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Duvet Cover Materials Which Should Canadians Choose

Personal preference plays a huge part when determining which duvet cover material is best for you. Do you sleep hot? Do you need a cover that keeps you warmer at night? Do you prefer a neutral, natural look? What about feel? All of these factors can and should influence which duvet cover you choose. The type of duvet cover and the materials used in its construction can change all of these factors.

Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set

Duvet Covers for Hot Sleepers

If you sleep hot, you’ll need a more breathable duvet cover. A duvet cover adds more layers to your bed, so choosing one that helps with heat can be invaluable for those who sleep hot. Lightweight, breathable materials with moisture-wicking properties can be the best options for most Canadians who wake up with night sweats.

Here are some of the most popular and effective duvet cover materials for Canadians who sleep hot:

  • Linen. Linen is a breathable material that feels crisp and cool to the touch. It’s a great option for all-season use, especially for those who tend to overheat at night. Linen often has an heirloom quality and softens with use and washing. It’s easy to care for and wicks away sweat and moisture to reduce discomfort throughout the night. The Noa French Linen Duvet Cover is the perfect choice for linen enthusiasts.
  • Bamboo. Bamboo and bamboo rayon are soft materials. They present a smooth surface material that is soft and comfortable to touch. Bamboo is extremely durable and may last longer than other materials after multiple washes. For the most part, bamboo is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It wicks away sweat to help you stay comfortable. The Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set is the perfect example of a bamboo duvet cover.
  • Percale. Percale is a breathable cotton weave. Duvet covers made of percale cotton are cool, crisp, and present an extremely pleasant texture. They are also more durable than other cotton options. The 1:1 weave helps promote a lightweight and breathable feel.

Duvet Covers for Cold Sleepers

Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set

Some Canadians want a duvet cover that can help them maintain a warm bed in the cold winter months. If you want to stay a little warmer in the depths of winter, there are a few different duvet options to choose from.

  • Cotton. Cotton is one of the most essential duvet cover materials available on the Canadian market. While some weaves (such as percale) can be lightweight and breathable, other weaves can be dense and provide better insulation. Options like flannel and sateen are generally warmer than percale weave. The Endy Duvet Cover is a good option for those looking for high-quality organic cotton fibres.
  • Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian cotton is a separate entry because of it uses a different type of cotton than most other options. Egyptian cotton is a luxurious cotton, which is extremely smooth and soft. It’s also durable. This natural, long-staple fibre can be breathable in the warmer months, but can also hold in heat when it’s colder. Our favourite Egyptian Cotton duvet cover is the Silk & Snow Duvet Cover.
  • Microfibre. Some less expensive duvet covers may be made with microfibre or brushed microfibre. These synthetic materials work like natural cotton, with the added benefit of being extremely soft and comfortable. A good example is the Benji Duvet Set.

If you still aren’t sure which duvet cover is right for you, check out our in-depth reviews of the best duvet covers in Canada for 2024. There, you can discover our findings regarding all of our favourite duvet picks.