Men’s/Women’s Clothing: King Athletics 🍁

Name: King Athletics

Products: Apparel, T-shirt, Sweaters

Manufactured In: Ajax and Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Calgary, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online, distributors


Canadian Owned: Yes

King Athletics is super open about their manufacturing process:

“Our yarn is from North Carolina, U.S., which is then knit in Montreal, Quebec.  From there, it is shipped to Ajax, Ontario where reactive dyes are used to ensure the absolute lowest carbon footprint.  Fabric is then cut and sewn in both Calgary and Toronto.:

Clothing: Of Sharks and Men 🍁

Name: Of Sharks and Men

Products: Menswear

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: Various stockists


Canadian Owned: Yes

Of Sharks and Men is a menswear manufacturer based in Quebec. It is not 100% clear if they are still active or not (no collections posted since 2017 and no blog posts since 2016). They don’t sell online, but they have a list of stockists in Canada and internationally.

Men’s Clothing: Coppley

Name: Coppley

Products: Made to measure suits

Manufactured In: Hamilton, Ontario

Where to buy: Stores everywhere


Canadian Owned: No

Coppley, a fixture in Hamilton for 135 years, is now owned by American firm Individualized Apparel Group. However, the future looks bright in Hamilton as Coppley is investing in building a new factory to house their 300 employees.

Men’s Clothing: Miik Men 🍁

Name: Miik Men

Products: Men’s clothing

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Bamboo, beech trees, flax and fermented corn sugars are the source of most of Miik’s incredibly soft fabrics. Their women’s brand, Miik, is more well-known, but the company applies the same principles with Miik Men – sustainable, ecologically, incredibly soft fabrics and local production.

Clothing: Encircled 🍁

Name: Encircled

Products: Clothing

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Online or their Toronto studio


Canadian Owned: Yes

Encircled’s clothes are cut and sewn within a 35km radius of their Toronto head office, and 25% of their fabrics are knit in Canada. They hope to increase that to 50% within the next few years as their business grows.

Clothing: Lipson Shirtmakers 🍁

Name: Lipson Shirtmakers

Products: Men’s Shirt – Dress/Sport Shirts & Made to Measure

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Better men’s independent stores throughout North America


Canadian Owned: Yes…?

In 1947, when Ted Lipson couldn’t find shirts that met his standards for his downtown haberdashery, he decided to make his own.  The result is Lipson Shirtmakers, where quality rules and details prevail. All made to exacting specifications in the very finest fabrics and trimmings in the world.

Lipson was purchased in 2017 by Luxury Men’s Apparel Group (LMAG), which itself appears to be owned or partially owned by Grano Retail Investments, which is based in Toronto. All in all, this appears to be a Canadian-owned company.

Clothing: National Athletic Goods

Name: National Athletic Goods

Products: Sportswear

Manufactured In: Canada (potentially Vancouver)

Where to buy: Various stockists


Canadian Owned: Unclear (probably)

National Athletic Goods is a clothing producer making sportswear based on vintage American athletic wear of the 30s-60s. They specifically outline that they are made in Canada, although further information is sparse.