomach, Side and Back Sleepers

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Casper Original Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Canadians Needing Pressure Relief

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$1,499 from Casper

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

Rounding out our review today is the Casper Original Mattress. We loved this mattress for its better-than-average pressure relief, which is ideal for side sleepers and anyone needing relief from sore and aching joints. Even though it is made from just three layers of foam, we found this mattress to be built more solidly than most other options you can buy in Canada. As one of the first bed-in-a-box memory foam companies around, Casper has perfected their mattress designs to last for the long haul.

Our testers found that the cover of the Casper Original was ultra soft and stretchy. It moved easily around the mattress, eliminating tightest and stiffness that occurs when laying down. Laying on the Casper felt firm, yet it had a slight bounce and was comfortable no matter which position our testers tried. Made of perforated Airscape foam, the top layer of the mattress stayed temperature neutral, though it had no built-in cooling feature. Most users will find that the mattress will keep them cool enough, though extra hot sleepers may need a specific cooling mattress in order to stay comfortable. 

The highlight of the Casper Original is its above-average pressure relief properties. Combining their premium memory foam and support foam, those needing deeper relief from aching joints and muscles can find support and better sleep. Our testers, who often woke up with sore hips and shoulders from sleeping on their side, were happy to report that the Casper helped to cradle joints without causing soreness. 

Couples will find that the Casper Orginal does an adequate, but not amazing job of stopping motion transfer. While their layers of Casper foam work wonders at adapting to all sleeping positions and soothing pressure points, it didn’t respond quickly enough to restless movement and changing positions. Our testers found that while it is average in motion isolation, those with more restless partners may need a more motion-absorbing mattress for a good night’s sleep. 

While the Casper Mattress is solidly built and comfortable for most sleepers, its high cost may scare off many users. Those seeking a well-constructed mattress catered to those of all sleeping positions, though, might find this to be money well spent.

What We Learned

The Casper Original Mattress will be a good choice for many Canadians. It tested well with temperature control, as it kept the surface cool with its aerated foam at the top of the mattress. Those who sleep hotter than average may need a cooling mattress with more to offer in order to stay comfortable in warmer months. Our testers loved the pressure relief properties of this mattress and found that Casper’s combination of foams kept even side sleepers comfortable throughout the night without waking up with aching joints and pressure points. While the motion isolation was decent, Canadians with restless partners will want to look elsewhere, as the Casper was so responsive to changing positions it couldn’t stop motion before it transferred. This well-built mattress is ideal for the long haul, though its high cost may be a deterrent for some.

We Recommend the Emma Mattress for:

  • All sleeping positions. While firmer than average, this mattress had excellent support and cushioning for back, stomach and especially side sleepers.
  • Canadians who need pressure relief. Using three different types of foam, the Casper Original is ideal for adapting to and soothing aching joints and pressure points.
  • Users who want a mattress that lasts. While more expensive than some other options, this well-constructed mattress is made from one of the most well-respected mattress manufacturers and will last for years to come.
Back Sleeper Testing the Casper Original Mattress
Back Sleeper Testing the Casper Original Mattress
FactorCasper Original Mattress
FirmnessMedium Firm (7)
Sleep Trial100 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Response Time0.2 sec.
Shipping1-3 business days
Sleep PositionSide and Stomach Sleepers

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Summary of the Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Canada

We started searching for the best memory foam mattresses in Canada by first looking at dozens of mattresses on the market. Testing, reviewing and comparing options, we started narrowing down the best mattresses, focusing on key features and highlights.

We turned to our sleep experts and real-life testers to look at construction, materials and sleep experiences when choosing the best memory foam mattresses in Canada. We tested these mattresses with people of all weights and ages, and even couples, to see how features like motion isolation and pressure relief really hold up. With ball weight testing and unique temperature control testing, we were able to compile the best of the best when making our top recommendations for the best memory foam mattresses in Canada for 2024.

How We Tested the Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Canada

How We Tested These Memory Foam Mattresses for Canadians

We take our job seriously. Every mattress on our list was personally tested (by Lauren Williams) based on several performance criteria. We’ve measured how these Canadian-made mattresses stack up to each other and the competition. We used expert evaluations, tester feedback, and other performance tests to determine which of the memory foam mattresses featured here were best for you.

Our testing and evaluation involved looking at features that most Canadians value in a mattress. We looked at the pressure relief, temperature control, motion isolation, and supportive features of each of these mattresses. Materials and construction also played a huge role in helping us determine which memory foam mattresses in Canada were best for you.

Why Should Canadians Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam is one of the most popular options for mattresses on the Canadian market. You’ll likely find more memory foam mattresses than any other type as you search for your next best night of sleep. Memory foam is a blend that is soft and comfortable. Its main features is its ability to bounce back quickly when pressure is removed, regaining its shape faster than other materials. This can lead to less sinking and sagging over time.

Aside from quick response, here are some of the best features that define a memory foam mattress.

  • Pressure Relief: Memory foam forms to the shape of your body, so support is customized to your shape. It sinks deeper where you are warmest or heaviest to produce an individualized feel.
  • Compatible with All Sleeping Positions: Memory foam mattresses are available across a range of firmness options, making this material an ideal choice for Canadians in all sleeping positions.
  • Motion Isolation: Memory foam mattresses, especially options that use proprietary materials and blends, are great at isolating motion. This means you can sleep better when your partner moves around.
  • Hypoallergenic: A strictly memory foam mattress will be hypoallergenic, but some options may contain latex or organic layers. Additional materials can cause issues for those with allergies, though.

Firmness and Sleeping Position

Back Sleeper Testing the Silk & Snow Mattress
Back Sleeper Testing the Silk & Snow Mattress

As you shop for a mattress, you may be interested in a range of different firmness options. One of these options will be right for you, but you may not know which is best for your body type and sleeping position.

To help you determine how a mattress will feel when you try it, we use a firmness scale. Every mattress we review is rated from 1 (the softest options) to 10 (the hardest options). Though we also use a standard categorization (Medium or Medium firm, for example), these numbers can help you determine how your mattress will feel.

With that in mind, it’s important to know which firmness options are best for your sleeping position. Stomach sleepers tend to prefer a softer mattress, especially a mattress with a soft top and firm support. Side sleepers like medium or medium-firm mattresses, usually those that provide great pressure relief. Back sleepers love firmer mattresses, as they get the support they need while remaining comfortable.

All the mattresses we looked at today are considered Medium or Medium-Firm mattresses. Though they have a varying degree of firmness even within this category, it’s important to note that they work best for side sleepers, lighter back sleepers, and heavier stomach sleepers.

Which Performance Features Can You Find in Canadian Memory Foam Mattresses?

Performance features can increase your sleep quality, making your mattress more comfortable to sleep on. We’ve cited many of these features as we went through our mattress reviews, so now it’s time to look at these features a bit more closely.

Temperature Control

Memory foam is notorious for holding onto heat, which can be a pain if you already sleep hot. If you often find yourself overheating throughout the night, your mattress might be to blame. To combat this, many memory foam mattresses use layers of different materials, an open-cell construction, or cooling gel foams to reduce heat.

If you sleep hot, the Octave Mirage Mattress can help. This mattress features layers of comforting, breathable materials to reduce temperature throughout the night. It actively works to keep you comfortable, even if you are prone to overheating.


Support is extremely important for a mattress, no matter which position you sleep in. The location and degree of support can make a huge difference, too. If you need additional support, you should check out a mattress with support zones. These areas feature firmer foam or coils to deliver increased support in areas where you need it most, including the centre and the edges of the mattress.

For additional support, you can’t beat the Emma Mattress. This option features unique layers of foam, including HRX support foam that targets back support and spinal alignment for restorative sleep night after night.

Pressure Relief

Pressure points can form where your body presses into the mattress. They are uncomfortable, which means they can sometimes wake you up at night. To avoid pressure points, choose a mattress with better pressure relief. This is achieved through softer foam layers, better underlying support, and better ease of movement.

The Casper Original Mattress is an all-foam option that offers outstanding pressure relief. This mattress reduces discomfort and solves a lot of the issues that some Canadians have with standard memory foam mattresses.

Motion Isolation

Olympic Plates to Test Sink on the Douglas Mattress
Olympic Plates to Test Sink on the Douglas Mattress

When your partner is uncomfortable, it often wakes you up as well. Motion can transfer from one side of the bed to the other, which can disrupt your sleep. To avoid this, choose a mattress with great motion isolation. Mattresses that have better motion isolation may feature denser foam or an open-cell construction to actively reduce movement.

The Endy Mattress is our favourite option for those with restless partners. It’s a great option for those that often wake up when their partner tosses, turns, and has trouble getting comfortable.

Ease of Movement

Support and comfort are important factors to consider, and ease of movement can help with both. Canadians often say that memory foam mattresses feel like quicksand, because you can easily become ‘stuck’ in the mattress. If you move around a lot in your sleep, you should consider choosing a mattress that uses more responsive materials and specific construction options.

As a latex mattress that features memory foam elements, the Octave Mirage comes in handy for ease of movement. The latex layers reduce the quicksand feeling that is familiar for memory foam mattresses.

How Much Can Canadians Expect to Pay for a Memory Foam Mattress?

Zipping Open The Octave Mirage Cover
Zipping Open The Octave Mirage Cover

The best memory foam mattresses in Canada come in a range of prices, ranging from $599 CAD at the lowest sizes up to $2,195 CAD in the largest options. The prices vary by company and are extremely dependent on your size choices. If you don’t want to break the bank for a new mattress, the Silk & Snow,  Endy or Emma Mattress are all great options. These mattresses range from $599 to $995 in price, though this fluctuates throughout the year.

If you have a little more to spend, consider the Octave Mirage Mattress or the Casper Original. Though you’ll pay more at the larger sizes, these mattresses offer a more luxurious expensive than some of the less expensive options on the Canadian market.

Sleep Trials and Warranties for Memory Foam Mattresses

Buying a mattress online may seem like a bad idea, as you won’t get to see the mattress before you purchase it. However, mattress companies have thought of ways to get around this issue. A sleep trial allows you enough time to test a mattress for yourself at home. If you don’t like it, you can usually return it for a full refund. These trials are long enough to determine if the mattress works for you, with the shortest around 100 nights. The longest sleep trial on the Canadian market is 365 nights, with various mattress companies falling between these figures.

Once you decide that the mattress is for you, you’ll have a warranty that protects you against workmanship and material issues. Mattresses have much longer warranties than some other products. The mattresses on our list have warranties ranging from 10 to 20 years.

Keep in mind that each mattress company has a different policy for sleep trials and warranties. Before you decide on a memory foam mattress, make sure to read through these policies to determine if they work for you.

Frequently asked questions about memory foam mattresses

Good motion isolation in an all-foam mattress can be hard to find. Those who are often kept up throughout the night due to their restless partner will want to choose a mattress that stops motion transfer before it starts. We think the Endy Mattress is the best all-foam mattress in Canada right now for couples, and tested excellently in real-life testing as well as ball drop testing.

The best memory mattress in Canada for temperature control is the Octave Mirage Mattress. This luxurious all-foam mattress has a cover with cooling threads woven throughout, as well as copper-infused gel foam that keeps the hottest sleepers comfortable. We think this mattress is the best all-foam mattress on the market for Canadians who sleep extra warm.

The best sleep trial on the Canadian mattress market is 365 nights or a full year from your date of purchase. While these policies vary slightly, if you want to test out a mattress for the longest period of time, choose a mattress with an extended sleep trial. Of the mattresses we tested, the Douglas Alpine, Octave Mirage and the Emma Mattress all had 365-night slight trials.

Side sleepers often find that they wake up with aching joints and pressure points like their hips and shoulders. Finding a mattress that is supportive and has a good balance of firmness can be tricky, but there are many good all–foam mattresses that can help. We think the Casper Mattress is best for side sleepers or anyone seeking pressure relief, though the Octave Mirage tested fantastic as well.

No matter what mattress you buy, you will want to do some research to make sure that it caters best to your sleeping position. Side sleepers will want to find a mattress with pressure-relief properties like the Casper Original. If you tend to sleep on your back, the Emma Mattress is a good choice. Our testers found that couples or combination sleepers may benefit most from the Endy Mattress, which has great motion isolation.