Breakfast Food: Weetabix

Name: Weetabix Food Company

Products: Weetabix, Alpen, Grainshop cereals

Manufactured In: Cobourg, Ontario

Where to Buy:Β Grocery stores


Canadian Owned: No

Frankly, I can remember not liking Weetabix as a kid. However, it is relatively low in sugar, so it is surely healthier than some of the sugar bomb cereals out there today. Weetabix is a UK company, but produces the cereal in Cobourg for the North American market.

Breakfast Food: Robin Hood Oats πŸ“ˆ

Name: Robin Hood

Products: Oats

Manufactured in: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Where to buy: Grocery stores everywhere


Canadian owned: No (Owned by Smucker’s, which is publicly traded on NYSE)

All we can tell for sure is that Robin Hood oats are being produced in Saskatoon, at a plant that dates back to 1928. As to who produces it, it appears to be made by Ardent Mills, which is a joint venture between American giants ConAgra, Cargill and CHS. The brand itself is owned by Smucker’s. Suffice to say, they appear to be producing the product in Canada with Canadian grain and creating Canadian jobs, so they make the list.

Breakfast Food: Stoked Oats 🍁

Name: Stoked Oats

Products: Oatmeal Blends – Bucking Eh, Stone Age, Aphrodisioats, Red Line

Manufactured in: Calgary, Alberta

Where to buy: Canadian natural food and grocery stores, online


Canadian owned: Yes

Stoked Oats was founded in April 2011 by three oatmeal loving athletes. Unable to find the ultimate breakfast to support their busy and active lifestyles, they began making their own oatmeal blends. With the goal of creating the healthiest oatmeal on the market, all Stoked Oats blends include highly nutritious β€œsuperfood” ingredients including chia, flax, whey protein, and gluten-free oats. The oats are grown in Saskatchewan and the flax is Albertan. All production takes place in Calgary.

Snacks and Breakfast Foods: Nature’s Path 🍁

Name:Β Nature’s Path

Products:Β Organic, vegetarian, non-GMO breakfast products and snacks

Manufactured In:Β Canada and USA

Where to buy:Β Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and more (see per product on their website)


Canadian Owned:Β Yes

Nature’s Path is a family owned organic food company operating out of Richmond, BC. Their 150+ products sell in 42 countries around the world, but they are known largely for their breakfast cereals. All of their products are vegetarian, organic, and non-GMO, while many of their products are also vegan and gluten-free. They have often been voted in Canada’s Best Employers and in Canada’s Greenest Employers.