Liquor: Dairy Distillery 🍁

Name: Dairy Distillery

Products: Vodka from milk

Manufactured In: Almonte, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and at the Almonte, Ontario store location


Canadian Owned: Yes

Vodka is traditionally made from potatoes. Some vodkas are made from grain or corn. The Dairy Distillery is one of the only distilleries in the world to use milk to make vodka. They use discarded skim milk from dairy farms and ferment alcohol from milk permeate. Essentially, they are creating alcohol from the same ancient processes used by the Mongols to create high-quality vodka and spirits.

Discarded milk is collected from local dairy farms across Ontario, so each bottle is locally sourced and made. Though there are about a dozen distilleries making milk vodka in the world, Dairy Distillery is the only one that uses milk permeate as part of the process. Each bottle of their ‘Vodkow’ saves wasted milk, and their business is completely carbon-neutral.

This unique vodka isn’t found anywhere else in the world. You can purchase it through their online storefront, or you can travel to their distillery in Almonte, Ontario. Tours and free tastings are available there, as well as an easy way to purchase the products you want.