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Duvet Cover Sizes The Perfect Fit For Canadians

To provide the perfect level of protection, your duvet cover should fit snugly over your duvet. It acts as a sort of pillowcase, so the fit should be the same. However, duvets and duvet covers may not use universal sizes in Canada, especially when you consider different brands and retailers. So how can you choose a duvet cover that works for your duvet? What size should you look for? Here are some tips to help you choose a duvet cover that will fit your duvet.

Choosing a duvet cover in Canada

For the most part, duvet covers are meant to work with duvets of the same size. This means that you should choose a King-sized duvet cover for your King-sized duvet, or a Twin duvet cover for your Twin-sized duvet. However, the dimensions can vary a bit between retailers and companies. Here’s a look at the dimensions you can generally expect for each size:

  • Twin/Twin XL: 74″ x 98″ (188 x 249 cm)
  • Full/Queen: 95″ x 98″ (241 x 249 cm)
  • King/California King: 111″ x 98″ (282 x 249 cm)

Duvets and duvet covers usually fall around these numbers, though some may be shorter or wider, depending on the company. It’s also worth noting that duvet covers are sometimes grouped in this way (with Twin and Twin XL as the same size, for instance) because there is such a small variance between the Twin and Twin XL duvet sizes. A cover for one will fit the other because the difference is minimal, and companies can save on manufacturing costs by offering one size for two different duvets.

Combating company differences

While these sizes are around the standard, they can pose problems. Because of the variance between companies, you should never purchase a duvet cover based on the label size alone. Always make sure to get the dimensions from your duvet before searching for a duvet cover for it. Then, make sure that the duvet cover and duvet insert are comparable sizes.

Choosing a duvet cover based on dimensions in Canada

Reputable Canadian brands will list the dimensions of their duvet and duvet covers.

For best results, your duvet cover should not be the exact same size as the duvet. Duvet covers are designed to be shorter, which helps give your bedding a fuller, fluffier look once you get the duvet inside the cover. As such, you should choose a duvet cover that is between 2 and 4 inches shorter than the size of your duvet on each side. This allows for the well-filled hotel look that most Canadians favour.

If you don’t want your duvet to appear overstuffed, you can always choose a similar size for your duvet cover. Keep in mind that the cover should never be longer than the duvet insert. If the duvet cover is longer than the insert, the duvet may move around inside the cover or come loose from its anchors.

Choosing a duvet cover based on dimensions in Canada

Other duvet cover questions

Still concerned about your duvet cover? Here are some common questions we can answer for you before you start shopping.

Which Canadian companies offer the best duvet covers?

Some of our favourite Canadian companies for duvet covers include Silk & Snow, Canadian Down & Feather Company, Noa, Benji, Hush, and Endy. These companies also offer a range of duvets that match the size and dimensions of their high-quality duvet covers.

Should I buy a duvet cover and a duvet from the same company?

From a sizing standpoint, purchasing your duvet and duvet cover from the same Canadian company is ideal. This eliminates the need to compare sizes and dimensions, as most companies use the same sizes for both duvet and duvet covers if they offer both options.

Which materials are best for a duvet cover?

The materials you should choose depend on how you sleep. Cotton is a good choice for those who sleep hot, though bamboo is softer and polyester is more budget-friendly.

How do I care for my duvet cover?

To care for your duvet cover, you should always follow the care instructions laid out by the manufacturer. General rules include washing your duvet cover on a cold, gentle cycle with like colours. Some can be tumble dried on low as well.