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Getting a good night’s sleep is important for our overall health and having the wrong bed sheets can have a surprisingly big impact on how well we sleep. A properly fitting sheet will improve the comfort and appearance of your bed and help you sleep better. It will also improve the longevity of both the sheet and the mattress.

In this article, you will find details of the standard bed sheet sizes in Canada from twin to California king-size mattresses. We also cover why choosing the right sheet size is so important, the difference between types of bed sheets, and how to pick the right sheets for you.

Bed Sheet Sizes in Canada

Bed Sheet Sizes in Canada

There are six standard bed sheet sizes in Canada, which we have listed below. However, it is important to note that the measurements may vary slightly between different brands and manufacturers. You might also find that some bedding companies offer specialty sizes or custom-made options.

Twin Size

A twin-size sheet is designed to fit a standard twin or single bed. The standard size for a flat twin sheet in Canada is 168 cm x 244 cm and for a fitted sheet 99 cm x 191 cm. Twin-size sheets will often come with one standard-size pillowcase measuring 51 cm x 76 cm.

Twin XL Size

Twin XL size sheets are slightly longer than standard twin sheets. They are designed to fit twin XL mattresses which are longer than twin mattresses and meant for taller people. A flat sheet measures 168 cm x 259 cm and fitted 99 cm x 203 cm. When a pillow is included, it will measure 51 cm x 76 cm.

Full/Double Size

Full or double-size mattresses are bigger than twin but smaller than queen-size mattresses. The sheet dimensions also fall between the two sizes. Full/double beds are often used by single sleepers who like a bit more space or by couples who are happy with less space. A flat full/double size flat sheet measures 206 cm x 244 cm and a fitted sheet 137 cm x 191 cm. You will get two standard-size pillowcases when you buy a full/double-size sheet set.

Queen Size

Queen-size beds are popular with couples because they provide sleepers more space than double beds. A flat queen-size sheet is 152 cm wide and 259 cm long. A fitted sheet is 152 cm wide and 203 cm long. The two pillowcases that are sold with queen-size sheets are standard size.

King Size

The next size up is the king-size sheet, with a flat sheet measuring 274 cm x 259 cm and a fitted sheet 193 cm x 203 cm. Pillowcases that come with king-size sheets are bigger than the standard-size pillowcases that come with the previous sheet sizes. King-size bed sheet sets will usually include two pillowcases measuring 51 cm x 102 cm each.

California King Size

The last standard-size bed sheet in Canada is the California king size, also known as Western king size. California king beds are not as wide as king-size beds but they are longer to accommodate taller sleepers better.

A flat California king sheet is 259 cm wide and 284 cm long. A fitted sheet is 183 cm wide and 213 long. The pillowcase sizes sold with California king are the same as with king-size sheets, so they are 51 cm x 102 cm.

Difference Between Flat and Fitted Sheets

What is the Difference Between Flat and Fitted Sheets?

In Canada, you will often find sheets sold in sets that include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a pillowcase or two depending on the size of the sheet. The sets include both flat and fitted sheets because they have been designed for different purposes.

A flat sheet has larger dimensions than a fitted sheet and will not have elasticised corners. It is placed under your blankets or comforters and above the mattress. The purpose of the flat sheet is to form a protective barrier between you and your blankets, which makes it easier to wash and maintain the bedding.

In addition, flat sheets can be used instead of blankets during summer nights when blankets would be too hot. Some people also use flat sheets to cover their mattress instead of a fitted sheet tugging the extra lengths under the mattress.

A fitted sheet has stretchy corners to wrap around the edges of your mattress and keep it firmly in place. Its main purpose is to provide a smooth surface for you to sleep on and at the same protect your mattress from coming into direct contact with sweat, oils, and other debris. This will extend the lifespan of your mattress. Fitted sheets come in different depths that are standard, deep pocket, and extra deep pocket.

Is It Possible to Buy Fitted Sheets on Their Own?

If you do not wish to buy a set, then you can find fitted sheets sold on their own in some stores and online retailers. You may wish to purchase a fitted sheet on its own if you use duvet covers. Since duvet covers already form a protective barrier between you and your covers, you may decide that you have no real need for a flat sheet.

Standard, Deep Pocket, or Extra Deep Pocket

Another important aspect of bed sheet sizes is the depth of the fitted sheet. Choosing the right depth is important as mattresses come in different heights and if your sheet is not deep enough, it may work itself loose during the night. If you have a mattress topper, remember to include it when choosing the right depth for your sheet.

A standard fitted sheet is designed to fit mattresses between 23cm and 30 cm deep. They can be used with more regular or thin mattresses. If your mattress is between 30 cm and 34 cm deep, you will need a deep pocket fitted sheet. It will have deeper corners to help it stretch over a thicker mattress. You may also need a deep pocket sheet if you have a regular mattress with a topper.

For extra thick mattresses, you will need to get an extra deep pocket fitted sheet. These sheets are designed for mattresses or mattress+topper combinations of over 43 cm. However, some people with extra thick mattresses choose to buy standard-size sheets and only fit the sheet over the topper to save money on the sheets.

The Importance of Right-Size Fitted Bed Sheets

There are several reasons why it is important to choose the right size sheet for your mattresses. The right bed sheet will fit your mattress securely. Sheets that are too small can easily come loose during the night, which can cause you discomfort and disrupt your sleep. On the other hand, if the sheet is too big, it may bunch up and the uneven surface will not be comfortable to sleep on.

A wrong-size sheet will also not cover the mattress fully, which will lead to direct contact with the mattress. This is not only less pleasant but can also reduce the lifespan of your mattress as it will not be protected from oils, sweat, dead skin cells, and other debris. Your sheets will also last longer when they are the right fit and are not overtly stretched to cover the whole mattress.

Having the right sheets can also affect the appearance and environment of your bedroom. You want your bedroom to be as inviting as possible and sheets that look crumbled or overstretched do not contribute to an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

Choosing the Right Bed Sheet Size

Choosing the Right Bed Sheet Size

When you are buying sheets for a new mattress for the first time, it is important to work out the right size for it. You can follow the steps below to ensure you get the best fit.

Measure Your Mattress

While you may know that you have, for example, a queen or king-size mattress, the dimensions may vary so it is always recommended that you check the width, length, and depth of the mattress. Remember to include any mattress toppers you use when measuring the depth as this will determine whether you need a standard, deep pocket, or extra deep pocket fitted sheet.

Check Bed Sheet Charts and Product Descriptions

Many bedding manufacturers will have size charts that show the different mattress dimensions. Check these charts to find the right bed sheet size for your mattress type. You should also read the product description to check the specific dimensions for the sheet as they may vary as much as mattress sizes can.

Check if the mattress is labeled standard, deep pocket, or extra deep pocket. If you are purchasing sheets online and from manufacturers outside North America, it is especially important to check all the measurements carefully as standard sizes vary between countries and regions.

What Else Should You Check?

While getting the right size sheet is important, it is not the only criterion you need to consider when choosing new sheets. You should also consider the material as sheets come in a range of different materials.

Egyptian sheets are considered the most luxurious, cotton sheets are usually reasonably priced, flannel sheets can help you keep warm in the winter, and bamboo sheets cooler in the summer. So ensure you check a reliable guide to bed sheets in Canada.

You also need to consider the weave and the thread count of bed sheets. These can also make a big difference in how comfortable or how hot or cool the sheets are. Finally, check the returns policy for the bed sheets in case the sheet doesn’t fit your mattress as you would expect. This is especially important if you are spending extra money on, for example, Egyptian cotton sheets.

Looking After Your Bed Sheets

Once you have purchased your new bed sheets, looking after them properly will help them last longer. Wash your bed sheets once a week. This includes both flat and fitted sheets as well as your pillowcases, which are all in direct contact with your body. Washing them once a week will prevent the buildup of sweat, oils, dust mites, and other debris on the bedding.

When washing your sheets, follow the instructions on the care label carefully. Different materials shrink at different temperatures and you do not want to wash them too hot. If the sheets shrink too much, they will no longer fit your mattress properly and all that time choosing the right size bed sheets would have been for nothing.


When you are buying bed sheets, it is important to ensure they are the right fit for your mattress. While there are standard sizes for mattresses and bed sheets, they may vary between manufacturers so it is always advisable to measure your mattress. Remember to include mattress toppers when measuring the depth of sheets you need.

As well as choosing the right size for comfort and durability, also consider other factors such as the material, weave, and thread count as these are all important contributors to the comfort of the sheet. To help your sheets last as long as possible, wash them according to the care label instructions to keep them clean of debris buildup.

Frequently Asked Questions

A king-size flat sheet measures 274 cm x 259 cm and fitted sheet 193 cm x 203 cm. For a California king sheet the measurements are 259 cm x 284 cm for a flat sheet and 183 cm x 213 cm for a fitted sheet so the California king sheets are narrower but longer than king-size sheets. If you are buying the sheets in a set, they will usually come with two pillowcases measuring 51 cm x 102 cm each.

Queen-size bed sheets are bigger than double bed sheets.

Your mattress might have a label on it somewhere that gives you the dimensions. If not, use a tape measure to measure the width, length, and depth of the mattress.