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Do you need sheets that will keep you warm, but also remain soft and comfortable throughout the warmer months? Flannel sheets can help warm up those cold Canadian winters. Flannel retains your body heat but still increases airflow to keep you from overheating. They are also extremely soft, making them the perfect option for chilly winter nights. It can be difficult to choose the perfect set of flannel sheets, but we’re here to help.

Each of the best flannel sheets in Canada was tested extensively at our test lab. Then, our dedicated testers took them home to see how they worked over time and with multiple washes. The results of both tests allowed us to compile the list we have today. During that time, performance areas such as materials, sizes, colours, and set contents were noted and tested.

Why Did We Choose These Flannel Sheets in Canada?

During our rounds of lab testing, each of the sheet sets on our list started to stand out to us in different ways. These eventually became the reason we chose the best flannel sheets in Canada. Here’s how each of our options made the list.

The Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set uses the best flannel sheets in Canada. This set includes irregular mattress sizes, solid colour choices, and is sustainably made without harmful chemicals. They’re also extremely soft.

If you’re looking for a range of patterns, try the Great Bay Home Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheet Set. There are 58 colours and patterns available for this sheet set, including holiday patterns and year-round styles.

Tired of your fitted sheet not fitting correctly? The True North Flannel Sheet Set offers the best fit on our list. The 360-degree elastic edge keeps your fitted sheet on your mattress no matter how much you move around throughout the night.

Flannel is measured in weight, not thread count. Heavier weights can be more comfortable and warmer, even when they soften up over time. The best heavy-weight flannel sheets on our list are included with Pointehaven’s Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Sheet Set.

The BHT Cozy Flannel Sheet Set has some of the best set contents we found. That’s because they offer some “All-in-One” packages. These packages include all the other pieces included in the set, as well as an additional pillow and a matching duvet cover.

Finally, the Eddie Bauer Flannel Collection Sheet Set has the best surface of all the sets on our list. These sheets are triple brushed, creating a surface that is soft, comfortable, and only gets better with age.

Best Overall

Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set

Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set 100% Cotton, Velvety Soft Heavyweight - Double Brushed Flannel - Deep Pocket (Queen, Dark Blue)


It's Great For:

Bare Home’s Flannel Sheet Set comes with a variety of different options. You aren’t restricted to the six standard mattress sizes that most companies make. Sets through this company are also available in XL sizes, including Full XL and Twin XL. You can also get Split King-sized sheets, which allows for a far greater variety than other retailers. There are 13 available solid colours. Where flannel sheets usually come in various patterns, these sheets offer a nice break for those who prefer solid colours for their sheets. Options include a range of blues, reds, beiges, and more. There is a pink option and a dark green option, too.

These sheets are dense but soft, with tightly stitched threads. This leads to a more durable fabric overall, so your sheets will last a long time. In addition, the heavyweight nature of these sheets allows you to stay warm throughout the winter, even on the coldest nights.

These sheets offer a surprisingly soft touch, and they are made without any harmful chemicals. This means they’re great for sensitive skin. The longer Turkish cotton fibres help reduce pilling, too. If you like to wash your sheets frequently, these are the flannel sheets you should choose. They are machine washable and can be put into the dryer for simple care.

Bare Home’s sheets feature all-around elastic on the fitted sheet. This means that the sheet clings to your mattress better, so your sheet doesn’t slide around and pop off the corner of the mattress when you move around at night. This means your mattress stays protected and you stay comfortable no matter how you sleep. Each set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and up to two standard pillowcases.

The Highlights

The Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set is available in 9 different size options, including irregular sizes like Full XL and Split California King. There are 13 different solid colours to choose from for the set, too. These sheets contain no harmful chemicals and are simple to care for, with care instructions that are simple to follow. The 360-degree elastic enclosure on the fitted sheet allows it to fit snugly to your mattress, so it doesn’t slip off when you move around during the night.

  • Available in 9 sizes and 13 different solid colour options
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Simple care instructions
  • 360-degree elastic helps the sheet fit snugly on your mattress

From the Test Lab

“These sheets were extremely soft and comfortable. We loved having solid colours to choose from rather than holiday prints.”

Best Patterns

Great Bay Home Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

Great Bay Home 100% Turkish Cotton Queen Lodge Holiday Flannel Sheet Set | Deep Pocket, Soft Sheets | Warm, Double Brushed Bed Sheets | Anti-Pill Flannel Sheets (Queen, Roaming Animals)


It's Great For:

If you’re looking for a lot of choices when it comes to your flannel sheets, look no further than the Great Bay Home Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheet Set. This set has 58 different colours available for their flannel sheets. Some of these patterns are holiday-themed, and others take inspiration from random design themes. There are also solid colours available, and all are accessible with previews. You can see exactly what you’re getting when you purchase these sheets.

They are made with 100% Turkish Cotton, which provides longer staples for extra durability. These sheets also feature deeper pockets, allowing them to fit on taller mattresses (up to 17” deep for larger sizes). While these sheets can be used year-round, they are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. They are also resistant to pilling, fading, shrinking, and wrinkling. This means they’ll look great over time.

These sheets are meant to get softer as you wash them. These sheets can be machine washed at home, allowing the double-brushed surface to get even softer with age. The more you wash your sheets, the softer they will become. This means that your well-used sheets will be some of the best you’ve ever used on your bed. This heavy-weight flannel makes for the perfect winter companion, with excellent insulation and breathability.

Each set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and up to two pillowcases. Each size option is available in multiple different colours and patterns, so you’re sure to find the option that works best for your bedroom. If you prefer softer sheets that have a great selection available, you can’t beat the Great Bay Home Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheet Set.

The Highlights

The Great Bay Home Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheet Set is available in 58 different colours and patterns, ranging from solids to holiday patterns and beyond. These heavy-weight flannel sheets are great for the colder winter months, particularly when you need a little extra warmth. Deeper pockets on the fitted sheets allow them to easily fit larger mattresses. The double-brushed cotton surface is extremely cozy and feels great to snuggle into.

  • Available in 58 different colours and patterns
  • Heavy-weight flannel is great for colder winter months
  • Deep pockets for larger mattresses
  • The double-brushed surface is extremely cozy

From the Test Lab

“These sheets had so many options! They were extremely cozy and fit our taller mattress well.”

Best Fit

True North Flannel Sheet Set

True North by Sleep Philosophy Cozy Flannel Warm 100% Cotton Sheet - Novelty Print Animals Stars Cute Ultra Soft Cold Weather Bedding Set, Twin, Tan/Blue Snowflakes 3 Piece


It's Great For:

This Flannel Sheet Set by True North fits your mattress better than most of the other options on the Canadian market. The all-around elastic design allows for a tight, snug fit. This means that your fitted sheet stays right where you need it and doesn’t slip or slide off the mattress when you move around. You can rest easy knowing that your mattress is still protected, and your sheets are right where they belong.

These sheets come in six standard mattress sizes and fit mattresses up to 14” in height. This means it’s great for softer mattresses and memory foam mattresses, though any mattress will fit as long as it’s around this height. If your mattress is taller, these sheets will not fit as snugly.

This set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and 1 standard pillowcase. The larger sizes include 2 pillowcases of varying sizes, so you should choose the option that works best for you. You can choose one or 23 different colours and patterns. These range from holiday options to dogs, plaids, and checkered patterns. There are solid choices as well, so there’s something for everyone. When you need your bedroom to have a little character, these sheets can help.

These 100% cotton sheets are best for colder weather, as they help you retain your body heat during those cold winter nights. If you find yourself waking up with cold feet during the colder season, these sheets can help. However, they are also breathable enough for those who sleep hot. You won’t wake up overheated and sweaty with these sheets.

When it’s time to wash these sheets, you can throw them into your laundry at home. They don’t require any special care instructions, so you don’t have anything to worry about. These sheets also carry an OEKO-TEX Certification, meaning that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

The Highlights

The all-around elastic on the True North Flannel Sheet Set allows the sheets to fit your mattress snugly, so it doesn’t slide off when you move around. They are machine washable for simple care, allowing you to wash them easily at home. These sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, too. This means they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. There are 23 different patterns and colours to choose from, so you can have sheets for every occasion.

  • The all-around elastic allows for a snug fit for your mattress
  • Machine washable for simple care
  • OEKO-TEX Certified, meaning they don’t contain any harmful chemicals
  • 23 different patterns and colours to choose from for all occasions

From the Test Lab

“We both move around a lot in our sleep, but these sheets stayed put. We loved the different patterns, too.”

Best Heavy Weight

Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Sheet Set

Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel 100-Percent Cotton Sheet Set, Snow Flakes, Queen


It's Great For:

Do you usually get cold at night when it’s chilly out? Do you live in a part of Canada that sees extremely frigid temperatures? These sheets might be able to help you sleep a little warmer, especially when you use them with the right duvet and duvet covers. Pointehaven’s Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Sheet Set works to keep you comfortable without making you too warm, an impressive feat even for flannel sheets. These sheets are brushed to be extremely soft, too, so they feel great on your skin.

This particular set comes in six sizes and one colour option. These blue snowflake sheets are festive, but you can find other colour and pattern options on the retailer’s additional listings. Still, if you’re looking for holiday sheets, you can’t go wrong with this snowflake pattern.

The fitted sheet in this set was made to fit taller mattresses. Your mattresses up to 16” tall will fit right into this fitted sheet. The sheets won’t snap or slide when you move around, and all but your tallest mattresses are well-covered. The pillowcases included with the set use a European pillow enclosure, which includes a flap.

The sheets are brushed on both sides, allowing for all-over comfort. These heavy-weight sheets are the perfect companion for a winter’s night. You can use them throughout the fall and winter to stay comfortable and warm. Due to the breathable nature of cotton, they won’t allow you to overheat during the summertime.

The Highlights

The Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Sheet Set uses heavier flannel to keep you warm on the coldest winter nights. These sheets are great for mattresses up to 16 inches deep, so your taller mattress will fit nicely. You can machine wash and tumble dry these sheets, so they are durable and easy to care for. This set comes in a blue snowflake pattern, though there are different colours offered in different listings.

  • Heavy-weight flannel keeps you warm on the coldest winter nights
  • Fits mattresses up to 16 inches with deep pockets
  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Snowflake pattern, with other colours in different listings

From the Test Lab

“These sheets were great for our bed. The heavyweight flannel was perfect for keeping us warm without overheating.”

Best Set Contents

BHT Cozy Flannel Sheet Set

BHT Cozy Flannel 100% Cotton Ultra Soft Heavyweight All Weather Bed Sheets Set Plus Duvet Cover (Snowflakes Navy, All-in-One Twin)


It's Great For:

The BHT Cozy Flannel Sheet Set stands out on our list because of the list of included pieces in each sheet set. There are a couple of different options when it comes to these sheets. You can purchase the standard set, which includes the regular one fitted, one flat, and two pillowcases. However, you can also purchase this company’s “All-in-One” sets. These sets come in three sizes (Twin, Queen, and King). They are slightly more expensive but still affordable enough that they won’t break the bank.

The “All-in-One” versions of these sets include a matching duvet cover and an additional pillowcase. If you want your entire bedroom set to match, this is a great way to get it all in one go. Matching your duvet to the rest of your bed can be a great way to keep it clean and keep your room looking sharp.

Despite offering extras for these extra sets, the sheet sets are still extremely affordable. If you want to redecorate on a budget, these are the sheets for you. The sheets are soft and comfortable, with a brushed surface to provide additional coziness.

These sheets are available in multiple different solid colours, including vibrant options like purple and light blue. You can also get festive patterns, such as holiday sweater prints and snowflakes. Further, some plaids are included that aren’t strictly festive. There are options for everyone, so you can always find the option that works best for you.

This sheet set comes in four standard mattress sizes (Twin, Full, Queen, and King) when you don’t choose the ‘All-in-One’ option. The same colours are available without the matching duvet cover or extra pillowcases if you prefer. The sheets themselves hold up well in warmer weather, too.

The Highlights

The All-in-One packages available for the BHT Cozy Flannel Sheet Set include matching duvet covers. You can also choose options without these additions if you prefer. The larger sheet sets come with 4 pillowcases instead of the standard 2 as well. These sheets are made with heavy-weight flannel, so you’ll stay warm throughout the winter. They are also simple to maintain, as you can wash them at home without any additional steps.

  • All-in-One packages include a matching duvet cover
  • Larger sizes come with 4 pillowcases
  • Heavy-weight flannel helps keep you warm throughout the winter
  • Easy to maintain

From the Test Lab

“We loved getting a matching duvet cover for our bed! The All-in-One options were a great deal for us.”

Best Surface

Eddie Bauer Flannel Collection Sheet Set

Eddie Bauer - Flannel Collection Cotton Bedding Sheet Set, Pre-Shrunk & Brushed for Extra Softness, Comfort, and Cozy Feel, Queen, Elk Grove


It's Great For:

Looking for the softest flannel sheets you can find on the Canadian market? Look no further than the Eddie Bauer Flannel Collection Sheet Set. The Flannel Collection features a range of different prints and products, including additional animal prints and bundles that include a duvet cover or plush throw. You can choose the grey deer pattern featured here, or go with dogs, solids, additional animals, and more.

The real draw to these sheets is the way they are brushed. These sheets are triple-brushed, meaning they offer more softness on the surface than any of the other sheet sets on our list. Since they are made with 100% cotton, they’ll only get softer over time. These sheets can only get better with age.

They offer deeper pockets, too. The fitted sheets on the larger sets can fit mattresses up to 18” tall. If you have a taller mattress, this sheet set can work great for you. Despite the additional surfacing techniques used with these sheets, they can be washed at home with simple care instructions. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your sheets remain comfortable and soft for years to come.

Each fitted sheet also features durable all-around elastic to keep your sheet fitted around your mattress. These sheets are one of the lighter options on our list, too. You can use them year-round to stay warm and comfortable in bed. They won’t leave you overheated, either. This sheet set comes in Twin, Full, Queen, and King. It includes a single fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases in most sizes (with one pillowcase on the Twin set).

The Highlights

The Eddie Bauer Flannel Collection Sheet Set features a triple-brushed surface for exceptional softness. The fitted sheet has deeper pockets for taller mattresses, so you don’t have to worry about your larger beds. Some sets are available with matching duvets or throw blankets, so you have plenty of options. Finally, these sheets are cozy and lightweight enough to be usable year-round instead of just during the winter.

  • Triple brushed for exceptional softness
  • Deeper pockets for taller mattresses
  • Some sets available with matching blankets or duvet covers
  • Usable year-round

From the Test Lab

“These sheets were extremely soft and cozy, surpassing what we expected for cotton sheets.”

Why Trust Us?

We have years of experience in the sleep industry. From mattresses to bed linens and beyond, we’re always looking out for the best interests of the entire range of Canadian sleepers. We take a variety of different factors into account when recommending products. Each of the options we recommend undergoes thorough testing across various performance areas. Our results are matched against our testers’ feedback from a series of home test periods.

Both data sets are used to ensure that we’re getting it right. When testing the best flannel sheets in Canada, these are some of the categories we looked at:

  • Materials. There are just a few materials used to create flannel sheets. We make sure to tell you which materials are used for the sheets on our list so you can choose the one that suits you best.
  • Sizes. What sizes are available? Most sheet sets come in six standard mattress sizes. However, some come in additional sizes. We’ve listed available sizes, so you know which ones are best matched to your mattress.
  • Colours. What colours do the sheets come in? Because they are made with simple materials, most flannel sheet sets come in a variety of different colours and patterns. We’ve included information about these options to help you choose.
  • Set Contents. What is included in the set? We included the contents of each sheet set to help you make an informed decision about what you are getting. 

Why Choose Flannel Sheets in Canada?

Flannel sheets are all the rage for the winter months, but how much can they help? Should you use them if you sleep hot? What are they made of?

Flannel is a brushed material that creates a soft, comfortable feel against your skin. Usually, flannel sheets are made with either 100% cotton or a cotton blend. Cotton blends are more durable and resistant to pilling, which can be common due to the brushed surface of the fabric.

Sheets created this way are usually extremely soft. Many consider flannel a winter staple, especially in the colder winter months. While they trap your body heat to keep you warm, they’re also breathable. The sheets will keep you warm, but not warm enough that you overheat. This is one of the reasons that flannel sheets are a great choice for Canadian winters, even if you sleep hot.

Flannel is also easy to care for, so you don’t have to stress about specific washing instructions. Pilling can occur if the sheets are washed too much (pilling refers to round balls appearing on the surface of the fabric, which can be abrasive and usually occur with use or friction). However, some experts recommend purchasing multiple sets to avoid overusing them and allowing them to pill too quickly.

How to Choose Flannel Sheets for Canadians

So how do you choose which flannel sheets will be perfect for your unique needs? The features and options below can help you get started!


There are three main types of flannel you might come across as you shop. On the Canadian market, you’ll find cotton flannel, cotton blends, and micro flannel.

  • Cotton flannel is made with 100% cotton materials. These flannel sheets are soft and comfortable and tend to get softer over time. 
  • Cotton blends, such as cotton blended with polyester, are nice options for those on a budget. While these sheets are a little tougher than 100% cotton and prone to pilling, they still offer the great benefits of flannel sheets.
  • Micro-flannel sheets are made from 100% polyester. This type of flannel doesn’t pill as badly as the other options and is usually easier to care for. However, they might not get softer over time as cotton flannel does. As a trade-off, they might be more durable over time.

Not all flannel is created equal, so understanding the different types of flannel used in your sheets can help you choose the option that works best for you. Make sure to check out what each set of sheets is made of, including any type of cotton blend that may be used. Cotton blends lower the overall quality of flannel, but they are more affordable, too. 

Flannel Weight

As you shop for flannel sheets, you may notice that some sheets have different ‘weights’ defined in their product descriptions. Flannel sheets aren’t like other sheets. Quality and feel are measured by weight instead of thread count. While most companies produce the same type of flannel, the weight content can vary.

Because of the two types of flannel available on the Canadian market, the weight you want to aim for can change. For cotton flannel and cotton blends, you should look for a weight of around 5 ounces. Micro flannel is best at around 4 ounces. Heavier flannel isn’t always better, as heavier materials can mean that the sheets are not well made.

Not every company mentions the weight of its flannel. However, when you can find a weight, try to look for the values we mentioned above to help find the most high-quality options for you.

Available Sizes

You should always choose sheets that are the same size as your mattress. Many of the sheet sets on the Canadian market come in six standard mattress sizes, which should perfectly fit mattresses in the same standard sizes. Rarely, you’ll find sheet sets that are available in nontraditional sizes, including ‘XL’ sizes. Full XL, King XL, and California King XL are sizes you usually won’t find on the market.

We’ve included information about the sizes available for each sheet set. Be sure to shop for options you know will fit your mattress.

Colours and Patterns

Flannel sheets come in a variety of colours and options. Since they are made of cotton (even if some are made with cotton blends), they can be dyed with a variety of different colours and even patterns. Most of the time, you’ll be able to find flannel sheets in solid colours and select holiday prints. Due to the popularity of this specific material for winter sheet sets, it’s not usual to find a range of holiday and winter-themed patterns.

You should choose the colours and styles that work best with your bedroom décor. If you want to add a little holiday flair, you can certainly find a set that comes in a festive pattern. However, there are plenty of options available for the rest of the year, as well. Make sure to check the listings available for each sheet set you are interested in. Most will have a range of options that suit nearly every type of decor.

Sheet Sets

Most of the sheets on our list (and, indeed, most options on the Canadian market) come in sheet sets. These sets include everything you need to outfit your bed, and you shouldn’t have to purchase any pieces separately. Of course, the contents of each seat set may vary. Some might not include flat sheets (as many Canadians have stopped using flat sheets, and some companies feel as though they don’t have to include them any longer). Others might include a different number or type of pillowcase.

Knowing what you’re getting in your sheet set is crucial information, as it can vary greatly. Of course, you should also check which options are available in addition to the sheets. Some companies will provide matching throw blankets or duvet covers that must be purchased separately. If you want a complete matching bedroom set, this can be a great option.

Care Instructions

Flannel is notoriously simple to take care of. However, the care instructions can change based on the material content of the sheets, as well as the way they are surfaced. You may be able to wash some flannel sheets warm, while some can only be washed cold. Some companies recommend line-drying, while others encourage you to tumble-dry the sheets.

The best flannel sheets in Canada include detailed care instructions on the label or documentation that comes with the sheets. Always make sure to follow these instructions carefully. If you fail to follow these instructions, your flannel sheets might not last as long. Because the surface of the flannel is brushed, it is prone to pilling if washed too frequently or in the wrong conditions. Following the care instructions and rotating a few different sheet sets can help your sheets last longer.

Temperature Control

Since flannel sheets are used in colder weather, they are extremely breathable. While the sheets help retain your body heat, they don’t allow you to overheat to the point that you wake up sweaty. Even those who usually sleep hot shouldn’t have any issues with flannel sheets. They offer the perfect balance of warmth and comfort, especially for those who often wake up uncomfortably warm.

Because of this, most flannel sheets don’t use additional temperature control features. The flannel itself, while warm, doesn’t usually lead to overheating. However, those who sleep extremely hot should choose flannel sheets with caution. 

Pocket Depth

Pocket depth is an important feature to consider when purchasing sheets. The pocket depth of the fitted sheet tells you the size of the mattress it will fit. The depth of the pocket is the height of the skirt on the corners, so you should pay special attention to the pocket depth of the sheets you choose.

While most smaller mattresses will work with most sheet sets, taller mattresses can have difficulties. Knowing the height of your mattress can help you choose an appropriate sheet set. Keep in mind that larger fitted sheets usually have deeper pockets, and the size of the pockets can sometimes vary between different available sizes within the same set.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best flannel sheets in Canada should last up to three years in most cases, depending on how you care for them and how often they are washed. Flannel usually gets softer and warmer with each wash.

Even if you sleep hot, flannel sheets are cooler than most other warm sheets. They are extremely breathable. They keep you warm, but you won’t overheat when using flannel sheets.

Flannel sheets might feel itchy at first. After the first time you wash them, they become soft. They will become softer over time as well.