Frozen Treats: Kawartha Dairy 🍁

Name: Kawartha Dairy

Products: Ice cream, milk, butter, cream, etc.

Manufactured In: Bobcaygeon, ON

Where to buy: other retailers Kawartha Dairy stores and


Canadian Owned: Yes

Kawartha Dairy is a fully Canadian and family-owned company operating for over 80 years. I personally have one of their stores near my home, and they are without a doubt the best ice cream in town. Check them out!

Restaurants: Smoke’s Poutinerie 🍁

Name: Smoke’s Poutinerie

Products: Poutine

Headquartered In: Ajax, ON

Where to buy: Various locations across North America


Canadian Owned: Yes

Smoke’s Poutinerie is a well-known poutine franchise throughout Canada, known for their (delicious!) poutine, with various different toppings and recipes, ranging from a simple combination of Smoke’s Signature Gravy, Québec Cheese Curds, and french fries, to anything as elaborate as Philly Cheesesteak Poutine or Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine. If you’ve got the urge to grab a bite of poutine, skip McDonald’s and find Smoke’s.

Confectionery: Newfoundland Chocolate Company 🍁

Name: Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Products: Belgian and French style chocolates

Manufactured in: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Where to Buy: List of retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Newfoundland Chocolate Company has grown from humble beginnings in 2008, started by two graduate students, to being available in a variety of retailers across the country. They source as many ingredients as possible locally, and make fresh truffles locally at their retail stores in Newfoundland.

Liquor: Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers 🍁

Name: Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers

Products: Spirits

Manufactured in: Beamsville, Ontario

Where to buy: Company website, LCBO, SAQ


Canadian owned: Yes

A craft distillery creating unique spirits from local ingredients. Spirits are made from either 100% Ontario grown rye or 100% Niagara grown grapes, they focus on local. They’re open for tours and produce a wide variety of award-winning spirits, such as vodka, rye whisky, absinthe (!), gin and much more.

Frozen Treats: Chapman’s Ice Cream 🍁

Name: Chapman’s Ice Cream

Products: Ice cream and frozen yogurt

Manufactured in: Markdale, Ontario

Where to buy: Grocery stores across Canada


Canadian owned: Yes

If you’ve ever driven to Sauble Beach from the Greater Toronto Area, you may have passed by the Chapman’s factory in Markdale. Since 1973, the Chapman family has been building a successful business and uses 100% Canadian dairy (what’s up Trump). Their production facility burned down in 2009 but dedicated owners and team rebuilt it, bigger and better, within a year and a half. And – have you ever noticed how some of their competitors call their product “frozen dessert”? That means it’s a vegetable oil-based product, not real ice cream – which Chapman’s proudly produces.

Restaurants: Boston Pizza 🍁

Name: Boston Pizza

Products: Pizza, pasta, ribs, hamburgers, salads, etc.

Headquartered In: Richmond, BC


Canadian Owned: Yes

Boston Pizza was founded in Edmonton in the sixties by a Greek immigrant, though Boston Pizza is better known across North America for Jim Treliving, one of the owners. As of 2012, they had 348 restaurants across Canada and 40 in the USA and Mexico. Boston Pizza is yet another Canadian option for your dining pleasure.

Snacks and Breakfast Foods: Nature’s Path 🍁

Name: Nature’s Path

Products: Organic, vegetarian, non-GMO breakfast products and snacks

Manufactured In: Canada and USA

Where to buy: Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and more (see per product on their website)


Canadian Owned: Yes

Nature’s Path is a family owned organic food company operating out of Richmond, BC. Their 150+ products sell in 42 countries around the world, but they are known largely for their breakfast cereals. All of their products are vegetarian, organic, and non-GMO, while many of their products are also vegan and gluten-free. They have often been voted in Canada’s Best Employers and in Canada’s Greenest Employers.

Condiments: Primo Ketchup 🍁

Name: Primo

Product: Ketchup

Manufactured in: Canada, from Canadian tomatoes

Where to buy: List of stores here


Canadian owned: Yes

Primo Foods’ ketchup is the winner of the great Canadian ketchup derby that erupted in 2016. Unlike French’s, Primo is a Canadian company, and also uses Canadian tomatoes from southwestern Ontario and manufactures the product at their plant in North York, Ontario (or possibly in Ruthven, Ontario, at their parent company, Sun-Brite Food’s plant). It’s a little bit harder to find than French’s or Heinz – put some heat on your local grocery store to stock it.

Restaurants: Second Cup 📈

Name: Second Cup

Products: Coffee (and other coffee shop stuff)

Headquarters: Mississauga, Ontario (franchises across Canada)

Canadian owned: Publicly traded on TSX


Tim Hortons? Owned by Brazilian firm 3G Capital. Starbucks? American. Timothy’s? (Ok, now it’s Canadian owned by MTY Group.) To get your authentically Canadian coffee fix, Second Cup is the place to be.