Tools: Rolgear ratcheting screwdrivers 🍁

Name: Rolgear

Products: Ratcheting screwdrivers

Manufactured in: Ashcroft, BC

Where to buy: Lee Valley Tools, Home Hardware, online


Canadian owned: Yes

Rolgear manufactures a full line of ratcheting screwdrivers. If you’ve ever used a ratchet or ratcheting screwdriver, you know they tend to be loud. Rolgear’s founder, Robert Suter, invented a patented silent and smooth ratcheting system. The ratcheting system is warranted for life.

Miscellaneous: Nanuk Protective Cases 🍁

Name: Nanuk

Products: Tough professional-quality plastic cases

Manufactured in: Terrebonne, Québec

Where to buy: and authorized dealers


Canadian owned: Yes

Plasticase manufactures Nanuk protective cases, with a variety of military, law enforcement, media and professional applications. They are warranted for life, and with 23 different sizes available, there is surely a Nanuk case that will fit your use case.

Kitchen: bioBob Sponges 🍁

Name: BioBob

Products: Bio-degradable, warrantied sponges

Manufactured in: North Lancaster, Ontario

Where to buy: Online and across the country at various retailers


Canadian owned: Yes

I wouldn’t have thought this was a thing – but there are sponges that are bio-degradable, can be torn into Hydrafill, are bio-reusable by aerating soil while the sponges bio-degrade, and come with a one year warranty. And since 1963, they’ve been coming from North Lancaster, Ontario, from bioBob. We’ve categorized them as kitchen products, but they also have sponges for the bath, washing your car, and more.

Note: They freely admit 95% of their raw materials come from the USA.

Kitchen: Abeego food wraps 🍁

Name: Abeego

Products: Beeswax food wraps

Manufactured in: Victoria, BC

Where to buy: Online and in “green” stores across the country


Canadian owned: Yes

Ten years ago, founder Toni Desrosiers invented the very first beeswax wrap as a replacement for the traditional plastic wrap. She wanted to decrease not only plastic waste, but food waste, as the beeswax wraps are breathable and are said to extend the life of food longer than plastic wrap. You may recognize this company/product from Dragon’s Den.

Food/Beverages: Happy Planet 🍁

Name: Happy Planet

Products: Milk, soups, juice, lemonade and smoothies

Manufactured in: BC and Ontario

Where to buy: Across the country in grocery and health food stores (most products not available online as they must be refrigerated)


Canadian owned: Yes

Happy Planet produces a variety of healthy beverage and food products that are sold across Canada. They source as many of their raw materials as they can from local farmers, and are proudly free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Interesting trivia tidbit: The company was co-founded by Vancouver mayor (as of July 2018) Gregor Robertson, though he later sold his interest in the company.

Online Stores: LocalBoom 🍁

Name: LocalBoom

Products: Online store featuring mainly made in Canada products


Canadian owned: Yes

LocalBoom started in 2017 as a platform to connect Canadian brands to Canadian consumers. LocalBoom also actively donates into communities across the country. Note that not all brands are made in Canada (such as Sock N Sack underwear) but LocalBoom is supportive of their ethos and thus places them on the site.

Jackets: Canada Goose 📈

Name: Canada Goose

Products: Jackets, parkas, vests, hats, gloves

Manufactured in: Toronto, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to buy: Online, and at higher-end retailers pretty much everywhere


Canadian owned: No (publicly traded on NYSE and TSX – more info below)

Canada Goose started life in 1957 as Metro Sportswear. They’ve stuck to their guns of manufacturing their products in Canada for many years, and their jackets are a favourite of people with lots of money all over the world. In all fairness, they are also stylish and extremely warm.

In 2013, Bain Capital, an investment firm based in Boston, purchased 70% of the company, under the condition that manufacturing would continue in Canada. In 2017, the company went public on the NYSE and TSX.


Food: Hawkins Cheezies 🍁

Name: Hawkins Cheezies

Products: Cheezies

Manufactured In: Canada

Where to buy: Sold across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

What can be more Canadian than aged cheddar cheese? Hawkins Cheezies proudly owns that right. They also own the right to the Cheezie® name, and have adorned it on their bright orange and white striped bags for over 50 years.

Clothing: Taigaworks 🍁

Name: Taigaworks

Product:  Outdoor Clothing & Active Wear; Equipment for Adventure Travel & Trekking; Hiking, Backpacking & Mountain Equipment; Survival Gear; Ski Wear; Cycle Shells and Boating Wear.

Manufactured in: Vancouver, BC

Where to buy: TAIGA WORKS
301 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Y 1P8


Canadian owned: Yes

TAIGA® outdoor equipment is designed & manufactured in their Vancouver, British Columbia plant. Their products include: Outdoor Clothing & Active Wear; Equipment for Adventure Travel & Trekking; Hiking, Backpacking & Mountain Equipment; Survival Gear; Ski Wear; Cycle Shells and Boating Wear.

Food: Gay Lea Foods 🍁

Name:Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited

Product: Butter, Nordica Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream, Real Whipped Cream, Longlife Aseptic – Soft Serve & Milkshake Mix, Fluids – UHT Milk & Cream, Cheese

Manufactured in: Ontario

Where to buy: Grocery stores,


Canadian owned: Yes

Gay Lea Foods is a leader in the Canadian dairy industry and the largest dairy co-operative in Ontario. Dedicated to innovation, the development of high quality products and growing the market for Canadian milk, we are 100% Canadian-owned, with members on more than 1,395 dairy farms in Ontario and Manitoba, and more than 4,295 producer and investor shareholders.