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A mattress topper can help refresh your old mattress, improve or adjust the firmness level of your mattress, or help you stay cool. With so many options and features available, it can be difficult to find the right one for your bed. The wealth of mattress toppers on the Canadian market can be confusing. 

That’s why we chose to put together a list of the best mattress toppers in Canada for 2024. We tested these options extensively, comparing various features and combining test results and expert opinions. There are mattress toppers on our list to appeal to every use and feature, so you’re sure to find the perfect option for your mattress. 

Best Mattress Toppers for Canadians – Top 2024 Choices

  • Best Overall: Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Topper
  • Best for Pressure Relief: Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Topper
  • Best Cooling Mattress Topper: Lucid Cooling Comfort Mattress Topper
  • Best for Allergies: Polysleep Antimicrobial Topper
  • Best for Budget-Conscious Canadians: Zinus Swirl Memory Foam Topper
  • Best Pillow Top Mattress Topper: Sleep Mantra Pillow Top Mattress Topper
  • Best for Odour Control: Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Memory Topper
  • Best Gel Topper: GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

Why Did We Choose These Mattress Toppers in Canada?

Since a mattress topper can drastically change the way your mattress feels, it was important that we get it right. We looked at a ton of performance features, including materials, feel, cooling properties, and more to determine which options were best for most Canadians. Here’s why we chose each of the best mattress toppers in Canada.

For Canadians who want to choose the firmness of their mattress topper, as well as enjoy organic materials, the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Topper is an excellent choice and the best overall topper you can get in Canada.

Many sleepers wake up in the mornings with achy joints or back pain due to injuries or sleeping positions. We found that the Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Topper is a great option for supporting those who need extra pressure relief. Its thick gel layer and smooth sleeping surface are extra responsive and comfortable.

Canadians who sleep hot will want to take a look at the Lucid Cooling Comfort Mattress Topper, which we chose as the best cooling mattress topper. With its sectioned-off comfort zones that are supportive and breathable, this gel memory foam topper is great for those who naturally sleep warm or keep their bedrooms hot.

Those suffering from seasonal or dust allergies will appreciate the Polysleep Antimicrobial Topper, our choice for the best mattress topper for those with allergies. This mattress topper reduces bacteria and allergens while keeping sleepers healthy and supported.

For Canadians looking to save some money on a mattress topper, the Zinus Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper is an excellent option. Without compromising comfort, this topper does a great job being supportive while being lower cost than most other mattress toppers. Those who sleep warm will enjoy the gel foam that offers great temperature control.

Those wanting to choose a plush and cozy pillow top mattress should consider the Sleep Mantra Pillow Top Mattress Topper. This incredibly luxurious topper is made of 100% cotton and alternative down fill, and its wrap-around style ensures it won’t slip off the bed with movement.

The Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Memory Topper is a great mattress topper for those who worry about odours and bacteria. The bamboo and charcoal infusions ensure that sleepers wake up refreshed and sweat-free on a clean mattress topper.

The GhostBed Memory Foam Topper is our pick for Canada’s best gel mattress topper. It features a soft but supportive sleeping surface, great cooling features and a washable cover that also helps the topper stay put on top of your existing mattress.

Best Mattress Topper in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Topper

Silk and Snow Organic Mattress Topper Side View
Silk and Snow Organic Mattress Topper Top View

It's Great For:

Made in Canada, Silk & Snow is a leader in making high-quality mattresses and bedding, and their organic mattress topper is our favourite for the best mattress topper in Canada. Not only is this unique topper made of eco-conscious materials, but you can also choose either a medium or a firm option, a rare quality in toppers. It’s our choice for the best mattress topper in Canada overall. 

For those with allergies or who want to clean the surface of their topper, the cover can be removed and machine washed with regular bedding at any time. The cover is made from breathable organic cotton, allowing for some airflow and minimal coolness. Those who sleep extra hot may find this topper too warm for comfort.

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Topper is made from 2” of organic latex, which does sleep slightly cooler than memory foam toppers. This topper has a smooth, flat surface, and the latex is responsive, preventing breakdown and large indents over time, compared to some other toppers on the market. For those seeking pressure relief, the latex is supportive for aches and pains.

Canadians who know their preferred firmness level will appreciate the option to choose between a medium or a firm topper, which means any sleeping position will be comfortable. Medium firmness may be the best choice for those who co-sleep or change positions frequently. Those looking for ultimate support or sleep on their side or back may prefer the firm option, which is best suited for providing maximum pressure relief. Overall, the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress Topper does a great job of being eco-conscious while offering some customizable options.

If you need to further customize your bed, consider choosing some of Silk & Snow’s additional bedding options. Their pillows, sheets, and duvets can help elevate your sleeping space. 

Key Features

  • Removable Cover. The cover of the topper is removable and machine washable, great for those with allergies or accidental spills. When you need to refresh your bed, it’s easy to remove the cover so you can throw it in with the rest of the laundry.
  • Custom Firmness Level. No matter your sleeping position or what kind of support you need, there is a firmness option that will work for you. The ability to choose your firmness is what makes this topper stand out on our list.
  • Organic Materials. Eco-conscious Canadians will appreciate the organic cotton cover. The organic latex used in the topper is certified as well, and all of the materials are sustainably sourced in Canada. Silk & Snow is transparent about its sources, so you can expect the best.
  • Latex Foam. The Silk & Snow Organic Topper is made from organic latex and is more responsive and durable than traditional memory foam mattress toppers. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers found this mattress topper to be comfortable and enjoyed being able to select their preferred firmness. The removable cover was popular with our testers, who liked the ability to wash it regularly.”

Best for Pressure Relief

Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Topper

Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, California King
Linenspa 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused California King Mattress Topper, CertiPUR-US Certified

It's Great For:

The Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Topper is a thick, good-quality mattress topper that is our pick for the best topper for Canadians seeking pressure relief. Those who are active and exercise often, or users who have achy joints and pressure points, will find this mattress topper to be supportive, allowing for a restful sleep.

Made of gel-infused memory foam, this 3” mattress topper does a great job of cradling the body without feeling like you are sinking into it. The extra thickness of the Linenspa topper allows for deep pressure points or heavier weights to get the benefit of the pressure relief the topper has to offer.

Canadians who sleep hot will enjoy the temperature control measures of the Linenspa topper. It features cooling gel infused into the entire mattress, helping you sleep comfortably all night long as it reduces and regulates body temperatures.

The Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Topper features a smooth sleeping surface and is moderately priced compared to the other toppers in our review today. Co-sleepers will enjoy the thicker foam layer, which helps prevent some motion transfer between partners. Canadians who need extra support and who sleep warm would benefit from this topper.

This option is also one of the only mattress toppers on our list to feature an RV mattress size, which is perfect for those who need to adjust the feel of their travel beds. This is just one of the many reasons that the Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Topper is one of the best mattress toppers in Canada of 2024. 

Key Features

  • Pressure Relief Foam. This mattress topper helps support and alleviate pain from achy joints and pressure points, regardless of sleeping position.
  • Thicker Topper. At about 3″ thick, this mattress topper is thicker than other options on the market. It won’t break down as easily as other options will.
  • Cooling Measures. For those who sleep extra hot, this topper is infused with cooling gel throughout the topper, allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Motion Isolation. Those who-sleep with restless partners will find that the Linenspa Gel Topper helps prevent motion transfer between partners. Its responsive feel and thicker memory foam help reduce any transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers who needed deep pressure relief found comfort and support with this mattress topper, and the heat-reducing measures were an added benefit that pleased our testers that tend to sleep warm.”

Best Cooling

LUCID Cooling Comfort Mattress Topper

LUCID 2 Inch Gel Memory Foam Plush - Cooling Targeted Convoluted Comfort Zones Mattress Topper, Queen (LU20QQ30ZNGT)
LUCID 2 Inch Gel Memory Foam Plush - Cooling Targeted Convoluted Comfort Zones Mattress Topper - Queen

It's Great For:

Many Canadians wake up feeling hot and sweaty after a night of sleeping on a surface that causes them to overheat. While many mattress toppers have cooling properties, we chose the Lucid Cooling Comfort Mattress Topper as our favourite for the best cooling mattress topper on our list today. Those who sleep extra hot will find this topper to help reduce temperatures and airflow through the night without heat build-up.

The Lucid Cooling Comfort Topper is made from memory foam that is infused with cooling gel, working hard to regulate temperatures all night long. Those who tend to wake up sweaty will find this topper does a great job of preventing night sweats.

This topper is an average thickness of 2” and sits directly on top of the mattress. It cannot be machine washed or dried, which is typical of most mattress toppers. Any spills that occur can be cleaned up by spot cleaning and can be further prevented by using a good mattress protector.

For Canadians who need added pressure relief, this mattress topper features zoned comfort areas, which do an excellent job of alleviating aches and pains. With five different zones, sleepers can get unique comfort for their head, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. The surface of this mattress topper is bumpy and not a smooth sleeping surface. Those seeking extra relief measures may find a thicker and smoother topper might support joints better than this model.

This affordable mattress topper does a good job when it comes to keeping you cool. It’s also extremely comfortable and adds a ton of support for sleepers who need extra help.

Key Features

  • Cooling Gel Foam. This gel memory foam mattress topper instantly regulates and reduces body temperature and keeps you cool no matter how hot you sleep.
  • Zoned Comfort. For those seeking moderate pressure relief, the zoned comfort sections cater to different parts of your body for pain relief and support.
  • Breathability. This mattress topper is textured, which means that it’s more breathable than other options on our list. The additional breathability can help you stay cool throughout the night.
  • Budget Friendly. Those on a lower budget will appreciate the low cost of the Lucid Cooling Comfort Mattress Topper, making it accessible to the majority of Canadians. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The cooling gel inside this mattress topper helped even our hottest sleepers stay comfortable and sweat-free overnight. Our testers had a variety of sleeping positions, and each of them found the comfort zones to be airy and supportive.”

Best for Allergies

Polysleep Antimicrobial Mattress Topper

Polysleep Antimicrobial Mattress Topper on Bed
Polysleep Antimicrobial Mattress Topper Top View
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It's Great For:

For Canadians who suffer from seasonal or dust allergies, choosing a mattress topper that can combat them while staying fresh and clean can be tricky. We know that your health is important, and after multiple tests and lots of research, we chose the Polysleep Antimicrobial Topper as the best mattress topper for those with allergies. Polysleep is a top-of-the-line Canaidna mattress producer, and their mattress toppers are just as high quality.

Made of memory foam unique to Polysleep, their Antimicrobial Foam reduces the growth of bacteria, dust and other allergens. The Polysleep Topper is perfect for those who suffer from seasonal allergies or worry about the freshness of their topper. This high-quality foam is highly durable, helps extend the lifespan of your existing mattress, and will last longer than many other toppers on the market.

For those who sleep slightly warm, the cooling features of the Polysleep Antimicrobial Topper do a good job. Extra hot sleepers may need a mattress topper with more specific temperature control features. This topper is great for moderately warm sleepers and will find their temperatures regulated by the small ventilated holes and open-cell technology.

Canadians who need pressure relief will find this mattress to support and cradle joints and those suffering from back pain. The antimicrobial foam is very responsive and helps with supportive deep pressure points that may be sore throughout the night. For those who co-sleep, the foam is dense enough that most sleepers won’t be bothered by motion transfer from their partners. Overall this Canadian-made mattress topper is perfect for anyone with allergies or wanting a fresh sleeping surface.

Key Features

  • Antimicrobial Foam. Those who suffer from seasonal or dust allergies can sleep easy with Polysleep’s unique antimicrobial foam, which reduces bacteria as well as allergens, for the cleanest sleep possible.
  • Pressure Relief. Canadians suffering from achy joints, back pain or needing support due to certain sleeping positions will appreciate the pressure relief this mattress topper offers.
  • Motion Isolation Feature. The high-density antimicrobial foam in this mattress topper isolates motion well. Co-sleepers and those with extremely restless partners will sleep better throughout the night.
  • Ventilated Foam. For maximum airflow and reduction in heat build-up, the Polysleep Antimicrobial Topper features ventilated holes throughout the topper. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This mattress topper kept dust and allergens at bay for even our most allergic testers. Our testers appreciated the temperature control measures and woke up feeling cool and refreshed.”

Best for Budget-Conscious Canadians

Zinus Swirl Memory Foam Topper

Zinus AZ-SWFT-150Q 1.5 Inch Swirl Gel Memory Foam Air Flow Topper, Queen , blue
Zinus AZ-SWFT-150Q 1.5 Inch Swirl Gel Memory Foam Air Flow Topper, Queen , blue

It's Great For:

Our pick for the best mattress topper for budget-conscious Canadians is the Zinus Swirl Memory Foam Topper. This topper is a low-cost option and great for those who aren’t sure if they want to commit to a thicker or more expensive mattress topper.

The Zinus Swirl Memory Foam Topper is 1.5” thick and is wonderful for anyone who wants to keep their mattress height low due to sheets or an existing bed frame. While many other mattress toppers are thicker, some may prefer the thinner topper and the lower cost associated with it. Having a smaller profile, this topper can be easily stored when not in use in between seasons or for guests.

This mattress topper has a bumpy texture, like more traditional egg crate-style toppers. This texture can be extremely supportive and helps maximize airflow between the pockets. For those who sleep war, this increased airflow reduces body temperature instead of it being trapped underneath you while sleeping. Those wanting a fresh and odour-free topper will appreciate the green-tea infusion into this Zinus topper, which keeps bacteria and smells away.

The Zinus Swirl Memory Foam Topper is made of cooling gel foam, perfect for those who sleep hot. Unlike other memory foam, gel foam can cool and help reduce and regulate body temperatures throughout the night. For Canadians who have a mattress that sleeps hot, this budget-friendly mattress topper may be a solution to a comfortable night’s sleep.

Key Features

  • Gel Memory Foam. This cooling topper is made with gel memory foam, which can reduce temperatures while you sleep. This mattress topper will keep you cooler as a result.
  • Portability. This thinner topper is great for storing in between seasons or uses. For those who have guests that visit, this can be a great way to refresh a mattress. 
  • Green Tea Infusion. The Zinus Swirl Memory Foam Topper is infused with green tea to help fight bacteria and odour. The gel memory foam also helps keep you cool, wicking away moisture and heat as you sleep. 
  • Thin Topper Height. At 1.5”, this thinner mattress topper is a good choice for those who don’t have a lot of extra room in their sheet set or want to keep a low height for their bed frame. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The Zinus Swirl Memory Foam Mattress was popular with our testers looking for a thinner, low-cost topper. Despite being a budget option, our testers found it to be comfortable and have great temperature control.”

Best Pillow Top

Sleep Mantra Pillow Top Mattress Topper

Cooling Mattress Topper Queen Pillow Top, Optimum Thick & Plush Quilted with Soft Cotton Fabric & Down-Like Fill for Back Pain, Snug Fits 8 - 20 inch Mattresses
Cooling Mattress Topper Queen Pillow Top, Optimum Thick & Plush Quilted with Soft Cotton Fabric & Down-Like Fill for Back Pain, Snug Fits 8-20 inch Mattresses

It's Great For:

As our favourite choice for the best pillow top mattress topper in Canada, the Sleep Mantra Topper is a great option for anyone looking for a lush and soft topper that they can sink into. This mattress topper wraps around your entire mattress like a sheet, unlike most mattress toppers that sit on top of the mattress and can slide around a bit. The topper will fit mattresses between 8” to 20”, making it usable for most Canadians (even those who sleep on a hybrid mattress). 

The cover of this mattress is made from 100% cotton, which sleeps minimally cool. Those who sleep warm or hot may want to seek a topper with cooling measures, which this mattress topper does not have. The top is treated with a Scotch Gaurd water repellant, helping tackle spills if they occur. The Sleep Mantra pillow top Mattress Topper can be machine washed and dried, making it great for anyone with allergies or those who want to clean it alongside their bedding.

This mattress topper is 2” thick and is a quilted pillow top surface. The quilted pockets of the topper are filled with an alternative down fill, which does not clump or migrate like traditional down fill. The medium size quilted pockets help keep the mattress topper in its original shape, no matter how many times you wash it.

Unlike traditional down, this alternative down fill in the Sleep Mantra pillow top Topper is very breathable and doesn’t retain as much heat. It is not a cooling mattress topper, though, which can be a consideration for some. For Canadians looking for a super luxurious topper that feels like a hotel bed, this is an excellent pillow top mattress topper that is comfortable for all sleeping positions.

Key Features

  • 100% Cotton Cover. Breathable and soft, the cover of this pillow top mattress is made from 100% cotton for a smooth and comfortable sleeping surface. It feels great and helps vent the mattress cover.
  • Alternative Down Fill. Unlike traditional down, the fill of the Sleep Mantra pillow top Topper is made of alternative down, which holds up better to washing and movement while still feeling like you are sleeping on a cloud. 
  • Fits All Mattress Types. The deep pockets of this wrap-around mattress topper fit mattress heights from 8” to 20”, making it extremely versatile and usable for nearly every mattress without it slipping around on top.
  • Machine Washable. Unlike most other mattress toppers on the Canadian market, this topper can be machine washed and dried and will hold its shape and softness wash after wash. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers loved the plush feel of this pillow top mattress topper. They slept comfortably all night long, and often compared it to a bed at a luxury resort. This topper is machine washable and fits most mattress types, so it’s easy to take care of as well.”

Best for Odour Control

Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Memory Topper

Lucid 3 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen
Lucid 3 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

It's Great For:

Whether you have stinky pets or are generally worried about your mattress topper trapping odours, you may want to consider the Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Memory topper, our pick for the best mattress topper that features odour control. In addition to combatting smells and bacteria, this topper is also great at reducing temperatures for those who sleep warm.

This mattress topper is made from charcoal and bamboo-infused memory foam, which works hard at neutralizing smells and odours, as well as reducing moisture buildup. For those who sleep with pets or sweat often throughout the night, these added materials are worth choosing over traditional memory foam.

For Canadians who sleep warm, this mattress topper naturally sleeps cool and will help reduce and regulate your body temperatures throughout the night. The Lucid Bamboo Charcoal topper is perforated with small holes throughout the topper, allowing maximum airflow and the release of any trapped heat.

The mattress topper is 3” thick, which is excellent for those seeking some added pressure relief, as well as helping reduce motion transfer between restless co-sleepers. It has a smooth sleeping surface, and the mattress topper sits directly on top of the mattress. Like most mattress toppers, this topper cannot be machine washed or dried but can be spot cleaned if needed.

Key Features

  • Odour Resistant. The memory foam topper is infused with bamboo and charcoal, which combats odours and bacteria, making it great for those with pets or those who prefer a fresher bed.
  • Thick Memory Foam. The Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Memory Topper is thicker than most other options on the Canadian market. It’s 3″ thick, which helps with motion isolation and additional comfort. 
  • Added Pressure Relief. This supportive memory foam topper helps give extra pressure relief to those who sleep on their side or back, as well as those who suffer from achy joints. 
  • Cooling Measures. Canadians who sleep warm will appreciate the ventilated foam. The foam is also infused with bamboo to help trap and remove heat from your sleeping surface.

Our Expert’s Take

“This mattress topper was a hit for our testers with stinky pets or who can’t often clean their mattress topper. The odour-resistant properties were great for them. Our testers found this topper to be comfortable and woke up feeling cool and refreshed.”

Best Gel Topper

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper in Bedroom
GhostBed Memory Foam Topper Feel

It's Great For:

For those looking for a great topper made of gel foam, the GhostBed Memory Foam Topper is a great option. This topper is our choice for the best gel mattress topper in Canada and has excellent temperature control, breathability, motion isolation and pressure relief. Whether you co-sleep with a restless partner or sleep extra hot, this mattress topper is a fantastic purchase.

Unlike other mattress toppers that simply sit on top of the mattress, often sliding around when in use, the GhostBed Topper features a unique middle elastic band that goes around your entire mattress, preventing the movement of the topper. While the actual mattress topper can not be machine washed or dried, it comes with a waterproof, fitted cover that goes over the GhostBed topper and your existing mattress, creating one seamless sleeping surface. This cover can be machine washed and dried and is extremely airy and breathable.

The GhostBed Memory Foam Topper is made from 3” gel memory foam. This foam is cool to the touch and helps even the hottest sleepers stay comfortable and sweat-free throughout the night. The texture of the mattress topper is more open and bumpy, allowing air to circulate in its raised zones, further reducing heat build-up.

For Canadians seeking pressure relief from back pain or sore joints, the GhostBed Memory Foam Topper has targeted comfort zones, ensuring that different body parts are supported in unique ways for the most comfortable sleep possible. Co-sleepers will enjoy this topper’s motion isolation, preventing most movement from reaching their partner, even if overly restless. The GhostBed Topper is a high-quality option for those seeking a mattress topper they hope to own for a long time.

This mattress topper comes in all standard mattress sizes, but includes a Split King option for those with Split King adjustable beds. This is invaluable for those who need this special size, as it can reduce the cost of purchasing a set of mattress toppers in Canada. 

Key Features

  • Stay-Put Strap. Many mattress toppers move around as they sit on top of your existing mattress, but this stay-put strap prevents sliding. Your mattress stays where you put it rather than moving around.
  • Cooling Gel Foam. Even the hottest sleepers will be comfortable sleeping on this memory foam topper that is infused with cooling gel. It wicks away heat and moisture and leaves you comfortable throughout the night.
  • Washable Cover. The cover on this mattress topper completely covers the mattress as well as the topper. It can be easily removed and washed.  
  • Zoned Comfort Areas. Those with joint pain or certain sleeping positions will love the comfort zones of this mattress topper, and the raised support areas allow for maximum airflow and coolness while sleeping. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers unanimously thought this mattress topper excelled, keeping them cool, supported and comfortable. The unique stay-put design and washable cover delighted our testers.”

Comparing the Best Mattress Toppers in Canada

CategoryMattress TopperMaterialThicknessWarrantyType
Best OverallSilk & Snow OrganicLatex Foam2”3 YearsSits on the Mattress
Best for Pressure ReliefLinenspa Gel Memory FoamGel Memory Foam3”10 YearsSits on the Mattress
Best CoolingLucid Cooling ComfortGel Memory Foam2”3 YearsSits on the Mattress
Best for AllergiesPolysleep AntimicrobialAntimicrobial Foam3”10 YearsSits on the Mattress
Best for Budget-Conscious CanadiansZinus Swirl Memory FoamGel Memory Foam1.5”10 YearsSits on the Mattress
Best Pillow Top Mattress TopperSleep Mantra Pillow TopAlternative Down Fill2”NoneWrap Around the Mattress
Best for Odour ControlLucid Bamboo CharcoalMemory Foam3”3 YearsSits on the Mattress
Best Gel TopperGhostBed Memory FoamGel Memory Foam3”5 YearsFull Wrap

How We Tested These Mattress Toppers for Canadians

We’ve conducted extensive tests on each of the toppers on our lists. Each of these mattress toppers in Canada was chosen to improve your sleep, regardless of what that might look like. We go over every detail so you know exactly what you’re getting, and send our toppers to our team of great testers to get their feedback.

Every one of our tests aims to make sure that these mattresses are ideal for most Canadians. Some of the performance areas we look at include temperature control, targeted support, attachment stability, and pressure relief. 

How to Choose a Mattress Topper for Canadians

How to Choose a Mattress Topper for Canadians in 2024

A mattress topper can help you sleep better. But how do you know what to choose? Here, we’ll help you figure out which options are best for you. Each of the mattress toppers on our list is a great choice for Canadians, so make sure to see which appeals most to you.

In the meantime, these basics, features, and tips can get you started. Consider these options before you decide to purchase a mattress topper. Keep in mind what you need the mattress topper for, the size of your mattress, and how plush you want your mattress to feel.

What Can a Mattress Topper Do

What Can a Mattress Topper Do?

Why would you want to purchase a mattress topper? There are a few different ways that a mattress topper can help breathe life into your old mattress, improve your sleep, or help you wake up feeling refreshed. Here are some of the reasons you should look for a mattress topper.

  • The mattress isn’t firm or soft enough. Mattress toppers can increase or decrease firmness. If your mattress is a little too firm for you, you can choose a mattress topper to make it softer. Some toppers increase firmness if your mattress is too soft to be comfortable.
  • You sleep too hot on your current mattress. Foam toppers are generally more breathable than your memory foam mattress. This is especially true when they have ridges and ripples. These zoned support layers come in handy when considering temperature control, as they can help filter heat away from your body. Breathable toppers can help you sleep a little more comfortably.
  • Your old mattress is uncomfortable. Mattresses have a lifespan. Near the end of that lifespan, they might sag, lack support, or become uncomfortable. A topper can extend the life of your mattress. If you use one with a new mattress, the mattress will last longer. If you choose to put one on an old mattress, it might breathe new life into tired foam and springs.

Mattress toppers can perform all of these functions and more. Regardless of what you need, there’s a mattress topper that can improve the way your mattress feels.

What Type of Mattress Topper Should You Choose

What Type of Mattress Topper Should You Choose?

There are a few different types of memory toppers available in Canada. They differ based on how they attach to the mattress and how they come packaged.

  • Foam toppers usually include a layer of foam. This foam can come in many sizes and colours, but it doesn’t include a cover or a skirt. If you want to protect the foam and your mattress, you’ll have to use a cover in addition to this foam topper.
  • Cover-included toppers feature a layer of foam or fill that is either attached to the cover or comes with a long, integrated skirt. Usually, the skirt is tucked up under the mattress and works to keep the entire structure protected. Sometimes, mattress toppers come with a detached cover. These covers still fit in this category, even if the pieces can be used separately.
  • Pad toppers are enclosed layers that include a cover and fill or foam. These toppers usually include elastic strips to stay attached to the mattress. The cover might be removable to be washed, too. Pad toppers are one of the most common options available on the Canadian market.

Each type has benefits and drawbacks, but the one you choose is entirely up to you. If you want one that you can attach with a cover, choose a ‘cover included’ topper. Foam toppers can go right under your fitted sheet or right under the mattress cover you already own, so that could be a good option for those on a budget. Pad toppers offer it all, but the pads might not stay in place throughout the night.

The type of mattress topper you choose can determine how it feels, so pay attention to what type of mattress topper your top pick is.


The mattress topper’s thickness can tell you how it will feel. Usually, toppers come in 2”, 3”, and even 4” varieties. The 2” option is thinner, but provides great contouring and cradling most of the time. Your pressure points will be relieved, but it’s a firmer feel than the other options.

A 3” option is nice and plush. It contours perfectly to your body, relieving pressure and providing support right where you need it. This size is great for side sleepers, especially when it uses targeted support zones to increase temperature control and specialized support.

Any option that is 4” deep or more is going to be extremely soft. These toppers function as pillow tops for your mattress, so they’re perfect for those who want a softer, more luxurious feel. However, these thicker mattress toppers must have some form of temperature control. When made of memory foam, they can easily cause you to overheat, especially if you already sleep hot.

The type of topper and topper materials can create a different feel, too. A thicker mattress topper can feel different depending on the type of materials used to create it. While thickness is a good thing to consider, it’s not the only thing you should pay attention to as you shop.


Choosing the size of your mattress topper is important. You want it to fit snugly on your mattress. If the topper attaches to the mattress using a skirt or elastic bands, you need pockets deep enough to fit the height of your mattress. Most toppers made to specific sizes (i.e., a queen-sized topper) are made to fit securely on that size, which means they may fit a bit tightly at first.

Mostly, this is to keep the topper from moving around as you sleep. When you turn over or get into bed, the last thing you want is your topper bunching up or shifting. For that reason, make sure to choose a topper that matches the size of your mattress.

Most toppers come in the six standard mattress sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King) in Canada. Some rare exceptions may also come in Full XL, Split King, or Short Queen (RV sizing). If you have a mattress in these sizes, it’s important to find a topper that is made to fit it.


Mattress toppers in Canada are made with all types of materials, and each has benefits. Which should you choose? It depends on what you want out of your topper.

  • Memory foam toppers are the most common, even on our list. These toppers provide cushioned contouring. It reacts to your body heat, becoming softer when it gets warm. This allows it to form in your body, delivering comfort and support based on how you sleep. However, this foam tends to hold onto heat. Those who sleep warm may have trouble with standard memory foam but might find relief in temperature control materials like gel memory foam.
  • Down alternatives are a hypoallergenic option that works to recreate the soft, plush feeling of down without triggering allergies. As a core material, it’s soft and comfortable. Down alternative materials are usually found only in ‘cover included’ toppers, since they can’t be used separately. They are, however, more breathable than memory foam in general. If you want a cooler, plush feel that doesn’t trigger your allergies, this is the option for you.
  • Fibre fill is the least expensive material option for mattress toppers. This breathable material creates a soft, plush feel, but tends to clump when washed. Like the down alternative, fibre fill can only be found in toppers that come in a pad or with an attached skirt.

Cover Materials

While the topper’s core material is important, the cover is equally so. Cover materials range from polyester to soft, proprietary fabrics. Cotton is most commonly used because it is breathable and deals with moisture well.

Choose a material that will feel great against your skin. Whether this is a cooling fabric or 100% cotton or bamboo, go with what feels best. If you suffer from allergies, go with a hypoallergenic cover. Worried about stains? There are plenty of stain-resistant covers out there, too. Consider your cover materials just as carefully as your core material, as it can make or break your experience with your mattress topper.

Temperature Control

Much like memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers can get warm. If you already sleep hot, a memory foam topper can make you feel uncomfortably warm, as memory foam tends to hold onto heat. Canadians with this problem should choose toppers meant to mitigate heat build-up.

Some toppers actively cool you while you sleep. However, most use passive temperature control to keep heat from building up in the foam around you. These measures move heat away from you. They might use gel memory foam to trap heat and neutralize it.

Other options include perforated foams, breathable covers, and targeted support toppers. These toppers use ridges and patterns to create specific types of support for each part of your body. The ridges also create a way for heat to escape instead of building up under you.

Any of these methods can be effective at reducing overheating. If you often wake up sweating and uncomfortable, it’s important to choose a topper that uses some type of temperature control feature. If you sleep particularly hot, make sure to choose a topper with multiple types of temperature control.

Targeted Support

Modern mattress toppers take a lot of inspiration from those egg-crate foam pieces of the past. The texture of those foams created support zones, which changed the feel of the foam depending on where you were laying.

Memory foam mattress toppers use the same strategy to deliver targeted support zones. These ridges and patterns are good for moving heat away from you, but they also change the feel of the topper depending on where you lay. Firmer foam in the middle of the topper creates more lumbar support, while softer foam at your feet and shoulders helps reduce pressure points and strain.

Targeted support zones are intuitively designed and can help those who need a little extra support in key areas. Side sleepers can benefit a lot from the support zones that these toppers offer, particularly for relieving common pressure areas. Mattress toppers that offer targeted support are usually thicker than other types of mattress toppers.

Attachment Method

While it may seem like a minor concern, how a topper attaches to your mattress is an important consideration. As we mentioned above, a topper should fit securely on your mattress. It shouldn’t move around as you toss and turn on the mattress. Elastic bands can create a secure fit for a time, but they can sometimes wear out. Likewise, they are not suited for particularly deep mattresses. Elastic can work for a while on low-profile mattresses, but they are not suited for extended use or taller mattresses.

Skirts are the best option for a secure fit. A skirt is an extended cover that fits your mattress much like a fitted sheet. Usually, elastic gathers at the corners to keep your cover firmly secured. While this leaves a little bit of wiggle room, it’s ideal for deeper mattresses. The skirt also offers more protection for the sides of your mattress, which can help you out in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to buy a mattress topper instead of a new mattress altogether. Some refer to test out different firmness options, or some seek cooling features of a topper only during the warmer months. Mattress toppers are a budget-friendly way to refresh an older mattress if you are not yet in the market to buy a new one.

Some of the mattress toppers in our list today have covers that can be removed and machine washed. You cannot place the actual topper in a washing machine, though, and toppers can only be spot cleaned. If you are concerned about dirt and spills, getting a mattress protector is always a good idea!

Delivery times and shipping speeds will vary depending on the company. All of the mattress toppers on our list today will come packed small and compressed in vacuum-sealed plastic for easy door-to-door shipping. It is a good idea when unpacking your new topper to allow it to breath and expand for a few hours before use.

Mattress toppers can attach with a variety of methods, including skirting, elastic, or separate bands to keep the topper on the mattress. Skirting is one of the most secure options for most mattresses, but toppers with proprietary attachment methods can be great too. You should choose the one that is suited to your mattress, particularly if you have a deeper mattress.

Mattress toppers should be used with a fitted sheet. If you use a mattress protector, you should place the mattress topper closest to the bare mattress. Then, place your mattress protector over the mattress topper. You should put a fitted sheet over the mattress protector and mattress topper, ensuring that your entire mattress and all available accessories are protected.

When you use a mattress topper, you won’t necessarily need larger sheets. You can use the same sheet size, but you should look for a fitted sheet with deeper pockets. The deeper pockets will help the sheet fit more securely, so you won’t have to feel with the sheet slipping off the mattress.