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Air conditioners are the ultimate solution for scorching-hot weather. As warmer days approach, the need for staying refreshed with a suitable air conditioner is more important than ever. With all of the choices available on the Canadian market, one can quickly become confused and overwhelmed. Should you choose an air conditioner that offers the best value, one that comes with the best specs, or an option that boasts the best features?

To make your search easier, we’ve done the homework for you and compiled a list of the best of the best portable air conditioners in Canada. We looked at the coverage, power consumption, and transport features of each portable air conditioner to help you make an informed choice.

Best Portable Air Conditioners for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Portable Air Conditioners in Canada?

Portable air conditioners should satisfy certain criteria to actually be considered portable. Features such as the number of wheels on the unit, the presence of a handle, and the ability to adjust to different window sizes define portable air conditioners.

We have searched the market in Canada to unveil the best in portable air conditioners in Canada and found that our choices serve different purposes you may find suitable.

Those looking to heat up their home in the winter as well as cool it down during summer will find a superb product in the Whynter ARC Portable Air Conditioner. It is the only option on our list that offers both cooling and heating options, among other useful perks.

A great choice for eco-conscious AC users is the De’Longhi Penguino Air Conditioner. This air conditioner operates in 3 modes without wasting too much electricity. It can also lower the temperature in spaces of up to 500 square feet, making it the ultimate option for everyone looking to make their hot, summer days – and nights – bearable, and breathable.

For families with children and pets, having an all-around AC is a much-appreciated asset for both air freshness and cleanliness. A top pick for this purpose would be the Whynter ARC Elite Portable Air Conditioner which works wonders for the air that circulates your living space.

If you’re looking for a portable AC to lower the temperature in a bigger space, then you might look for one that’s suitable for larger square footage – like the Danby Portable Air Conditioner with Ionizer which can cover spaces of up to 700 sq. ft. in size.

For an all-encompassing portable AC that performs well overall, there is the Eco-Air Portable Air Conditioner that can lower the temperature in spaces of up to 700 sq. ft. and operates extremely quietly. This AC also offers an app for easier navigation and is the preferred choice for younger users in Canada.

If you’re, however, looking to cool down a certain spot in your living space instead of a whole room, then you might use a nice spot-cooling portable AC, like the Costway Portable Air Conditioner that can cover up to 230 sq. ft. areas.

If you’re someone who wants to take the cool weather with them, you should aim for a portable AC that delivers the perfect microclimate just for you, like the Evapolar EvaChill Portable Air Conditioner. You can take this compact piece anywhere – it only weighs 2 pounds and uses as little as 7.5 W of power.

Best Overall

Whynter ARC Portable Air Conditioner​

Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Storage bag (ARC-14S)


It's Great For:

If you’re on the lookout for powerful AC that you can place anywhere in your house, then look no further than Whynter’s portable air conditioner. This efficient cooling piece will keep most spaces cool, whether you need a solution for your office, your bedroom, or commercial spaces like your office.

Thanks to its advanced auto-drain technology, Whynter ARC Portable Air Conditioner collects and recycles moisture to give you fresh, cool air. Plus, with its dual-hose operating system, this AC makes cooling faster and more efficient. Compared to a single-hose cooling unit, a dual-hose AC gets the air cool and pleasant much faster, whilst also keeping the electricity consumption moderate.

One of the best things about the Whynter AC is its 3-in-1 function. Namely, you can use it as a classic cooler, an air humidifier, or a regular fan. Plus, its modern and sleek design will blend in nicely with any backdrop.

The best thing about this portable AC is that there’s no need for permanent installation. You can switch up positions as you wish and move it from the living room to the basement, or elsewhere. It easily covers 500 square feet, and you can control it remotely for a seamless experience.

The Whynter AC also features a complete thermostatic control (61 degrees F – 89 degrees F) with a digital readout, as well as a 24-hour programmable timer, so you can set it up beforehand and go about your business. This AC comes with an upgraded plastic window kit (36 inches max.) that allows for easy installation for most window sizes. This particular portable 3-in-1 air conditioner is the only one on our list that cools and heats spaces at the same time.

Thanks to its wash-safe pre-filter, as well as its activated carbon filter, this air conditioner can improve your air quality substantially.  The CFC-free GREEN R32 refrigerant and lead-free RoHS-compliant components ensure a safe and eco-friendly way of cooling and heating. In case of any defects or customer dissatisfaction, the brand’s 1-year limited warranty comes in handy. 


The double filter system provides quality airflow and can cool and heat spaces of up to 500 square feet. Its high-quality materials for the filters ensure top air quality and purity, so the air is both fresh and clean. It comes with a 1-year warranty and its compact design makes it easily movable and remotely controlled via 3 modes: cooling, dehumidifying and fanning. 

  • Cool up to 500 sq. ft. space
  • Digital and remote control
  • 1-year warranty
  • Upgraded window kit

From the Test Lab

“This air conditioner was lightweight, powerful, and featured many options to help keep our space comfortable all year long. We were more comfortable than ever while testing this portable air conditioner!”

Best Energy Efficiency

De’Longhi Penguino Air Conditioner​

DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU,cool large rooms up to 500 sq ft,remote,energy saving mode,extremely Quiet,AC Unit for room,dehumidifier,fan,programmable,window venting kit,EX360LVYN


It's Great For:

This air conditioning unit is the ultimate choice for those who seek a versatile and all-around air conditioner. The De’Longhi Penguino will keep you cool and comfy, thanks to its Cool Surround Smart technology.

You can relax knowing that De’Longhi will deliver a pleasant cooling temperature while also dehumidifying the air. You can also control it remotely. This 3-in-1 unit features cooling, dehumidifying, and fan features. It is also quite efficient for large spaces of up to 500 square feet.

Its Cool Surround technology is Bluetooth-activated so you can adjust it to fit your specific cooling, humidifying, or fan preferences in any area you choose. Plus, the product offers a digital, 24-hour display that allows for easy visualization and setting options. Due to using cutting-edge Eco Real Feel technology, the De’Longhi will provide optimal climate comfort in any space. The best thing about it is that it won’t affect your electricity bill – it is built to use up to 30% less energy than the regular AC.

De’Longhi quickly became a fan-favourite because of its ArcticWhisper Extreme technology that reduces the noise by up to 50% while maintaining the same levels of power and quality. De’Longhi also comes with a reusable filter that puts air quality first. At the same time, it helps retain hair, dust, and other pollutants from circling back into the unit and your space. You can rest assured the air you breathe is as safe as it is cool.

The handle and wheels on this AC unit make it compact and easily movable to transport it anywhere you like. As for its sleek design, it will only complement your space – instead of crowding it. The brand also offers a 2-year warranty that can serve you well in the rare case of a defect.


De’Longhi’s Penguino is a fine choice for achieving a chilling temperature in any space without disturbing your peace. This AC is super-quiet and offers remote control for easy navigation. The AC’s eco-friendly technology ensures you get nice cool air without breaking the bank on your electricity bill. It is compact enough to be placed anywhere, thus allowing you to enjoy a pleasant, hands-free, and satisfying cooling experience.

  • Cooling power for 500 square footage
  • Cool Surround
  • Quiet operation
  • Smart Bluetooth system

From the Test Lab

“We were surprised by the number of features and modes on this portable air conditioner. Every function offers something exciting and new.”

Best Cooling and Comfort

Whynter ARC Elite Portable Air Conditioner​

Whynter ARC-122DS Elite 12000 BTU Dual Hose Digital Portable Air Conditioner


It's Great For:

The Whynter ARC portable air conditioner is suitable for a well-rounded cooling experience. This portable AC unit features 3 modes of operation. Depending on your preferences it can cool, fan, and dehumidify the air in any space you choose. Also, its practical and compact design makes it easily transportable, offering you cool air in any room of up to 400 square feet.

Featuring a patented auto-drain system, this AC will automatically drain the excess moisture without having to manually deal with trays of water. What’s more, the installation process is easier than ever, all thanks to the AC’s window kit. The ARC model by Whynter is a great cooling option for any constrained space that doesn’t get enough air or warms up fast. Thanks to its humidifying mode of operation, it’s perfect to use in stuffy, humid spaces where regular AC might not be effective.

This 3-in-1 cooling unit can extract up to 76 pints of extra moisture within 24 hours, so you’re getting the best bang for your buck. If you need to use the dehumidifying options, this unit works efficiently.

As a double-hose cooling system, the ARC model features an intake and exhaust hose, which helps deliver a greater air intake and cooling power, providing cool air faster than a single-hose unit. Also, its unique operating system gives you the option to set your own running time, meaning you will save a great deal on your electricity bills.

The 24-hour timer is a neat feature to use when you want to walk into an already cooled-down space. Plus, by turning on the auto-cycle feature, the unit will automatically start working and turn off based on your settings. With a noise level of less than 52db, you can enjoy a smooth, noise-free climate in your space and feel as if there isn’t an AC running at all. Finally, the double-filter system, made of a reusable and carbon-activated filter, ensures that the air in your space is safe and clean.


The ARC model has become a sought-after cooling unit mainly because of the multiple options it offers – without hitting your wallet too hard. Thanks to the wheeling system, the unit can be easily transported to any space you prefer and render fresh, cool air fast – all due to its double-hose system. Plus, you can rest assured the airflow is as clean as a whistle, thanks to its carbon filter.

  • CFC-free GREEN R-410A refrigerant
  • Cool up to 400 sq. ft. space
  • Dual-hose system
  • 24-hour auto-timer

From the Test Lab

“This efficient air conditioner was great for our smaller spaces. The air was cooler and cleaner after using this unit.”

Best for Families with Pets

Danby Portable Air Conditioner with Ionizer​

Danby 14,000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with Silencer and Wireless Connect


It's Great For:

Next on our list of top portable air conditioners in Canada is the Danby portable air conditioner. With a 3-in-1 system, this is an absolute favourite product for cooling down any space of up to 700 sq. ft. in size. If you’re looking for a transportable AC that cools your living space but does not sacrifice your peace in the name of coolness, Danby’s portable air conditioner is your top pick.

This sleek-looking air conditioner uses a patented Silencer Technology that will offer a nice, cool climate without disturbing your mood. You won’t even notice the AC running with a noise level of about 49 dB. 

What sets Danby’s portable AC from other air conditioning units on our list is its Ionizer function that filters out allergens and repels harmful bacteria and odours. This function was a favourite for many customers, especially those with children. You’ll never have to worry about power outages, either. If the power is disrupted in any way, the unit will auto-restart and keep working safely.

The transport system on this portable AC features 4 small wheels and integrated handles which makes it easy to move around and position according to your preference. At the same time, the quick-attach hose element enables a fast and easy installation.

Those who have tried it appreciate the 24-hour timer feature that enables presets to a preferred time of action. This feature also helps you save both money and energy. Whether you want your place cooled down, filtered, or dehumidified, you can easily set the timer and let Danby’s AC work its magic. Plus, the neat auto-swing function on this portable AC allows the air to circulate the space faster, thus achieving optimal temperature in a shorter time.

This portable AC is easy to navigate and customize with the LED display and included remote control. There’s a unique ‘Follow Me’ function with the remote control serving as a thermostat, which provides more accurate temperature control at your location. The remote takes the temperature of your surroundings instead of the temperature around the AC for a more accurate reading. Last but not least, this AC features an eco-friendly R410A refrigerant and a reusable, wash-safe filter for safe use.


Danby’s portable AC is a perfect all-around solution for families with children and pets, mainly because of the Ionizer feature that renders the air clean of bacteria, odours and allergens. The continuous drain system helps dispose of excess moisture through the exhaust hose, so you don’t have to deal with it.  As a plus, the auto-restart feature enables safe operation in case of a power outage. This portable AC can be placed in any double-hung window or sliding door, which many users appreciate both in terms of convenience and space.

  • Super convenient for children and pets
  • Digital LCD
  • Remote-controlled
  • Reusable filter

From the Test Lab

“Between the Ionizer and the ‘Follow Me’ function, this portable air conditioner was a favourite in our household.”

Best Value

Eco-Air Portable Air Conditioner​

Eco-Air Portable Air Conditioner (14,000 BTU) with Smart Wi-Fi Control


It's Great For:

Here’s a portable 3-in-1 air conditioner that’ll cater to the needs of those who seek to cool, dehumidify, or boost the airflow in spaces of up to 700 square feet. This versatile and portable Eco-Air AC allows you to control the temperature remotely, thanks to the NetHome Plus smart app it offers. Its voice-activated features are a massive bonus in today’s tech-driven environment – just connect it to Alexa or Goggle’s Assistant, and you’re good to go.

The digital controls on the remote allow you to easily adjust and modify the temperature setting from anywhere in the room, and the 4 wheels allow you to move the unit wherever you need it easily.

What’s more, you won’t have to sweat over installing this AC since it comes with a fast-connect hose that makes installation a breeze. The digital LED display is easy to read, and it offers info on the oscillation level, sleep mode, timer, fan speed, operation mode (cooling, dehumidification, fan), and temperature settings.

This single-hose AC features a washable and reusable filter so you can be sure that the air in your space is safe and clean. Also, the 3 fan speeds come in handy for a fast cool-down on a hot summer’s day. You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with the Eco-Air AC because you can program it to work when you want it to, thanks to the 24-hour timer that helps you create the schedule that works best for you.

If you prefer feeling the cool air around you – the Eco-Air portable AC does a superb job, all thanks to its ‘Follow Me’ function that directs the airflow and serves as a thermostat at the same time. Due to the two-way airflow setting of this AC, the cool air is nicely dispersed around the space you’re using it in.

Noise-wise, customers have reported that the Eco-Air AC can produce some vibrations, but this sound is more like a purr than a constant disruption. In case of a defect or a performance issue, the brand offers its users a 1-year warranty.


As a portable air conditioner that moves on 4 small wheels, the Eco-Air is a neat and compact solution for any space of up to 700 square feet in size. You can voice-control this portable AC from across the room without breaking a sweat. The AC’s reusable filter saves time and energy in replacing it, and all you have to do is wash it with some water, dry it off, and use it once more. The 2-way air dispersion allows for fresh airflow in every corner of your space. Fresh and stale-free air is what the Eco-Air is all about!

  • Voice-activated
  • Remote-controlled
  • Easy to install and move
  • 2-way air dispersion

From the Test Lab

“We loved how easy it was to move this unit around. The voice-activated features were a great addition, too!”

Best for Spot Cooling

Costway Portable Air Conditioner​

COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner, 8000 BTU Air Conditioner Unit Spaces up to 230 Sq.Ft with Remote Control Dehumidifier Function Window Wall Mount, 4 Caster Wheel, Sleep Mode and 2 Fan Speed


It's Great For:

For those searching for an efficient way to make the hot summer days bearable, consider Costway’s portable 3-in-1 air conditioner. This unit can help deliver a fresh gust of air to any space. With 3 operating modes that dehumidify, cool down and fan the air, you can take this remote-controlled, compact air conditioner to any indoor space. The fan option comes with 2 speeds – high and low – and allows for equal air dispersion.

This portable AC offers a sleep mode, too. When you activate sleep mode, the AC will begin running much quieter. You can set the temperature you prefer as you sleep, and the unit will keep the room at that temperature.

There’s also a 24-hour programmable timer that turns the AC on and off at certain times, so you never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. The digital LCD screen displays info on the water level of the AC’s internal bucket, the current operating mode, and the temperature (displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit). Its smart sensor can detect changes in temperature and will warn you when it is time to empty the water bucket.

This four-wheeled portable AC is perfect when you need to cool down the temperature at a particular spot in your room. Plus, with the easy-install window kit, you can place the exhaust hose in any window size and layout. Thanks to its removable side filters, maintenance is made easy and all you need to do is rinse the filters and reuse them. The Costway’s 3-in-1 portable air conditioner comes with a limited warranty since it is highly resistant to damage.


Costway’s portable 3-in-1 air conditioner helps cool particular spots in your space. It has a light and compact design and boasts 3 operating modes – cooling, dehumidifying and fanning. It is also energy-consuming and helps you use it more – and save more. Its sliding filters allow easy maintenance and cleaning. The reduced noise and sleeping mode of this AC makes it a perfect pick for nighttime cooling.

  • Perfect for smaller spaces
  • An excellent pick for spot cooling
  • Reusable, sliding filters
  • Cools down up to 230 sq. ft

From the Test Lab

“This portable air conditioner was easy to control. We especially loved the sleep mode features, which helped us sleep a little better.”

Best for Microclimate

Evapolar EvaChill Portable Air Conditioner

Evapolar evaCHILL EV-500 Personal Evaporative Cooler and Humidifier, Portable Air Conditioner, Desktop Cooling Fan, Ocean Blue


It's Great For:

Here’s a portable AC you can carry around with you like a little bag. The ultra-light and portable design makes this sleek-looking AC the go-to choice for camping, picnics, travelling, or cooling down the immediate space around you.

Evapolar’s EvaChill is a 3-in-1 cooling unit that cools, humidifies, and purifies the air. Its cooling cube lights up at night and can replace traditional air conditioners or humidifiers – though with reduced cooling power.

This cooling cube can cool down an area of up to 45 sq. ft., – or the size of a couch or a desk. It’s a perfect choice for a trip to the library on a hot summer’s day or your office desk. The Evapolar AC is USB-powered, making it the ultimate cooling solution for those in need of a cool microclimate. The product is also eco-conscious and consumes up to 7.5W.

The EvaChill uses a special evaporative material, called EvaBreeze, which eradicates all toxicity from the air. Using freon-free liquids and biodegradable evaporative pads ensures durability and safety of use.

The design of this cooling cube uses super-slim nanofiber technology, which leaves more space for water evaporation – and a powerful cooling effect. The broadened water tank increases the working time to up to 9 hours, which is quite impressive for an AC of its size.


Evapolar’s EvaChill is a lightweight and compact air cooler that you can take wherever you need a microclimate. This 3-in-1 portable cooling cube purifies and humidifies the air and uses no freons or organic materials that might rot over time. It’s cost-efficient and uses only 7.5 W of power. A huge plus is its reduced noise which makes for seamless nighttime use.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Compact and Energy-efficient
  • Purifies and humidifies the air
  • Children and pet-friendly

From the Test Lab

“This small AC was surprisingly effective. We loved using it when it got a little toasty at our desks.”

Why Trust Us?

Improving your life is important to us. We want to recommend products that help you at home, at work, and everywhere in between. To do this, we utilized our experience in recommending the best possible products. We put each of our best portable air conditioners in Canada through rigorous testing to ensure that it met our standards. Then, we sent them home with our team of dedicated testers to ensure that they held up over time. 

Some of the features we were most interested in include the following.

  • Coverage: How big is the area you want to cool? A portable AC will usually have an effective coverage range. Outside of this range, it might not work effectively. Spot air conditioners are great for smaller or more specific spaces. They can offer coverage up to 200 square feet. Larger ACs are available, but you must consider the size of your space before making a purchase.
  • Power Consumption: Some ACs use more power to operate than others. Look for eco-friendly options that don’t drain as much power to avoid higher electricity bills. Depending on size, capacity, and the hose system used, most portable ACs use between 700 W and 1500 W during normal operation. Single-hose options, which need more power to cool a space, use more energy than dual-hose systems.
  • Transportability: Almost all portable ACs come with wheels for easy transport. Some will have handles, which makes moving them around that much easier. If a portable AC is difficult to move around, it may lose some of its appeal. We looked for models that were easy to transport.
  • Modes of operation: Most of the portable air conditioners on our list (and on the Canadian market) are 3-in-1 systems. They offer cooling, dehumidifying, and a fan function. More modes mean more versatility for your air conditioner, so look for options that work for your space.

How Portable Air Conditioners Work

Portable air conditioners are truly efficient movable machines that take in the humid, stale, and hot air, and blow the air over a cold iron coil. The coil uses a gas refrigerant to supercool the air from your room.  inside the coil, as it has a lower temperature when compared to the room’s air temperature. Air temperature drops when it travels through the cold metal coil. The colder air gets inside the room, it mixes with the warmer air and lowers its temperature.

To give the maximum results, portable air conditioners need to be installed in a well-ventilated place, near a vent or window so that their hose can release hot air out of the house. The setup process is simple and doesn’t take more than 15 minutes as the portable air conditioners come with a particular window adapter, which creates an air-tight opening for the exhausting hose.

Choosing a Portable Air Conditioner in Canada: Valuable Criteria to Look At

When it comes to choosing the best portable air conditioner in Canada, there are several circumstances and factors to bear in mind if you want to make an informed decision.

First off, put your primary focus on the space you wish to air control. Decide whether you want to air-condition the whole living space or a certain area in a preferred room. Also, you have to consider whether you will need to move the AC around a lot and if you prefer the AC to be remotely controlled.

All in all, choosing the right AC is more than just choosing its cooling properties –
it needs to be functional, fit to your budget, portable when needed, and come with the right specifications.

Why Do You Need a Portable AC?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself before opting for any AC in the Canadian market. If you don’t know the answer yet, you might need to look deeper into your primary needs for wanting an AC. Portable ACs will make a difference in your living space if you know exactly what you’re looking for in a portable air conditioner.

Is it mobility, portability, user-friendliness, great price, and heating and cooling options combined? Let’s go over some of the things you need to keep in mind when deciding on the right type of AC you need.

Cooling Purposes and Coverage

If you’re spending more time in a certain area of your room or office, and you feel like the temperature in that particular spot could use some cooling, then a portable air conditioner with nice spot-cooling properties is what you need.

Whether it’s a home office corner in your living room, or the server room in your office – portable ACs with spot-cooling properties will do the trick and cool down your space of choice.

You don’t have permission to do any construction work in your house

This is probably one of the most common reasons why many people choose portable ACs. Certain laws prohibit many residents from doing any construction work inside their living space (especially in condominiums) – unless they have a valid permit. So, it’s easier for people to bypass the hassle of getting all of the paperwork for a single drill hole in a wall, and go for the more suitable option – choosing a portable air conditioner.

You’re renting your living space

In the case you’re a tenant, you surely know that there are landlords that simply don’t allow any modifications to be done in the space they are renting. Speaking of traditional air conditioners, if you’re a renter, you might not be allowed to install a wall-mounted AC, which is a common issue for many residents. Because of that, renters are forced to get creative and think of functional ways to comply with the landlords’ demands without sacrificing their perfect temperature for it.

If you want to add extra power to your existing air conditioner

Many users tend to look for ways to cool their living space when a wall-mounted air conditioner doesn’t do enough. In case you wish to additionally lower the temperature in your surroundings, a portable AC will check all of the boxes of usability and practicality.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Portable Air Conditioner in Canada

All things considered, a portable AC should check several boxes to ensure proper function. Here’s a short list of all the things to consider when purchasing a portable AC.


How much space you want to cool down should be the first question to pop into your head, since most times, the price of the AC will depend on the square footage it can cover. If you’re looking for an AC to cool down a specific part of your home, spot coolers are the most fitting option. Varying from model to model, spot coolers offer different area size coverage – 100 to 200 sq. ft.

  • Portable ACs will cover anywhere from 100 to 900 square feet
  • Spot coolers will lower the temperature in a particular spot in your living space

Power Consumption

If possible, try and look for eco-friendly ACs that won’t drain much power when cooling down your preferred space. Depending on the hose system the AC uses, power consumption can vary from 700 to 1500 W. Double-hose ACs usually require less time to lower the temperature in the room, which means less power will be consumed. Also, note that single-hose systems need more time to cool down spaces, hence, they’ll use more electrical power.

  • Portable ACs will use as little as 700 W, and as much as 1500 W
  • How fast an AC will reach the desired temperature depends on its hose system. Single-hose ACs use 1 exhaust hose, and double-hose ACs use 2 exhaust hoses – for less power consumption.


Almost all portable ACs come with four wheels for easy transport, but not all of them are designed with a handle for easy moving. Considering transportability as the main feature of portable ACs. If a model is difficult to move around, it might just not be worth the penny.

  • Portable air conditioners come with a 4-wheel system for easy transport
  • Some ACs come with an integrated handle for better navigation and moving through different spaces and surfaces

Filtering Options

Most portable ACs come with reusable filters which are easy to maintain. Whether a filter is mounted on the sides of the AC or in the back, if it’s reachable and easy to maintain, you won’t have any issues with your AC running smoothly, filter-wise. High-priced ACs usually come with high-end filters that can contain even the tiniest dust particles and pollutants. At the same time, the more affordable AC models use filters that also do a decent job of filtering the air that comes into your space.

  • Most portable ACs use a washable filter that’s easy to maintain
  • Some ACs come with a reusable, carbon filter
  • ACs that utilize single-use filters demand more maintenance

Modes of Operation

Some of the portable air conditioners on our list are 3-in-1 air conditioners that cool, dehumidify, and fan the air. These are essential factors to consider before making a final decision. If a portable AC can fan, cool, and dehumidify the air, you’re getting more than a regular product – you get an all-around AC unit that’s needed when you want to keep their air fresh, filtered, and just the right amount of cool.

  • 3-in-1 portable ACs are the most common types of air conditioners
  • Most portable ACs offer cooling, fan, and dehumidifying properties
  • Certain portable air conditioners include an ionizer 


Portable ACs are known to produce less noise, compared to traditional wall-mounted air conditioners. If you’re looking for a quiet yet efficient way to cool down your living space, portable ACs will get the job done. Portable air conditioners that produce less than 52 decibels are considered quiet. There are a few options on our list that are deemed super-quiet, and can even be used in children’s rooms since they won’t disrupt their peace.

  • Some types of portable ACs are extremely quiet – making as little as 25db noise
  • ACs that yield no more than 52 decibels are regarded as quiet
  • The loudest AC on our list performs at 56 dB

Temperature Range

While many of the portable ACs on the market in Canada will offer a decent range of temperatures, always compare several different ACs to see which one performs better for your needs. Most ACs usually work well with temperatures ranging from 64º F to 86º F.

  • Some portable air conditioner manufacturers aren’t upfront regarding the temperature range
  • Most ACs will deliver temperature levels between 64º F and 86º F


Although draining options might seem irrelevant to some, compared to power consumption, for example, still, it’s a trait that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing the perfect AC for your living space. All of the portable ACs on our list are either manually drained or employ a continuous draining system. Manual drainage won’t take up much of your time, but if you forget to dispose of the excess water, you might have a problem on your hands. That is why most people opt for a portable AC that works based on a continuous drain system. This means all excess water self-disposes.

  • Manual draining requires a higher level of maintenance
  • Continuous draining disposes of excess water automatically
  • Most ACs utilize both ways of draining, but always check to make sure

These aside, the perfect portable AC will serve those who have unconventional windows that can only fit a portable AC, love natural light without a standard AC blocking it and those who live in a humid climate that requires keeping their AC close wherever they go.

Tips and Tricks That Can Save Money When Using Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners in Canada offer many benefits, as you can roll them from room to room and you can also take them on a road. But what if we tell you that you can also save some extra money while using portable air conditioners in your home? Well, here are the best tips and tricks for Canadians that are easy to follow, and will ensure you effective cooling without causing an explosion in your electricity bill:

Turn it off: Never let your portable air conditioner run while you aren’t at home and close your curtains when you are outside!

Appropriate capacity: Portable air conditioners have different capacities, and it’s critical to select a portable air conditioner that matches the unit capacity and power requirements. Never buy a portable air conditioner smaller capacity item, because a less powerful conditioner will struggle to make your room cooler, and a bigger one will waste more electricity than necessary.

Use a timer: Almost all portable air conditioners come with timers that allow users to program them according to their cooling needs. It means that you can program your conditioner to turn off and save energy while you sleep and when you aren’t in the room. You can program it to turn on before you wake up or before you return home.

Close the windows: Never open your windows to get some fresh air when your room hits the desired temperature. By doing this, your air conditioner will use its full energy to provide the same room temperature after you let the cold or hot air in and then close the window.

Clean it regularly: Sometimes, if you don’t clean the portable air conditioner, it may waste the same energy without offering the maximum benefits. It will need to work longer and harder, which wastes energy.

Clean and Maintain Portable Air Conditioner

To work optimally, owners need to take good care of their portable air conditioners. They should keep them spotless and clean their filters at least once a month. How often you need to clean the filters depends on the time you use your item. Keep reading and learn how to clean your portable air conditioner properly, which will help you get the maximum use out of your unit.

Weekly Cleaning

Remove condensation: To maintain your portable air conditioner, you need to remove the condensation that builds up as a result of the cooling process. Most portable air conditioners make this simple and easy with a drain hose or built-in dehumidifier. Since condensation is moisture, it can lead to mould over time. Make sure to get rid of condensation after each use to avoid harm to your unit.

Keep the hose short: You may boost your portable air conditioner’s effectiveness and prevent moisture and dust build-up by using a straight, short hose.

Wipe the exterior down: Clean the exterior of the air conditioner frequently to eliminate dust, pet hair, and other contaminants. 

Monthly Cleaning

Clean the filter: A filter reduces allergens in the air and supports optimal airflow. Always follow the producer’s recommendations to clean the filter properly. Sometimes, you can vacuum the surface of the filter with the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner. Another way to clean the filter is to wash it with water (if it can be washed). Make sure the filter is completely dry before replacing it. 

Check the insulation: To prolong the life of your portable air conditioner and keep it running proficiently, you need to check whether the insulation is where it should be and covers any cracks. You can use adhesive strips if your unit didn’t come with foam seals in some cases.

Twice a Season

Vacuum the condenser coils: Remove the panel using a screwdriver and access the item’s condenser coils. Use a vacuum and run it gently over the coils to maintain your AC running efficiently.

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