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Hush is a relatively new Canadian company that uses new technology and environmentally responsible materials to create high-quality mattresses, bedding and more. Hush has a small but unique product line that is worth considering. Today we will look at the Hush Duvet, one of the most cutting-edge duvets on the Canadian market.

Should You Buy the Hush Microgravity Duvet?

The Hush Duvet is a high-quality duvet that is perfect for year-round use. Made of eco-friendly and animal-free products, this is a great choice if you seek a responsibly sourced duvet. The temperature control features of the duvet are inspired by the spacesuits of NASA and are state-of-the-art while still being plush and cozy. For those that sleep warm and are looking for a duvet they can use during all seasons, the Hush Duvet is a great choice.

  • Vegan down-alternative fibre fill
  • Lightweight feel
  • Dual-sided shell to help with temperature control
  • Available in three critical sizes
  • Moderately priced
  • Free shipping to most locations in Canada
Hush Microgravity Duvet
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The Hush Microgravity Duvet is a luxury duvet that has state of the art temperature control measures that is perfect for year-round use. The shell is dual-sided, with one side staying icy cool due to its Hush Ice fabric and the other dispersing heat when needed, which is great for those who need extra warmth.

The alternative down fill of the Hush Duvet is cozy and comfortable, staying lightweight and extra fluffy while not retaining heat like real down does. Both the filling and the shell are completely hypoallergenic and animal product free.

The Hush Mircograity is extremely easy to machine wash and dry, perfect for Canadians with allergies wanting to keep their bedding extra clean or for any accidental spills that may happen. This duvet is meant to be used with a cover, and those looking for additional temperature control features may want to consider purchasing the Hush Iced fabric duvet cover to go with their Hush Duvet. 

The Hush Duvet is perfect for anyone looking to add a little luxury to their bedding. Users will not overheat with this duvet, nor will they need to purchase separate duvets for different seasons. Moderately priced, the Hush Duvet will appeal to most Canadians.

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4/5

Fill Type
Shell Materials
Temperature Control

Duvet Construction

Hush Microgravity Duvet Construction

A large part of what makes a duvet great is its construction. A well-constructed duvet will be sewn so that the fill is disturbed evenly; otherwise, it will eventually be lumpy and bunch up, especially when put in the washing machine. Once the fill shifts within a duvet, it often cannot be reversed, so making sure you have a duvet with high-quality construction is essential.

The Hush Duvet uses a quilted baffle box construction, separating the fill into small square pockets throughout the duvet and sewn like a quilt. This style of duvet construction ensures that the filling cannot shift and move around during use or washing, extending the duvet’s life even longer than most on the market.

Fill Type

A vital choice to make when shopping for a duvet is what type of fill you would like. Typically duvets are filled with feather down or a down alternative. Some Canadians may choose a faux down for allergy, environmental or animal product usage concerns.

The Hush Duvet uses an alternative down that mimics the feel of real down. It has a 250gsm count that helps keep it light and fluffy while still feeling luxurious and cozy. The Hush’s fill is wholly hypoallergenic and animal product free.

The unique temperature control feature built into the alternative fibre filling is an excellent feature of the Hush Duvet. The duvet does a great job of wicking away heat, so your temperature stays regulated all night.

Shell Materials

Hush Microgravity Duvet Shell

The shell material of a duvet is fundamentally important, as it is the closest surface to your skin when sleeping. Whether you seek a duvet that keeps you cool, caters to allergies or has a certain feel to the touch, duvet features can vary, and knowing what you are looking for is crucial.

The Hush Duvet features a very technologically advanced, dual-sided shell. The top of the duvet is treated with Hush Iced technology, keeping you cool and comfortable all night. This temperature control feature is great for those that sleep warm. The other side of the duvet helps disperse heat, which is ideal on cold winter nights when trying to stay warm. Switching sides is as easy as flipping your duvet over, eliminating the need for separate duvets for different seasons.

Weight & Size

The Hush Microgravity Duvet is lightweight, making it great for year-round use, no matter the climate where you live. Expect the duvet to feel fluffy and light, which is excellent for sensitive sleepers who do not want a bulky or heavy duvet.

The Hush Microgravity Duvet is available in three sizes, which are:

  • Twin: 86″ x 64″
  • Full/Queen: 90″ x 92″
  • King: 106″ x 92″

While most choose the duvet size that matches their mattress size, you can size up if you are looking for a more oversized duvet. With a larger duvet, there will be more of a significant overhang on each side of your mattress.

Temperature Control

For Canadians seeking a duvet to regulate their temperature and stay cool night after night, the Hush Duvet is a fantastic choice. The Hush Duvet features a shell made of their unique Hush Iced fabric, which absorbs and traps heat away from your body, which is great for those that sleep warm. In the winter, or for those that sleep cold naturally and want a duvet that will keep them warm, the Hush can do that as well. One side of the Hush Microgravity Duvet keeps you cool, and the other keeps you warm- just flip it to your desired temperature control.

The fill of the Hush Duvet uses an alternative to real down, reducing heat overall and keeping the inside of the duvet at a neutral temperature.

The Hush Microgravity Duvet does a great job with temperature control, but using cooler sheets and mattresses can extend its effectiveness further. Hush makes duvet covers and sheets that can be seamlessly paired with the Hush Duvet, especially for temperature control. If you sleep extremely hot, a cooling pillow might be able to help.

Duvet Cover

Like most duvets, the Hush Microgravity Duvet is meant to be used with a cover. The Hush Duvet can be machine washed and tumble-dried for ease of cleaning. Drying the duvet with a tennis ball in the dryer will help keep the fill light and fluffy.

While you can use any duvet cover with the Hush Duvet, you may want to consider using one of their accompanying duvet covers. These covers are sized perfectly for the Hush Duvet and feature an easy snap attachment inside the cover to make sure that the duvet never shifts around. The Hush Duvet covers come in multiple styles, including a temperature-controlled cover using their Hush Iced fabric.


The Hush Microgravity Duvet comes in three sizes, with one lightweight weight option. The Hush Duvet is moderately priced and competitive with other luxury Canadian duvets on the market.

Size Price Dimensions
64" x 86"
90" x 92"
92" x 106"

Hush Microgravity Duvet
Hush Microgravity Duvets
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Hush ships to all Canadian locations for free, including more remote areas. However, Hush will not ship to PO Boxes, as a physical address is required.

Hush Microgravity Duvets ship out within 1-2 business days, arriving 5-7 business days later. Once your duvet ships, Hush will provide a tracking number that will give an estimated delivery date, and most duvets will come faster than expected.

Sleep Trial and Returns

The Hush Microgravity Duvet includes a 100-night sleep trial with purchase. Unlike some other Canadian brands, Hush does not require you to have owned the duvet for a set time frame before returning it.

If you need to return the Hush Duvet, you can do so anytime within the 100-night money-back guarantee. Hush does not pay for shipping costs to send the duvet back to them, which could be a small cost to consider. Any customer-inflicted damage to the Hush Duvet will invalidate a return.


Hush offers a 1-year limited warranty on their duvets. If any manufacturing defects occur within the first year of ownership, Hush will replace the duvet. Manufacturing defects include things like zipper breaks or physical flaws in the duvet.

Hush does not require you to register the duvet upon purchase, but you must still have the original receipt, and tags must still be on the duvet. Once a warranty is approved, a new duvet will be shipped out, fulfilling the warranty in total. No warranty can be claimed on the replacement duvet.

Final Thoughts

The Hush Microgravity Duvet is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a year-round luxury duvet. This duvet stands out with its exceptional temperature control measures, as well as having an optional complete duvet cover and sheet set system. Canadians that are looking for a lightweight and comfortable duvet should consider the Hush Microgravity Duvet.

Sleep Trial
100 Nights
1 Year
Fill Type
Shell Materials
Temperature Control

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Hush is a proudly Canadian company. They manufacture and ship out of two different factories. One is located in Calgary, and the other is in Toronto. If you are close to these locations, you will receive your blanket quickly.

No, the Hush Duvet is completely free of all harmful chemicals and toxins. The Hush Duvet is certified OKEO-TEX 100, which means it is never made with any harmful additives. It is 100% vegan, hypoallergenic and safe to breathe.

Cleaning the Hush Microgravity Duvet is incredibly easy. Simply remove the duvet cover and toss it into the washing machine on a cold water cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. You should place a tennis ball into the dryer to keep the fill fluffy and prevent clumping. Do not use any bleach or fabric softeners when washing the Hush Microgravity Duvet.

While some duvets may not use a sleep trial, the Hush Microgravity Duvet offers a 100-night sleep trial. During this time, you can test the blanket to see if it works well for you. If you need to return the Hush Microgravity Duvet, you can do it during this time. However, Hush does not pay for return shipping, so you will have to pay to return the duvet.

The Hush Microgravity Duvet (and all other Hush duvets) feature a 1-year limited warranty. Hush will replace the duvet if there are any defects with the first year of ownership. For Hush to honor the warranty, you must have you original receipt and the duvet must still have its tags.