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The Juno mattress is one of’s premier budget options. This mattress is less than half the price of some of the other mattresses on the Canadian market. Though the Juno is an affordable mattress, it doesn’t lose any of the comforting features you can expect from a mattress. Two dense layers of foam cradle your body, providing perfect alignment and pressure relief for most sleepers. We’ll look at these features and more in our Juno mattress review. 

Should You Buy the Juno Mattress?

The Juno mattress has quite a few features that make it stand out. The cooling foam, contouring pressure relief, and range of sizes make it a great option for most Canadians. This budget mattress comes at such low prices that we can’t help but recommend it. The quality is unmatched for this price point. Plus, you can try it risk free for 120 nights before you commit to keeping it. 

Here are some of the features we’ll discuss in our Juno mattress review. 

  • Cool+ cover upgrade available for those who sleep hot
  • Contouring pressure relief keeps you balanced and prevents discomfort
  • Powerful support from a dense support foam layer
  • Ideal motion isolation for restless partners
  • Compatible with most foundations
  • Available in RV Sizes 
Juno Mattress
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The Juno Mattress is’s budget brand. This mattress is made with two layers of foam, allowing for comfort, pressure relief, and cooling. These memory foam layers contour to your body, reducing pressure and maintaining comfort wherever you need it. There is a diverse portfolio of sizes, including the Split King size and three RV options for Canadians who love the great outdoors. The inclusion of these sizes is a good thing, as it allows for multiple applications for a range of Canadians.

The Juno mattress provides a simple construction with just two layers. If you sleep hot, you can order a Cool+ cover to help reduce heat build-up as you sleep. This cover disperses heat almost immediately, so you sleep cooler overall. In combination with the gel memory foam top layer, this mattress helps you stay cool throughout the night.

The Juno mattress is both comfortable and supportive, allowing for a better sleep experience. The two layers of foam make this mattress smaller than many other Canadian mattresses, but they provide all the necessary ingredients for a night of great sleep. 

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 3.5/5

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control​
Edge Support​
Ease of Movement​

Mattress Construction​

Juno Mattress Construction
  • Knit Cover. Juno’s Knit Cover works to keep you cool, but you can add the Cool+ cooling cover upgrade for an additional fee. The Cool+ Upgrade allows for better temperature control, which can be useful if you sleep hot.
  • 2″ Full-Body Cooling Gel Foam. This gel foam layer helps reduce pressure, with a comfortable, well-cushioned surface. This layer dissipates heat as it forms, ensuring that you won’t wake up sweating and uncomfortable.
  • 6″ Total Support Foam. This layer adds some of the best support we’ve seen from a budget mattress. This layer helps reduce motion transfer too, helping with pressure point reduction and easier sleep overall.


6 on Firmness Scale

The Juno mattress is made for heavier sleepers and those who sleep on their backs. The low profile and medium-firm design are ideal for those who need a little extra support without feeling too uncomfortable on the mattress. The firmness of the Juno Mattress is rated at around 6, which is closer to ‘medium’ than ‘medium firm’. However, it offers strong initial pressure relief and keeps you comfortably asleep throughout the night. This firmness is ideal for lighter people, but it can also be suitable for heavier sleepers.

Motion Isolation

Having a restless partner can mean waking up more often throughout the night. With traditional mattresses, your partner’s tossing and turning are transferred throughout the mattress. However, that isn’t the case with this option. The dense foam core reduces motion as it happens. If you sleep light, you won’t wake up when your partner mores around or turns over in the middle of the night. 

The Juno mattress offers better motion isolation than some, making it a great choice for those who often wake up in the middle of the night. The way it absorbs motion and stops it as it happens keeps you asleep longer.

Pressure Relief

Juno Mattress Pressure Relief

Due to its construction, the Juno mattress excels in pressure relief. The top layer of foam quickly contours to your body when you lay down, reducing pressure points and cradling you to sleep. This foam is also great for aligning your spine, ensuring that you stay comfortable no matter how you sleep. 

The middle layer of cooling gel foam helps balance your body, reducing any deeper indents as you sleep for longer periods of time. Together, these layers work to keep you aligned and comfortable, so you wake up without any discomfort or strain. 

Because of the softer foam throughout the mattress, it’s an ideal option for side sleepers. The deep pressure relief they need is readily available here, and the alignment from both layers of foam can put your spine in perfect alignment so you can sleep easier.

Temperature Control

The Juno mattress features a few temperature control features to help reduce heat build-up over time. The knit cover can be upgraded to a Cool+ cover, which feels cool to the touch. This phase-changing material dissipates heat once it reaches a set temperature, which can keep you comfortable even if you sleep hot. Underneath the upgraded Cool+ cover is a layer of cooling gel foam. This memory foam moves heat away from you, reducing night sweats for most Canadians. 

These systems work to keep you cool, making this mattress ideal for those who usually sleep hot and need a little relief. It’s important to note that some heat will still build up throughout the night, but not enough to wake you up. 

Edge Support

Juno Mattress Edge Support

The Juno mattress is made with two foam layers, and doesn’t offer any additional edge support. The edges of the mattress will sink when you sit on them, but the core layer of this mattress is firm enough to avoid complete compression. As a result, you’ll get a small amount of edge support. However, this is most effective when you sleep near the edge of the bed. 

Sitting on the edge of this mattress might still pose a problem. However, if this doesn’t bother you (or if you rarely sit at the edge of the bed), this option could work for you.

Ease of Movement

The two layers of foam inside this mattress contour to your body, reducing pressure points and cradling you where it counts. While it does a great job at providing pressure relief, this mattress doesn’t allow for much ease of movement. The firmer support foam doesn’t allow you to sink into the mattress, but there is some ‘quicksand’ feeling when you lie down. 

If you aren’t going to be moving around a lot in bed, this mattress might work. Just keep in mind that turning over might take a little more effort due to the construction of this mattress. 


The Juno mattress is a budget option that won’t break the bank. Even the largest sizes don’t cost as much as some of the other options on the Canadian market. Further, the Juno mattress is available in a wide variety of sizes, including the six standard mattresss sizes, Split King, and three RV mattress sizes so you can sleep well on the go. Here’s a list of the dimensions and prices for every size Juno offers.

Size Price Dimensions
38" x 75" x 8"
Twin XL
38" x 80" x 8"
53" x 75" x 8"
60" x 80" x 8"
76" x 80" x 8"
California King
72" x 84" x 8"
Split King
38" x 80" x 8" (x2)
RV Bunk Small
28" x 75" x 8"
RV Three-Quarter
48" x 75" x 8"
RV Short Queen
60" x 75" x 8"

Juno Mattress
Juno Mattress
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The Juno mattress ships free to most areas in Canada, with the exception of some remote provinces. You can still get your mattress delivered to remote areas, but there may be a fee assessed for delivery. 

Once your order is placed, your mattress is made to order. This ensures that your mattress is new. Since mattresses can deteriorate or deflate over time if left rolled up for too long, a made-to-order system allows Juno to get your mattress to you quickly and safely. Your order will ship within 5 business days after you place it. 

After your mattress is shipped, it can take up to 6 business days for delivery. Ontario experiences the shortest wait time for their mattresses (1 to 2 business days). It can take between 4 and 6 business days for your mattress to arrive to areas like Alberta and British Columbia. 

Sleep Trial and Returns

Since the Juno mattress is a mattress, it is covered by a 120-night sleep trial. During this trial, you can see if the mattress works for you. If you don’t like it, you can return it after the first 30 days for a full refund. The trial starts the day you receive your mattress. It’s important to wait for a full 30 days to pass before deciding that the mattress isn’t for you. That’s because it can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress. 

If you still don’t find that the mattress works for you, you can initiate a return via the Juno website. Juno will arrange for a pick-up, so you don’t have to worry about shipping the mattress back. Unlike some mattress companies, return shipping is free. After your mattress is picked up from your home, it is donated to local organizations when possible. 

After your pick-up is confirmed, Juno issues a refund within 48 business hours. I can take between 2 to 5 days to show up on your financial records, so make sure to keep an eye out. With this sleep trial, you’ll get a full refund of your purchase price.


The Juno mattress’s 15-year warranty covers damage that occurs due to faulty workmanship or materials. They cover deterioration and excessive sagging of more than one inch, provided that you are using the mattress with the right type of foundation. 

The warranty doesn’t cover stains, tears, burns, or liquid damage. It also doesn’t cover foam softening over time, misuse or improper care, or comfort preferences. Still, if you think that your mattress falls under the warranty for faulty materials (which can include sagging and deep indentations), you can submit a warranty claim via the website. 

It doesn’t cost you anything to send the mattress back to the company for a warranty claim. Juno covers the return cost of the mattress. During the first 10 years of the warranty period, they will repair or replace the mattress at their discretion. Between the 11th and 15th year of the warranty, the customer is responsible for 25% of the cost to replace or repair their mattress. 

Final Thoughts

The Juno mattress is a budget option that works well for most Canadians, especially lightweight sleepers and side sleepers. It’s a great option for pressure relief and motion isolation, and it comes in a range of unique sizes for Canadians with RVs. The option to add a Cool+ cover helps you customize the mattress with options you need. There are a lot of features available for the price!

Medium Firm (6/10)
Sleep Trial
120 Nights
15 Years
Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control
Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Frequently Asked Questions

You should rotate your mattress every 4 to 6 months for best results. This helps reduce indents from the shape of your body and keep you comfortable. Rotating the mattress helps you avoid flipping it, which isn’t suitable for the Juno mattress or other mattresses in Canada.

The Juno mattress is compatible with adjustable foundations, platform frames, box foundations, and slatted frames. Make sure to use the correct foundation with your mattress in the correct size. You can choose any of these foundations, but you should absolutely avoid putting your mattress directly on the floor to avoid damage.

The Juno mattress comes in three RV sizes as well as 7 standard mattress sizes. You can choose the option that works best in your space. Make sure to compare the size of your RV sleeping space with the dimensions of the Juno RV mattresses, as the sizes may not be standardized.

The Juno mattress offers some temperature control features to reduce heat, including the upgraded Cool+ cover you can opt into. This cover feels cool to the touch. The mattress also includes a layer of cooling gel foam to reduce higher temperatures.

Yes, the Juno mattress is considered a budget option. It offers a lower price point than most other options on the Canadian market, even when you consider larger mattress sizes. If you re on a budget, this mattress could be a great choice for you. 

The Juno Mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial. After the first 30 days of your trial, you can return the mattress if it doesn’t work for you. If you decide to keep it, you’ll have a 15-year warranty that covers excessive sagging and manufacturing defects.