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A down alternative duvet is a great choice for those who don’t want to purchase natural down. Whether that’s due to allergies or concerns about down production, down alternative materials can deliver the same feel. You’ll get the coziness of a fluffy duvet without worrying about irritation, allergic reactions, or other issues that arise with natural down. But how can you find the option that feels most like natural down? Which one is right for you?  

We’ve put together a list of the best down alternative duvets in Canada of 2024 to help you out. To compile this list, we consulted experts, looked at our test lab results, and compiled tester feedback. We examined features that most Canadians look for in a duvet, including weight options, fill type, materials, and construction. 

Best Down Alternative Duvets for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Silk & Snow Down Alternative Duvet
  • Best for Cooling: Hush Microgravity Duvet
  • Best Recycled Fill: Casper Down Alternative Duvet
  • Best Shell: Canadian Down & Feather Co. Down Alternative Duvet
  • Best for Temperature Regulation: Benji Cooling Duvet Comforter
  • Best Construction: Douglas Down Alternative Duvet
  • Best Weight Options: Noa Home Down Alternative Duvet Insert

Why Did We Choose These Down Alternative Duvets in Canada?

Down alternative duvets are more common than you think, but we narrowed this list down to the best of the best for you. We looked at performance features, long-term tests, and options like weight options, fill type, and materials to ensure we were giving you the best recommendations. They each stood our in their own unique ways. Here’s why we chose the best down alternative duvets of 2024.

For the best down alternative duvet in Canada overall, choose the Silk & Snow Down Alternative Duvet. With three weight options, simple care instructions, and a breathable design, most Canadians will find a version of this duvet comfortable.

The Hush Microgravity Duvet uses premium construction and NASA-inspired cooling technology to make this an ideal duvet for hot sleepers. Those with allergies can have peace of mind that all materials are hypoallergenic and vegan.

Eco-conscious Canadians might prefer a duvet with recycled fill. The Casper Down Alternative Duvet uses a fill made from recycled water bottles, which are used to create a soft polyester microfibre.

If a soft, cozy duvet shell is important to you, check out the Canadian Down & Feather Co. Down Alternative Duvet. The shell used here is 100% cotton, extremely soft, and very durable.

The Benji Cooling Duvet Comforter is the best down alternative duvet for temperature regulation. Made with ultra-cooling gel fibre down, this lightweight fill regulates cool and warm body temperatures, ensuring sleepers wake feeling comfortable and refreshed.

Construction is important to ensure the fill doesn’t slide around, and smaller boxes are always better. The small baffle box construction of the Douglas Down Alternative Duvet makes it great at keeping the fill right where it should be.

For different weight options, look no further than the Noa Home Down Alternative Duvet Insert. This option has two weight options that work great for warm summer months as well as colder winters, so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Best Down Alternative Duvet in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Silk & Snow Down Alternative Duvet

Silk and Snow Down Alternative Duvet

It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Down Alternative Duvet is the best down alternative duvet in Canada. Rather than choosing an entirely different duvet based on weight, you have three different weight options to choose from. You can choose the Lightweight option if you sleep hot, with a GSM of 175. The All-Season option has a GSM of around 375, meaning it’s warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Finally, the 500-GSM Winter weight offers the best insulation and heat retention for those cold Canadian nights.

No matter which weight you choose, the duvet is created with the same materials. A 100% cotton shell provides softness and breathability. It’s a great option if you need a little more airflow throughout the night. Inside is a down-like microfill, which is a great hypoallergenic alternative to real down. It creates the same kind of loft without the additional allergic reaction.

The duvet is made with a square baffle box construction, which creates little pockets for the microfill to shift around. You won’t find the fill all shifting to one side, so you’ll get balanced and well-spread fill no matter where you sleep. This means that you won’t get hot spots or cold spots throughout the life of your duvet. Worried about the duvet shifting around inside your duvet cover? There are durable built-in corner loops, allowing for the proper installation of a cover.

If you aren’t sure which weight option is right for you, you can take advantage of the 100-night sleep trial. During this time, you can return the duvet for a full refund if it isn’t right for you. You can also exchange the duvet for one of the other weight options if you find that it’s too cold or too warm.

Key Features

  • Three Weight Options. There are three weight options available for this duvet, including Lightweight, All-Season, and Winter. However you like your duvet to feel, you’ll find an option here for you.
  • Baffle Box Construction. The baffle box construction of the duvet prevents clumping and shifting of the fill within the duvet. This provides balanced comfort.
  • Easy Care. It’s easy to care for this duvet. You and wash and dry it at home, providing that your washing machine and dryer are large enough for the size you choose. There are no additional steps to keep your bed fresh.
  • Breathable Design. The cotton shell of the Silk & Snow Down Alternative Duvet is comfortable and breathable, which helps reduce temperatures throughout the night.

Our Expert’s Take

“With three weights, a comfortable design and a breathable shell, this down alternative duvet has everything you could hope for.”

Best for Cooling

Hush Microgravity Duvet

Hush Microgravity Duvet
Hush Microgravity Duvet in Bedroom

It's Great For:

The Hush Microgravity Duvet is a vegan duvet insert that is designed to be cool in warm months and warmer in the winter. This unique, double-sided duvet uses the highest quality materials on the market and NASA-inspired technology to reduce body temperatures throughout the night.

The shell of the Hush Microgravity Duvet is made from 100% breathable cotton and features a dual-sided surface. One side is meant to stay temperature neutral, which makes it perfect for the cooler winter. The other side uses a phase change material that reduces heat and moisture, keeping sleepers cool no matter how hot they sleep. This cooling side is printed with a subtle hexagonal print, so you can tell the difference between the two when placing it on your bed. 

Constructed with a large, baffle box quilting, the vegan alternative down fill won’t shift around as the duvet is being used. This fill is cool, airy and won’t trap heat as a real down-fill duvet would. The duvet is ultra-lightweight and is perfect for year-round use.

Those seeking a seamless bedding system will love the Hush Duvet Cover, which is sold separately. These covers snap into place, attaching to the corners of the Hush Microgravity Duvet, ensuring that the insert never moves around and stays perfectly aligned with the cover. For easy care, the Hush Microgravity Duvet can be machine washed and dried. 

This duvet insert is a great choice for any Canadian who tends to sleep hot or lives in a warmer climate. The dual-sided phase change material makes it perfect to use all year round, and the matching bedding system makes attaching a cover and washing a breeze.

Key Features

  • Cooling Technology. The cooler side of the duvet uses NASA-inspired cooling technology to reduce the temperature while you sleep, perfect for those that sleep hot.
  • Machine Wash and Dry. You can wash the Hush Microgravity Duvet at home and tumble dry it without any additional special care instructions. 
  • Lightweight. The fill inside this duvet is extremely lightweight, making it a great option for those who overheat easily. It also works throughout the year without becoming too hot.
  • Dual-Sided. It’s simple to use this duvet all year long, thanks to the double-sided design. There’s a heavier side for the winter and a lighter side for those who need a little more breathability.

Our Expert’s Take

“This duvet kept us cool and sweat-free in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. The lightweight option was perfect, and we never felt like we were suffocating in our bedding.”

Best Recycled Fill

Casper Down Alternative Duvet

Casper Down Alternative Duvet

It's Great For:

The Casper Down Alternative Duvet is the best down alternative duvet in Canada to offer recycled fill. The recycled polyester used inside this duvet is made from recycled water bottles, so you’re helping the environment while you get cozy. Though it might seem recycled plastic wouldn’t make for a comfortable duvet, it’s nearly indistinguishable from pure down in the way that it lofts and feels.

This duvet comes in two different weight options. The Mid Weight option is best for all-season use. It’s cooler in the warm weather but still retains heat in the winter, which is great if you aren’t dealing with the coldest Canadian winters. This duvet thrives in milder temperatures. The lightweight option, however, is great for those who sleep hot. No matter what time of year, this duvet will help you stay comfortable without overheating.

The cover is made from breathable Lyocell Tencel, which creates the best conditions for moisture-wicking and airflow. While this helps keep you cool and prevents sweating, there’s also a liner inside the duvet to help protect it from moisture. This Olefin liner is durable and ensures that your duvet lasts for years to come.

When it’s time to wash your duvet, you can put it in the machine at home on a gentle cycle. You can tumble dry it on low. The duvet will retain its loft after it dries! This duvet uses a channel construction that makes it work much like a puffy jacket. These quilted channels help prevent too much shifting, but they still allow some fill movement to retain a natural feel. You can try the Casper Down Alternative Duvet for 30 nights after your purchase. Their risk-free sleep trial allows you some time to get used to your duvet before you decide if you like it.

Key Features

  • Two Weight Options. There are two weight options available for this duvet, including Mid Weight (an all-season option) and a Lightweight option that is perfect for the warm summer months. 
  • Tencel Shell. This duvet’s shell is made with Lyocell Tencel, which helps wick away moisture and provides better airflow throughout the duvet. 
  • Recycled Fill. The fill used in this duvet is made from recycled water bottles, making it an eco-conscious option that doesn’t sacrifice any coziness to be better for the environment.
  • Olefin Liner. A liner made of Olefin helps keep the interior of the duvet safe. This liner reduces moisture and keeps the fill dry to prevent mould and mildew.

Our Expert’s Take

“The unique channel design used in this duvet was interesting but provided better airflow overall. It was a plush, comfortable option for us.”

Best Shell

Canadian Down & Feather Co. Down Alternative Duvet

Canadian Down & Feather Co. - All Season Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet Queen Size - Machine Washable - 260 TC Shell 100% Cotton - Oeko TEX Certified
Canadian Down & Feather Co. - All Season Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet Queen Size - Machine Washable - 260 TC Shell 100% Cotton - Oeko TEX Certified

It's Great For:

The Canadian Down & Feather Co. Down Alternative Duvet has a great shell. It’s made with 100% natural cotton fibres, which are extremely breathable and soft. The thread count of 260 allows for more breathability than some of the other options on our list. If you want a warmer blanket but worry about overheating, this might be a great choice.

Inside the duvet, you’ll find polyester microfibre fill. It’s a plush fill that mimics the softness and loft of down. It takes a lot of this fill to reach the same level of insulation as a natural down duvet, which means that your duvet looks plusher and softer than some down options. Some Canadians may love the additional plush fill. Despite this, it’s extremely easy to care for this duvet.

You can wash this duvet at home, but it’s also possible to get it professionally cleaned. Choose the option that works best for you. However, cleaning it at home is simple. After machine washing the duvet, you can put it right into your tumble dryer without any negative effects. The duvet re-lofts well after washing, so it doesn’t clump up or become flattened over time as some duvets might.

It’s easy to anchor the duvet inside your chosen cover with four corner loops. These are very securely connected to the duvet, so you don’t have to worry about straining them. This affordable duvet is a great option for most sleepers looking for all-season comfort and durability.

Key Features

  • 260 Thread Count. A 260-thread-count shell allows for increased breathability. The shell is soft and smooth, but the lower thread count allows for better airflow.
  • Simple Care. Caring for this duvet doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple instructions allow you to wash and dry the duvet at home, without any additional steps that might make your life difficult.
  • Plush Feel. This duvet is generously filled. It’s comfortable and plush as a result. Still, you’ll stay cooler while sleeping under this duvet due to the breathability of the fill and the shell.
  • Re-Lofts Well. After you wash this duvet, it will regain the same level of loft fairly quickly. It won’t batten down or become flat as some other duvets might.

Our Expert’s Take

“The breathable, soft cover of the Canadian Down & Feather Co. Down Alternative Duvet makes it exceptionally cozy for most users.”

Best for Temperature Regulation

Benji Cooling Duvet Comforter

Benji Cooling Duvet Comforter Feature
Benji Cooling Duvet Comforter Corner Detail

It's Great For:

The Benji Cooling Duvet Comforter is ideal for Canadians in search of a high-quality duvet that regulates temperatures and ultimately leads to a more comfortable and restful sleep. The Ultra-Cooling Gel Fiber is designed to be both cooling and regulate temperatures, so warm sleepers stay cool and colder sleepers remain warm. Unlike regular cotton (which absorbs sweat when you sleep) this duvet has moisture-wicking properties. This means sweat is pulled away from your body to evaporate.

The outer shell of this duvet is made from double-brushed microfibre, which is ultra-plush and luxurious to the touch. It’s easy to wash this duvet when you need a refresh as well, since it can be washed and dried at home. The wrinkle-free material maintains a uniform look and feel even after multiple washes.

Unlike cotton alternatives, this duvet is both antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, preventing against germs, breakouts, and sneezing. An OEKO-TEX Standard-100 certification will ease your mind – this comforter is completely free of harmful materials and contaminants.

The Benji Cooling Duvet Comforter is available in white. You can purchase it in four different sizes, including Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, and King. This duvet also comes with a 100-night sleep trial, allowing Canadians to try the duvet risk-free. Overall, the Benji Cooling Duvet Comforter ticks all the boxes for a high-quality, temperature-regulating option that also delivers a soft and luxurious feel.

Key Features

  • Cooling Gel Fibre. This lightweight microfibre fill is cooling and temperature regulating for both warm and cool body temperatures, so you stay comfortable no matter what.
  • Double-Brushed Microfibre Shell. The ultra-soft double-brushed microfibre shell gives this duvet a comfortable, plush feel. Whether you use a duvet cover or not, this duvet will be extremely comfortable. 
  • Corner Loops. Loops at each corner of the duvet help keep it in place inside your favourite duvet cover. When these loops are secure, the duvet cover won’t move around inside the cover.
  • Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic. This duvet is resistant to germs and allergens, helping sleepers to prevent breakouts and sneezing. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This duvet let us sleep at a comfortable temperature and kept us from sweating through the night.”

Best Construction

Douglas Down Alternative Duvet

Douglas Down Alternative Duvets

It's Great For:

Douglas’s Down Alternative Duvet uses a lightweight weight option to provide great all-season comfort for most Canadians. This affordable option uses down alternative microfibre fill alongside a soft microfibre shell to provide a lofty, luxurious experience. You can choose one of the three available sizes to get started. All materials are completely vegan and eco-conscious, so you don’t have to stay awake worrying about environmental impact or animal welfare.

This duvet’s outer shell is extremely breathable and soft. You might not want to use a duvet cover, but we do recommend using one. As long as your duvet cover is the same size as the duvet, you’ll have a simple time installing this duvet insert. It slides easily into most covers and provides durable corner loops for easy installation.

While some duvets have the potential for fill to pool or clump up in certain patterns, you can avoid these issues with this duvet. The baffle box construction is great, but this option offers smaller boxes to provide a more even distribution of fill. The smaller pockets rarely allow the fill to clump up or shift, so you’ll get the same feel from the first night to the last. The quilted design allows for more fill control overall, which is a great perk for many Canadians.

When your duvet needs to be washed, it’s simple to do it right at home. You can machine wash and tumble dry this duvet easily. There are no complicated care instructions like other duvets might offer. Instead, you can get your cleaning done at home.

This duvet is comfortable and smooth, with enough options to keep you comfortable. The all-season design is great for most users, as it provides a warmer feel in the winter and stays cool in the summertime.

Key Features

  • Smaller Box Construction. The smaller baffle boxes used in the construction of this duvet help reduce fill movement, so you get comfort right where you want it.
  • Lightweight. The lightweight fill makes this duvet comfortable for year-round use, especially for those who usually sleep hot.
  • Dryer Safe. You can wash this duvet in your machine at home, but it’s also completely safe to tumble dry it as well. It’s extremely easy to take care of this duvet.
  • Strong Corner Loops. You can easily use a duvet cover with this duvet, as the strong corner loops won’t break or stretch during use. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The construction of the Douglas Down Alternative Duvet allows for more balanced warmth and comfort, as the smaller boxes prevent fill from moving around too much.”

Best Weight Options

Noa Home Down Alternative Duvet Insert

Noa Home Down Alternative Quilt Insert
Noa Down Alternative Duvet Insert on Bed

It's Great For:

The Noa Home Down Alternative Duvet Insert has the best weight options on our list. This duvet comes in two weight options, including Lightweight (200 GSM) and All Season (350 GSM). These options are distinct and make a difference when it comes to how the duvet feels and performs. The Lightweight option is great for humid climates, summer nights, and those who sleep hot. The All-Season design is a bit more universal. It’s extra-fluffy for those colder nights but is still cool and breathable throughout the year.

Both options are made with hypoallergenic microfibre fill, so your allergies won’t suffer when you sleep with this duvet. The shell is made with 100% cotton in a sateen weave, meaning it’s soft and gentle on your skin. When you use a duvet cover, it slides easily inside. It’s simple to install, making it great for those who prefer to get this task finished as quickly as possible.

This down alternative duvet comes in two sizes, including Queen and King. The weight options come in either size. Regardless of which option you choose, this duvet is light, airy, and comfortable. The smooth, crisp exterior translates well when you put it under a duvet cover, helping to maintain its shape and feel without taking away from the natural benefits of the sateen cotton shell.

Noa Home’s Down Alternative Duvet Insert carries the highest industry standard certification, which is OEKO-TEX Class 1. This means that it’s extremely durable, made at the highest quality, and isn’t made with any chemicals that might be harsh on your skin. It’s gentle for all users, even those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Key Features

  • Larger Sizes. This duvet is available in the largest sizes for your bed, including Queen and King. These standardized sizes makes it easy to choose a duvet cover that matches the duvet.
  • Two Weights. You can choose between Lightweight and All Season when you purchase this duvet, so you get the option that works best for you. 
  • Cotton Sateen Cover. The cover of the Noa Home Down Alternative Duvet is made with cotton sateen, a smooth and breathable material that will smoothly slide right into a duvet cover.
  • OEKO-TEX Certified. The cotton cover is OEKO-TEK Class 1 certified, which means it is made with higher-quality materials that are gentle and non-toxic.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Noa Home Down Alternative Duvet Insert’s choice of weight helps you choose the option that works best for you, and both can work for year-round use depending on your preferences.”

Comparing the Best Down Alternative Duvets in Canada

CategoryDuvetFill TypeGSMShell MaterialSizes
Best OverallSilk & Snow Down AlternativeDown-like Microfill175 (Lightweight), 375 (All Season), 500 (Winter)100% CottonTwin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King
Best for CoolingHush MicrogravityVegan, Down-Alternative FibreUnspecified100% CottonTwin, Full/Queen, King
Best Recycled FillCasper Down AlternativeRecycled PolyesterUnspecified, Two Weight Options100% Lyocell TencelTwin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King
Best ShellCanadian Down & Feather Co. Down AlternativePolyester/MicrofibreUnspecified100% CottonTwin, Double, Queen, King
Best for Temperature RegulationBenji Cooling DuvetUltra-Cooling Gel Fibre200 (All Season)MicrofibreTwin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King
Best ConstructionDouglas Down AlternativeMicrofibreUnspecifiedMicrofibreTwin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King
Best Weight OptionsNoa Home Down AlternativeMicrofibre250 (Lightweight), 350 (All Season)100% Cotton SateenQueen and King

How We Tested These Down Alternative Duvets for Canadians

Years in the sleep industry have helped us choose options that work for every sleeper. From in-depth mattress reviews, bed sheets, and beyond, we’ve tracked changes in the market and developed key testing methods to help you choose options that work best for your lifestyle.

To determine which options would make it onto our list of the best down alternative duvets in Canada, we tested each option through an extensive testing process at our lab. After our tests were done, we sent duvets home with our team of dedicated, detail-oriented testers. Their feedback and our test results combined helped us make an informed decision. We looked at categories like fill type, fill measurement (GSM), materials, and construction.

Why Choose a Down Alternative Duvet in Canada

Why Choose a Down Alternative Duvet in Canada?

Why should you choose a down alternative duvet instead of the real deal? There are a few reasons that down alternative fill is superior, especially with allergy and animal welfare concerns. Here are a few reasons to choose a down alternative duvet instead of a pure down option.

  • Animal Welfare. While most down duvets are certified by several companies that ensure ethics when gathering down and feathers, you can never be sure. Since natural down is harvested from ducks and geese, knowing how they are treated is important. If you are concerned about the practices of these companies, a down alternative duvet is a great way to ease your mind.
  • Cooling. Down duvets and comforters can get extremely hot. Down retains heat better than any synthetic material that might be used in its place. If you sleep hot or prefer year-round comfort, you might want to opt for a down alternative duvet.
  • Allergies. If you are allergic to animal down, feathers, or any other animal products, you might want to choose a down alternative duvet. They are hypoallergenic for the most part, meaning your allergies will allow you to rest rather than flaring up right as you get comfortable. 
  • Affordability. Down is expensive, and down duvets can be pricey. While they last a long time, standard down options can break the bank. A down alternative duvet can be just as comfortable without the higher price tag associated with pure down options. 

Down alternative duvets provide accessibility and better ethics to the duvet space, particularly for those who have allergies or need a more accessible option. They also provide an alternative for those who are wary of using animal products and want to promote the ethical treatment of animals. Finally, down alternative duvets can be cooler and more affordable than their 100% real down counterparts.

Should I Use a Duvet Cover?

Whether you use a duvet cover is a personal choice. However, we recommend that you use a duvet cover with any type of duvet, regardless of whether it’s filled with natural down or not. A duvet cover has a few important benefits, including:

  • Easy Installation. While it may seem intimidating to install a duvet cover, it’s easier than you might think. Many duvet covers use easy-access loops and closures to help make the process simpler than it appears. 
  • Easy Care. Duvet covers are easier to wash and care for than your duvet itself. When you use a duvet cover, it will get dirty – but it’s easy to take it off and wash it. Since many duvets can suffer when washed too much, a duvet cover is a perfect way to keep your duvet clean when you can’t wash it. 
  • Protection. Duvet covers protect the exterior of your duvet. Most duvet covers can protect your duvet from standard damage like spills, rips, tears, and fraying. The duvet cover can also prevent the duvet fill from escaping and covering your bed. This isn’t a major problem with down alternative duvets, but it still helps. 
  • Cooling. Some duvets can be extremely warm. The fill can retain heat, which is great for some sleepers. Still, most need some relief to avoid waking up too hot. A duvet cover can provide heat and moisture-wicking properties, additional airflow, and other temperature control features to keep your bed cooler.
How to Choose a Down Alternative Duvet for Canadians

How to Choose a Down Alternative Duvet for Canadians

Now that you are ready to purchase a down alternative duvet, what should you look for? Before you commit to a purchase, make sure to keep these important factors in mind.

Duvet Fill

Down alternative duvets, all use some form of synthetic fill. Options include materials like polyester, microfibre, rayon, wool, or even cotton. There are so many different options, and all work in similar ways. The key takeaway is that down alternative duvets use mostly hypoallergenic materials. Unlike down from ducks and geese, these materials won’t trigger allergies. You also don’t have to worry about the welfare of the animals the down comes from.

Down alternative fills can be diverse, and each has its benefits. Within each of our reviews above, we’ve highlighted the benefits of each particular type of down alternative to help you make a better choice.


There are a few different ways to measure the fill inside of a duvet, but most down alternative duvets use GSM. GSM stands for ‘Grams per Square Metre’. It refers to the weight of the fill, measuring the average among in each square metre of the duvet.

If you want a thick, durable duvet that generates a lot of warmth, choose a duvet with a higher GSM. If you need a more lightweight option because you sleep hot or prefer all-season comfort, a duvet with a lower GSM is the right option for you.

Shell Materials

 Most of the best down alternative duvets in Canada use cotton shells. The shell is the exterior of the duvet, which is the part that you’ll be interacting with most. Some duvets have a thread count listed for the shell, but this is less important here than it would be in sheets or other bedding. The thread count shouldn’t be more than 300, as you probably won’t be sleeping directly under the duvet. This is especially true when you plan to use a duvet cover.

While cotton is the most common shell material, you can also find options that use synthetic alternatives or other materials. You can find linen duvets, silk duvets, and even polyester blends. While they might not be as common as cotton shells, each of these materials can provide different benefits.


What size duvet should you choose for your bedroom? This is a trickier question than it appears. While it’s simple to choose the duvet that matches your mattress and sheet size, it might not be the best option. Do you prefer your duvet to hang over the sides of the bed? Do you want a little bit of extra blanket to work with when your partner hogs the duvet? If so, you might want to choose a duvet that is one size up from the size of your mattress. If you have a Queen-sized mattress, for instance, you could choose a King-sized duvet to create some lush overflow.

Of course, you may not prefer to have an extra blanket hanging around. Whatever size you decide on for your bed, you must make sure that you purchase a corresponding duvet cover. Keep in mind that some duvet covers aren’t measured to mattress standards, so double-check the dimensions to ensure that you are getting a duvet cover that fits.


The way the duvet is constructed can determine how effective it is. The construction of the duvet refers to the way that it is stitched together. Since the duvet has loose fill, there are some measures required to keep the fill from sliding around inside the duvet. Without any interior construction, all the fill can pool on one side of the duvet, or clump at the edges.

There are a few different types of effective duvet construction to consider.

  • Baffle Box Construction. The baffle box is one of the most common construction types when it comes to duvets. It uses interior fabric ‘baffles’ to separate fill into smaller pockets. The fill can still move around within these pockets, but there won’t be a huge shift to one end or the other. The baffle box also provides a loftier feel than the other options. 
  • Quilted Construction. A duvet with quilted construction doesn’t use interior fabrics to keep the fill separated. Instead, you’ll find quilted lines that go all the way through the duvet. This keeps the fill in place effectively, but it works best for lightweight duvets. 
  • Channel Construction. Channel construction is like baffle box and quilted options. Instead of having square pockets, it is stitched to have long channels full of fill. These can run the entire length or width of the duvet, which allows some shifting to one side or another. If you prefer your fill to settle more naturally over time, this can be a good option for you.

The construction of your duvet might not be the first thing you consider, but it’s important to note. Choose the option that sounds most appealing to you based on your sleep needs.

Temperature Control Features

Duvets can get hot. If you usually wake up overheating, choosing the right duvet is essential. If you want to get a good night of sleep without waking up or becoming too hot, you should aim to choose a lightweight duvet. Lightweight duvets have a fill power of 400 or less. If the duvet measures fill in GSM, you should choose the lowest GSM possible. The interior of the duvet in these options isn’t as thick as standard options. They won’t retain as much heat.

There are two material types to consider when it comes to the breathability of your duvet. You should consider the shell material first. Breathable materials are best, as they can determine whether the duvet allows for essential airflow. Cotton is best for this.

Second is the fill itself. Pure down duvets are usually very hot, but down alternative options can avoid using materials that retain heat. Look for looser materials like polyester fill, but your best option is to choose a duvet that has a lower fill power or GSM.

Care Instructions

Caring for your duvet doesn’t have to be difficult. Because down alternative duvets can come in a range of fill types, following the care instructions is especially important. Most duvets are machine washable, but some might require very specific instructions. Following the instructions ensures that the duvet will last a long time. If there are special care instructions, you should follow them as closely as possible to extend the life of your duvet.

The best down alternative duvets in Canada are machine washable for the most part. There are a few options that are recommended for dry cleaning only and finding out which option is best for you can be daunting. If you don’t have the time or resources to have your duvet dry-cleaned, you should steer clear of those that need professional cleaning. While you can go a few months without washing your duvet, cleaning it is essential to maintaining the freshness of your sleeping space and the integrity of the duvet.

If you choose to use a duvet cover with your duvet, you can wash the duvet less often. However, you will still need to wash it a few times a year.

Sleep Trials

When you purchase a duvet in a retail store, you can see how it feels for yourself. You can touch it and experience the materials before you decide to take it home. When you purchase online, you don’t have these opportunities. Thankfully, many online retailers use sleep trials to help you try the duvet before you commit to a purchase.

You’ll buy the duvet first. When it arrives at your door, the sleep trial will start. Sleep trials may last from 30 nights to 120 nights depending on the retailer, so make sure to read over the terms and conditions of your sleep trial.

During this time, you can return the duvet for any reason. You’ll get a full refund of your purchase price. It’s a risk-free option that allows you to test the duvet before you decide to keep it. While some companies offer sleep trials, others might not have this option. Make sure to check to see if the duvet you want has a sleep trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can and should use a duvet cover with your down alternative duvet. Like standard down duvets, a duvet cover can protect your duvet and make it easier to wash your bedding. Regardless of what is used to create the duvet, a duvet cover is a great way to extend the life of your favourite duvet.

While some tips are available for washing all down alternative duvets, you should always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Each company knows what is best for its products, and following their care instructions is the best way to ensure longevity and durability. Make sure to check into how to best take care of your down alternative duvet.

Most down alternative duvets are hypoallergenic. If you suffer from seasonal allergies or allergies triggered by animal products, a down alternative duvet can be a great way to get comfortable without irritation. If you are in doubt about whether your down alternative duvet is hypoallergenic, you should check with customer service to confirm that it will be comfortable for you to use.

Down alternative materials are made to mimic the feel of natural down. They are just as comfortable and cozy as natural down duvets, but without the higher price tag. They can also help you avoid allergies, and may offer additional cooling properties when compared to standard down duvets and comforters. Down alternative duvets may seem thinner than natural down duvets, but this isn’t the case – most are just as thick and comfortable as natural down.

Down alternative options are often less expensive than down duvets because they must be replaced more often. Most alternative materials, such as polyester or microfibre, have a shorter lifespan than natural down and feathers. You should look to replace your down alternative duvet every two to three years if you take proper care of it.

Unlike natural down options, it’s easy to care for down alternative duvets. You can throw them in the washing machine and dryer when they need to be washed, so it’s easy to make it fresh and clean again. While down duvets need special care and a lot of time to properly maintain, down alternative duvets offer a more stress-free experience.