Food: Sprague Foods Limited 🍁

Name: Sprague Foods Limited

Products: Soups, Beans, Specialty Beans, Baked Beans

Manufactured in: Belleville, Ontario

Where to buy: Costco, Select Metro, Farmboy, Sobey’s, No Frills, Local retailers


Canadian owned: Yes

Sprague Foods is a medium-sized Canadian cannery, preserving quality foods since 1925. They are regulated by the CFIA and FDA and are also BRC, Organic, and Kosher certified.

Sprague is one of the dozens of canneries that started up in Prince Edward County, Ontario, between 1882, when the first cannery opened, until the mid-1900s, when the local canning industry took a sharp downturn. Of the approximately 75 small independent canneries that once operated in the County, Sprague is the only cannery that survived. Sprague moved to their current location in Belleville in 1996.

Beverages: Bec Sodas 🍁

Name: Bec

Products: Sodas

Manufactured In: Quebec

Where to buy: Store finder – available in a variety of locations across the country

Canadian owned: Yes

Honestly, they had me at “sweetened with maple syrup”. Throw in organic and locally-sourced, and you have a winner. Though they seem to be most available around Montreal, a quick search showed they’re in some Whole Foods locations in Ontario.

Clothing: My Home Apparel 🍁

Name: My Home Apparel

Products: Clothing

Manufactured in: Truro, NS

Where to buy: Company website, variety of retailers


Canadian owned: Yes

We love this concept! My Home Apparel purchases most of their base clothing from Stanfield’s, then hand-prints provincially-themed designs. Want to represent Ontario? They have Ontario-themed gear with the overall concept of “home and native land”. Check these guys out!

Home Reno/Builders: Wescon Doors 🍁

Name: Wescon Doors

Products: Doors

Manufactured in: Duncan, British Columbia

Where to buy: Building supply stores across western Canada


Canadian owned: Yes

Wescon Doors is a family owned-and-operated door manufacturer, based on Vancouver Island.  They have been building high-quality wooden doors (interior, exterior, and custom) since 1985. Their doors incorporate both traditional woodworking strategies and modern engineering techniques.

Wescon proudly and preferentially sources Canadian supplies, including wood from local mills and Canadian glass companies. All stages of production are on-site: from processing raw lumber to finishing the final product. Their small batch approach to manufacturing means they can 100% customize any door. They directly employ approximately 35 local individuals, and regularly host students on co-op placements.

As an added bonus, MiC exchanged emails back and forth with these folks, and they’re good people.

Condiments: Papa D’s 🍁

Name: Papa D’s

Products: “Hot Sawce”, hot maple syrup, hot honey

Manufactured In: Windsor, ON

Where to buy: Online, various retail locations


Canadian Owned: Yes

Papa D’s is a fresh, local, handcrafted, preservative-free producer of hot sauce, hot honey, and hot maple syrup. Their goal is to make a hot sauce that “actually has flavour”. They proudly make their products with locally sourced ingredients in Windsor.

Barbecues: Broil King 🍁

Name: Broil King

Products: Barbecues, accessories

Manufactured In: Waterloo, ON & 2 factories in Indiana and Tennessee

Where to buy: Various dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Broil King is a brand owned by Onward Manufacturing Company, a Canadian owned company since 1906. Unlike Napoleon, not all of their grills are made in Canada. They do however produce some in Waterloo. The following barbecue models are produced in Waterloo:

  • Broil King Sovereign
  • Broil King Signet
  • Broil King Monarch
  • Broil King Gem
  • Broil King Porta-Chef

Outdoors: Little Shop of Hammocks 🍁

Name: Little Shop of Hammocks

Products: Camping hammocks, tarps, under quilts and top quilts

Manufactured In: Saskatchewan

Where to Buy: Online

Canadian Owned: Yes

Producing custom made camping hammocks,  tarps, underquilts and topquilts, Little Shop of Hammocks is Canada’s only cottage industry vendor for hammock products. Made in Saskatchewan, they provide quality gear for those dedicated to this niche camping community. Plus they have a really solid name.

Personal Care & Honey: Toronto Honeys 🍁

Name: Toronto Honeys

Products: Honey, Lip balm

Manufactured In: Toronto, ON

Where to buy: Bloordale, Fort York, Karma Co-op Food Store


Canadian Owned: Yes

Toronto Honey’s is a small honey and lip balm producer with a focus on being organic and environmentally friendly. They have hives at Fort York and Islington United Church. If you’re looking for honey in the GTA and want to keep it local, check these guys out.


Knives: Grohmann Knives 🍁

Name: Grohmann Knives

Products: Outdoor knives, kitchen knives, accessories

Manufactured In: Pictou, NS

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Grohmann Knives is a company producing high-quality knives. All of their products are manufactured in Canada, at their factory in Pictou. They are fairly well-known and have won over 25 international honours, such as a display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Frozen Treats: Kawartha Dairy 🍁

Name: Kawartha Dairy

Products: Ice cream, milk, butter, cream, etc.

Manufactured In: Bobcaygeon, ON

Where to buy: other retailers Kawartha Dairy stores and


Canadian Owned: Yes

Kawartha Dairy is a fully Canadian and family-owned company operating for over 80 years. I personally have one of their stores near my home, and they are without a doubt the best ice cream in town. Check them out!