Cider: Left Field Cider 🍁

Name: Left Field Cider

Products: Cider

Manufactured In: Mamette Lake, BC

Where to Buy: Private liquor stores, farmers’ markets, some pubs and bars in BC and Alberta


Canadian Owned: Yes

Left Field Cider is a family-owned and operated company. It is run by sisters Theresa and Kate who make award-winning, small-batch artisanal ciders. Theresa and Kate come from a third-generation ranching family but life had led them from the ranch to the big city.

While living in Vancouver, Kate had the idea to make some cider in a bucket in her kitchen. This was not a success but determined to learn the art of cidermaking, she took a course at the University of Washington led by English cidermaker Peter Mitchell.

Following the course, Kate made her first batch of cider with her dad using apples from the neighbour’s trees. Soon they were joined by Theresa and Deb and through more studies in the UK and lots of hard work, they released the first commercial batch in 2011.