Breakfast Food: Crofter’s 🍁

Name: Crofter’s

Products: Jams/spreads

Manufactured In: Parry Sound, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online and stores everywhere


Canadian Owned: Yes

Crofter’s was started in 1989 by German immigrants Gerhard and Gabi Latka when the couple bought an old laundromat to start developing their fruit spreads. The couple are committed to using organic produce, making them one of the first companies in the industry to do so and in 1991 their first fruit spread was ready for production.

After difficult first years, the company became more successful, and by 2001, the small family company was ready for an expansion. However, it took another ten years for the company to receive national recognition for its organic fruit spread. To find out where you can buy Crofter’s fruit spreads, click here.