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Duvet covers change the look of your bed, but they can deeply affect your sleep experience as well, for better or worse. Whether you are seeking a duvet cover that can help reduce overheating like the Hush Iced Duvet Cover or one made from luxurious fabric like the Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet, there is sure to be an option on the market that is perfect for you.

Each product we chose for the best duvet covers in Canada list for Winter 2024 deserved a spot because of its excellent user reviews and sleep expert tests. We had multiple people on our team try these duvet covers out for an extended period while comparing materials, ease of care and durability. We are confident that one of these top picks will fit your sleep style and bedroom aesthetic.

With hundreds of options on the Canadian market, selecting a new duvet cover can sometimes feel overwhelming. It can be tricky to know which duvet covers are made from the best fabrics and will stand the test of time without pilling, fading or coming apart at the seams. The options below are of the highest quality, and we feel confident recommending them to you.

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Best Duvet Covers in Canada
Testing the best duvet covers Canada has to offer this Winter 2024 season. Photo: Made in CA

Best duvet cover overall

Silk & Snow Egyptian cotton duvet cover

Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Material: 100% Egyptian Cotton
Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cal King
Includes: Duvet cover
Colours: Tempest Blue, Vista, Dusk Grey, Sand, White, Misty Rose, Driftwood
Shipping: 2-4 business days
Sleep Trial: 100 nights
Rating: 9.0/10
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Why We Like It

  • High-quality Egyptian cotton fabric is durable, soft and easy to care for
  • Many colour options, ensuring seamless matching to aesthetics
  • Zipper closure, which prevents shifting, bunching and the duvet escaping out the bottom

What We Don’t Like About It

  • Doesn’t come with pillow shams, which, when bought separately, can add to the overall cost

The Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover is our choice for the best duvet cover you can buy in Canada. Made from sustainably sourced Egyptian cotton that gets softer with each wash, our testers unanimously thought this duvet cover was the best one that they tried.

When first taking the duvet cover out of the package, the fabric seemed scratchy; however, after a few wash and dryer cycles, we found the duvet cover became soft and gentle against our skin. We recommend following all care instructions, including using a wool dryer ball when you dry the duvet cover. This can help soften the duvet cover faster than standard washing and drying.

Our tester Melissa Haynes appreciated the high-quality Egyptian cotton that this duvet cover was made from and the sustainable practices used in its manufacturing process. Those who are eco-friendly will like that this cover is certified and uses no harmful chemicals during manufacturing. We also thought this cover was airy and breathable, keeping our testers cool even in the summer.

A total of 7 different colour options across all standard sizes made our choice easy. Multiple hues matched our testers’ bedroom decor, and we are sure that most Canadians will share this experience. We put the Silk & Snow Egyptian Cover Duvet through vigorous wash tests to see if the colours would fade, and we were pleasantly surprised that each shade kept its vivid colouring despite repeated washing.

Putting a duvet into this cover was easy- and we found that the corner ties helped to keep the duvet in place without bunching over time. Unlike some other duvets with open button closures, our testers loved the zipper at the bottom. It made the duvet and cover look seamless together, with no bits of fabric sticking out.

Why we think it’s the best duvet cover for Canadians this season

Producing the S&S Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover in Portugal
Producing the S&S Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover in Portugal. Photo: Made in CA / Silk & Snow

The Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover is our favourite duvet cover in Canada, showcasing a buttery soft feel that makes it hard to want to get out of bed and an extensive size range that makes it a good pick for any Canadian. This duvet cover was a hit with each of our testers and sleep experts on our team, and we especially love the reasonable price point and neutral colour.

It’s perfect for those seeking multiple colours and all sizes for their duvet. It performed great in all wash and dry tests, and the fabric didn’t fade or pill, and in fact, became even softer over time. We found the zipper enclosure to be sturdy and the corner ties to stay firmly in place over time. The temperature control of this duvet cover was good, and it didn’t cause any excess heat buildup between the duvet and the cover.

  • Those who sleep warm. The Egyptian cotton used in this duvet cover is breathable and airy. It prevents the build-up of heat throughout the night, so even the hottest sleepers stay comfortable.
  • Eco-Friendly Canadians. Made from fair trade and sustainably sourced materials, this certified Egyptian cotton duvet cover ensures no harmful chemicals or dyes are used in its production.
  • Users who want many colour choices. With 7 different colour choices, you are sure to find a shade that will match your preferences, whether you are seeking a bolder hue or a muted neutral.
  • Read the entire Silk & Snow duvet review here

Best textured duvet cover

Simons Maison embossed fabric duvet set

The Simons Maison Embossed Fabric Duvet Cover

Material: 100% Cotton
Sizes: Twin, Double, Queen
Includes: Duvet Cover & Standard Sham (1 with twin, 2 with other sizes)
Colours: White, Green
Shipping: 4-7 business days
Sleep Trial: None
Rating: 8.2/10

Why We Like It

  • The embossed fabric looks like expensive hotel bedding
  • Comes in two great neutral colours
  • A mid-range price point that will appeal to most shoppers

What We Don’t Like About It

  • Runs warmer than other duvet covers in our review

The Simons Maison Embossed Fabric Duvet Set is a luxurious-looking and feeling duvet cover that has an affordable price point. Made of 100% cotton, this duvet cover features an embossed design made of hexagons that instantly elevate its look. Our testers found this duvet cover to be a great value, as shams are included with the set (one with twin and two with all other sizes).

Available in both white and a dark green colour, this duvet set doesn’t have as many colour options as some other covers that we tried out, but the white is a crisp hue that looks great in any room. Unfortunately, neither colour comes in a king size at the moment, though availability can change at any time.

Canadians seeking a cooling duvet cover will want to look elsewhere, as the weave of this cotton cover is tight and intricate. While the embossing looks great, it does tend to retain heat and not let as much airflow as other duvets on our list. This option is great for anyone who wants a unique cover for the winter or lives in cooler climates.

Nicole Blair was impressed, though, with the high-quality fabric of this cover, which held up great during wash and dry tests. While this fabric isn’t the softest on the market, it stayed crisp and wrinkle-free even after washing. We appreciated the zipper enclosure, which kept the duvet nicely within the cover.

Simons Maison Embossed Fabric Duvet Set
Simons Maison Embossed Fabric Duvet Set. Photo: Made in CA / Simons

It’s the perfect textured duvet cover for style and quality

We think the Simons Maison Embossed Duvet Set is a great choice and ideal for those seeking a luxurious cover at a reasonable price point. It did great in wash and dry testing and did not shrink, fade or wrinkle. The embossed pattern stayed crisp and clear over time, and the zipper never malfunctioned or became stuck, as we have experienced with other duvet covers. It lacked temperature control, though, as it tended to retain heat for most of our testers. This may not be a deal breaker for many Canadians, especially those who live in cold areas or naturally sleep cool.

  • Cooler Sleepers and winter months. While we love the thick material of this duvet cover, it does tend to retain heat, ideal for those seeking warmth.
  • Elegant bedroom decor.  The unique texture of this duvet cover instantly upgrades the look of your bedroom.
  • Those wanting a complete set. Unlike many other duvet covers where you have to buy them separately, the Simons Maison Embossed Duvet set comes with pillow shams.
  • Read our review of the Simons brand
Simons Maison Embossed Cover
Simons Maison Embossed Cover. Photo: Made in CA / Simons

Best budget-friendly duvet cover

Benji duvet cover set

Benji Sleep Duvet Cover

Material: Brushed Microfibre
Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King
Includes: Duvet Cover & Standard Sham (1 with twin, 2 with other sizes)
Colours: 11 total colours, including neutrals and simple prints
Shipping: 2-7 business days
Sleep Trial: 100 nights
Rating: 8.5/10

Why We Like It

  • Large range of colours and prints
  • Affordable for those even on a tight budget
  • Comes with pillow shams (one for twin, two for all other sizes)

What We Don’t Like About It

  • Microfibre fabric became worn fairly quickly

As our top pick from Olivia Bush for a budget-friendly duvet cover in Canada, the Benji Duvet Cover Set impressed our testers with how much it has to offer. Made from performance-grade microfibre, this duvet set promised softness and cooling. We were happily surprised when this low-cost set lived up to the label. Available in all standard sizes, this is a great option for those wanting a lower-cost, high-performing option.

Upon opening the package, our testers were impressed with how soft this duvet cover set was. We loved that that fabric is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making this a perfect set for anyone with allergies. We found that the duvet cover did a great job of temperature control, and even those of us who tend to sleep hot were comfortable and never experienced night sweats or heat build-up.

Not only does this duvet cover come with a pillow sham (one for twin and two for all other sizes), the price point is the lowest of the high-quality options we tested. The set comes in 11 different colours and prints, ensuring that even the most discerning eye will be able to find a shade that they love. We appreciated the corner ties and the zipper enclosure that kept the duvet in place no matter how much we moved around.

The wash and dry testing did help point out a flaw with this Benji set, as we found that with repeated washings, the fabric became slightly pilled and faded. While the set stayed soft over time, it was clear that it was becoming more worn.

A balance between a well-made duvet cover at an affordable price

Benji Sleep Duvet Cover and Pillowcases
Benji Sleep Duvet Cover and Pillowcases. Photo: Made in CA / Benji Sleep

Considering its low price point, the Benji Duvet Cover Set performed well in most categories. We thought its range of colour options and sizing was better than most, and its secure corner ties and zipper enclosure held the duvet solidly in place night after night. The cooling properties of this duvet cover were great and did a good job of keeping our testers cool and sweat-free. We were less impressed with the overall fabric durability of this set, though, and noticed it started to pill and fade after time. Those on a budget shouldn’t discount this set, however.

  • Those on a budget. The Benji Duvet Cover Set is incredibly affordable, making it a great pick for those seeking a low-price point option.
  • Canadians wanting many colour options. Available in 11 different colours and prints, we love how versatile this set is.
  • Users who sleep hot. The performance-grade microfibre of this set does a great job of cooling those who sleep hot and wicking away moisture.
  • Read our review of the Benji brand

Best no-frills duvet cover

Canadian Down & Feather Company classic white duvet cover

CDFC Classic White Duvet Cover

Material: 100% Cotton
Sizes: Twin, Double, Queen, Queen XL, King, King XL
Includes: Duvet Cover
Colours: White
Shipping: 4-8 business days
Sleep Trial: None
Rating: 8.0/10
Read the entire Canadian Down & Feather Co. duvet review here

Why We Like It

  • The crisp cotton stayed cool and breathable throughout the night
  • Zippers on three sides made insertion a breeze
  • The bright white colour looks great in every bedroom

What We Don’t Like About It

  • Slightly too much fabric when using a thin duvet

The Canadian Down & Feather Company has a reputation for producing high-quality and durable products, and this duvet cover is no exception. We were skeptical of the Classic White Duvet Cover, which comes only in white and is made of simple 100% cotton; we soon discovered that this duvet cover deserved a spot on this list.

Lauren Williams, our lead sleep tester, was impressed with the crisp cotton material, which stayed wrinkle-free and brightened up any room that we put it in. Those who sleep hot will benefit from the natural coolness of the cotton fabric. Even in warmer seasons, we thought this cover did a great job of keeping body temperatures low.

One of our favourite features of this duvet cover was the unique zipper enclosure, which goes around 3 of the 4 sides of the cover. This made for the easiest duvet insertion we have ever experienced. The corners of the duvet cover had corner snap ribbons, which held the duvet nicely in place. The edges of the cover had a 2” gusset, allowing thick and fluffy duvets to fit nicely, though those with thin duvets might find that the extra fabric of the cover is bothersome.

While the only colour option is white, we thought it was easy to accessorise with colour to customize the look for each bed. We liked that it came in multiple sizes, making it a good choice for any Canadian. The duvet cover did a great job holding up in the wash and didn’t shrink or wrinkle. We loved that the fabric didn’t pill over time and seemed new for much longer than some other options we tried. Without any included pillow shams, it does have a slightly higher price point compared to some. We simply think that the high quality of this Canadian brand is worth it.

It’s the go-to duvet cover for no-frills practicality and cozy nights

The Canadian Down & Feather Company Classic White Duvet performed well throughout most of the evaluations and sleep tests that we put it through. It held up great in both wash and dry tests and didn’t pill, fade or wear down over time. We thought the temperature control was excellent, and the duvet cover stayed crisp and cool for even our hottest sleepers. We loved how easy it was to insert the duvet into the cover with its unique 3-sided zipper enclosure. Overall, we thought this was a great pick, with the only drawbacks being the cost, limited colour option and no included shams.

  • Those wanting hotel-like bedding. This duvet cover is exceptionally well made, and its thick, crisp cotton mimics bedding from a luxury hotel.
  • Easy duvet insertion. Using a 3-sided zipper enclosure, you will no longer struggle with putting your duvet into the cover.
  • Canadians who sleep warm. We love the natural temperature control with this Classic Duvet Cover that keeps night sweats and heat buildup away.
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Secure Corner Straps of the Canadian Down & Feather Classic White Duvet Cover
Secure Corner Straps of the Canadian Down & Feather Classic White Duvet Cover. Photo: Made in CA / Canadian Down & Feather Company

Best linen duvet cover

Noa French linen duvet cover

Noa Home French Linen Duvet Cover

Material: 100% Flax Linen
Sizes: Queen, King
Includes: Duvet Cover
Colours: Sand
Shipping: 2-5 business days
Sleep Trial: None
Rating: 8.4/10

Why We Like It

  • Stonewashed linen gives the duvet cover a natural, soft look
  • The neutral sand colour looks great on all beds
  • Lightweight material keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter

What We Don’t Like About It

  • Only available in Queen and King sizes

The Noa Home French Linen Duvet Cover is our pick for the best linen option that you can get in Canada. We love the organic and natural feel that linen bedding provides, and this Noa Home cover is the best on the market.

Made from 100% French flax linen, this duvet cover is stonewashed, which felt soft and worn as soon as we took it out of the package. While we were concerned this cover might feel scratchy or stiff, that was not the case. In fact, it felt super soft, like it had already been worn in. This was a highlight for our testers, who sometimes have to take a lot of time to break in bedding for a proper review.

Made in CA’s expert Emma Thompson (who specializes in temperature control) found that this Noa Home Duvet Cover stayed nice and cool in the summer and slightly warmer in the winter. This is a great temperature-neutral cover for anyone who sleeps moderately warm.

Noa French Linen Duvet Cover on Bed
Noa French Linen Duvet Cover on Bed. Photo: Made in CA / Noa Home

We loved how easy this duvet cover was to care for, and it passed the wash-and-dry tests with flying colours. Surprisingly, this linen cover did not wrinkle in the dryer and got even softer after each wash without fading or becoming threadbare. Inserting the duvet into the cover was easy, though we didn’t love the button enclosure, which took much longer than a zipper and caused some occasional bunching.

Available in one neutral beige colour and only in Queen and King sizes, this is certainly not a one-size-fits-all duvet cover. The higher cost is appropriate for the luxurious European linen but may price out some Canadians, especially since it does not include any pillow shams. However, those seeking a natural aesthetic with larger beds will love this breezy duvet cover.

It’s a moisture-resistant duvet cover for year-round dry and healthy sleep

French Linen Duvet Cover Set
French Linen Duvet Cover Set. Photo: Made in CA / Noa Home

The Noa Home French Linen Duvet Cover performed incredibly well in many categories that we reviewed. It has great temperature control that will keep the bedding neutral year-round and is good for those who sleep moderately warm. We found that the ease of care was excellent, and the linen held up great wash after wash despite the fabric being stonewashed and a more open weave. We were less impressed with the button enclosure, as it seemed to cause a bit of bunching along the bottom. The neutral colour was great, but we acknowledge that the limited sizing and higher cost are not for everyone. Canadians seeking a durable and ultra-soft cover that will look great in natural and organic decor should consider this option.

  • Natural and organic bedroom decor. This duvet cover looks great in all bedrooms with a simple and natural look, and the light sand colour coordinates nicely with existing bedding.
  • Those who sleep warm. With fabric that is airy and lightweight, this duvet cover will help keep you cool in the summer and slightly warmer in the winter.
  • Easy washing. While linen often wrinkles, this duvet cover can be easily machine-washed and dried and comes out soft and wrinkle-free each time.
  • Read our review for the Noa Home brand

Best patterned duvet cover

QE Home Alder duvet cover

QE Home Alder Duvet Cover

Material: 50% Tencel, 50% Cotton
Sizes: Twin, Double, Queen, King, Super King
Includes: Duvet Cover
Colours: Watercolour Leaf Pattern (beige, grey, blue)
Shipping: 2-9 business days
Sleep Trial: None
Rating: 8.3/10

Why We Like It

  • A beautiful floral print that is sure to be the focus of any bedroom
  • Eco-friendly Tencel fabric is sustainable and keeps moisture and heat away
  • Comes in a large range of sizes

What We Don’t Like About It

  • The pattern only comes in one colour option

Many Canadians prefer a duvet cover to have more personality than a solid-coloured option, and this Alder Duvet Cover is a perfect choice. Not only did we find that this cover offered excellent features like cooling and ease of cleaning, but it comes in a lovely floral watercolour print that is sure to be the highlight of any room.

Upon taking the duvet cover out of the package, we thought the material was extremely soft but a bit wrinkly. We followed the washing and drying instructions, which recommended washing the cover inside out and then using a wool dryer ball to smooth the fabric, and the duvet cover came out wrinkle-free. Over time, this cover did great with repeated wash and dry cycles, and it did not wear thin or fade. The zipper enclosure made inserting a duvet incredibly easy, and we didn’t experience any bunching or shifting during use.

This duvet cover is made from a blend of Tencel and cotton, which we found to stay cool regardless of the ambient temperature in the room. The cotton kept the duvet cover feeling crisp and fresh while the Tencel wicked away heat and moisture. Our testers, who tend to sleep overly hot and sweaty, were pleasantly surprised by how cool this duvet cover kept them.

Our sleep experts appreciated that the cover was available in a large range of sizes, which is a feature that many other bedding companies do not offer. The duvet cover features a large floral print that looks like a watercolour painting and is in shades of blue and beige. While many Canadians will love this print, and the colours work great for neutral colour palettes, we wish the print was available in other colour options to appeal to a larger audience. This duvet cover is sold as an individual item, but we loved that both shams and decorative accent pillowcases can be purchased as well.

QE Carlingdale Alder Duvet Cover on Bed
QE Carlingdale Alder Duvet Cover on Bed. Photo: Made in CA / QE Home

A popular duvet cover for those who want a lovely floral pattern for a highlight in their room

The Alder Duvet Cover performed highly in most areas, including ease of care and temperature control. We found that this duvet cover was very easy to wash and dry and stayed wrinkle-free when following the care instructions. The print did not fade over time. We loved the floral pattern but wished it came in more colour options. Our testers were impressed with the cooling properties that the Tencel fabric offered and how it kept cool night after night, even in warmer months. This is a good choice for any bed size and Canadians who want a bold duvet cover that will be the focal point of their bedroom.

  • Canadians wanting a printed duvet. This duvet cover features a large floral print that resembles a watercolour painting, perfect for anyone wanting bold bedding.
  • Those who sleep warm. Made from Tencel and cotton, this cover stayed cool throughout the night, wicking away both heat and moisture.
  • All bed sizes. While many other duvet covers come in a limited size range, we appreciated that this came in all sizes from Twin to Super King.
  • Read our review of the QE Home brand
QE Carlingdale Alder Duvet Cover
QE Carlingdale Alder Duvet Cover. Photo: Made in CA / QE Home

Best cooling duvet cover

Hush iced duvet cover set

Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set

Material: 100% Viscose Bamboo
Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King
Includes: Duvet Cover and Two Shams
Colours: White, Arctic Blue, Grey, Charcoal, Sage, Blush, Navy
Shipping: 6-9 business days
Sleep Trial: 100 nights
Rating: 8.6/10
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Why We Like It

  • Extra cool viscose bamboo stays cold to the touch year-round
  • Available in seven great colours
  • Snap corners work perfectly most duvet inserts

What We Don’t Like About It

  • Does not come in a California King size

Temperature control is one of the most sought-after features in bedding, and this Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set is one of the best duvet covers in Canada for cooling. We tried countless options, looking for the best icy cool duvet cover that we could find, and were pleasantly surprised at how well this cover did in keeping our testers comfortable.

The fabric of this Hush Iced Duvet is made from viscose bamboo, which keeps the bedding temperature neutral and cool to the touch year-round. Even those of our testers such as David Hall who sleeps extremely hot and tends to experience night sweats found this duvet cover was an ideal temperature. We found it to feel incredibly soft right out of the package, and it held up over time despite repeated washing and drying.

Read our review of the Hush brand

Hush Iced Duvet Cover Straps
Hush Iced Duvet Cover Straps. Photo: Made in CA / Hush

This fabric never pilled or became faded, and insertion of a duvet was incredibly easy. We loved the corner ties that work with any duvet you might already own. Those seeking to buy a new duvet insert, though, may want to look at their proprietary cooling duvet, which then snaps into place into this cover. Our team tried both options and found them both to be great; however, we experienced additional cooling with their branded duvet.

Like many duvet covers on the market, there were some available size issues, and we wished that this cover came in a California King option. We loved that the purchase of the duvet cover included a pillow sham (or two, for larger duvet covers). It also comes in a range of great colour choices. This cover comes in at a moderate price point, which is a great perk considering the deeper benefits that it offers.

A bamboo duvet cover which is cool to the touch throughout the night

The Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set is a stand-out cover in many areas, but mostly for its unique cooling features. Made from viscose bamboo, this cover stayed icy cool night after night and kept our sleep team at an ideal temperature. We thought the ease of care was great, and the fabric did not wear down or pill over time. Those who also need a duvet would benefit from the snap-in-corner feature that works with their unique cooling duvet insert.  We wish that it was available in all standard bed sizing, but our experts thought that the reasonable cost, including pillow sham(s) and large colour selections, made up for it.

  • Those who sleep extra hot. While many duvet covers do a good job reducing heat buildup, this option provides superior cooling and will keep the hottest of sleepers at a perfect temperature throughout the night.
  • Canadians who also need a new duvet. Parking this duvet cover with its unique cooling duvet insert not only improves temperature control but also snaps in perfectly, eliminating any possible shifting and bunching.
  • Large range of colour options. With seven different great colours, ranging from simple neutrals to bold hues, this duvet cover will pop in any bedroom, and the shades won’t fade over time with washing.

Best organic duvet cover

Endy organic cotton duvet cover

Endy Organic Cotton Duvet Cover

Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, King/Cal King
Includes: Duvet Cover & Standard Sham (1 with twin, 2 with other sizes)
Colours: White, Midnight Navy, Soft Sage, Sandbanks, Fog Grey
Shipping: 2-7 business days
Sleep Trial: 60 nights
Rating: 8.5/10

Why We Like It

  • Organic cotton cover is hypoallergenic and soft
  • Budget-friendly price point will appeal to many Canadians
  • Includes pillow sham (one with twin, two with all other sizes)

What We Don’t Like About It

  • The fabric became slightly worn over an extended time and repeated washing

Rounding out our list today is the Endy Organic Cotton Duvet Cover, which is our pick for the best organic cotton cover in Canada. We thought this low-cost option was a great choice for any Canadian seeking a solid quality duvet cover that is made from organic fabrics and is ideal for those with allergies, as it is naturally hypoallergenic.

When taking this duvet cover out of the package, many of our experts noted how silky and soft the duvet cover was. Some testers even thought that the organic cotton sateen was too soft for their liking, as this is not a crisp and cool duvet cover. We thought that this Endy duvet cover was perfect for anyone looking for a cozy, smooth fabric that won’t take time to break in.

When putting this duvet cover through wash and dry cycle testing, we did note that the fabric tended to pill slightly and fade faster than some other covers we tested. We attribute this to the sateen finish on the cover, which often shows wear over time. Inserting a duvet into this cover was easy, and it features corner ties to use with your existing duvet or snap closures if you choose to use one of Endy’s duvets.

The temperature control of this duvet cover was moderate, as we didn’t experience any extreme heat buildup, yet we also didn’t find that the fabric was cooling. We think this is best for those who sleep moderately warm or temperature-neutral. We loved that it came in all standard sizing, as well as a handful of great colour options. With an affordable price point, which includes pillow sham(s), this duvet cover set stands out as one of the best in Canada.

A durable and long-lasting organic cotton duvet cover that’ll go a long way

Feel of the Endy Organic Cotton Sheets
Feel of the Endy Organic Cotton Sheets. Photo: Made in CA / Endy

The Endy Organic Cotton Duvet Cover did moderately well in most categories, but we give it a pass considering the low cost and multiple size and colour options. This cover didn’t hold up as well over time with repeated washing and started to pill and fade slightly. The temperature control was decent, but our testers who slept extra hot didn’t find that this cover helped to keep them cool. We loved the softness that this organic cotton duvet cover offered, though, and found that it was great for our experts with allergies. Available in every standard bed size and with multiple colour options, this duvet cover was one of the least expensive on the Canadian market, It should not be discounted, especially since it includes pillow shams.

  • Those seeking super soft fabric. As one of the softest options we tried, this organic cotton duvet cover has a sateen finish that feels great against the skin.
  • Canadians on a lower budget. This low-cost duvet cover is a great value, and those who are on a budget will find it to be a good pick.
  • Users who want included pillow shams. Not all duvet covers include pillow shams in their set, but this Endy Organic Cotton option does. You can expect to get one sham with a twin cover and two with all other sizes.
  • Read our review for the Endy brand

How We Tested these Duvet Covers in Canada

Ashley Tremblay and our team of sleep experts know how important it is to recommend quality sleep products (bed sheets, comforters etc.) to our readers. Each duvet cover on our list met high standards, had excellent reviews, and underwent multiple testing rounds for us to be able to put it on our list.

Our team of sleep experts and testers took to trying out dozens of different duvet covers. We looked at how well the fabric held up under washing and drying over time, as well as how hard it was to insert a duvet into the cover. We compared temperature control throughout seasons and with different body types. Our testers finally evaluated duvet cover size availability, colour options and costs before choosing the best duvet covers in Canada.

If you do have any questions with our Made in CA testing team you can send us an e-mail at and we’ll try our best to get back to you. Or get in touch with us at:

18 King Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1C4, Canada

Or our office telephone at 647-360-8033.

Recent Updates

Ever since we published this article of duvet covers, we’d like to be transparent on the updates we’ve made to Canadians who read it.

  • February 2024: We completely replaced and updated the guide to 8 duvet covers as we decided to narrow down the most purchased by Canadians. That includes new review sections on how we tested, images and commonly asked questions. As well as a different brand for each review. We’ve also removed all brands as we don’t feel the quality fits our criteria.
  • April 2023: We decided to increase our guide to 12 reviews with newer duvet cover brands in Canada such as KOTN, Bare Home and QE Home. We’ve also reduced the number of choices in our reviews to just 2 products.
  • September 2022: Our first edition of the guide. 7 reviews of Canadian duvets and 3 commonly asked questions. Most of our choices are from

All the Duvet Cover Reviews

We began our hunt for the best duvet covers in Canada by initially looking at different types of popular duvet covers on the market. By pouring through reviews and product specs, we were able to start narrowing down which duvet covers were worth going through physical product testing before choosing our favourites.

Image Product Material Sleep Trial Cooling Softness Style Sizes Colours Value Durability Texture
Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Silk & Snow Duvet Cover Egyptian Cotton 100 nights 9.3 9.1 9.0 8.8 8.8 9.5 9.0 8.9
Simons Maison Embossed Fabric Duvet Set Simons Maison Embossed Fabric Duvet Set 100% Cotton None 7.8 8.0 8.2 7.5 7.8 8.8 8.5 8.5
Benji Duvet Set Benji Duvet Set Brushed Microfibre 100 nights 8.0 7.9 7.9 8.4 9.4 9.0 8.0 8.3
CDFC Classic White Duvet Cover CDFC Classic White Duvet Cover 100% Cotton None 9.0 7.5 8.0 8.0 7.0 8.0 8.3 8.4
Noa Home French Linen Duvet Cover Noa Home Duvet Cover 100% French Flax Linen None 8.9 9.2 9.5 8.1 8.7 7.7 9.1 9.5
QE Home Alder Duvet Cover QE Home Alder Duvet Cover 50% Tencel, 50% Cotton None 7.8 8.5 8.7 8.7 8.4 9.1 8.3 8.6
Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set 100% Viscose Bamboo 100 nights 9.3 8.7 8.5 8.5 7.5 8.5 8.8 8.7
Endy Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Endy Duvet Cover 100% Organic Cotton 60 nights 8.5 9.0 8.8 9.2 7.2 9.5 9.0 9.1

What Features Can You Find in Canadian Duvet Covers?

Not all duvet covers are made the same, and there are multiple features that contribute to good sleep. While we have mentioned many of these material and performance features throughout our duvet cover review, let’s dive a little deeper into a couple of the most important duvet cover features.

Temperature Control

For those who sleep hot, choosing sleep products that wick away sweat and moisture while lowering body heat is essential. Many duvet covers have cooling properties built into their fabric, so even those who tend to be warm will find comfort. If you sleep hot, look for a duvet cover with cooling threads, or one that is made from 100% breathable cotton or linen, as well as pairing it with additional cooling bedding and a mattress.

Ease of Care & Material

For long-lasting use, look for a duvet cover that is made from high-quality material such as cotton, linen or bamboo. These fabrics tend to wash extremely well without pilling, fading or wearing down along the seams. We endured extensive testing on each duvet cover that we recommend so we can accurately report back how easy they are to wash and how each product holds up over time.

Sleep Trials

Choosing a duvet cover that includes a sleep trial is an excellent idea if you are unsure about the purchase. Sleep trials for a duvet cover in Canada typically allow you to test out the product risk-free (ranging from 60 to 100 nights). If, at the end of the trial, you are unhappy with the duvet cover, you can return it, no questions asked. While only about half of our top choices include sleep trials, this is a great way to see if the duvet cover will look and feel great in your home.

How Much Can Canadians Expect to Pay for a Duvet Cover?

Luckily, most duvet covers in Canada are not expensive and can be purchased by those with all budgets. On the lower end, you can expect to pay between $80 and $110, depending on size, like the Benji Duvet Cover Set. For a higher quality fabric and more long-lasting durability, choosing a duvet cover like the Noa Home French Linen Duvet Cover will cost about $300-$350.

Let’s compare the prices of the top duvet covers in Canada we recommended:

  1. Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet at (CA$150)
  2. Simons Maison Embossed Fabric Duvet Set at (CA$200)
  3. Benji Duvet Cover Set at (CA$105)
  4. Canadian Down & Feather Company Classic White Duvet at (CA$185)
  5. Noa French Linen Duvet Cover at (CA$309)
  6. QE Home Alder Duvet Cover at (CA$249)
  7. Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set at (CA$209)
  8. Endy Organic Cotton Duvet Cover at (CA$125)

The above prices are recent as of March 29, 2024.

Canada’s Ultimate Guide to Buying a Duvet Cover

Which duvet cover is best for those who sleep hot?

Many Canadians sleep hot throughout the night, with night sweats and heat build-up. Poor temperature control in bedding is often to blame. We thought that the Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set did the best job of all the duvet covers that we tested for those who sleep hot. Our testers found that the viscose bamboo fabric stayed icy cool, no matter how warm it was in the room or outside, and kept them sleeping comfortably night after night.

Which of the best duvet covers in Canada is best for those with larger king beds?

While most of our recommended picks come in a king-size option, only a few come in California King (also known as Super King and King XL). Canadians with larger king beds will want to look at the Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover, the Canadian Down & Feather Company Classic White Duvet Cover, the Alder Duvet Cover and the Endy Organic Cotton Duvet Cover. Each of these duvet covers comes in larger king sizes that will be a perfect fit for your bed.

Which duvet cover in Canada offers the best sleep trial?

Most companies do not offer a sleep trial with a duvet cover purchase, but a few on our list have excellent policies. The Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover, Benji Duvet Cover Set and the Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set all offer 100-night sleep trials. Choosing one of these options means you will have plenty of time to see if the duvet cover is a great fit for you at no risk. The Endy Organic Cotton Duvet Cover offers a 60-night trial, which isn’t as long but is still worth mentioning.

Which duvet cover is best for easy duvet insertion?

Wrangling a duvet insert into the cover is a chore that most of us dread, but some companies make it easier than ever to pair their duvet and cover together. The Canadian Down & Feather Company Classic White Duvet Cover is our favourite for duvet insertion and performs far better here than any other option we tried. This duvet cover opens fully on 3 out of 4 sides, allowing you to easily lay the duvet down within the cover and simply zip it up when done.

Are duvet covers easy to wash?

Yes, duvet covers are typically very easy to wash. Usually best washed alone since they are large, each of the duvet covers we recommend can be machine washed and dried. While instructions vary, they often are suggested to be washed in cold water and tumble dried on low. A few duvet covers recommend using a wool dryer ball to prevent wrinkles.


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Michelle Zoran
Michelle Zoran
February 26, 2024 12:42 am

What types of fabrics would be good for a duvet cover as someone with moderate allergies?

Melissa Haynes
Melissa Haynes
February 26, 2024 1:41 am
Reply to  Michelle Zoran

This is a great question as it doesn’t have a definite answer. Some fabrics are more hypoallergenic than others, so let’s go over the top 3 materials I’d say are great options.

1. Flax linen – It’s an eco-conscious and sustainable fabric. A very natural breathable and soft fabric, but it’s very expensive in most duvet covers.
2. Bamboo – Naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and smooth/silky feel. It’ll keep you cool and dry throughout the night.
3. Organic cotton – I emphasize organic as that means it doesn’t contain any chemical fertilizers when growing the cotton. Preferable a high thread count to block out allergens, it’ll be soft and cozy for your bedroom.

Last edited 3 months ago by Melissa Haynes
Brad Jerber
Brad Jerber
February 25, 2024 10:43 pm

You mentioned the Noa french linen duvet cover being machine-washable. What specific care instructions do you recommend to maintain its quality?

Melissa Haynes
Melissa Haynes
February 26, 2024 1:53 am
Reply to  Brad Jerber

Here’s a breakdown of caring for the Noa french linen duvet cover:

– Remove the french linen duvet cover from the duvet and close any zippers.
– If you find any stains then you’ll need to pre-treat them with a mild detergent or stain remover.
– If not, then you can start with a machine wash.

I’d recommend washing them with material of the same colour and fabric to maintain the quality – On a gentle cold cycle not more than 40 degrees without any harsh cleaning detergents (none which contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids, no bleach!).

– Alternatively you can hand wash it in a large basin or bathtub with cold water and mild detergent. You’ll need to soak the duvet cover for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly and squeezing out the excess water.

– I’d recommend line drying as it’s the best way to preserve the fibres of the duvet cover and minimize shrinkage. If it’s too cold outside then you can dry the duvet cover on a low heat setting in the dryer with a very short cycle.

Jason Vard
Jason Vard
February 25, 2024 5:52 am

I was looking for a good guide as an Albertan and this really helped me. If you could choose the best material for a duvet cover, which would you choose? Does it make a difference or can I just go with the cheapest Canadian duvet cover? Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

Melissa Haynes
Melissa Haynes
February 26, 2024 1:56 am
Reply to  Jason Vard

There’s a big difference in fabric among duvet covers and I wouldn’t just buy the cheapest. Microfiber is the go-to as it’s the cheapest material in Canada for bedding products, but I personally wouldn’t buy it as I’m a hot sleeper. I’d buy a percale or flax linen duvet cover to keep me cool throughout the night. If you’re planning on buying it soon, remember it’ll be in your bedroom for years so it’s an investment!

Olenna Mars
Olenna Mars
February 25, 2024 12:12 am

I have a queen size bed, what duvet cover would be best within a $150 budget? It also needs to last for at least a few years with a sleep trial.

Last edited 3 months ago by Olenna Mars
Ivan Menzo
Ivan Menzo
February 24, 2024 3:05 pm

Do any of the duvet covers you recommended have a sleep trial where I can test for example and if I don’t like it I can send it back? Because I had a few bad experiences before where the duvet cover wasn’t cool enough and I couldn’t return it.

Robert Wayne
Robert Wayne
February 23, 2024 5:53 am

Are all these duvet covers made in Canada or just available/sold in Canada?

Meng Xu
Meng Xu
February 19, 2024 8:25 pm

Hi Made in CA Team,

I really liked the in-depth analysis and review for the duvet covers in Canada. I see all these American websites doing reviews and they don’t have any Canadian selection so this really makes it easier for me with selecting a good cover for my bedroom.

I did have a question regarding thread count for a duvet cover as when I compare the Silk and snow percale which is at 200 and the egyptian cotton which is at 300. What’s the difference, is the higher the better or is it just marketing??

Madison Derby
Madison Derby
February 19, 2024 7:50 pm

What are your thoughts on this duvet cover from KOTN? I found the open box on sale and was wondering if it’s a good buy.