Furniture: LeatherCraft 🍁

Name: LeatherCraft

Products: Chairs, sofas, sectionals, ottomans

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to buy: Store in Toronto


Canadian Owned: Yes

LeatherCraft is a proudly Canadian manufacturer of furniture. All through their website, they point out how their stuff is Canadian. They individually hand cut each piece of furniture here in Canada, and they use Italian leather.

Confectionery: Laura Secord 🍁

Name: Laura Secord Chocolates

Products: Chocolates, ice cream

Manufactured In: Quebec?

Where to Buy: 90+ stores from Saskatchewan east


Canadian Owned: Yes

Named after the heroine of the War of 1812, Laura Secord has long been a staple in Ontario and Quebec, beginning in 1913 and growing rapidly in the ensuing years. From its initial Canadian ownership, it changed hands several times, having owners from the UK, Switzerland and the USA over the years. in 2012, Quebec company Nutri-art restored its Canadian ownership.

Confectionery: SOMA Chocolatemaker 🍁

Name: SOMA Chocolatemaker

Products: CHOCOLATE!!

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: At their boutique in Toronto and other retailers, online


Canadian Owned: Yes

The submission we got from a SOMA customer says they make the best chocolate outside of Western Europe. That’s a big claim, but I’m willing to try them out next time I’m in the area. They ship most products worldwide, except those that are too delicate to survive shipping.

Furniture: Elan Designs 🍁

Name: Elan Designs Ltd.

Products: Upholstered Furniture and Window Treatments

Manufactured In: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to Buy: In-person or by phone: Winnipeg (manufacturing & showroom) The Mattress & Sleep Company (Edmonton & Calgary), Haute House (Penticton, BC)


Canadian Owned: Yes

Elan Designs makes to order mid-range and high-end furnishings. Custom pieces are also available. Elan builds all pieces from scratch in their Winnipeg shop and ship throughout North America.

Furniture: South Shore Furniture 🍁

Name: South Shore Furniture

Products: Wide range of ready-to-assemble and assembled furniture

Manufactured In: Two factories in Quebec, and one in Mexico

Where to buy: Online and partners across North America


Canadian Owned: Yes

South Shore Furniture was founded in 1940 and remains privately-owned by the Laflamme family. Over the years, they’ve had their ups and downs with the economy and fickleness of the American market, but today employ around  800 people across North America and manufacture much of their merchandise in Quebec. Looking at their products, they seem a bit like a Canadian Ikea, without the cheap hot dogs.

Clothing: Shopgirls 🍁

Name: Shopgirls

Products: Clothing

Manufactured In: Canada, Internationally

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Shopgirls is an online retailer of women’s clothing designed by over 70 Canadian designers, with around 70% of their products produced in Canada. While originally only selling clothing also produced in Canada, they began to sell products also produced elsewhere (but still designed in Canada) as a way to help lower the price point. They are very much interested in promoting buying Canadian, on their website detailing how around three times more money is put back into the community when buying Canadian as opposed to internationally. They also carry their own yoga jeans.

Outdoors: Hauser Furniture 🍁

Name: Hauser Furniture

Products: Patio furniture

Manufactured In: Waterloo, Ontario

Where to Buy: Hauser Stores, will ship worldwide


Canadian Owned: Yes

Hauser has been manufacturing patio furniture since 1949. They have tremendous customization capability to ensure that their customers get exactly the pieces they’re looking for. Customers can even provide their own fabric!

Note that Hauser has numerous brand partners, who may or may not manufacture their products in Canada.