Liquor: Canadian Iceberg Vodka 🍁

Name: Canadian Iceberg Vodka

Products: Vodka

Manufactured In: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Where to buy: National distribution


Canadian Owned: Yes

Iceberg Vodka is a Canadian brand that was founded in 1995 in Newfoundland. The company had the vision to create one of the best vodkas in the world by using the purest water on the planet – water from icebergs. This water has been frozen and untouched for centuries until the company uses it in a unique process to make Iceberg Vodka.

Each spring, as thousands of icebergs break away from the glaciers and float past Newfoundland, the company harvests the icebergs. The harvested ice is then melted and blended with triple distilled neutral spirit.

Iceberg Vodka has won several awards including gold in SIP Awards 2023, gold in Craft Spirit Competition 2019, and gold again in World Spirits Competition 2019 in San Francisco.