Liquor: Newfoundland Distillery Co. 🍁

Name: The Newfoundland Distillery Co

Products: Rum, vodka, gin, aquavit

Manufactured In: Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland

Where to Buy: Online, NLC (Newfoundland), NSLC (Nova Scotia)


Canadian Owned: Yes

The Newfoundland Distillery Company was founded by William Carter and Peter Wilkins in 2016 with the aim create distinctive spirits using local ingredients that celebrate the terroir of Newfoundland. It is the first craft distillery located in Newfoundland and Labrador that uses barley grown locally as the base for many of its products.

Thanks to increased demand, the distillery was able to expand in 2020 and today the company produces a wide range of spirits including vodkas, rums, gins, and aquavit. In 2020, they also laid down the first barrels of whisky produced in Newfoundland.

The company has won several awards for their spirits which include Double Gold and Silver medals from The San Francisco World Spirit Competition and Gold and Silver medals at the New York International Spirit Competition.