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The best way to keep your duvet safe from dirt and wear is to use a duvet cover. These covers are removable and washable so your duvet is always fresh. Choosing a duvet cover may seem simple, but it can be a bit more complicated than you think! With so many different sizes, materials, and performance features, you might need a little help to navigate the world of duvet covers. That’s why we’re here.

We evaluated each of these best duvet covers in Canada (and dozens more) in our test lab. We compared our results to the feedback from our testers, ensuring that we got the complete story on each cover. These duvet covers are recommended to you based on their performance in categories like materials, temperature control, and care instructions.

Why Did We Choose These Duvet Covers in Canada?

As we evaluated each duvet cover on our list (and many more), they each stood out to us in different ways. Here’s why we chose each of the duvet covers on our list, and why you should, too.

The Silk and Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover is the best duvet cover in Canada overall. This silky smooth duvet is certified with guaranteed materials. Like other Silk and Snow products, it’s assembled and produced in Portugal by skilled artisans.

While cotton is a common material for duvet covers, no one does it quite like the Noa Home Cotton Sateen Quilt Cover. This duvet cover features luxurious drape and a silky-soft feel that can’t be beaten.

The Silk & Snow Percale Duvet Cover uses a percale one-over-one-under weave to create a crisp, breathable texture. This is one of the best weaves for a duvet cover, especially for those who sleep warm.

Hush’s Iced Duvet Cover Set is made with 100% viscose bamboo and designed to keep you cool throughout the night. No matter how hot you sleep, this cover can help reduce the temperature so you don’t wake up sweaty and uncomfortable.

Finally, the Bare Home Duvet Cover Set is the best polyester option we found. This material is soft and smooth, with enough breathability to keep the warmest sleepers cooler at night.

The Silk and Snow Flax Linen Duvet Cover is the best linen duvet cover we found. This option is crisp and fresh, with plenty of airy breathability that will keep you comfortable for years to come. Plus, it has matching sheets.

Bamboo cotton is a rarer material to find for your duvet cover. However, the QE Home Aruba Bamboo Cotton Duvet Cover is a beautiful option that includes a blend of 60% bamboo rayon and 40% cotton. It’s extremely lightweight and wicks away moisture easily.

Muslin duvet covers are rare, and the Silk & Snow Muslin Duvet Cover is the best we found on our list. This cover is extremely soft and breathable, and it gets better with every wash. This duvet cover is lightweight and easy to install, too.

If the thread count is important to you, consider the Kotn Duvet Cover and Sham Set. This cotton option has a 400 thread count, which is higher than most of the other options on our list. It’s softer and more luxurious as a result.

The Simons Maison Embossed Jersey Duvet Cover Set is the best textured option on our list. This lightly-embossed duvet cover helps those who want a little more out of their duvet cover without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

Best Overall

Silk and Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Silk and Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover


It's Great For:

Silk and Snow’s Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover is sold separately from their sheet set and additional options, though it shares a listing page. This duvet cover comes in five colours to match the sheets, as well as the same size categories to help you purchase bedding more effectively. This cover is made from Egyptian cotton, soft, breathable cotton that is more durable than other types. It’s a luxurious material that is considered one of the best kinds of cotton in the world.

To ensure quality and authenticity, this duvet cover is certified with the Egyptian Cotton Trade Mark Certification and the Standard 100 Certification by OEKO-TEX. Together, these options will keep you confident that the materials are just as great as they advertise.

This duvet cover is easy to care for, too. You can wash it at home and put it in your dryer when it’s finished washing. There are three main sizes to choose from, including Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King/California King. There are five different colour options that you can choose across all of your Silk and Snow bedding, so you can match everything as you see fit.

Besides being sourced directly from Egypt, this Egyptian Cotton duvet cover is made in Portugal by artisans who have been in the trade for generations. You can trace the transparent production process right on the listing page.

Try the Silk and Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover for 100 nights before deciding if it’s the right option for you. These sheets are luxurious, but they might not be for everyone. 100 nights gives you plenty of time to decide if they fit your lifestyle.

The Highlights

The Silk and Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover are made of 100% Egyptian cotton, which is certified by the Cotton Egypt Association. This ensures that the cotton is genuine. This cover is durable and breathable. These covers are made in Portugal by expert craftsmen who know their trade from years of tradition. The sateen weave pattern makes the duvet cover soft, comfortable, and perfect for those who prefer a silky feel.

  • Egyptian cotton is certified by the Cotton Egypt Association
  • Breathable and durable
  • Made in Portugal by expert craftsmen
  • Soft sateen weave is soft and comfy

From the Test Lab

“This duvet cover was extremely soft. We loved the way it felt better after each wash.”

Best Cotton

Noa Home Cotton Sateen Quilt Cover

Noa Home Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover


It's Great For:

The Noa Home Cotton Sateen Quilt Cover is one of the softest duvet covers we’ve tried. This option comes in two neutral colours, including medium grey (Stone) and beige (Sand). These options work well with some of Noa’s other cotton bedding sets. If you prefer to have a complete matching set, you can find great options there.

This cover uses 100% long-staple cotton woven in the silky sateen pattern to create a fabric that feels buttery and luxurious. The texture feels great against your skin, and the fabric carries a sheen. After weekly washing, this duvet cover only gets softer. It’s also extremely breathable, allowing those who sleep hot to feel a little more comfortable throughout the night.

It’s available for larger mattress sizes, including Queen and King-sized beds. The hidden button closure makes it easy to install your favourite duvet. Unlike a zipper closure, a hidden button closure allows the duvet to appear seamless. If you prefer a smoother appearance, this duvet cover could be perfect for you.

All the materials used here are eco-conscious and OEKO-TEX certified. This ensures that they are manufactured at the highest quality and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. You can feel great about using this duvet cover on your bed. It works well with any duvet of the same size.

The Highlights

The Noa Home Cotton Sateen Quilt Cover is made with long-staple cotton, which is more durable than standard cotton. These fibres are woven together in a sateen weave, which creates a softer, silkier feel than standard cotton weaves. Each weekly washing will only allow it to get softer. The hidden button closure secures your duvet and ensures that your bed keeps looking great.

  • Made with long-staple cotton
  • Soft, silky sateen weave
  • Get softer with weekly washing
  • The hidden button closure keeps the duvet looking great

From the Test Lab

“This duvet cover was one of the softest we tried. The feel and drape were perfect for our bedroom.”

Best Weave

Silk & Snow Percale Duvet Cover

Silk & Snow Percale Duvet Cover


It's Great For:

Silk & Snow’s Percale Duvet Cover is the perfect complement to Silk & Snow’s Percale Sheet Set. Both are made with crisp natural cotton and breathable weave. This percale weave is a one-over-one-under weave that is most used in picnic baskets. However, when used with softer materials, it creates a breathable and comfortable fabric. If you sleep hot, this duvet cover can help you sleep a little easier.

The weave and materials also help this duvet cover create a hotel feel, which is furthered by the sheets and shams if you choose to purchase them. The natural cotton and organic dyes create a soft but textured feel that wouldn’t be out of place in a high-end hotel.

You can purchase this duvet cover in one of three sizes. Sizes like Twin/Twin XL combine the two options, making it simple to choose the one that fits your duvet. You can also choose Full/Queen or King/California King, depending on the size of your duvet. There are seven colours as well. If you have a neutral bedroom, consider one of the four neutral colours (including white, dust grey, oat, and truffle). Looking for a pop of matte colour? You can choose between the pink rosewood shade, tempest blue, or sage green.

Like the sheets, this duvet cover has a clean and crisp 200 thread count. It’s ideal for use with sheets that have more texture, such as linen options or other percale weaves. As always, the colours and sizes perfectly match the coordinating Silk & Snow sheet set. Each sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcase is made with organic dyes. The dyes carry an OEKO-TEX certification, indicating that they are safe for human use.

The sheets are designed in Canada, but they are designed, dyed, and sewn in Portugal. The company works with the legendary Costa family, who use traditions passed down through generations to create high-quality bedding.

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Percale Duvet Cover is a crisp, cotton cover that helps keep your duvet clean. It’s breathable and cool for those who sleep hot due to the low thread count and breathable weave. The crisp materials and percale weave system contribute to a hotel feel, which works well with the percale sheet set and Silk & Snow also offers. There are seven colour options you can choose from, including neutrals like white, grey, oat, and truffle, as well as matte colours like rosewood, tempest blue, and sage.

  • Crisp cotton cover to keep your duvet clean
  • Breathable and cool for those who sleep hot
  • Hotel feel due to the percale one-over-one-under weave
  • Seven colour options, including neutrals and matte colours

From the Test Lab

“This duvet cover is crisp and comfortable, with a unique feel due to the percale one-over-one-under weave used to create it.”

Best Cooling

Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set

Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set


It's Great For:

The Hush Iced Duvet Cover is a premium viscose bamboo cover that works to keep you comfortable and cool no matter how hot you get at night. This cover is available in three sizes (Twin, Full/Queen, and King) and comes in three colours, including white, arctic blue, and grey. Each colour is soft and understated. They will fit with almost any bedroom decor.

The cover itself is made of airy viscose bamboo. This material is lightweight and breathable, but it’s also extremely soft. If you struggle with staying cool throughout the night, this duvet cover can help. Pair it with Hush’s cooling sheets to get the most out of it. You can use this duvet cover with any duvet you have of a similar size, but it’s also extremely compatible with Hush’s line of duvet options.

The attachment system used inside the duvet cover is one of the best we’ve seen. It features a simple hook and snap system that easily attaches to most duvets, including those with Hush’s accompanying snap system. This reduces movement throughout the night and ensures that installation is simple and easy.

The care instructions for this duvet cover are simple to follow. Hush recommends washing the duvet cover in cold water with like colours. It recommends tumble drying on low after the wash cycle. After each wash, the duvet cover will become softer and more comfortable to use, so don’t be afraid to wash it as often as needed.

The Highlights

The Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set features cooling materials that help regulate your body temperature, reducing heat throughout the night. This duvet is compatible with all duvets that match in size, though Hush recommends their duvet options to bet suit this cover. The hook + snap attachment system ensures that no matter what duvet you use, it won’t move around as you sleep. The cover becomes softer and more comfortable each time you wash it.

  • Cooling materials help regulate body temperature
  • The hook + snap attachment system keeps your duvet in place
  • Compatible with all duvets of a matching size
  • Becomes softer over time with washing

From the Test Lab

“This cover was soft and cool to the touch, which made it a must-have for us. We loved how it reduced body heat all night long.”

Best Polyester

Bare Home Duvet Cover Set

Bare Home Duvet Cover Set Twin/Twin Extra Long Size - Premium 1800 Super Soft Duvet Covers Collection - Lightweight, Duvet Cover - Soft Textured Bedding Duvet Cover (Twin/Twin XL, Black)


It's Great For:

Bare Home’s Duvet Cover Set is made from polyester microfibre, a blend that is soft and breathable. It’s comfortable for most users, even sleepers who often overheat. This cover comes in a full 36 colour options, as well as additional sizes not offered by other duvet covers. This means that you can personalize it to your hearts’ content. Additional sizes include oversized queen and oversized king (for those special duvets you ordered).

Colours include options like black, purple, beige, plaid, stripes, heather, green, grid, and pinstripe. If your bedroom has a somewhat unusual colour scheme (or you’ve had issues finding a duvet cover to match), this might be the solution for you. There are plenty of neutrals alongside bold and saturated colours, so there’s an option for everyone’s taste.

The set comes with one pillows ham for the smaller sizes and two for all of the larger sizes. The fabric itself is hydro-brushed, making it extremely soft and almost silk-like on your skin. It’s easy to care for, as it’s machine washable. Secure ties keep your duvet right where it should be, while an invisible closure ensures that your bed looks great from any angle. The envelope pillow shams are simple to put on, too.

The Highlights

The Bare Home Duvet Cover Set features secure corner ties that prevent bunching, ensuring that your duvet stays in place and doesn’t shift around. The durable hydro-brushed microfibre is extremely soft and comfortable enough for most sleepers. The envelope pillow shams are easy to use, and the duvet features an invisible closure so your bed looks great from any angle. There are 36 colour options to choose from, so this duvet cover will match any type of bedroom décor.

  • Secure corner ties that prevent bunching and keep your duvet in place
  • Soft, durable hydro-brushed microfibre cover
  • Envelope pillow shams and invisible duvet closures
  • 36 colour options to choose from

From the Test Lab

“Our testers love how silky this cover was. The microfibre made it a lovely addition to their bedrooms.”

Best Linen

Silk and Snow Flax Linen Duvet Cover

Silk and Snow Flax Linen Duvet Cover


It's Great For:

The Silk and Snow Flax Linen Duvet Cover are extremely breathable and airy. This crisp duvet cover is part of a complete bedding set, which includes sheets and pillowcases (all of which are sold separately). Still, if you want to match your entire bedroom, this is the option that can help you the most! It’s made of 100% European flax, sourced from France and Belgium. That flax is taken to Portugal, where expert artisans carefully weave these breathable options.

There are ten colour options available here, including standard neutrals as well as pink, copper, black, and green. There’s a colour for every taste! The sheets and duvet cover are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, so they are made safely, without synthetic materials or chemicals. The linen is sustainably gathered and produced ethically so you can feel more comfortable sleeping on it.

Plus, linen has moisture-wicking properties, as well as static reduction features. This means you’ll be more comfortable throughout the night with this duvet cover. It’s extremely lightweight, making it a great choice for an equally lightweight duvet.

It’s easy to care for this duvet cover since it’s safe to wash and dry at home. If you’re interested in how it’s made, Silk and Snow are extremely transparent about its production process. If this bothers you, you can sleep more comfortably now!

The Highlights

The Silk and Snow Flax Linen Duvet Cover is made in Portugal by expert artisans. Each duvet cover is made from flax sourced in France and Belgium. This duvet cover is crisp, lightweight, and breathable – perfect for those who don’t want a silky feel, as well as those who sleep hot. Silk and Snow provides a transparent manufacturing process to help you see where your flax comes from and how each duvet cover is made.

  • Made in Portugal by expert artisans
  • Made from flax sourced from France and Belgium
  • Crisp, lightweight, and breathable
  • Transparent manufacturing process

From the Test Lab

“This linen duvet cover is so crisp and airy! Our testers loved the unique feel of this duvet cover and the matching sheets.”

Best Bamboo Cotton

QE Home Aruba Bamboo Cotton Duvet Cover

QE Home Aruba Bamboo Cotton Duvet Cover


It's Great For:

QE Home’s Aruba Bamboo Cotton Duvet is made of a mix of 60% rayon from bamboo and 40% cotton. With a soft 310 thread count, these durable sheets are best for most sleepers who want a comfortable cover. This eco-friendly cover is sustainable because the bamboo used to make it doesn’t require much oversight and thrives quickly.

Aside from that, the strength and durability of this bamboo cotton cover are unbeatable. It will last a long time, even if you want to wash it often. Each time you wash it at home, it will soften a little bit more. Over time, this duvet cover will become one of the coziest parts of your bedding.

If you sleep hot, this cover is a great option for you. Bamboo naturally regulates temperature, so it won’t build up as you sleep. Further, it helps to wick away moisture. Even if you get warm, you won’t wake up covered in sweat. This duvet cover works to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, regulating temperature regardless of the season.

Overall, this smooth and comfortable duvet cover is great for most sleepers, and it’s strong enough to last. It’s easy to care for, too – you can wash and dry it at home without any concerns.

The Highlights

The QE Home Aruba Bamboo Cotton Duvet Cover is made with moisture-wicking bamboo. The blend of 60% bamboo fibres and 40% cotton makes the cover cool and comfortable. It’s are also strong and durable, so they’ll last a long time. The cover gets softer with every wash. This means you’ll get to enjoy it for many years to come! In addition, it’s easy to care for; simply machine wash them on cold and tumble dry on low to keep them clean and fresh.

  • Made with moisture-wicking bamboo fibres
  • Strong and durable
  • Gets softer with every wash
  • Easy care with just a few simple steps

From the Test Lab

“This bamboo cotton cover has a unique feel, but it’s comfortable for standard sleepers and hot sleepers alike.”

Best Muslin

Silk & Snow Muslin Duvet Cover

Silk & Snow Muslin Duvet Cover


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Muslin Duvet Cover is made with 100% cotton but woven so loosely that it creates a soft material that is extremely breathable. Muslin is often used in baby bedding due to its extremely soft and comforting nature. This set includes a duvet cover, which can be used to cover your favourite duvet. If you want to make your bed a little softer and cooler, this duvet cover might be the option for you.

In addition, muslin gets softer over time. Each time you wash it, the material gets a little softer. This means that the longer you use and take care of your duvet cover, the softer it will become. The cover is extremely durable, so taking care of it for years to come isn’t too far out of the question.

If you’re interested in other options for your bedding, you can purchase this duvet cover alongside a muslin quilt, sham set, or coverlet. Keeping your entire bed soft and warm is simple with this Silk & Snow collection. Each piece comes in either Queen or King, and there are three colour options to choose from. You can purchase this duvet cover in white, Oat, or Luna, a light grey.

This duvet cover is made in Portugal by a family who has been in the business for decades. It’s beautifully created and gauzy, with soft, textured bumps throughout to create a unique feel. When you choose to use this duvet cover on your favourite duvet, you can use the coconut shell button to close the duvet. It’s a nice, eco-conscious touch that Silk & Snow prides itself on.

The Highlights

Silk & Snow’s Muslin Duvet Cover features loosely woven cotton muslin, which is extremely breathable and soft. It works perfectly with Silk & Snow’s entire muslin collection, which includes a coverlet, quilt, and sham set. If you want your entire bed to feel soft and comfortable, these options are great for you. Plus, they get softer each time you wash them. This duvet cover features a coconut shell button closure, which helps keep your duvet covered uniquely and stylishly.

  • Loosely woven Muslin is extremely breathable and soft
  • Works perfectly with Silk & Snow’s other muslin shams and blankets
  • Gets softer with each washing
  • The coconut shell button closure helps you keep your duvet covered in style

From the Test Lab

“This duvet cover had a unique, soft feel that our testers loved. It continued to get softer wash after wash!”

Best Thread Count

Kotn Duvet Cover and Sham Set

Kotn Duvet Cover and Sham Set


It's Great For:

The Kotn Duvet Cover and Sham Set feels luxurious and comfortable. It comes with two pillow shams in all sets, as only larger sizes are available. The best part is that this luxurious set is made with 100% Egyptian cotton, featuring a 400-thread-count fabric that will be extremely soft and satiny on your skin. If you are going to spend any time at all sleeping on top of your duvet (or if you like to sleep without a top sheet), this is the duvet cover set for you.

This duvet cover has a neutral matte finish that helps it feel delightfully smooth. However, it’s also extremely durable. There are a few different colour and pattern options, including standard neutrals, pinstripes, and some darker colours (black, navy, olive green, and tan). No matter how your bedroom is decorated, there’s a colour option that will work for you.

Each set is crafted in Egypt with authentic Egyptian cotton. It’s also OEKO-TEK certified, so it’s completely safe for human use and created with non-toxic dyes. Between the lack of synthetics and the ethical crafting standards from Kotn, this is a great option for a lot of users. It’s also easy to care for, as you can wash it and dry it right at home.

The Highlights

The premium 400-thread count Kotn Duvet Cover and Sham Set is made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. This means that it’s both breathable and durable, perfect for those who sleep hot. It’s easy to style this set because there are nine different colours and patterns to choose from. There are no added synthetics, and each duvet is made with non-toxic dyes.

  • Premium 400-thread count duvet
  • Breathable and durable
  • Easy to style with multiple different style options
  • No added synthetics and made with non-toxic dyes

From the Test Lab

“Our testers were shocked with how comfortable and luxurious this cover felt. It’s got a great range of colours, too.”

Best Textured

Simons Maison Embossed Jersey Duvet Cover Set

Simons Maison Embossed Jersey Duvet Cover Set


It's Great For:

The Simons Maison Embossed Jersey Duvet Cover is a simple option made of 100% cotton. This comfortable material comes in two different neutral colours, including white and light grey. Each colour is lightly embossed, which creates a cozy, unique texture. It feels kind of like your favourite sweatshirt, meaning it’s easy to get comfortable and drift off to sleep quickly.

Duvet cover sets come in four different sizes, including Twin, Double, Queen, and King. Most sets come with two pillow shams. However, the Twin size comes with a single pillowcase. If you like the design and want more matching décor in your bedroom, you can order the matching cushion. It comes in two colours just like this duvet cover.

You can wash this duvet cover at home. It’s machine washable and tumble dry-safe, though the care instructions recommend that you don’t bleach it. The 100% cotton is breathable and soft. It’s a great addition to your bedroom!

The Highlights

The Simons Maison Embossed Jersey Duvet Cover Set comes in two neutral colours, including white and a light grey. You can get a matching cushion in the colour you choose, too. This duvet cover set is cozy and comfortable, with a soft cotton feel. The embossed texture has a very nice feel to it – it’s smooth and comfortable, too.

  • Two neutral colours to choose from
  • Matching cushion available
  • Cozy and comfortable
  • The embossed texture feels comfortable and smooth

From the Test Lab

“Our testers loved the minimalistic design of this cover, as well as the unique, cozy texture.”

Why Trust Us?

Years of experience in the sleep industry have taught us a lot about quality. We’re focused on helping you get the best night of sleep, so all of our recommendations are based on our findings. We’ve put each duvet cover on our list through rigorous evaluations at our test lab. We also sent them home with our group of detail-oriented testers for long-term feedback.

All of this information was compiled, leading to the list of recommendations you see today. Each duvet cover was evaluated based on a few performance areas, such as:

  • Materials. What is the cover made of? We made sure that each cover was made with the highest quality of materials, especially when it came to natural fibres. 
  • Certifications. Certifications can help determine quality and authenticity, so we looked for duvet covers that had at least one material certification. 
  • Temperature Control. Because most Canadians sleep hot, we looked for duvet covers that could keep you more comfortable and disperse heat a little better. 
  • Care Options. No one wants to dry clean a King-sized duvet cover. We looked for covers that were easy to care for. We especially favored options that could be washed at home. 

Why Should You Use a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover can serve a lot of purposes. Of course, some duvets recommend using a cover at all times. If you want to make sure that your duvet stays protected and doesn’t start leaking fill, a duvet cover might be the best option for you. Check your duvet to see if a cover is recommended.

When your duvet cover is dirty, you can take it off and wash it. It’s much less of a pain than washing your entire duvet, so this cover allows an easier way to refresh your bed without soiling your duvet.

You can also use your duvet cover to change up the look of your bedroom. If you need to add some new life to your favourite comforter, slide it into a duvet cover. Changing up your bedroom décor? It’s much more efficient to purchase a new duvet cover than to find a new comforter. Sliding your best duvet into a new cover can change it up quite a lot, too – and it’s usually much less expensive than replacing the entire blanket.

How to Choose a Duvet Cover

Choosing a duvet cover seems simple, but there are a few important things you should know before you make a decision.


How do you size your duvet cover? This is a contested question, and there are a lot of opinions about it. Rest assured that a duvet cover in any size will be slightly larger than a duvet of the same size. This means that a queen duvet cover, for instance, will be slightly larger than your queen-sized duvet. This is because the duvet covers need additional room to accommodate your duvet without any bunching or stretching. If your duvet cover is a few inches larger than your duvet, don’t worry.

Some people tend to think you need a bigger duvet than your bed size. It can be difficult to size a duvet cover based on these options. However, we’ll always recommend choosing a duvet cover that matches the size of your duvet. The extra size is already built-in to help accommodate your duvet, no matter what type of fill it has.

If you are worried about finding the perfect duvet cover for your duvet, consider contacting the company that makes your duvet. They might have suggestions for the perfect duvet cover size to fit your duvet.


What is your duvet cover made of? There are so many options, that it can be difficult to choose sometimes. Here are just a few of the most popular options you might find on our list and beyond.

  • Cotton. Cotton is soft and fluffy. It creates smooth, comfortable fabrics that are breathable and airy. Cotton gets softer as you wash, and retains colour very well. 
  • Bamboo Cotton. Bamboo cotton uses rayon from bamboo to create a fabric that regulates temperature and wicks away moisture. Bamboo cotton blends are usually smooth and soft, with a slightly different texture from regular cotton. 
  • Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian cotton is one of the finest cotton materials you can find in fabric. This cotton is a long-staple option, which means that the fibres produced are thinner and stronger. This means you get a higher thread count and a more durable fabric.
  • Polyester/Microfibre. Polyester and Microfibre products are often linked because they are a common blend. Both are warmer materials with more breathability than some options. Polyester is durable, making the blend last longer. Microfibre, on the other hand, is softer. Together, this blend creates fabrics that feel great and keep you cool when you’re warm and warm when you are cold.
  • Linen. Linen fabrics are crisp and light. They are extremely breathable, but not as soft as some of the other options on our list.

There may be other options available depending on the duvet cover you choose. Don’t be afraid to look up the materials for your chosen duvet cover to determine if it might work for you. Matching your duvet cover materials to your sheets is also a great idea, as this can maximize the effects of the materials.

Colour Options

Believe it or not, colour options can be one of the most important choices when you shop for a duvet. We all have our favourite bedroom décor, and your duvet cover has to match. Further, you might want a duvet cover that can change up the look of your favourite comforter. To do this, you have to find one that has just the right colours and patterns to blend in perfectly.

Many of the duvet covers on our list have multiple colour options. There’s something for everyone! Keep in mind that there is some restriction on the colours available based on the type of material used in the duvet cover. Linen, for example, tends towards more neutral colours. Cotton might be any colour, but Egyptian cotton is usually white (with some exceptions).

If you’re choosing a duvet cover made of microfibre or polyester, the colours and patterns may be endless. Make sure to consider this before you place your purchase, as choosing the right duvet cover can pull your bedroom together.


There are quite a few certifications that can help you determine the quality of your duvet cover. A few of the most common options are:

  • OEKO-TEK Standard 100. OEKO-TEK is a certification process carried out by a third party. This standard means that the fabrics are produced without synthetics or harmful chemicals. This means they are entirely non-toxic and safe for human use. 
  • Cotton Egypt Association. For Egyptian Cotton duvet covers, this certification means that the materials meet all quality standards for Egyptian cotton. It also assures you that the cotton is genuine Egyptian Cotton. 

Depending on the type of material your duvet cover is made of, there might be additional certifications. If you are concerned about the quality of the materials (or where they are coming from), make sure to look for certifications that can help you feel more comfortable. Most associations that issue certifications will list accredited companies on their website,s o you can always check to see if a claim is correct.


Caring for some duvet covers can be complicated. Some require extra care instructions, such as dry cleaning or spot cleaning only. Of course, if you want your bed to be fresh most of the time, these care instructions can be a pain.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the care instructions listed for each duvet cover before you decide to buy. Consider what you’re willing to do to help keep your bed fresh. If you don’t mind dry cleaning or special care instructions, it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you want to wash your duvet cover often, look for one that doesn’t take much care. Anything you can wash in your home washing machine is preferable, and anything you can tumble dry is a bonus.

Some duvet covers that are machine washable will have special instructions, such as the temperature you should use. Pay attention to these as well, as they can make it a little more difficult to care for your duvet cover.

If you fail to follow the care instructions properly, it may void your warranty. Always make sure to keep the care instructions handy and follow them to the best of your ability.

Temperature Control

Some Canadians overheat as they sleep. Instead of waking up sweaty and uncomfortable, there are a few ways you can prevent heat from building up. You can choose a mattress with cooling properties, or sheets that offer some breathability.

Thankfully, your duvet cover can also help you feel a bit cooler. Lightweight materials, especially cotton, are great at temperature control. Any breathable material with a low thread count can create a little more airflow as you sleep. Look for polyester, cotton, and especially Egyptian cotton.

If you sleep extremely hot, you should choose a lightweight duvet cover (and a lighter duvet). The duvet cover won’t keep you cool on its own, but it works well when paired with other cooling features in bedding options.

Thread Count

Thread count doesn’t matter so much in your duvet cover. That’s because your duvet cover isn’t against your skin very often. However, if you plan to use your duvet cover in a way that means you’ll feel it a little more, consider choosing one with a higher thread count.

Thread count measures the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. A higher thread count means softer sheets. As the number climbs, you can feel the difference. The sheets get more luxurious and soft against your skin. However, a lower thread count is easier to care for and more durable on average.

A lower thread count also reduces temperature build-up, as the weave is more breathable. Some low thread-count fabrics can be soft, so the feel of your duvet cover may not be tied directly to thread count.

A thread count of at least 300 will be nice for most Canadians!

Pieces Included

You would expect most duvet covers to come with just the cover. However, some sets come with other pieces, including pillow shams, cushions, and pillowcases. Each listing should tell you what comes with your duvet cover, and some might not include any extras at all.

As a rule of thumb, a Twin or Twin XL-sized duvet cover will usually come with a single pillow sham. Other sizes will include two pillow shams to help your larger bed setups match. Some options have special pieces included with the set, and it may vary based on sizing and any additional options you choose to purchase. 

Note that even if a set doesn’t come with all of the pieces you need, some companies offer matching pieces available separately. Though you’ll have to pay extra, you can still have the matching bedroom set you’ve always wanted. Make sure to pay attention to what comes with the set before you order your duvet cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your comforter no longer matches your bedroom décor, you can update how it looks by putting it in a duvet cover. Comforters easily slide right into a duvet cover of the same size, allowing you to change up your style whenever you need to!

There is no hard-and-fast rule about how you should sleep with your duvet cover. However, top sheets are usually included to protect the duvet cover from sweat and skin cells. If you want your duvet cover to be fresher and last longer, we recommend using a top sheet.

A duvet cover can double as a thin blanket if you’d rather give your duvet or comforter a rest. It’s a great blanket alternative for the warmer summer months and can be great if you often overheat at night.