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Egyptian cotton is one of the most popular materials for sheets in the bedding industry. They are known for being soft and luxurious, with an airy texture and hotel-quality weave. Whether you are looking for the ultimate softness, high thread count or use of eco-conscious materials, there are many Egyptian cotton sheet sets on the Canadian market. Our team of professionals and user testers tried many high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets to find the ones that stand out as the best in Canada.

All of the Egyptian cotton sheets in our review today were tested on fabric content, cooling properties, thread count and more. Each one of our at-home testers tried multiple sheet sets for a long period to evaluate them fairly. After trying and researching countless styles, only the very best Egyptian cotton sheets made it into our list today. Here are our choices for the best Egyptian cotton sheets you can buy in Canada in 2024.

Top 7 Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
  • Best Size Range: Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets
  • Best Egyptian Cotton Substitute: Elegant Comfort Premium Sheet Set
  • Best Bamboo Rayon Blend: Simons Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheet Set
  • Best Colour Options: Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set
  • Best Eco-Conscious: Kotn Fitted Sheet & Pillowcase Set
  • Best Cooling: California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheets

Why Did We Choose These Egyptian Cotton Sheets in Canada?

We tested each of the Egyptian cotton sheet sets on our list based on multiple features, including cooling, thread count, and feel. We evaluated these sheets extensively so you know you’re getting the best. Here’s why each of these plush sheet sets made it onto our list of the best Egyptian Cotton sheets in Canada. 

Our top choice for Egyptian sheets is the Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets. These silky sheets become softer with each wash without pilling or becoming scratchy. Available in multiple soft colours, they look great in any bedroom. 

For those looking for an extended size range of sheets, including those for an RV, the Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets have you covered. Available in ten sizes and six colours, these sheets are crisp and silky soft. 

Those seeking sheets that are similar in quality to Egyptian cotton but at a lower cost should consider the Elegant Comfort Premium Sheet Set. These sheets are durable and soft and come in a wide range of colours. 

The Simons Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheet Set is a fantastic sheet set featuring a unique blend of Egyptian cotton and rayon bamboo. These silky sheets wick away heat and moisture and soothe sensitive skin. 

With 18 colour options, you’ll be able to match the Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set to your existing bedding. Colourful options like teal and burgundy are available, alongside neutral colours for modern bedrooms.

Eco-conscious Canadians will appreciate the ethical and sustainably sourced Egyptian cotton found in the KOTN Fitted Sheet & Pillowcase Set. These hotel-quality sheets are soft, cool and great for the environment. 

Canadians who sleep extra hot or live in a warm climate will love the California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheets. With great cooling properties, these Egyptian cotton sheets come in many sizes and colours and have an exceptional thread count. 

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Silk and Snow Egyptian Cotton Sheets on Mattress
Silk and Snow Egyptian Cotton Sheets Feel

It's Great For:

With a range of great features, the Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets are our favourite Egyptian cotton sheets available in Canada. With excellent cooling properties, soft colours and a lightweight, silky feel, these sheets are great for all Canadians. 

These sheets are made from 100% Long-Staple Egyptian Cotton certified by the Cotton Egypt Association. Both silky soft and breathable, these lightweight sheets are great for anyone with sensitive skin needing a smooth sheet made of high-quality fibres. For those who sleep warm, the 100% Egyptian cotton wicks away moisture and warm air while cooling body temperatures throughout the night.

Accommodating mattresses up to 15”, the Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set will fit most mattress heights and come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes. Each sheet set includes a fitted Sheet, flat Sheet and pillowcases (1 for Twin sizes, 2 for all others). Coordinating pillow shams and duvet covers can be purchased separately if desired. 

Available in five colour choices, including Tempest Blue, Vista, Dusk Grey, Sand and White, there are plenty of options that will look great in all bedrooms. These soft, neutral colours are perfect for anyone looking to match or complement the sheets to existing bedding or decor. 

The Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets can be easily machine washed and dried and get softer each time they are laundered. These sheets are a great choice for all Canadians looking for the best Egyptian cotton sheets on the market. 

Key Features

  • Egyptian Cotton. These sheets are made of 100% certified Egyptian cotton, which creates a breathable, silky feel. These sheets are extremely soft and smooth. 
  • Cooling Properties. These sheets actively wick away moisture and heat, ensuring you never wake up hot and sweaty again. If you usually sleep hot, these sheets may be able to cool you down throughout the night.
  • Multiple Colours. Available in five colour options, these Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Sheets will nicely match or complement any existing bedding or decor you may have.
  • Extensive Size Options. Unlike some other sheets on the market, this set comes in all six standard mattress sizes. The set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases (one in smaller sizes, and two in larger sizes).

Our Expert’s Take

“These Egyptian cotton sheets kept our testers cool throughout the night. Our testers loved how lightweight and silky they were on their skin. Multiple colours and size options make these sheets great for most Canadians.”

Best Size Range

Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets Featured
Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets In Use

It's Great For:

The Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets are an excellent option for Canadians who need an extended range of sizes, including RV sizes. These sheets come in many different colours and have great cooling properties for warm sleepers. 

 Made with 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, these sheets are breathable and lightweight. For those who tend to sleep hot, this sheet set does a great job of keeping sleepers cool night after night by allowing trapped heat and air easily pass through the light weave of the cotton. The Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets are constructed with a sateen wave, which gives them a silky finish and is great for sleepers who are sensitive to itchy fabrics.

Available in ten sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, RV Bunk Small, RV Three Quarter and RV Short Queen, no matter what size mattress you are shopping for, one of these Douglas sheet sets will work. Each sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases (1 for Twin and small RV sizes and 2 for others).

Those hoping for a good range of colours will like the Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set, which comes in six vivid hues. Available in White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Navy, Oatmeal and Sage, there is a good mix of soft neutrals and deeper solid colours. 

The Douglas Egyptian Cotton sheets can be machine washed and dried and are resistant to fading, pilling and tears. Canadians wanting a great set of Egyptian cotton sheets that come in great colours and extensive size options should definitely consider this set.

Key Features

  • Egyptian Cotton. These soft, cool sheets are made with 100% lightweight Egyptian cotton, which is soft and breathable. This material helps improve the feel and sleep experience of these sheets.
  • Colour Range. The Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set comes in six colours, ranging from soft pastels to bright solids. There is an option that will fit your bedroom aesthetic beautifully.
  • Extensive Sizes. These sheets are available in ten different sizes, which includes elusive RV sizes. No matter what type of mattress you have, these sheets come in a size that works for you.
  • Easy Washing. In case of an accidental spill or for those with allergies needing regular cleaning, these sheets can be easily machine washed and dried. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers with all mattress sizes, even RVs, loved the comfort and softness of these sheets. Our testers could sleep cool and sweat-free, even in warmer climates.”

Best Egyptian Cotton Substitute

Elegant Comfort Premium Sheet Set

Elegant Comfort Luxurious 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Three Line Embroidered Softest Premium Hotel Quality 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set, Wrinkle and Fade Resistant, Queen, Gray
Elegant Comfort Luxurious 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Three Line Embroidered Softest Premium Hotel Quality 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set, Wrinkle and Fade Resistant, Queen, Gray

It's Great For:

For many Canadians, buying real Egyptian cotton sheets is out of their budget, and they need to choose sheets that are at a lower price point. The Elegant Comfort Premium Sheet Set is a great option and our pick for the best Egyptian cotton substitute sheet set in Canada for 2024. With an extensive colour range and many size options, these sheets have the softness and quality of Egyptian cotton sheets without a higher cost. 

Made of 100% polyester microfibre, these sheets are soft and cozy and have a brushed, lived-in feel. Pre-shrunk and incredibly durable, these sheets sleep comfortably and won’t retain heat extreme build-up. Those who sleep hot may need a cooler sheet, though, as they don’t sleep as cool and breathable as cotton sheets. 

Available in all standard sizes, including Twin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King, ensuring no matter what size you need, these sheets will work for you. The sheets have a 16” drop, which will work for most mattress heights. Each set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases. 

These faux substitute sheets come in a total of 26 different colours, more than any in our review today. Whether you are looking for soft pastels or bright primary colours, these sheets will have something to offer. 

The Elegant Comfort Premium Sheet Set can be machine washed on cold and tumble-dried on low. These wrinkle-resistant sheets are durable and won’t fade or tear over time. These sheets are perfect for those who are looking for sheets that are similar to Egyptian cotton sheets without the higher cost.

Key Features

  • Polyester Microfibre. Made of 100% Polyester microfibre, these sheets are cozy, soft and ultra-comfortable right out of the package. They wash beautifully and feel great when you first lay down.
  • Many Colour Options. Available in 25 different colours, the Elegant Comfort Premium Sheet Set has an extensive range of options, from soft pastels to bright, vivid hues.
  • Easy to Wash. These sheets are easy to care for at home. They require no additional care instructions and are completely resistant to wrinkles, so you can refresh your bed often. 
  • Many Sizes. Available in all standard sizes, including Twin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King. No matter what bed you are shopping for, these sheets will work great for you.

Our Expert’s Take

“These sheets are super soft, and our testers loved the cozy brushed fabric. Our testers found the range of colours to be one of the best they could find in Canada.”

Best Cotton Blend

Simons Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheet Set

Simons Egyptian Cotton Sheet Pillows
Simons Egyptian Cotton Sheet in Bedroom

It's Great For:

While 100% Egyptian sheets are popular, some Canadians may be interested in a blended fabric. The Simons Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheet Set is a great option for those who prefer a blend. This sheet set is our favourite cotton blended set in Canada and has all the great features of both Egyptian Cotton and bamboo rayon

Made of 50% Egyptian cotton and 50% bamboo rayon, these Simons sheets have a great hotel-like quality. The Egyptian cotton is super soft and gives the sheets a silky finish. The bamboo rayon helps keep you cool throughout the night, naturally wicking away sweat and heat. With a 300 thread count, the sheets will feel lightweight and airy and won’t have you feel too warm or stuffy. 

Available in Twin, Double, Queen and King, these sheets will work for most mattress sizes that you may be trying to buy sheets for. While the sheets can fit a mattress up to 16” tall for the Double, Queen, and King set, the twin size only has a 13” drop, which could be a consideration for some. Each sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase (1 for Twin and 2 for all others). 

The Simons Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheet Set comes in two soft colours, White and Light Grey. While there is not a large variety of shades, these simple colours will work great for anyone trying to complement their existing duvet cover or bedroom decor. 

Easily machine washable, you can regularly clean these sheets as often as you like. They should be washed in cold and tumble dried on low. The Simons Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheet Set is a fantastic choice for Canadians seeking a silky soft blended fabric that sleeps extra cool.

Key Features

  • Egyptian Cotton. Made from 50% Egyptian cotton, these sheets are silky smooth and great for those with sensitive skin. They feel great when you lay down, and they get softer over time.
  • Bamboo Blend. With a 50% bamboo rayon blend, the Simons Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheet Set is breathable and cool overnight. Those who sleep hot can be a little more comfortable throughout the night.
  • Neutral Colours. These sheets come in white and light grey and will look great in all bedrooms. It’s easy to match these neutral colours to your existing bedding.
  • Complete Bedding Set. This sheet set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases, ensuring that you don’t have to buy separate pieces individually at an extra cost to get a complete sheet set. 

Our Expert’s Take

“These sheets kept our testers sweat-free without any heat build-up overnight. Our testers loved the silky and lightweight feel of the sheets.”

Best Colour Options

Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton California King Size Sheet Set - 800 Thread Count Sateen Weave - 4 Pc Set - Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets - Deep Pocket - Easy Fit - Breathable & Cooling - Burgundy
Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton California King Size Sheet Set - 800 Thread Count Sateen Weave - 4 Pc Set - Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets - Deep Pocket - Easy Fit - Breathable & Cooling - Burgundy

It's Great For:

Canadians who want access to heavy, hotel-quality sheets will love the Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set. This sheet set has a thread count of around 800, with a silky sateen weave that gives them a soft, luxurious feel. The use of extra long-staple Egyptian cotton helps the sheets maintain their feel, even after many washes. These sheets won’t fade in the wash because of the high-quality dyes used to create them. After a few washes, the sheets should become softer and more comfortable overall. 

Where these sheets shine are the colour options. While most Egyptian Cotton sheet sets come in a few natural colours, this set goes above and beyond. There are 18 different colour options, though size availability for each colour option varies. You can get neutral and natural colours, but you can also get vibrant teals, greens, burgundy, and blue options as well. No matter which colour you want your bedroom set to be, there is an option available for this sheet set. 

These sheets come in a wide range of colours, too. You can get any size from Twin to Split King. You can also choose to purchase King-sized pillowcases and Queen-sized pillowcases separately, in case you need extras. This gives you plenty of options for each colour choice. 

This set is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and made without chemicals, synthetics, or GMOs. The cotton is grown safely and sustainably, so you can rest easy that your sheets are making the world a better place. Each sheet set comes with a fitted sheet for mattresses up to 16” high, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases (though smaller sizes may only include a single pillow case).

Key Features

  • 18 Available Colours. From rich teals and browns to neutral greys and beiges, there are plenty of beautiful, vibrant colours available for this sheet set. 
  • Deep Pocket Fit. The fitted sheet that comes with this sheet set fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep. This means that it works well for most mattresses, even taller hybrid options.
  • Eco-Conscious Sheets. The pure cotton used in this sheet set is grown and harvested without chemicals, synthetics, and GMOs. It’s also Standard 100 certified by OEKO-TEX.
  • Soft, Luxurious Feel. A higher thread count (around 800) makes these sheets soft and luxurious. They may sleep a little hotter than other options, but they are great for Canadians who want a softer sheet set. 

Our Expert’s Take

“A wide range of colour options, side options, and a host of special features make the Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set stand out among the other options on the Canadian market. You’ll love the different options for this sheet set.”

Best Eco-Conscious

Kotn Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Set

KOTN Fitted Sheets Featured
KOTN Fitted Sheets on Mattress

It's Great For:

For those who are seeking environmentally friendly made sheets should consider the Kotn Fitted Sheet & Pillowcase Set. This super soft sheets set is lightweight, airy and made from 400-count Egyptian cotton, and it is our pick for the best eco-conscious Egyptian cotton sheets you can buy in Canada. 

Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, these sheets are naturally cool to the touch and incredibly breathable. With a 400-count thread, they are a perfect in-between weight that won’t leave you overheating and are similar to sheets found in nice resorts. These sheets are ethically crafted in Egypt and use certified non-toxic dyes. eco-conscious Canadians or those with allergies or sensitivities will love the sustainable materials in these sheets and the processes used with no harmful chemicals. 

Available in three different sizes, including Double, Queen and King, the Kotn Fitted Sheet Set will work for most users. However, Canadians with Twin or California King beds must consider another sheet set. These sheets can accommodate mattresses up to 16” deep, which is slightly taller than most fitted sheets in Canada. Each set has a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, and the flat sheet is not included. Those wanting a complete bedding set can purchase additional pillowcases, flat sheets and duvet covers.

The Kotn Sheet Set comes in four colours: white, natural, aluminum and cashmere. These soft neutral colours look great in any bedroom with a simple aesthetic and are perfect for matching an existing bedding set. 

For easy care, these Egyptian cotton sheets can be machine washed and dried. With each wash, these sheets will get softer and stay strong without pilling. The Kotn Fitted Sheet Set is perfect for anyone wanting eco-conscious Egyptian cotton sheets that are soft and wash great.

Key Features

  • Eco-Conscious. The KOTN Fitted Sheet & Pillowcase Set is made from ethically sourced cotton and uses certified non-toxic dyes and no harmful chemicals. 
  • Egyptian Cotton. These lightweight 100% Egyptian cotton sheets are soft and cool to the touch. They help remove heat and wick away moisture for a more comfortable sleep. 
  • Soft Colours. Available in four soft, neutral colours, these sheets will look great in any bedroom. There is an option that will work for most decor options.
  • Fits Large Mattresses. These sheets come in Double, Queen and King. They are tall enough to fit mattresses up to 16″ deep, so larger mattresses are no problem. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Sleeping on these soft and silky sheets felt great on the skin. Our eco-conscious testers appreciated the environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials used in the sheets, and the soft colours were perfect for most decor options.”

Best Cooling

California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheets

California Design Den - 5 Star Luxury Sheet Set Queen Size 100% Cotton Sheets, 600 Thread Count, Deep Pocket, Snug Fit, Soft & Crisp Bedsheet Set & Pillowcases, 4 Pc Set, Sateen Weave (Queen, Blue)
California Design Den Softest 100% Cotton Sheets, Full Size Sheet Sets, 4 Pc Set, 400 Thread Count Sateen Bedding, Deep Pocket Sheets, Cooling Sheets, Full Size Sheets, Breathable Bed Set (White)

It's Great For:

Many Canadians find themselves waking up hot and sweating because of the sheets they use. The California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheets is our pick for the best Egyptian Cotton sheets in Canada with superior cooling features. These sheets are super breathable and reduce and regulate body temperatures, no matter how hot you normally sleep. 

Made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, the California Design Den sheets start temperature reduction by wicking away heat and moisture, eliminating night sweats. The breathable cotton sateen weave allows trapped air to pass through without causing any stuffiness while sleeping. The 100% Egyptian cotton is naturally cooling and won’t retain heat. 

These Egyptian cotton sheets come in Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen and King, which will work for most purchasers looking to fit an existing mattress. The fitted sheet can accommodate mattresses up to 16” tall, which is deeper than most sheet sets. Each set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases (1 for twin and 2 for other sizes). 

The California Design Den Egyptian Cotton Sheets are available in eight total colours, including White, Blue, Dark Grey, Ivory, Light Grey, Navy, Sage, Seafoam, Taupe and Grey. With a larger range of colour options than many other sheet sets on the market, you are sure to find a colour that will work great in your space. 

This sheet set can be machine washed and dried for easy care. The California Design Den Cotton Sheets are great for anyone seeking bedding to help you stay cool throughout the night, even in the summer months.

Key Features

  • Cooling Cotton. Made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, these sheets are breathable and stay cool throughout the night for even the warmest of sleepers. 
  • Colour Range. These sheets come in ten different colours, ensuring a great match for any bedroom space you may have.
  • Easy Washing. The California Design Den Cotton Sheets can be machine washed for easy cleaning. You don’t have to follow any special care instructions to keep your bed clean.
  • Many Sizes. These sheets are available in most standard mattress sizes, so there is an option that will work for your bed. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers who sleep hot woke up sweat-free and comfortable after sleeping on these sheets. They enjoyed the wide range of colours and easy care instructions that came with these sheets.”

Comparing the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets for Canadians

CategorySheetsFabricThread CountColoursSizes
Best OverallSilk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets100% Egyptian Cotton3005 OptionsTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Best Size RangeDouglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets100% Long Staple Cotton4006 OptionsTwin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, RV Bunk Small, RV Three Quarter, RV Short Queen
Best Egyptian Cotton SubstituteElegant Comfort Premium Sheet Set100% PolyesterN/A26 OptionsTwin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King
Best Cotton BlendSimons Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheet Set50% Egyptian Cotton, 50% Bamboo Rayon330White, Light GreyTwin, Double, Queen, King
Best Colour OptionsMayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set100% Long Staple Cotton80018 OptionsTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
Best Eco-ConsciousKotn Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Set100% Egyptian Cotton4004 OptionsDouble, Queen, King
Best CoolingCalifornia Design Den 100% Cotton Sheets100% Long Staple Cotton60010 OptionsTwin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King

How We Selected These Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets for Canadians

Years of experience in the sleep and home niches have given us a unique perspective on sleep. We know that each person has different preferences and sleep needs, so we strive to provide options to fit every sleeping style (and lifestyle)! We recommended some of the best mattresses in Canada, as well as the best bed sheets, duvets, and even small kitchen appliances!

Each of the products we recommend goes through a rigorous testing process in our test lab. Once we’ve put the products through their paces and recorded the results, we send them home for extended test periods with our dedicated team of testers. This allows us to see how they perform under normal use conditions.

As we tested the best Egyptian cotton sheets in Canada, we looked at features and qualities such as cotton content, thread count, sizes, colours, and set contents.

Why Choose Egyptian Cotton Sheets for Canadians?

Egyptian cotton is one of the highest-quality cotton materials used for bedding. This material is luxurious, soft, and breathable. This means that Egyptian cotton sheets are sought out more than almost any other type of cotton sheet. They may be a little more expensive than traditional cotton sheets, but the luxury and durability are worth the extra investment.

Here are a few reasons Egyptian cotton is superior.

  • Anti-pilling properties. Some lower-quality materials can pill with use, which can become uncomfortable and unattractive for your sheets. Egyptian cotton doesn’t pill because the fibres are longer, meaning they produce less lint and split less often. 
  • Long-staple cotton fibres. Egyptian cotton uses some of the longest staples, or cotton fibres, on the Canadian market. Longer fibres lead to more durability and increased softness overall.
  • Breathability. Even at a higher thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets remain breathable and cool. If you often sleep hot or sweat during the night, the extra airflow provided by Egyptian cotton sheets can help you stay comfortable. 
  • Durability. Egyptian cotton sheets last longer than almost any other sheets on the Canadian market. They are extremely durable. When properly cared for, they can last for a decade or more. 

These are just a few of the most important reasons to choose Egyptian cotton. The best Egyptian cotton sheets in Canada are soft, luxurious, and durable.

How to Choose Egyptian Cotton Sheets in Canada

Choosing Egyptian Cotton Sheets can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’ve never purchased this particular blend before. Before you can choose sheets you’ll love, you need to consider some of the basics. The following tips and features can help you choose Egyptian cotton sheets with the right blend of materials and cooling features to work for you. 

Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads or strands in each square inch of fabric. Thread count is calculated by counting the horizontal threads on the surface of the fabric, which can tell you how dense or soft the sheets are. Many boast that a higher thread count means the sheets are of higher quality, but this isn’t the whole truth.

While thread count can be an indicator of quality or feel, the quality of the fibres means more. A higher thread count might be softer, but it also retains heat more than a lower thread count. If you sleep hot, a higher thread count may be uncomfortable anyway.

Additionally, Egyptian cotton is extremely high-quality cotton. This means that a lower thread count in Egyptian cotton sheets may be equivalent to a much higher thread count in a traditional cotton sheet. While we inform you of the thread count of the sheets we recommended, make sure to take other factors into account before making a final decision on your sheets.

Cotton Content

Most Egyptian cotton sheets we found are made with 100% Egyptian cotton, but it’s important to look very closely at the cotton content for each set. Some use blends of different materials to create a more affordable sheet set. When this happens, Egyptian cotton can sometimes lose some of its best qualities. If you’re looking for 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, keep this in mind.

It’s also worth noting that some companies use ‘Egyptian cotton’ to describe the feel of their sheets, not the content. We’ve carefully vetted the sheet sets we’ve recommended to you. Always check to see if the sheets are made with 100% genuine Egyptian cotton, or if they boast a similar feel. Most of the time, sheets that only ‘feel’ like Egyptian cotton are made with lower-quality materials like microfibre.

Sizes and Colours

Size is one of the most important considerations to consider as you shop for any bedding. Knowing the size of your mattress is the place to start. After all, if the sheets you’re considering aren’t available in a size that will fit your mattress, you should probably look elsewhere. Look at the available sizes first to ensure that you’ll find the perfect option for your mattress.

Colours are the next important thing to consider. You likely already have your bedroom decorated and a duvet or comforter in mind. Matching your sheet set to the bedding you already have (or the room you’ve already decorated) can help tie your space together. As such, it’s important to check the colour options each sheet set is available in before committing to a purchase. Keep in mind that some sizes might not be available in every colour, so it’s important to keep an eye on this as well.

Set Contents

What is included in the sheet set? Sheets are rarely sold on their own, which means that most come in a set that includes almost everything you need to make your bed. Most companies include one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases in their sheet sets. However, there are deviations from this standard.

Some companies have begun selling flat sheets separately, as a growing number of Canadians don’t use them anyway. Whether you plan to use a flat sheet or not, knowing if one is included in your set is important information.

Further, some companies provide additional pieces that you can purchase separately. Duvet covers, for example, may not be included with sheet sets. However, some companies include a matching duvet cover on the listing page so you can purchase it separately. Keep an eye out for these options (and even bundles that include a duvet cover) as you shop.

Temperature Control

Egyptian cotton sheets are some of the most breathable options available. They are loosely woven in most cases, which allows for better airflow. The crisp texture also allows it to drape away from your body, which creates more room for heat to escape.

If you sleep hot, Egyptian cotton sheets are a great option for you. They are absorbent as well, meaning they wick away moisture. You won’t wake up too sweaty. Your sheets will remain fresh and dry as well, so you can stick with washing them weekly for the best results.

If you want Egyptian cotton sheets for temperature control, it’s best to choose sheets that are 100% Egyptian cotton. Longer fibres create more opportunity for breathability, and other types of sheets may use a blend that helps retain heat rather than dispersing it.


Egyptian cotton sheets are traditionally matte, textured, and soft. Of course, some sheets use Egyptian cotton in a sateen weave pattern, which can make them feel smoother and even carry a sheen that regular Egyptian cotton bedding lacks. Sateen weave uses one yarn under and three or four yarns over, creating a weave that drapes better and provides a more delicate finish.

Most Egyptian cotton sheets are created using a one-over-one-under pattern, which creates a crisp and durable finish. Sateen is softer but less traditional. There are sateen-woven Egyptian cotton sheets available on the Canadian market, and these may contain the best of both worlds when it comes to bedding.


There are two certifications you’ll find on genuine Egyptian cotton sheets.

The first is OEKO-TEX 100 Standard Certification. This certification isn’t restricted to cotton. Rather, this indicates that the company has submitted its products to third-party testing. OEKO-TEX certification ensures that there are no harmful chemicals in the products or materials and that they are safe for human use.

The second is Cotton Egypt Association’s Accreditation. This certification ensures that the cotton used in your Egyptian cotton sheets and bedding is from Egypt. This means that it is grown and processed according to certain trade standards. Bedding with this certification is genuine and high-quality. If you are unsure about this accreditation, you can check the Association’s website for a list of accredited companies. A list of current accreditations can help you determine if the company is being honest about its affiliation.

While you’re shopping, look for one or both certifications. These are great measures of quality when it comes to Egyptian cotton sheets and products.

How to Care for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

How to Care for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are notoriously easy to care for. While other sheets may require in-depth laundry rituals with multiple extra steps, you can confidently wash most Egyptian cotton sheets as you would almost anything else.

Of course, every set of Egyptian cotton sheets will have unique care instructions. It’s important to follow these instructions carefully. Each manufacturer knows how best to care for the materials, blends, and processes they used to create the sheets. While Egyptian cotton sheets are normally durable, washing them incorrectly may damage them.

If you want your sheets to last, following the care instructions is important. Most experts agree that Egyptian cotton sheets should be washed on a cold, gentle cycle. Depending on what the manufacturer says, you may be able to tumble dry your sheets. Make sure to check the care instructions before taking any steps to care for your sheets.

Improper care and failure to follow these care instructions may void your warranty, so it’s important to take them into account when you wash your sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of fabrics that sheets are constructed from, and it’s no wonder that Egyptian cotton sheets are incredibly popular. These durable and strong sheets are silky soft without retaining heat,leaving sleepers cool and comfortable throughout the night.

A higher thread count in a sheet set doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. A higher thread count will mean a tiger and a more dense weave, often sleeping a bit warmer than a loose and low thread count sheet. Some of the best Egyptian cotton sheets in our review today have traditionally lower thread counts.

Some of the sheets in our review today are sold by companies that also make coordinating duvet covers and extra pillow shams. Sheet sets on Amazon are less likely to do so than Canadian companies. Even so, some options on our list may have matching duvet covers available on the company website, either on the same listing or in a separate section on the website.

Egyptian cotton is norotious for being lighter and softer than regular cotton. Egyptian cotton is more breathable, better for keeping you cool at night. It’s also more durable than standard cotton, which can be helpful if you wash your sheets as regularly as you should.

Egyptian cotton comes from a specific species of cotton plant. This species of cotton plant can be grown in South America, Peru, and Egypt. Not all Egyptian cotton is produced or harvested in Egypt, despite the name.

Egyptian cotton can carry certifications, notably endorsement by the Cotton Egypt Association. This seal certifies that the Egyptian cotton used in the product is of a genuine, superior waulity when compared to other types of cotton. However, Egyptian cotton grown outside of Egypt cannot carry this certification, though it may be from the same species of cotton plant. Take these certifications with a grain of salt.